Friday Favorites!!

Another challenge run completed!  Doing a trail run with a lot of climbing the day after a speed workout is so hard but I know it is the trick that works best for me in order to get faster.  Luckily, the views along the way distract me from thinking too much about my legs wanting to fall off.

I’m eyeing a trail race this summer (an 18 mile one…) and yesterday on the trails made me want to sign up right away.

PS I get a lot of questions about whether or not I use Yaktrax on snowy runs and I personally do not.  If it’s slick I’ll use trail shoes and I run pretty carefully on snowy runs but I haven’t fallen in years and years (knock on wood).  I know a lot of people love Yaktrax and also a lot of people love to use screws in their shoes (here is a tutorial for that) on snowy runs.

IMG 7621

Emilee drove with me and I love that she brought her roller to use in the car.  She is a busy mom of 4 but she is so good about fitting in taking care of her body whenever she can!

IMG 7634

8 miles @ 10:29 average and a whole lot of climbing.

IMG 7635

I love seeing what a trail run looks like on Strava afterwards… a whole lot of zigzagging occurred.

IMG 7647

The normal cuddling occurred for a chunk of the day…

IMG 7657

And a big highlight was having a date with just Brooke over some hot chocolate and a croissant.

IMG 7654


Favorite things time…

*I LOVED THIS EPISODE so much.  I ordered the book, More Than A Body by the Beauty Redefined women and this episode made me even more excited to read it!

Screen Shot 2021 02 01 at 10 41 45 AM

*Juuuuuuuuuust in case you need some running socks that feel heavenly on the run.  I have been using both of these brands for about a year now and they are just the greatest.  They never get holes and I have yet to get a blister with them.  Here are the Swiftwick socks I love and the Steigen!

IMG 8441 jpegIMG 3611

*I really have a thing for coats and that is probably because I am wearing them 80% of the year living in Utah.  I found a new one HERE (I saw Jenica wearing it!!) that I absolutely adore and want it in multiple colors.  It is SO warm, so much cheaper than a lot of my coats, so soft on the inside (fleece lined) and I LOVE how long the sleeves are along with the thumb holes.

IMG 7451

*Emilee told me about how she has been watching some vlogs from Seth James!  They are AWESOME.  He explains so many important aspects of training in a very clear way and he has some very valuable information for runners.   I loved this one about threshold training and it really made me want to jump on the dirt road that he was running on.

*Once we tried (and loved) the Brookie-O Oreos we decided we need to be more adventurous and try a few of the other ones too.  The chocolate marshmallow variety are officially #1 in our book.

IMG 7390


What are you looking forward to this weekend?!  Have a long run this weekend?

What recovery tool do you use most often?  Is there one that you really want to try?

Have a favorite Youtube account (is that what you call them?!) that you follow?  Running related or anything related?

Would you rather be TOO HOT or TOO COLD while you are running?

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Super bowl for the food, commercials, half time show and puppy bowl haha. The actual game is ok ?

Long run Sunday with a friend, and probably short run on my own tomorrow just to get some outside time! Then also lots of homework, work/school life haha.


I don’t like wearing yak tracks either, but they do help if it’s just ice. But if it’s that bad I usually just run on the treadmill ?

That jacket looks super cute on you.

I love Sage Canaday’s YouTube such good advice. I will have to check out Seth’s. I love trail races, I am signed up for one in July (roll over from last year) that I hope actually runs.
I use my foam roller the most but my PT recommended using my hand held roller.

We are going camping this weekend, I am excited but we haven’t been winter camping before so please wish us luck.


That’s how I feel… if it’s really bad enough to put something on my shoes then I’ll just hit up my treadmill:). AHhhh which trail race is it? I’ll have to find Sage Canaday’s stuff… thank you! Enjoy the camping Beth, what a blast (stay warm)!!


Here is Sage’s channel:

I think you would love it.


The time I didn’t know it was super bowl weekend ha… thanks for letting me know:). Puppy bowl, what is that? Enjoy those runs and good luck with the homework! Thanks Mariah!


OH NO! You have not watched Puppy Bowl every year!!?? Lol… my family has watched for years – since my kids were very young.


I had to look it up, the first Puppy Bowl was 2005 – so my sons were 8 and 11 when it debuted. I believe it’s been on every Super Bowl Sunday since. (I did not look to see if they skipped any years).


Lol, oh no – I learned something else thanks go Mariah’s post.

KITTEN BOWL on the Hallmark Channel!! My wife will love this!:

The Puppy Bowl also showcases some kittens. All these shows promote pet adoption. Whoever came up with the original idea is brilliant.


I’m looking forward to a productive yet relaxing weekend. Getting some chores done around the house while taking it slow is my ideal weekend. I’ll get a run in this afternoon and in the morning but other than that and church, it’s smooth sailing. As a teacher, weekends are precious :) I’m sure you remember that feeling!


That sounds like a wonderful weekend! I totally remember that feeling… enjoy every single minute:). How are things going with your team?


You are SO sweet to ask! Our girls and guys teams both qualified for state and the boys finished runner-up!!! Now we are gearing up for track season. We only had one meet last season due to Covid so the athletes are giddy about racing!


That makes me so happy… they are AMAZING and they have an amazing coach! Thank you for letting me know and keep me updated with track season! Happy weekend Sloan!


I have a thing for coats too and love that coat!!! I’m going to order it too. What size did you get? Thanks for sharing :)


Yay!!! I hope you love it too! I got it in a small. It is a dream coat! Have a beautiful day, Ashley!


Hi janae!! I saw your reply to my comment the other day and Allie is doing GREAT!! She’s going to be a BIG SISTER!! I can’t believe it… never thought I’d have the courage to go through the infant stage again LOL. But here we are and we are so excited!! A little over 12 weeks along!!! No long run for me this weekend, hopefully a walk! We got a bit of snow today so definitely will be on the treadmill today for my walk/jog. I’m on call today but so far don’t have to go in so will try to get some organizing done of 2 closets in my house that are bursting!


AHHHHHH this news made me smile SO so big. Congratulations and I bet Allie is so thrilled. 12 weeks! I really hope you are feeling well and I am just so happy for you. I hope you get to stay home and get that organizing done. Keep me updated on all


I would much rather be cold on a run than hot, for sure! It’s hard to run fast in heat, and it takes me forever to cool down after. But, I don’t live where it gets real cold, so may not fully grasp cold… Ha ha
My plan this weekend is to really clean the house, then Sunday relax and watch the super bowl. I will do a long-ish run tomorrow, and some strength work (I’ve done 2 days of strength this week!!). My goal this month is to add 2 – 3 days of strength and 2 – 3 days of pilates.
Speaking of pilates, my favorite YouTube channel/account is MVMT by Cailin. She is a pilates instructor and really great. That’s where I did the pilates challenge last month.
Thanks for sharing pictures of the mountains! So pretty!
Have a great Friday ?


Hey Wendy! But you do run in Colorado when visiting family so I’m sure you’ve been on some really cold runs too! I should join you on that goal to really clean the house;). Enjoy the super bowl and your long run (you are on fire with your strength this week)! Thank you for telling me about Cailin, she sounds awesome. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hoping for a long run on Sunday but we may get a 4-6 inches of snow Saturday, so we’ll see if that happens. I would much rather be too hot on a run, so the snow will deter me from running. But maybe if I tried trail running in the snow I would feel differently! Favorite recovery tool is the stick that Emilee has in your picture! Though I really want to try a massage gun – just can’t decide if it’s worth the money.

Also, I’m officially signed up for my first race in this crazy covid world! It’s a half marathon in mid-March in my city and they have waves starting every 10 minutes capped at 20 people per wave. Hopefully it feels as safe as I think it will!


Trail running on the snow is much more fun than road running on the snow! Let me know if you end up getting a massage gun and your thought son it. YAYAYAYA for your first race in a while, sounds like they are taking all of the precautions to keep everyone safe. Cheering for you and I hope you have a beautiful day Rachel!


Hi Janae! So excited that you have a race coming up! I think a trail race is a smart choice and have you ever done an 18 mile? I’m taking a comics class through my community college where we work on making our own comic so I’ll be working on that this weekend. And then my fiance and I gotta figure out our new wedding plan and vacation for this year. Busy weekend coming up! Hope you have a great one too!


Did you see the Oreo taste test competition that Keira D’Amato and her family did on Instagram? You could do the same with your family! They bought a bunch of the different flavors and did face-offs of two each night until they had picked a winner. It was so fun and funny to watch!


That picture of Brooke and her hot cocoa. Cute.cute.cute.
Recovery tool……..a hot shower ;)


It may just be the light in some of your pictures, but it looks like Beck’s hair is getting lighter?

Looking forward to lots of sunshine this weekend! Hoping to ride my bike tomorrow. I ran 7 miles this morning.

I’ve decided my recovery “tool” needs to be strength training, especially my core. I’ve been committed since the first of the year and I’m feeling more stable on the run.

Favorite Youtube account – “It’s a Southern Thing.” The channel description is “Southern comedy, culture, food, and more, y’all!” Since Les is from Tennessee and has relatives scattered throughout the South, I find their sketches to be so true! Although a recent one about types of people on a diet could have been anywhere (

After years of hot flashes, I’d rather be too cold – anytime, anywhere!


love that jacket!

I would always choose to be hot over cold!


I spied your coat with thumbholes earlier this week! It’s fleece-lined, too?? Oh, more love. I have to see if the fleece zips out because… options!

Love Emilee’s travel roller. In the car, in the suitcase, it’s a good one.

Saw this confetti cake tutorial and thought of your new hobby. It incorporates REVERSE CREAMING… what? It’s not complicated (?), and it’s next level cake making, baby (worth it?). For me, I’m more about her carrot pecan cake. I think she started these during the pandemic. It’s Claire Saffitz, and I do not recall seeing this pre-2020. So, here’s the link, and I super hope you check it out: (I’m not endorsing added sugar.)

Superbowl is closer to Valentines than I recall, ever. So, lots of chocolate. After clicking on Claire’s tutorial, I saw Martha Stewart did 12 chocolate recipes in 66 minutes, including chocolate baked Alaska and chocolate leather. I might NEED to see if there’s anything there to bring Valentines this year with ingredients I choose/ my body likes and thrives with. Plus it might be budget-friendly – stay away V-Day upcharges. So, how are you liking your birthday month, HRG? Lots going on.

Oh, I have a request. So, Shawn Johnson (Olympic gymnast) is pregnant again. One of her sponsors is a pizza mass distributor. She has a video saying she NEEDED PIZZA in her current condition. She made several including a croissant crust pepperoni offering. I NEED a tutorial for home production. However, I watched croissant tutorials in the past, and they are laborious! The French and their concept of time! A lot of labor just for the foundation of the dish. So, the shortcut is likely purchase croissants, put toppings on, and go from there. (As I recall Shalane and Elyse (Cook Fast …) say aged and soft cheeses.) However, I’m still putting this request out here.

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