Silentish Saturday!!!

Didn’t get out for my run with my sister until after lunch and about a minute after I finished a snowstorm kicked in.

I told my sister I wanted a 9 mi type of run and she delivered….

IMG 7692

He is loving bath time.

IMG 7671

And he requests that I hold him in a way that he can watch the big kids at all times.

IMG 7703

Knox loves to put his hand on Skye’s back as they walk around.

IMG 7716

Went to go look at some amazing ice sculptures!

IMG 7726

IMG 7727

IMG 7739

Excited to have Andrew around for the weekend!

IMG 7731

Went out for burgers and then hot tubbed afterwards!

IMG 7742

Time for a double digit run (hoping for ten miles but will listen closely to whatever my body tells me to do:)!


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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Aww Knox and Skye are so sweet!

Did a 3 mile run this morning, lots of homework and virtual trivia with friends tonight!


Aww that picture with Knox and Skye is too sweet!
Today I’m signing up for a new medical option for my migraines (fingers crossed!), getting a workout in, and I think I’m taking the new boyfriend on his first Target adventure with me.
Not sure he knows what he’s getting into!


That seemed like a perfect day ?

Knox and Skye are so precious together and the sculptures seem super fun to visit.

We are headed off to the zoo then cheering for some runners. There is an ultra running in and around the campground we are staying at. The race is 6, 15 or 30 hour ultras on the side of a mountain. Pretty cool!


Aaawww Knox is so sweet with Skye. I love that.
What a fun thing to do while it was lightly snowing… Looking at ice sculptures.
I was planning on a long run this morning, but I need to go to my in-laws this morning, so we’ll see if I’m still motivated later. My run may need to happen tomorrow. Which, as I’m typing this, may be fun. Tomorrow should have been the Surf City half marathon! Hmmmm…. Maybe I should do that!
Have a great weekend with Andrew and the kiddos ❤️


I did my longest run ever- 14 miles today! It was ok, not easy of course but not terrible!! So we are just relaxing, doing the library and some house stuff. I might get a nap in!! Waiting for a quick snow storm to pass by tomorrow and dump some more snow so we can have fresh snow for sledding!

The ice sculptures look so fun. We are struggling to find Covid safe things around here for entertainment.

Does anyone have suggestions to help my beat up toes? Is it my shoes?? My socks? I have never had this issue but I have huge calluses on each big toe and the tops of my toes are rough. The big toes do hurt. I had to switch to Hokas after my heel stress fracture. I used to use Brooks and I want to go back to them but I want to finish marathon training with the extra cushion! I have room above my toes, so the shoes are not too short.


Congrats on your longest run ever!

For your feet, did you get fitted for the shoes at a run shop? It might be worth it.


My podiatrist actually fit me after my heel fracture, I brought the shoes. I was only allowed to run in Hokas due to the cushioning. He also okayed the Mizuno waveriders after a few months of running. I am trying to decide if I like them. But he even had me put in different shoes insoles to get a better fit. I think my foot has changed some and I can go to our local store ( they have fit me in the past). But I might even try taking the insoles out. It’s 100% been an issue even on the first run with the shoes.


I hope you find the solution soon, even if it takes a couple of fittings!


6 miles in 19* weather @ 9:52 pace. Frozen face, lots of climbing. Hot chocolate and pringles waiting at home. Have an amazing weekend!


Liking Dr. Mike Hansen on YT. Today he indicates Doctors are Unravelling the Mystery of COVID 19:


2 things:
Outdoor bike ride this morning (I’ve been sticking to the trainer because of wind.)
Trying out my new oven! My Christmas present finally arrived this week and I’m so excited to try it out. My oven was over 30 years old so this is a huge upgrade. It also has convection that I’m excited to learn how to use.


Hi Janae! Happy double digit run!! It’s always fun to do one of those after a while. This is the part of the weekend where I get overly ambitious and think I’m going to do all the work all the chores all the studying and of course all the relaxing and strength training too for that matter. The only thing I’ll for sure do is the running and relaxing ;). Have an awesome weekend!


Hi! Where is your face mask from? Thank you!!

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