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Felt a little spring in my step again a few miles into my run!

I’m excited to run with Emilee today!

IMG 5186

I almost did this yesterday morning, and I’m glad I didn’t… Rhandi posted this meme, and I have done this before!

IMG 5173

I went outside to stretch and do some strength.

IMG 5195

We all went inside to get breakfast, and somehow my medicine ball rolled down the driveway, down our street, and then onto another road, but I was lucky and found it on our walk with Beretta later ha.

IMG 5200

Now that my hair isn’t as heavy, it is drying with the SLIGHTEST amount of waves, and I’m going to beg my sister to teach me how to style it to make it curlier.

IMG 5201

I can’t stop making this sandwich—> sourdough, guac, cheese, bacon, and tomato.

IMG 5204

The first time having people change my oil at my house, it was so wonderfully convenient.

IMG 5208

I met up with this amazing human for some dinner, splash pad time, and ice cream.

IMG 5218

Brownie s’mores ice cream… I was speechless over how good it was.

IMG 5217

They went with the sherbet.

IMG 5214

She decided she wanted bangs, so she cut them herself.

IMG 5222 2

I fell asleep at 8:45 last night.

IMG 5228

100 Ironmans in 100 consecutive days… HE DID IT!

Screenshot 2021 06 08 at 6 59 13 PM


How does your hair dry naturally—> Curly, straight, wavy, a combo?

Had any good luck moments recently?

Tell me a recent convenience that youve experienced!

Give me your sentence of the day?

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My hair is naturally curly which I love…most of the time ha. Sometimes it drives me nuts though.

Okay I hadn’t heard about James at all before and I’m about to do a deep dive into his IG! 100 Ironmans in 100 days in insane but also incredible!


I LOVE naturally curly hair! My sister says the same thing about her hair… it drives her crazy at times. Enjoy the deep dive, he is incredible! Have a wonderful day, Maureen.


I think most kids do the “self haircut” thing once! I remember when my daughter did hers she lucked out- I was sitting on the couch next to her and thought to myself “her bangs look cute. Wait, bangs!?”

My hair is kinda in between curls and waves, so bangs were always a bad idea. That didn’t stop me in the 80s though.


Hahaha that made me laugh! “Her bangs look cute”… at least she did a good job. Nothing stopped anyone in the 80s;). I hope your morning is off to a great start, Kristen!


Skye cut her own hair?! Does she like having bangs now? When my oldest niece cut her hair she cut it all reallllllyyyy short, and told us it was because she just felt like it haha.

My hair is a combo of straight and wavy, so I almost always have to style it to make it all match.


Hahah I was wondering why she was so quiet in her room for about 10 minutes and yep, she loves them. Haha your oldest niece came with quite the personality! I hope your day is a beautiful one:)


I also gave myself bangs when I was around Skye’s age. My mom was less than thrilled. :)

Also, Jim and I had a great time at dinner last night! We set a big joint spiritual goal which was super exciting. He told me I was too good to him, to which I replied that he’s my better half. Just when I thought the evening couldn’t get any better, he gave me a card in which he wrote “I love you” (first time he’s “said” it). My mouth fell open and I read it over and over. What a wonderful gift!!


AHHHHH CLARE!!!!!! This makes my day! Thank you for sharing this with me. I am just so so excited about this next step for you and Jim!!


The Iron Cowboy is amazing!!! I can’t even imagine doing something like that.
Oh Skye… At least it was just bangs, and they’ll grow back if you/she doesn’t like them. I think every child does something like that once ?
My hair is fairly straight, but over the last year or so, I have these weird baby hairs right around my face that are curly. I can’t do anything with them, sort of annoying.
I need to make that sandwich! So, so yummy! Oh, I know you’re on a panini kick right now, but do you use the panini maker often throughout the year? I’m wondering if I should get one….
Funny little “runner’s life” thing happened:
I went to set out my running clothes last night, and all of my shorts are dirty. I said to my husband, wow it’s been a long time since I’ve done laundry huh!?! Ha ha… I still have plenty of regular clothes.
Off for a quick run before a jam packed day. Have a good day Janae.


Right?! He is incredible! I’m just hoping she doesn’t do this often now! You aren’t alone in the baby hairs thing:). I still have plenty of regular clothes hahaha, I relate. The running clothes are the first to be used;). Enjoy your run and have an awesome busy day! Thanks Wendy!


My hair naturally dries pretty wavy, though less wavy if my hair is around shoulder-length or longer (it can get weighed down), and in the summer–with so much humidity–pretty limp. It’s annoying.

I want that brownie smores ice cream. My birthday is Saturday–send me some!!! :)

Speaking of amazing sweets, I think your family would get a kick out of this independently-owned company: My favorites: the brad, big booty dough, pitchin’ tents. These are LEGIT–just heat up in the oven instead of in the microwave.

My sentence for the day: I AM SO STRONG (because: strength workout htis morning left me feeling like a lady boss, and then this afternoon I have a BIG presentation at work for some research I have done over the last month or so)!!!!


My dad cut my hair when I was two. It was super long and never been cut but I had a cold and it kept getting stuck in my nose. So my mom wasn’t home and my dad chopped it chin length. I’m sure it was not funny at the time but it’s a story told all the time at family get togethers. And for the record my parents are still together after that incident ?


Hi Janae! The weather has been cooler here this week which is great for running. Yesterday my friends and I went out for dinner and we had a gift card that expired during covid and they let us use it anyways! So that was great.
Happy hump day!


Good morning!!!
Ok, so the hair thing, I feel like I’m the meme “I was this ___ old when I figured out how to style my hair” because after going to the salon for the first time in about 10 years, I learned I have CURLY hair! I always thought it was straight w/ awkward random waves but I just didn’t know what to do with it! Lol My hairdresser told me to wash it, finger comb it (a regular comb was combing my curls out) then spray with surf foam spray while it’s still damp. So easy and the spray holds my curls and if I want it more wavy, I just finger comb it a little more. This stuff is MAGIC I tell ya!
My youngest got a hold of the clippers while I was cutting his hair and he created a bald spot on his head one time! Lol!
Have a great day!


My hair is straight and flat and most days I hate it. I’d love to have loose beachy waves.

Our niece cut her own hair and bangs when she was 3 and it was right before our wedding. I really didn’t care but my sister-in-law was so mad and made her wear this dorky hat to cover it up.

Somehow with all the things (tball, baseball, summer school, trips, etc) getting filled up on our calendar nothing is overlapping which I find convenient for my own sanity!


Hair dries FRIZZY. Ugh.

May I ask where the shorts are from in your first picture?? And what the length is? I never know about the 6″, 8″, 10″ thing.


I can’t wait to hear how to style the curls! My hair looks cute and wavy when it’s wet…then it dries :-( underneath stays curly and the top goes flat. Humidity in the summer does help.


The Iron Cowboy DID IT!!! Amazing. I feel like his wife deserves a shout out too, it seems like she’s the glue that held all of it together! My hair dries somewhat wavy and I have to work at it a bit to get it to be curly. The Deva Curl products work pretty well for me, but I’m definitely interested in what your Sis has to say!!


I made that sandwich…..oh my gosh!!! It’s awesome. All my kids, late teens and young adults will love it too. I see a new quick dinner idea!! Thanks for sharing!!
My sister gave me bangs or trimmed mine when I was Skye’s age and she was a little older than Brooke. Super uneven and she kept evening them out, yes, it was a disaster. Ended up with long uneven stubs. We still laugh about it. But Skye did an impressive job all things considered.


Skye’s energy is so good, she is going to run the world!

I have never been happier since the splash pads and pools are open this year.

I am so glad you found your medicine ball, I hate losing things and it feels so good to find them.

Hope your day is wonderful =)


I have been wondering if your hair just dries naturally with some wave. It looks so cute! I had long hair and just cut mine short recently too. But I forgot how much work short hair is- I feel like I either have to straighten it or curl it. With little kids running around that is not always easy!

My oldest cut her hair when she was little but it was mid way through her head- we just left it to grow out.


All these clues about Skye’s strong will and risk-taking! What does the future hold? Tattoos and more??? Ah, the rabbit trail. All humans have good and bad/ dark and light in them. In your house she seems to stand out for an emphasis in these characteristics. We all have all the characteristics in some mix, including males and females. I wonder if one day she’ll cut it all short or color it green, and how she’ll feel about it – how the family will feel about it – what the community will say…. A strong will and risk tolerance can be beneficial and influential.

So, I’m celebrating Skye’s self-bangs and I’m curious what she’ll bring out NEXT!!


I love your sunglasses! What brand?

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