Cannot handle it + JAMMED!

(Shirt, shorts, shoes ((glycerin for the extra cushioning))

The first mile or two hurt yesterday but then once my foot was warmed up, it felt fine.  I’m having a bit of pain in my right foot too but I don’t notice it compared to my left foot when it is hurting.   My half marathon (it has been over two years since I last raced a half marathon) is ten days away, and yesterday’s run made me feel like it is still going to happen.  Injury scares/time away sure makes you even more grateful to be able to run.

Emilee is taking some time off because of her IT Band:( so it was just me and a podcast yesterday.

It happened.  The gloves are out, and I’m trying not to be emotional about it;).

If it is under 50 degrees, I will have gloves on my hands because I cannot handle cold fingers.  These gloves are my 30-50 degree weather gloves, and they are light, breathable, and do an excellent job keeping my hands warm.

IMG 2364

We had the car seat heaters on and hot chocolate with our breakfast.

IMG 2386

We were then off for a few errands.

IMG 2388

Skye has seen me do my PF stretches so many times now (7 times yesterday wahoo) that she is now copying me.

IMG 2393

We were very excited to see Dr. Bennett.   He has fixed many imbalances and running aches and pains for me over the last eight years of going to him.  He said that the muscles that support my arch started to fail.  My foot got jammed up and started pulling on the plantar fascia that is attached to the heel.  The solution is to unjam the feet and restore/reactivate the muscles of the arch.  There are times when the injury has gone on so long that the inflammation takes time to resolve and heal.  I’ll be going back again next week to see him too.   He also wants me to be wearing thick-soled running shoes and walking on grass barefoot each day for 10 minutes.

IMG 2396

Skye then had sports conditioning, and Andrew was able to come to watch too.  She REALLY winds up for that swing.

IMG 2399

80% of my texts with Andrew are about places we want to go and try for food or memes… Really deep conversations via text ha.  Yesterday we went to one of those places we’ve been texting about—> Via 313.  It was my first time trying Detroit-style pizza, and I now feel like it is my favorite.

IMG 7641

We told them that it was our first time going there, and they brought out free dessert to us for coming in.

IMG 2401

Beck had another haircut.  Andrew and I always say how nice it is to make whatever decisions we want with Skye and Beck ha… There are more people involved when it comes to decisions with Brooke and Knox.

IMG 2406

There were SO many amazing plantar fasciitis tips in the comments yesterday.  I hope you know how much that means to me.  You guys are always there to help.  If you are having problems with your feet, read through these comments.

Michelle shared this video with me, and I did it last night.  I needed this.

Did you see that Shalane announced she will be running the 6 World Marathon Majors in seven weeks?  Reading her caption to this post gave me goosebumps:

IMG 2397


Who will be running any of the 6 World Marathon Majors this fall?  If you could choose one to be entered into this year… Which would you choose?

-I want to join Shalane in this goal… wouldn’t that be amazing?

At what temperature do you start wearing gloves?

In your opinion, what is the #1 type of pizza style?

-I am a big believer in Detroit-Style now.

GPS watches in cold water—> do you wear them over or under your sleeves/jackets?

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So excited for Shalane!!!! Also you got me going down a rabbit hole on her IG looking at all the stuff for her new cookbook haha.

I start wearing gloves in the 40s, before then I’ll try tucking my hands in my sleeves to stay warm.


I cannot wait for her new cookbook, her meals are just the best. Haha yes to the tucking hands in… I’ve done that for many runs too. Have the best day, Mariah!


OK former Detroiter here and me and you have to go run the Detroit Marathon someday – it is an international race because the route goes into Canada -and then go to Buddy’s for pizza. THE original Detroit style pizza.

BTW the reason it’s so good is that they bake it in a pan full of melted butter. Yum.


LET’S DO IT TOGETHER!? That would be amazing. After yesterday’s pizza, I must go to Buddy’s at some point in my life. Too too good. Everything should be baked in a pan full of melted butter.


I am so sorry to hear about your foot, that is definitely a major bummer. I’m still recovering from my ankle sprain two weeks ago (it is a million times better and basically healed but I’m still nervous ha) and you are so right… it makes me appreciate good health & the ability to move that much more. I hope that your PF is healed in no time and that this is just one of those minor aches & pains that come with the privilege of running.

Jim loves Via 313! He and I have this fun game where for really big sports events, we each pick a team and then whoever picks the losing team pays for dinner. Guess who always loses? ;) I highly recommend you don’t try that with Andrew unless you know a lot about sports. :) But his company always makes losing fun. :)


Clare! I am SO happy that your sprain is doing so much better but that fear is REAL! I hope your first run back feels amazing and it’s full of smiles. Thank you, I really think it is just going to keep getting better and better. Hahaha I would never try that game with Andrew! I love that you guys do that, you sound like such a fun couple. Happy Tuesday and I hope you are running soon!


Hi Janae! I’m pretty excited for cooler temps here.. I love fall running! I get to see all the summer training pay off. It’s so great to work with a medical professional you trust, you will get better soon!!
Have an awesome day!


ABSOLUTELY… we all get to celebrate all of the hard work we did over the last few months now. Thank you Amy, you too!


All the goosebumps from her caption to that post. And, yes……sign me up.
Gloves under 50, at least at the start. I am a wimp.
Keeping all body parts crossed you make it to your half marathon! I am feeling optimistic it will be a YES.


THANK YOU and I love that optimism:). At least we are a wimp together on this topic haha. Have a beautiful day, Erica. Tell Hope hello from all of us!


I would run Berlin if I could.

I actually wore gloves racing this weekend. It was 3-4 degrees Celsius and raining at the start but was-5 at the Summit and snowing. Totally caught off guard by the snow at the top of Mt frosty in manning park. Blowing wind and I thought I might get blown off the mountain haha ?

GPS over jacket. I also realized I need a good winter running jacket lol

I hope your foot pain sorts itself out soon and that you have a great day Janae!


Berlin would be amazing! I am very glad you had gloves for your race… I bet that snow was shocking. Sounds like a crazy adventure… that wind made me cringe haha. Let me know what you find, I’m always searching for the best too. Thanks Kristine, enjoy your day!


I also hate having cold hands! Mine get very numb and tingly so I get out the gloves around 50 degrees as well. I think we still have some time in NC until that happens, but it’ll be in the 70s later this week which I am REALLY looking forward to :)

I think I’m just about done with marathons (halfs are more my jam!) but if I could do any it would be one of the ones overseas just because I love traveling so much! I would probably choose Tokyo just because my trip to Japan was one of my favorite ones ever and I want any excuse to go back there.


Oh that numb/tingly thing is my least favorite. ENJOY those temps for me please, I am hoping we get some warmer temps again before winter! Seriously, 13.1 is the absolute best. Have any fun ones coming up? That is so so awesome you have been to Japan… I’ll come run Tokyo with you;). Have a beautiful day, Gretchen.


You know, I might really like Detroit pizza. I’ve tried chicago-style deep dish pizza before and loved the taste of it (and the seemingly-endless miles of crust beneath all the toppings…no matter how my stomach feels, my taste buds are always #teambread), but chicago-style pizza just sits like a brick in my gut for days on end. No bueno. Detroit seems like a less-aggressive amount of bread and dough with an interesting and different way to layering on the toppings. **now I need to find a detroit-style pizza place in Atlanta and make sure that Tom and I try it**

I love seeing you run even with the PF problems. I remember my PF flaring up BADLY when I worked retail and escalated my hours on the sales floor almost overnight to as close as I could get to 40/week because I *needed* the money, and it seems like there’s a weird thing–at first the foot hurts, then with some time and activity the foot feels easy, but then after a long time the pain comes in again. BUT, I also didn’t even have a spare penny to imagine seeing a foot specialist or physical therapist to treat my PF or research & then buy what kind of shoes would best help me on long days. BUT: good idea with the glycerins and more foot cushioning. The only thing that’s tough about the glycerin is that that shoe is so soft. How did they feel underfoot vs. the Hyperions (which you love) and the Ghosts (which you also love)? How do you think your feet will handle racing in Hyperions for your half?

I’m SO EXCITED for your half. It’s been way too long for you. Races spark so much joy. :)

Skye’s swing set-up: SO aggressive!!! :)

Hope you all have a good day!! :)


STEPHANIE! I think you need to try Detroit pizza VERY soon. It was amazing. The butter just takes it to the next level. Let me know if you guys find some. I’ve been worrying about that happening during the half-marathon… pain, no pain, pain back again:) Those are fabulous questions! I seriously have no idea how they will do, I’m going to try out a little run in them on Saturday and I’ll report back. Thank you friend and I am SO excited for your interviews. I have a good feeling about these two.


OK I looked up “detroit style pizza near me” and found yelp’s list of best places in Atlanta. I might have to make sure that Tom and I check out one of the places on that list SOON. ;)

I hope your half is pain free. I bet with the pace you run at–so fast–you’ll be done before any PF pain has a chance to set in. And I bet that all of the yoga you’ve been doing lately only helps your feet feel easy so quickly once you’ve been starting your runs over the last few days!

As for my interviews–yesterday’s drained me. A 30-45 min interview lasted TWO HOURS. The guy was nice and seemed like he would be a great boss, but the job really isn’t a good match for me. It’s got too much entry-level coordination and administration work (think: a facilitator PLUS a training module developer PLUS a vendor relationship manager PLUS a customer service person PLUS an administrative assistant PLUS a receptionist…oh my…). The interview today was AMAZING. I have a good amount of hope for this position and the interviews ahead of me, and I think I can create something really huge and learn a lot…AND I think it will just be a good step along my professional path. ::insert fingers-crossed emoji::



So excited for Shalane!! Her post gave me goosebumps too!
I haven’t tried Detroit style pizza… We love Chicago style, New York, and Colorado style is so good (Beau Jo’s… You put honey on the crust that’s leftover after you eat a slice…so good). A really good pizza is just so good, whatever style.
So glad you went to Dr. Bennett. I think we all have learned a lot from him(through you) over the years. I heard that walking in grass barefoot helps. That is so interesting to me.
I have to admit, I am really jealous of you wearing gloves…ha! We’re getting ready for another 3 day heatwave… Booo. At least it cools way down in the evenings, thank goodness.
Keep doing your stretches (love that Skye does them too), and have a great day ?


I MUST try Colorado style next… I didn’t even know that was a thing! I am so thankful for Dr. Bennett. COME RUN WITH ME and wear gloves with me. It was almost too cold this morning. THREE day heatwave?! It’s the end of September… that is crazy. Thank you Wendy, you too!


I decided I needed to share the link for Beau Jo’s with you:
They call it Colorado Mountain Pie… absolutely delicious! Whenever we are there, and have time, we like to go to the original one in Idaho Springs. It is such a cute little mountain town (originally a mining town), less than an hour from my mom’s. :)


I am so envious of your Via 313 pizza. I was in Austin, TX a few years ago and ended up at Via 313. I had never had Detroit-style pizza before so I didn’t know what I was in for. It’s now years later and I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT PIZZA! It was absolutely incredible and I’ve been on the hunt for more like it. I’m happy that you have locations near you…what a treat! That photo is making me so hungry…

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who wears gloves when running in 50-degree weather. :)


I need to mail you pizza asap. Seriously, it will be hard to go back to normal pizza after this! I really hope you get some soon. You are not alone… we must just have sensitive fingers haha. Have a fabulous day, Joy!


I don’t wear gloves while running unless it’s under 40 – my hands get so hot. I might wear them for a mile if it’s in the 40s, but they usually end up in my pocket. I always wear gloves when cycling, finger-less unless it’s under 50, then I’ll put on full finger.

I love any kind of pizza, but if I’m going to choose it’s going to be pizza in Italy! There is just no comparison.

Watch under my sleeves/jacket. It’s going to be 95 here today, so the thought of a jacket right now is making me sweat ;)


Well now I need to try Detroit style pizza! And Beck looks like such a big boy getting his hair cut. All the sudden it’s 30 degrees here in the morning so I broke out my gloves and vests too; I’d say anything under 40 I need gloves. I’m joining you in those 8 minute stretches, thanks for sharing that. And I think I’d run Tokyo so I could channel my inner Molly Seidel, complete with the scream at the end!


Sending you lots of good vibes and healing energy for your foot as your race approaches! Also, please stop making me want to move to Utah! ;) It was 80 degrees and 96% humidity this morning when I ran (before sunup), so I finished the last mile on the treadmill. We are supposed to be getting some cooler temps this week and I CANNOT WAIT! Also, I am team thin crust as far as pizza goes, which is crazy because I am all about some bread. Anyway, best of luck in this final push towards your half!


What size of glove did you order?


Hey Trina! I bought the m/l! I hope you love them!!!!


Detroit style pizza is good, but I think my favorites are St. Louis thin crust and NY style pizza! Although there’s a place in Winter Park that fills their crust with just a little marinara sauce and it keeps the crust soft and so tasty! It’s a must when we go there! You can also drizzle it with some honey Colorado style and it’s like the best of both worlds.

I think Berlin would be fun to do!!

For my hands it’s probably 30-40 degrees I need gloves, but my ears are the most sensitive… If it’s in the low 50s or upper 40s I need to wear a headband for my ears or I get ear aches and head aches. And as for the watch, I would say if it’s cold cold and I don’t plan on taking off any layers, then the watch goes on top, otherwise it’s under bc I don’t want to have to finagle with it while also trying to take off my top layer.

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