No Expiration Date + Thursday Things!

22 second pr on the .57 mile segment that we do that climbs 247 ft.  It helps that I did it on fresh legs (I haven’t done speed in over a week but my goal is to do some this Saturday) but hey, I’m happy to CELEBRATE every step along the way to my goals and 22 seconds is 22 seconds!  I thought I was going to pass out during that final .1 mile… hills are SO hard.

This little dude slept 9 hours straight on Monday night and then woke up 9 times on Tuesday night!  I’m not complaining about being tired (because EVERYONE is tired:) but just to keep parenting real.

His morning smiles just make me forget all about what happened throughout the night haha…

IMG 1133

Beck is still sleeping in our bathroom because Skye is still needing her own room so he might be sleeping in our bathroom until he is 5 at this rate;).  The only problem with the bathroom sleeping that we have come across is that we can’t take a shower until he is awake which results in purple lips for me after a cold morning run when I stay in my running clothes.  We have the girls bathroom right next to us so that’s what we use in the middle of the night but I just like to shower in my shower:)

IMG 1136

The things I could accomplish if I had her energy…

IMG 1132

Six days apart is rough but the reunion is always so sweet.

IMG 5053

These four built some bike jumps outside.

IMG 1161

Easy Salsa Verde Enchiladas were another hit for the whole family and thankfully the title of the recipe told the truth and it was actually easy to make:)

IMG 1173

Finished off with the most amazing homemade caramels from a neighbor for dessert!  One of the caramels was topped with a mini pretzel and drizzled chocolate and it was perfection.

IMG 1180


Thursday Things and Tuesday Tangents are basically the same thing, they both give me an excuse to tell you a bunch of random things.

*This might be a hidden talent of mine or it might just be very common BUT whenever I travel, I can taste a big difference in the water wherever I am.

*Yep.  Running makes hard things way more fine:)

IMG 1159

*I came across an old blog post of mine from 2010 the other night that made me really happy.  Goal #2 happened, Goal #3 almost happened at Hobble Creek (24 seconds off) and part of Goal #4 happened too… The difference is that they happened 9 years later (along with dozens of failures along the way) than I was planning on them happening and that’s okay.  If your goals are taking longer and longer than you thought they would to happen that’s okay, don’t stop reaching for them.   There is no expiration date on goals!

PS my first goal was to have a picture taken at the end of a marathon where I didn’t look like I was dying which I still need to accomplish.

IMG 1104

I also came across this picture from about the same time… I basically lived on that treadmill.  I loved that thing so much and I wish I knew how many miles we shared together on it:)

IMG 1101

*I saw the BYU girls out running yesterday.  It inspired me to watch a bunch of videos about them… I loved listening to this one so we can see the race from the coach’s perspective.

PS Whenever I watch a movie about runners I feel the same nerves that I do when I’m at a starting line haha… I get a little too emotionally invested.  This video kind of makes you feel like you are at a race which I sure miss!

*For April Fools day we put the kid’s cereal in the freezer so in the morning they are very confused about the fact their cereal is frozen!


What about you… can you tell a difference in the taste of water whenever you travel somewhere new?   Also, when you do go somewhere new (pre covid days especially!) are you adventurous with trying the different types of foods/desserts there or do you stick to the basics?

Are you doing any pranks today?  Any good ones from the past that you did or people did to you?

Ever had a treadmill?  Which one?

What are you making for dinner tonight… I need an idea!

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I can always taste the difference in the water when we travel, especially when we’re at Disney World! I love trying new foods when I travel but then I get bummed that I can’t have them again when I’m home haha

For dinner I’m throwing chicken thighs, coconut milk, lemon slices, and crushed garlic in the instant pot. So good over rice!

Are you going to try the new oatmeal creme pie cereal? I know you guys are big cereal fans lol


HEY MEGHAN! Good to know I’m not the only one that can tell the difference! I haven’t tried the water at Disney World! YOUR DINNER SOUNDS HEAVENLY. I might have to copy you if we have chicken thighs! I haven’t seen that, off to google it because Andrew loves oatmeal creme pie! Have a beautiful day friend!


YES! Water tastes different in different places and I don’t care if people think that’s nuts. It’s just like how bottled water tastes different depending on the brand. Whenever I travel, I try to get foods that are popular there since to me that’s part of traveling! Or if I find a restaurant/bakery/ice cream shop/etc. I want to try what they are known for to see if it’s worth the hype. Like when you come to Philly, we’ll be going to get a cheesesteak because it’s necessary here (and I’m definitely using it as a reason to get a cheesesteak too ;)

Dinner tonight is taco salad with leftover taco meat and beans!


I totally agree with you about the bottled water too! I taste such a strong difference with those too. YES YES YES… ps did I ever tell you I went there about 7 years ago and didn’t blog about it but I had a cheesesteak and it was the best thing EVER! Yum, enjoy the dinner… we need a taco salad asap. Thanks friend, happy Thursday!


Cheesesteaks are so good! Not surprised you loved it :) Have an amazing day!


I thought of you yesterday and wanted to tell you about this!!! A local Italian restaurant that makes homemade gelato has Peeps gelato for Easter!!!!! It looks SO good, and I must try it!!! I’ll let you know how it was. I don’t LOVE Peeps, but Peeps gelato?! Holy happy sugar rush!!!!

For dinner last night we had caprese pasta—super easy. Make pasta of your choice, then combine 1/3 cup olive oil and about 2 cups of chopped heirloom tomatoes in a bowl. When pasta is done, add to tomato mixture and add chopped basil and fresh mozzarella balls (the little ones). It is so yummy, and we all like it!

Our best prank for April Fools was filling drinking glasses with red Jell-O, and they thought it was punch!


HEY JEN! Ummmmm Peeps gelato?! You have to let me know how it tastes, I bet they will make it so good. And I will be making that pasta, thank you for sharing! Hahaha I’ll have to do that with my kids too! Hope your Thursday is a great one!


Good Thursday Morning!! A 22 second PR is a win for sure – nicely done!
I can absolutely taste the difference in water when I am in a different place. We have a well, so municipal water tastes especially different to me.
Trying different foods is a specific goal of mine when I travel. I want to try as many as possible and feel like it’s part of the experience.
I have a Pro-form treadmill that gets very neglected during most of the year, but lots of use in the dark, cold winter.
Dinner tonight is vegan burrito bowls. That is unless I find inspiration for something different today and go in a completely different direction ;o) Have a wonderful day!!


Hey Janine! Thank you and good to know I’m not alone in being able to taste the difference in water! I’m with you on traveling… I NEED to try all of their best items! I think that is the perfect schedule for use of your treadmill. And that sounds delicious for dinner, enjoy and maybe we can come over;)


Janae I am seeing it more and more, Beck looks like YOU!


REALLY?!?! This makes me so happy because I don’t hear that often with any of our kids! Have the best day friend:)


Can DEFINITELY tell the difference in water taste. When I was 9, my family went on a trip and the water there was so good, I drank a ton and had to go to the bathroom so many times. Worth it. :-)

I love what you say about goals! I’ve learned this year, after not being able to run for 6 months and losing pretty much all my fitness, that it’s okay for goals to take time. We GET to run, and most of us aren’t getting paid for it, so if it takes years or we have to take breaks, we can come back to it, and it’s OKAY. I’m also focusing on being grateful in the moment as I run right now that I CAN run. I’m trying to think of it as a celebration, even if I look at my watch after and see slower splits or my legs are super tired after just 3 miles. Those are just details right now! Our goals can bend and adapt and we can always keep those loftier ones in the back of our minds to return to when we’re ready. They’ll be waiting for us!


HEY Kristen! Hahah I hope you get a chance to have the water from when you were 9 on a trip again:). Worth the bathroom breaks for it haha. I love what you said so much… we are so lucky to GET to do this. ‘Our goals can bend and adapt’–> AMEN! I love this, thanks for sharing and have a beautiful rest of your day!


That’s so funny that I have never really paid much attention to the taste of water in different places. No I will though.
Awesome job on your hill running! Hills are so hard.
Yesterday, for the 2nd half of my 10 miles, I had the worst head wind ever! At one point I was barely moving and I actually thought, hills are way better than wind… Ha!
That picture of Knox and Andrew is the sweetest. I give you guys so much credit for handling the co-parenting trade offs as well as you do. That has to be hard.
Last night we took our left-over taco meat and made sheet pan nachos. It’s one of our favorites. I have no clue what to make tonight. One of your readers said something about pasta with tomatoes, those little mozzarella balls, and fresh basil… I just might be copying her tonight.
Have a good Thursday… Almost the weekend! ?


See if you can tell the difference! TEN MILES BOOM and you finished in the headwind for 5 miles–> resistance training;). I am with you, I would take hills over wind any day. Thank you, it really is tough but we are making it work. Sheet pan nachos are the best and that pasta sounds heavenly. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Yes on the water.
I used to be the safe basics, and then I learned that food adventure is definitely part of the experience!
That being said I think I found a McDonalds one day for lunch when we were out of the country. ;)


Hey, there is something about McDonalds when you are traveling out of the country and it just hits the spot! Hope you are having a beautiful day, Erica!


I thought you might appreciate this one since you have chickens! I sent a video to my parents of the kids freaking out saying one of our chickens flew up on the roof, and then sent a picture my husband photoshopped of one of the chickens on our roof—they totally fell for it! ?


OH MY GOODNESS… I love this one so much! I might have to do it myself! Have a great day Kristen!


Hi Janae! 22 seconds off of that short segment is huge! You should definitely celebrate it!
I didn’t realize that it was April fool’s until you mentioned it! I will definitely have to get my husband real good.
Love what you said about goals. I am starting a Daniels plan today and it’s 24 weeks which is so long but I’m so excited to see where it takes me!


HEY YOU! You’ll have to share how you prank your husband! I am SO excited that you are starting the plan today and I am cheering for you BIG TIME! You’ve got this Amy!


100% I can tell a difference in water any new place I go. But I still drink it regardless, ha!
You little goal-getter, you! Love the concept “goals don’t expire”. It’s good to remember that when frustrated over how long it may take to get there.
22 seconds off a .57 segment is a LOT! (insert clapping hand emoji)
Love a good running documentary/clip/live race, will definitely watch this in a bit:)


Hahaha I still drink it too! Yep, these goals take so much time sometimes and thank you… I was very proud of those 22 seconds! Have a beautiful day Molly!


Hey this might be weird, but I’ve been following your blog for like 8 years … And Im not a runner. I don’t even jog. But I follow and keep doing so because of your profound insight and how you approach your sport and life. I have actually used so many of your tools and the big one was goal setting and how important it is to reach for the stars. Basically don’t limit your goals. So yeah, anyways thank you for that :)


This is not weird it all… it made my day! I can’t thank you enough for sharing this with me and taking the time to tell me this. THANK YOU. Please keep in touch, it means the world to me!


I love that about Beck sleeping in the master bathroom — we’re having another baby at the end of the summer and my older boys are just a few months older than Skye, but definitely too little to share a room yet. We’ve decided the baby is going to have to sleep in our walk in closet. Either way, toddlers definitely sleep better (and so does everyone else) when they are alone at night… haha :)


BETSY! AHHHHHH I am so so thrilled for you guys! The twins are going to love having the little baby:). Yep, those toddlers need their space;). The closet is perfect. CONGRATS!


Hi Janae,
Yes I can completely taste (and sometimes smell) the different waters.

I have only done the Craigslist $100 dollar treadmill owning.

I changed my son’s Home Screen and lock screen pictures to images of cats in sweaters. There is a picture of a scary clown taped under the toilet seat for my husband when he gets home from work.

Request: I searched, but do have any posts about long hair, running, what to do when it is sweaty almost everyday, but you don’t want to wash it everyday? I am stuck and I think hair dressers who are runners are unicorns. Help!


HEY JENNY! I will have to see if i can smell the difference in water too… that is skills right there. $100 treadmill, that is awesome. HAHAH those pranks are perfect! I love it.

Sooooo I need to write a post about that but what I do is I just blowdry it when I get out of the shower if it is sweaty and I’m not washing it that day. I know that sounds gross but it works for me! I’ll ask on my blog what other people do in a post soon! Let me know if that helps and good luck!


Yes to water tasting different! One year at Christmas we went to a mineral water spa town in CZ (I live in Europe so this was like a mini-road trip) and tasted all the different waters. Honestly it’s gross but so fascinating-you take a porcelain Genie-lamp looking cup around and put a splash in. Each water has it’s own medicinal value. It reminded me of Ashland, Oregon and their sulfur water (icky)

Don’t think this is super creepy, but after talking with a friend about the St. George marathon and fueling, I dreamt that we saw you there and you were running with a tub of movie popcorn. You had popcorn and random candy in it. In an interview you were saying how you preferred your own fuel and it had a balance of salt, carbs, and sweetness. I mean that’s not entirely a bad idea, right?

I own a treadmill but it’s in the garage and I’ve never used it. I bought it a few years ago from a friend who was moving-I always think to get it up and running but clearly that hasn’t been crossed off my to-do list. Chances are when we get our basement home gym finished I’ll find someone to move it for me.

Happy Thursday!


Oh WOW, I bet that was super interesting! I would love to go do the same thing! BAHAHA not creepy at all, I LOVE your dream and I might just have to make that a reality soon! Seriously… that sounds so good right now. I’m excited for your basement home gym to be finished! Thanks Kelly, so good to hear from you and enjoy the rest of your day!


I can absolutely taste the difference in water too! I grew up in Portland and we had amazing water there, it made me a bit of a water snob. Living in Albuquerque was rough, the water there was awful.

I love the idea that goals don’t expire, we just need to keep showing up!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Best April Fools prank from down under – new additions to the South Australia Police Dog Squad:


Hi! I have a NordicTrack Commercial 2450 and I love it – I do all the iFit programs – I run outside when I can but I have always loved the treadmill.

I brought home a Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire yesterday so I took it for a spin on the treadly this morning and was impressed that the distance was about the same – very happy with that, though I feel like I’m cheating on my Apple Watch which has been so so good but the battery just won’t hold up for the 50km training that I’m doing.

It’s already Good Friday here in Australia – fish for dinner tonight. We had steak burgers last night with thin sliced sirloin – so so yummy.

Those burritos look amazing Jenae! You always inspire me with your meals, I’ve got a bunch printed out to try :)


Oh my goodness Janae I just realised I misspelled your name earlier – I’m so so sorry!


Our first treadmill was an old hand-me-down and worked well enough until we wore it out (it couldn’t go fast enough for my high schooler or handle the weight of my husband anymore after about 2 years). Our second treadmill was a ProForm version and it kind of sucked – we took advantage of Costco’s generous return policy and returned it when it broke after 12-1/2 months. Our current treadmill is a LifeFitness one and we love it so far – 15 months and it still works great, goes fast, more incline options, handles bigger bodies, and has only needed belt lube every 800 miles or so (we’ve done that twice already, half-way to the third lube).

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