Tangents and I’m Not Sure Why?

61 degrees.  61.  We were sweating and I felt like I needed a drink of water every half mile.  It felt foreign but it was SO welcomed.

9 miles with Emilee @ 8:14 pace according to my watch and 8.99 miles according to Strava haha..  It often tells me I am just .01 away from hitting the mile.

Andrew has been going to play soccer with my brother-in-law for his exercise a few times a week and he is loving that.  Running to chase after a ball is much more fun in his opinion than just running.

IMG 9537

We hung outside for a bit together and Beck wore his first EVER shortsleeved shirt:)

IMG 9546

Skye rode around our driveway on her scooter with her rain boots.

IMG 9543

It was a ‘drive around in the car and pickup chick-fil-a for lunch while Skye took a nap in the car’ kind of a day.

IMG 9564

And of course a whole lot of this happened.

IMG 9577


And now for a few tangents….

*Andrew and I have a game we play with our refrigerator.  When we are filling up our waterbottles we try to see how long each person can go chugging water through the straw to keep up with the water that is coming into the bottle without it overflowing.  We usually start laughing really hard and water goes everywhere but it’s a great way to get in some water really fast.

IMG 9373

*Remember how my kids were all stung multiple times by hornets last year?  Skye is still REALLY afraid of them now and if she see’s anything resembling a hornet then she is in my arms the rest of the time while we are outside.  Anybody have any tips to help her overcome this?

IMG 9461

*Andrew sent me this article… did anybody else hear about this mouthpiece?  I have no idea if it actually works or not but I’m a BIG fan of the placebo effect.  If I think a piece of gear is going to make me faster than my brain makes me run faster ha.

IMG 4873

*Turns out a pop tart is excellent fuel for me before a run.  We were out of bananas and bread so I grabbed a pop tart and it did the trick.

IMG 9376

*Our Sunday dinner—> We had leftover meat and leftover pico so we made a tray of nachos and it was gone in about 4 minutes.  We love nacho trays.

IMG 9501

*The kids have a small activity that they are going to this week for church.  I told Skye I would be going with them to sit in the back and watch but she told me I can’t go.  I just need to drop her off and leave.  She told me not to worry, she will hold Brooke’s hand.

She thinks she is 15.

IMG 9314

*I’m really excited about this.  I bought a pasta maker and would love any tips or recipes from those of you that make homemade pasta!

IMG 9583


Any pieces of gear or tricks that have the placebo effect on you and help you to run faster?

Pop tarts—> delicious or gross?  Have a favorite flavor?

Have a fear of any particular insects or animals?

Team water bottle or team cups when it comes to getting your water in?

-I can’t remember the last time I used a cup and my sister never uses a water bottle.

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That’s so cute that Skye wants you to leave! My three year old is the same way, if we’re at grandmas and I’m talking to them he’ll be like, “ok, mom, you leave!” Or if he’s planning a play date at my sisters he’ll ask me 400x if I’m leaving. haha so independent.


Good to know I’m not alone in this ha… the independence is strong right now but maybe it also means they trust we will always come back and so that’s why they are okay with it?!? Haha I’m just trying to figure this out. I hope you have a beautiful day Colleen and it made me so happy to hear you talk about play dates at your sister’s house… it’s the best to live so close to sisters!


You need lots of bug books! It’s ok to be afraid of hornets, but it’s helpful to know the difference. Books on all the different insects and what they do can help alleviate fears. Books on what the different nests looks like can help her spot dangers but also help her rule them out.

Also, during spring honeybees are busy. Do any farms near you have observation hives? You can see the bees from behind glass and see all the good they do, and potentially end the visit with a purchase of honey. Honeybees are a great example of something that stings but does so much good, don’t bother you and produce something super yummy.

I still can’t believe what good siblings Knox and Brooke were to Skye in the midst off hornet attack. What great kids you have!


SUCH. A. GOOD. IDEA. Thank you SO so much for sharing this with me, I didn’t think of this! I’ll check out the farms too, thank you! I agree, still so proud of how they reacted that day. Have a fabulous day and thanks for the help!


Looking like spring weather!! Can’t wait!

I like the strawberry pop-tarts! I know they aren’t anything fancy or even amazing, but still enjoy them occasionally haha.

I switch between cups and water bottles at home. But when I was in the office, definitely team water bottle.


YAY FOR SPRING WEATHER… it’s just the best. The strawberry is what we have! I hope you have a beautiful day and any word of when you’ll be back in the office? Thanks Mariah!


That’s so cute about Skye!! :)
I find water tastes better in a bottle but I need to have ice; otherwise I have a hard time drinking it. I found the peach bubbly water you were talking about the other day and now it’s my new favourite! I’m also making the chicken tortilla soup you shared for tonight :)
Have a great day!


I totally agree with you… water needs ice for it to taste amazing ha! I am SO glad you love the peach bubbly water… it is amazing and let me know what you think of the soup. Thanks Ashlea, you too!


It was 60 degrees yesterday by me too! It was heaven to run in a tank and shorts. And funny that you asked about gear that makes us feel faster-that would be my compression shorts. Wore those yesterday and had a great speed workout. By the way-your running posts have been totally motivating me lately. Normally, I’m not a big fan of speed workouts/pushing myself out of my comfort zone-but seeing your posts have given me some great ideas for workouts and that extra push out the door. Thank you so much!!


I am SO happy that you are getting shorts and tank weather too! I totally agree with you and compression shorts make me feel like I can fly! GREAT JOB ON YOUR SPEED WORKOUT yesterday, I would love it if you kept me updated with your speed workouts and how they are going. I’m here cheering for you! Thanks Renee for sharing that with me, it made me smile really big!


It definitely sounds like Skye already has the personality of a teenager :p


Right?!?! We are in for it hahaha. Have a fabulous day, Nina!


Good morning!! Always a highlight when I login and read your daily posts – thank you!!
I have always believed that the brighter colored my running shoes (especially the soles), the faster I run. No irrefutable, scientific proof, but I still believe!
I love pop-tarts to the point that I cannot have them in the house. I only let myself have them when we go camping! My favorite is strawberry without frosting – they were hard to find for years, but seem to have made a reappearance in recent years.
I am very afraid of spiders!! I have matured to the point that if they or outside, I let them live. Once they cross the threshold though – I become a spider killing machine. When I lived on my own for many years, I had to get brave enough to kill them for myself, but prefer if someone else does it – ha ha!
Team Cup at home and Team Water Bottle everywhere else. Have an awesome day and enjoy all that warm weather and sunshine :o)


Janine! Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! I absolutely agree with you on the bright shoe effect… it automatically speeds me up too. I will have to try out the frostingless poptarts! Hahaha ‘once they cross the threshold though’–> you are hilarious. I hope you never have any more spiders inside! Thank you friend and I hope your day has been great so far!


I second the bug book! It might help if she learns about different bugs. It might also help if Brooke or Knox reads it with her. If the others aren’t scared she might learn not to be.

Tricks….for some reason I run faster with something in my hand. I have no idea why. Maybe it just reminds me to move my arms (and therefore my feet follow)??? It is a running joke with my Coach.

Enjoy the weather!!!


Hey Amy! We just got back from the library… THANK YOU for the help, she already seems a bit more confident about talking about them etc. I want to try your faster with something in your hand trick.. I love it haha! Thanks friend and I hope you are having great weather too!


I can’t remember the last time that I used a glass for anything; re-usable water bottle all the way!

I love the part about the pop-tart! Those things are better than any dessert sometimes. One thing that I really appreciate about your blog is that you don’t hide the fact that you “normal” food! Most running/fitness blogs that I’ve seen seem to be written by people who live solely off of green smoothies and tons of crazy supplements. Not that there is anything wrong with those things themselves, (love me a smoothie) but I personally find blogs such a those to be damaging and very unrealistic, so thank you very much for writing posts that show that we can be healthy athletes while eating a BALANCED diet that can include nachos and pop-tarts. Social media needs more of that! <3


Hey Courtney! Seriously, water bottles are just the best. Thank you for sharing that with me. I sure have found that I’m a lot healthier overall (not getting injured, maintaining a period, feel better etc) when I do eat all of those normal foods… plus, I’m a lot happier that way ha. I hope you are having a beautiful day and please keep in touch!


Yippee for the pasta maker!!!!! Lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti, fettuccine and potstickers FOR THE WIN!!!! You can also use small cookie cutters (stars or flowers) and put them in soup!

My kids still like to turn the pasta maker:)

Here is my favorite egg noodle recipe:
2 1/2 c flour
Pinch of salt
2 eggs
1/2 c milk
1 tablespoon butter

Mix together. Let it rest for 15 minutes. Divide into small pieces and run through the pasta roller!

Post pictures of the finished product!


Just trying to be like you!! And I love the idea of using small cookie cutters for soup noodles too. We will be trying your egg noddle recipe asap… THANK YOU! Hope you are having the best day and Skye keeps asking to come over to your house so we have to make that happen asap!


Mouthpiece: That mouthpiece is supposed to be pretty awesome. I listen to a podcast (Crossfit-related) where the 2 hosts have been using it and they say it significantly has improved their performance. They also had Dr. Garner on the program to talk about it – sounds pretty legit! I am very interested in trying it (apparently the code DG25 will get you 25% off too – so even more of a reason to try it, right?).

PopTarts: I love some poptarts. But, unlike my kids who like all the sweet flavors like chocolate sundae or birthday cake ones, I like the traditional strawberry or blueberry ones (unfrosted) – heated up with a little bit of butter on them. So good.


Seriously… okay, that is awesome! I will definitely have to try it and thank you for the code too. That’s really exciting and I would love to see some improvements with it! I’m with you, keep it traditional with the strawberry and I’ll have to try some butter on top of the unfrosted ones. Thanks Melissa, enjoy your day!


Wow, what a grownup you have now! A preschool teacher once told me that a kid’s behavior at 3 is how they will be at 13, LOL!
Pop tarts are pretty darn good to me. Blueberry is my favorite–either frosted or unfrosted–but I also like brown sugar.
I’m afraid of snakes. My kids didn’t know for the longest time, until my husband tattled on me.
I’m SO excited for our weather this week, just a day or two behind yours. We’ll be in the 60s and maybe hit 70 :) Bring it on!
I’ve heard of Airwaav through advertising by CrossFit athletes that I follow. One of the top, Rich Froning, posted on IG about it here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLpUyFIlYIT/
Enjoy your springtime weather!!


Oh no…. hahaha well I guess I can prepare myself for 13! I hope you get some of the Blueberry Pop Tarts asap… and now I need to pick up some of the blueberry ones. Haha how dare your husband tell your kids about that. ENJOY those beautiful temperatures and that is so cool about the Airwaav. I’m going to have to try it out. Thanks so much Corey, have the best day!


Wow, that mouthpiece sounds interesting! I read the article- the woman shaved 15 seconds PER MILE off her marathon time??? I wonder how much of that was from the mouthpiece. It seems like it’s definitely worth looking into- and it’s not that expensive either.


15 seconds per mile is seriously so incredible! I think we might all need to try it out. I hope your day has been awesome so far. Thanks Jenny!


I have the mouthpiece. It came in my last Fitboxx. I have not tried it yet. I am going to have to try it soon!


PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF IT once you try it… how cool would it be if it worked. Hope you are having a great day!


I am absolutely terrified of spiders. I think the hardest part of becoming a single mom after my divorce is that I now have to be the one in the house to deal with spiders. ?


Bahaha I may have called my dad over to my apartment one day when the spider was just way too big for me to go after ha. Hope your day is a great one Kristen!


We’re loving the spring weather here too – actually it’s going to be ABOVE 60 in Minnesota, which is more like late-April/early May weather for us! I’ll take it for the day!

*Poptarts — they taste good, but I don’t like how the texture can get a little paste-y. But hey, whatever works when you’re out of your fave pre-run food! I love bananas pre-run too.
*I am somewhat afraid of dogs – too many bad experiences. Mainly just dogs I don’t know, though. Poor Skye and her very real fear of the hornets! My kids are a slightly afraid of bees, and they have not even really had a bad experience with them.
*Team water bottle! Ideally a 32oz size, and I always have ONE favorite, at any time.


Above 60 in Minnesota, that is amazing! The banana before a run is just kind of perfect! I agree, dogs I don’t know (and that look scary) scare me too especially when I am running! I hope you don’t have anymore scary experiences with dogs. That 32 oz size is just the best… you’ll have to share with me which ones are your favorite sometime. Happy Tuesday Katie!


My daughter has a severe anxiety disorder called selective mutism (she is honestly the bravest kid I know). I have had to learn so much about anxiety. We now gently push my kids to get past their fears (with in reason). What works best for these things is exposure and rewarding being brave. I agree with the other person that commented about reading about insects. Read about hornets and bees. You can also read about what to do if you get stung, how it is treated, etc. Your response is also important because if you are comforting her then the signal comes across that this is something to be worried and scared about at the time. So in our case, my response all those years to talk for her when she couldn’t signaled to her that this was a scary situation and Mom needed to rescue her. This is a little tricky though because they can sting so giving her options like walking to a different spot and letting her know that you feel safe, etc. You do want a healthy fear to remain but not so much that it interferes with what she was doing at the time. But the more she is around situations like it and does well or receives a reward from you (sticker chart, special treat, etc) the more she will relax. You can get the two older kids involved too and make a HUGE deal about how brave they are, etc. Even pretend play scenarios. Role modeling is great because it helps train the brain to deal with the situation!


Carrie, thank you so much for sharing with me. You and your daughter are absolutely amazing. This is all so helpful for me because I absolutely go into rescue mode when she is afraid of things. The sticker chart will absolutely help and getting Brooke and Knox involved too will be amazing… thank you, it means a lot. I hope you are all having a great day so far.


Seems like an amazing day! We were in the high 60s here over the weekend and it was so odd to feel warm, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I almost always drink out of a water bottle, I only use a glass when I can’t find my bottle (kids are always stealing it). Pop tarts seem like the perfect pre run fuel but I haven’t had one in years.

I can’t believe how quickly these kiddos are growing up, my little girls will be 3 next month and she acts like she is so grown up.

My kids don’t have any fears of animals yet but it gets them in trouble when they think they can pick up anything. My son is still mad that a yellow jacket stung him last year when he tried to save it from the water table LOL.


Hey Beth! High 60s… just THE BEST! I hope you keep getting some amazing temperatures. Haha those kids stealing your water bottle! THREE NEXT MONTH… how does time zoom by? I hope you guys have some fun things to do together for her bday. Okay, that was sure sweet of your son to do that and he and Skye need to meet somewhere in the middle when it comes to insects. Enjoy the rest of your day!


I can’t even remember the last time I had a PopTart. I remember liking any with chocolate in them though and my husband would eat the cherry flavor. When we were first married PopTarts were sometimes our supper :)

My daughter, 4, had a play date last week and she wanted to make sure that I was just dropping her off and not staying and telling me she’s ‘got this’.

I have been wanting to get a new water bottle that I’m hoping will help me drink more water and can’t decide if straw would be best. Recommendations for any kind?


Ohhhh my gosh, in that picture where Skye is acting 15 – can we talk about how Knox looks like he’s15!? Holy cow, he has grown a bunch and looks so old there!! I love the relationship your kids have together!

Strawberry pop-tarts are my jam! But truly, I enjoy any pop-tart :-)

I am an awful fear of all bugs. It’s terrible and my kids have totally picked it up from me. I don’t know how to help any of us lol so if you get good advice that works please share!


I always drink out of hydro flask. Never use a cup!


Always brown sugar pop tarts for me. My mom wouldn’t buy them but my dad would buy a box and hide it in his office and sometimes I would get one as a treat.
I’m afraid I don’t have any tips for Skye. I’m 30 years old and afraid of bees, wasps and giant flying bugs that could potentially sting lol. I only got my first wasp sting last year too. I survived but it didn’t make me any less afraid.
I’m team water bottle on the go and at home I have a couple water bottles, but sometimes switch it up and use a glass.


I’ve had that same pasta maker for years and I LOVE it! It makes the best pasta. I use Bob’s Red Mill Semolina flour (I buy on Amazon) and just follow the instructions. http://mcmomentsandmemories.blogspot.com/2012/01/friday-foodie-pasta-making-process.html One tip I’ve learned is to put a little flour on the pasta after rolling it to the desired thickness and before cutting it. Otherwise it’s going to stick.

Spaghetti or Alfredo noodles are simple and delicious, but my favorite is ravioli. Not sure if you got that attachment or not. https://mcmomentsandmemories.blogspot.com/2012/01/friday-foodie.html


Poor skye, I am majorly afraid of spiders and haven’t even had a particularly bad experience with them, so I can totally get how she’d be so scared of hornets now! I think the suggestions others have sound awesome.

Im a big fan of pop tarts. :) Cinnamon brown sugar have always been my fave!

Your water game is hilarious and I think I need to try that with my husband! I alternate between cups and water bottles, but I recently discovered my new top favorite water bottle. It’s called Owala FreeSip Insulated water bottle (you can find it on Amazon) and it can be used as a chug bottle and a straw bottle. (Hard to explain, but the pictures will make that make sense, haha.) Something about it just makes me drink so much more water, I love it so much!! The fun colors don’t hurt, either. :)

Hope you guys have a great day!


I LOVE making pasta! Look on YouTube for the pasta-making tutorial by America’s test kitchen, it works perfectly.


Nice job girl! The warm weather is definitely exciting…. it’s been a long winter! Curious, do you share your Strava account or are you private…. would love to follow you :-)


I see a potty book. Are you starting to potty train Skye? I need all the tips. I just had 2.5 & 3.5 year old foster girls placed with me over the weekend and neither are potty trained! Send help!


Where did you get your neon shirt in the above post? I’m always looking for bright happy colors like that!


Half italian over here and my mom has been making homemade pasta for at least 20 years. The biggest game changer is getting a drying rack. There is a ‘nest’ method to trying the pasta but getting a drying rack (little wooden rack you can find on amazon) makes all the difference.

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