Tangents & You Wouldn’t Believe!

I woke up with very sore legs but knew that a run would help them feel better.  It worked!

A little over 8 miles @ 8:44 average, and then I hung out on the porch with the kids and some blackberries.   Beck LOVES blackberries, as you can tell from the above picture.

IMG 5121

Another run in the 70s, but I think my body is acclimating to running in hotter weather because it didn’t hurt as bad yesterday.

With summer running, I always bring a water bottle with me, and the bonus is that it carries my running snacks very nicely.

IMG 5155

The girls asked to go out on a little run too.

IMG 5148

Afterward, we went to Kneaders.  Brooke’s grandma on her dad’s side was in town and asked if she could take us to breakfast.  We had a great time catching up on life and eating 4-inch thick french toast.

IMG 5153

We also hung out at my sister’s house and I talk her teenagers into trying to make me cool like them and so my hair.

IMG 5166

And then the kids played in the backyard (well, Beck was asleep) so I could clean the house for the first time in who knows how long…

IMG 5170


Let’s go over some tangents!

*The race sent out free pictures.  I love it when they do that because it allows me to see the weird things I do while running.  I have no idea what I am doing with my hand, not the most efficient running form, ha.

IMG 5083

*And the finish…  When I did this same race in 2019, I sat on the ground when I finished because I hurt so bad.  Maybe I should have pushed harder this last time because I only looked like I REALLY needed to lay on the ground and didn’t do it.

IMG 5080

*Another free thing from the race was this chapstick that they gave everyone at the results printout booth.  It’s like they read my mind and knew exactly what I needed.  Nothing is worse than having chapped/dry lips after a race and not having any chapstick with me.  For my first marathon, I put my chapstick IN MY sports bra, and you wouldn’t believe how bad that chaffed me up.  I’ll never do that again.

IMG 5112

*Andrew says I have a problem when it comes to buying too many pairs of pajamas for Beck, and Andrew is 100% correct with this.  I cannot help myself.  My favorites are these ones from Cotton On Kids.

IMG 4937 1

*It has been ages since I have tried out a new pair of trail shoes, and I can’t wait to test these out on the dirt.  These are the Catamount, and they are super light and meant for some speed on the trails.

IMG 5055

*I think Beck and my nephew are starting to look alike!

IMG 5107

*I saw Julie post this recipe yesterday and I instantly drooled when I saw it so I will be making this today.

Screen Shot 2021 06 07 at 4 56 37 PM


Tell me a mistake that you made in your first race!?

Where you live—> Is there a lot of humidity?  How do you survive it?

Have any tangents to share with me today?

Pancakes, waffles, french toast or other breakfast item (please put them in order of deliciousness)?

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Going out too fast in races was my rookie mistake, and then I’d be dead half way through!

I live in Maryland and it gets very humid over the summer. I try to bring more water with me or stop to refill my water bottle if needed- and slow down the pace.


Yes yes yes and I still feel like I do that sometimes! So hard to not get caught up in it all. You are my hero, the humidity kills me! Have the best day, Mariah!


Haha I love that Chapstick story!! My first marathon I didn’t bring any fuel but a plastic bag with like ten gummy bears. I also wore very old shoes, ate tons of mac n cheese the night before and barely had any water and the whole thing went completely off the rails. I had done one 20 mile run and had to walk the last few miles because my legs hurt so bad.
Oh how things change. :)
It’s insanely humid here and I don’t survive it. I only had four easy miles yesterday and when I got home it looked like I had gotten caught in a rainstorm. It’s just disgustingly humid and hot. 91 degrees yesterday. And I just realized it’s not even officially summer yet????
That french toast looks AMAZING. I need a kneaders here asap.


It hurt so so bad haha. That first marathon of yours sounds like it was painful! 10 gummy bears for a marathon… I learned the hard way too with not enough fuel! I really do not know how you train in that, Mollie. The difference in our 10k conditions is unreal… it is so so dry here! You are amazing.
I’ll fedex you some Kneaders today;)
Have a great one!


Does the water sloshing in your bottle while running bother you? It drives me crazy! Just wondering if anyone else feels the same way :) It’s very humid where I live right now – surviving with extra fluids and electrolytes, running early in the morning, and cold showers!


Hey Jenny, for some reason it doesn’t bother me… and maybe that is because my podcast is too loud to notice;). Does it bother others? I am just amazed how you run in that humidity… I’m clapping for you big time. Also, the cold showers?!? That sounds painful too! Have a fabulous day!!


Jenny I am with you – it drives me nuts!! I did find a waterbottle that sloshes, but for some reason does not bother me as much (still took a little getting used to) – it’s an Amphipod one. I want to try a hydration vest with water pouches next, and see if I can do that, to carry a little more water.


Yup, the sloshing in handheld bottles bugs me too, but not so much not to use them due to the convenience factor.

I did use an Orange Mud hydration vest for a brief time and if you suck the air out properly the bladders do not slosh at all.

I would assume there is some sort of handheld that uses a bladder style bottle? I have never thought to look.


Hey Janae! It’s the last day of school!!! And, I haven’t teared up yet (as much as I want summer vacation, I really do love the kids), but I did get teary-eyed e-mailing my 9th grade daughter’s favorite teacher to thank her for making such a difference in Caroline’s life this year.

Okay, chapstick AND cinnamon rolls?! This race is def a good one!!!!

It is humid in PA, but I always try to think of it as Key West training. ha ha (Yes, I am obsessed with Key West!)

It’s funny you mentioned arm swing in your pic above. Arm swing is a tougher thing to get “right” than one would think!!! I used to chicken wing it big time with my left arm, and in trying to control that over time, I literally stopped swinging my left arm. Yikes. A little stint in PT this winter to help my form helped me to realize this. I think I’m doing good now with that and cadence–the trick is not to get lazy and revert back to old habits!!!

I hope you guys have a beautiful day eating all of the blackberries and enjoying the start of sweet, glorious SUMMER!


HAPPY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. I am just so happy for you (I totally remember those mixed emotions each year too)! I am so thankful Caroline had such an amazing teacher this year. I’m telling ya, come to Utah to race;). PA is fabulous training for your Key West trips! That is the tip I need because I feel like I constantly have to work on it but I just need to keep on trying! I’m LITERALLY eating blackberries as I am typing this, you know me well:). Thank you Jen, you too!


This is very random, but I would be interested in learning more about how you grocery shop (particularly for a larger family). When it was just my husband and I, I had no issues meal planning and grocery shopping, but now with a toddler, I am so thrown off! I feel like I am constantly going to the store but always running out of food.


HEY JANE! That is a great question and I totally agree, it really does throw me off too (adding Beck has added another level ha). A lot of the times Andrew goes to the store or Costco because he enjoys it so I’ll get some tips from him when he gets back from work. I usually meal plan before we go and get the ingredients for that along with our current necessities for snacks–> whatever fruits and veggies my kids are loving (berries are huge for us right now), those circle cheese and string cheese, beef jerky, yogurts, goldfish crackers, fruit snacks and some type of chip (Knox LOVES chips). Some weeks I can just go once and I remember everything and sometimes I am there 4 times a week ha. You are not alone on always running out of food but we definitely buy a lot in bulk from Sam’s Club (my favorite) or Costco (Andrew’s favorite) otherwise things are gone way too fast. Have a wonderful day with your toddler!


Hi Janae! My first race was in the winter and super cold. I wasn’t used to running in such cold temperatures so I wore a fleece and a windbreaker that I had to take off and carry… my husband (then boyfriend) underdressed for the same race and he ran about a mile to the starting line and then was extra cold because he was underdressed and sweaty. I’ve learned so much :)


Oh I bet that did not feel good! Thank goodness we learn so many lessons along the way! Have a great one, Amy!


We live in Florida, so we deal with 98% humidity and 80+ temps at 6am for 4 to 5 months – sometimes the humidity is so bad it feels like you are drinking the air. You do get used to it somewhat, but you have to slow down and get out early. I have a summer running belt that carries a towel and lots of water. Hubs and I will drink a Gatorade as soon as we get home and take a cool showers, plus we drink a lot of water throughout the day. The key for us was to adjust our expectations – summer is for base building, the rest of the year is for other types of training. Honestly, the worst part is the laundry ?!


I just do not know how you do it! You guys have it down for running in the summer there and I love that you focus on base building on the summer and not the speed. I bet the laundry gets bad this time of year. If you ever come to Utah I’ll take you on a run here in the driest place in the world;). Have a beautiful day, Paige.


Hi Janae! I’m glad to hear that you’re recovering well from your 10K. I am so impressed by your dedication and fortitude through it all–many years of training are definitely paying off –good for you! Summer running is so tough… here in Austin the humidity can be so bad! But not as bad as it is for our friends in the southeast…I cannot imagine running in the summer in Florida!! Today is my birthday and Jim is taking me out to dinner tonight so I am super pumped for that.


CLARE!!! HAPPIEST HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY! I hope today is perfect for you and I’ll celebrate your bday with a donut over here:). Have the BEST time with Jim at dinner tonight. So excited about this all!

PS I cannot imagine how hard it is to run in Austin in the summer, I would be on the treadmill often!


I’m with Beck on the blackberry thing! All the berries are so good right now.
How sweet of Brooke’s grandma. I think it’s great that you have a good relationship with her like that. And oh my that french toast looks delicious. If I had to put breakfast foods in order, it would be some sort of avocado toast with eggs, french toast, cinnamon rolls, waffles, then pancakes.
My very 1st race was a 5K, and I definitely went out way too fast! Luckily my husband had been running for a while before me, done a half and full marathon, so I learned a lot from him. I swear, I still have problems pacing myself!
Yes! Beck does look like your nephew! So cute ?
Have a great Tuesday!


I totally agree, I cannot get enough blackberries right now! I need some avocado toast now that you mention it. You are not alone with pacing yourself, it is so so hard. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hi – nice job on your race this weekend! Speedy – that is so so awesome!
I noticed you have a climbing geo dome thing in your backyard? Do your kids use it much? I was thinking about getting one for our yard, but wasn’t sure if it would be a short-lived novelty.

**First/early race mistakes: I learned the HARD way that if it’s hot, I still need to fuel & drink, even if I don’t feel like I need it.
*I live in MN – humidity, and lots of heat this week(90s every day). The last two days I did a 5am run & that helped! Afternoon runs in the heat are slooow. I make sure my hair won’t stick to my back (braid or bun!) and that is key for hot & humid runs.

You may have inspired me to make smoothies & waffles for supper tonight. Bonus- waffle irons do not seem to heat up the house!


Hey Katie! My kids still love it and they are on it whenever they are in the back and whenever any friends come over that is the first thing they go to… here is the link and it is on sale:


Absolutely yes to that first race mistake, I still do that sometimes. 5 am… way to go Katie! You inspire me with your humidity running. Enjoy those smoothies and waffles, the best!


SO good to know, thanks!! On sale is even better! :) We will be checking this out more tonight!


Good morning! Glad your shake out run helped you feel better :o)
My very first road race was in August (I had only been running about 2 months) and I was SUCH a rookie! Cotton shorts, cotton race t-shirt, and even cotton socks. It was hilly, hot, and humid and made for a pretty unpleasant experience – still enjoyed it though!
I’m in he northeast and we get lots of humidity, particularly later in the summer, though we have had a few stretches of that weather already :o( The best way to manage it is to run very early in the morning. If that’s not possible, I have two favorite tricks. The first is freezing water bottles partially full the night before, then filling them the rest of the way with water in the morning and stashing them along the route. The other is wearing frozen bandanas around my neck too – those give you quite a jolt when you first put them on!
Tangent for today – more like a pet peeve – I use almond milk and it makes me crazy that the cartons don’t have a large enough (or separate opening) for air to move through when you pour, so it just glugs and splashes everywhere. Maybe that’s just me??
Those breakfast foods in the exact same order of deliciousness: Pancakes, waffles, french toast :o)
Have an awesome day, Janae and enjoy all. the blackberries.!!


Hey Janine! Oh I bet all of the cotton did not feel good and produced some blisters/chafing. You are not alone in learning that lesson the hard way! What race is next?! THANK YOU for sharing your tricks, those ones are really good! I’ll have to share this with my friends that live in humidity! That would totally drive me crazy too! Thanks for sharing and I hope you get some delicious blackberries soon!


Hello!!! First of all love your blog!!! ❤️❤️ Second, I was inspired by you and cut my hair, but I need to learn how to curl it like you do! What tools do you use?! Also, where can I find your review on trail running shoes?! I just started trail running but I need new shoes.


Hey Lupita! Thank you so so much, that means a lot. YAY for cutting your hair, I bet it looks amazing! This is the curling iron that I love!
This video shows how I try to do it:

I don’t have any great reviews on trail running shoes (but I will write one about these ones once I wear them a few times) BUT Brooks has never failed me with their trail shoes. They have all been amazing so I guess it depends on what type of trail shoe you want… cushion, speed, energize? You’ll have to keep me updated with your trail running… SO happy for you!


Re: your hand in the race picture=you were already imagining holding that hamburger after the race. Visualizing your success and making it happen! I’m very proud of you!


Valid point hahaha… we are always preparing for the next meal. THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU!


Pancakes, French Toast, Waffles, but I love them ALL.
I love your wedding band! Where is it from?


Thank you so much Liz! Andrew just got it for me for Christmas because I was sick of wearing a diamond because I kept scratching the kids with it! He got it from Wilson Diamond!


I think the biggest mistake I have made in a race was wearing a visor instead of a hat. I have light hair and burned my scalp badly. No more visors for me!

French Toast -> Waffles -> Pancakes

How nice for you to spend time with Brooke’s grandmother, it’s really nice how you have blended your family!


OH OUCH! I wouldn’t have thought of that either! I hope you have some french toast soon. Thank you, sure trying hard. I hope your night is a wonderful one friend!


I used to be a daily reader but for whatever reason when Covid hit I just stopped reading blogs. However, because Covid made us a little crazy although we live full-time in Florida (talk about humidity!!) we bought a house in Utah and I couldn’t I love it here any more! I am so glad I am back to reading! Because of you I know we need to try Kneaders and Café Rio and we have both right nearby in Heber City! ( : Looking forward to following your running journey & learning more about everything we need to do (& eat!) in Utah!


HEBER CITY!!!!! Oh this makes me so so happy! Please keep me in the loop with your favorite things and I am so happy you are loving it here and can escape the humidity sometimes! Thank you friend, have the best night! PS Heber is one of my absolute favorite places ever!


If you love Heber you should check out their first Adventure Fest on Main this weekend! There is even an inaugural Main to Main 10K and Fun Run! Going to definitely go with my kids at some point this weekend! https://www.gohebervalley.com/Main_to_Main10k

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