I Forgave Him + This Week’s Meal Prep.

On Sunday night Beck slept awesome but I did not.  I woke up so mad at Andrew in the middle of the night for what he did to me in my dreams and it took forever for me to calm down.  Luckily, once the morning came I had forgiven him for doing absolutely nothing wrong;).

Yesterday’s run was a really great one because I was able to run with EMILEE!  It felt so good to be back together running again… We have some big plans for the future!

8 miles @ 8:03 average pace in my favorite canyon with the best water fountain ever.

IMG 6104

You know it’s a cold morning if I decide to cover my ankles ha…  Running tights are rarely long enough on me so my ankles are usually showing except for really cold days like yesterday when I wear tall socks.

IMG 6113

Beck did his tummy time workout.

IMG 4309

And just a few random things but Andrew has been bringing me home pebble ice from the hospital to use in my afternoon caffeine fix…. Now I don’t need a pebble ice machine.

IMG 6083

Skye loves to be next to me when I am feeding Beck and she sure does pay close attention to everything happening…

IMG 6098

I found her on the couch the other day feeding her baby and she even burped her afterwards ha.

IMG 5947

And a picture of Beck and Andrew because I think Beck is looking more like Andrew lately.

IMG 6091


I always like to see what other people do for their meal prep so I thought I would share mine again for the week!  The thing that inspires me to do meal prep is going to Costco because I know that if I don’t use the items that we buy there right away in easy to eat meals, the food will not get eaten and I’ll find myself in the chic-fil-a drive-thru way too often:)

*We still can’t get enough of Mel’s Freezer Breakfast Burritos but this time I roasted the sweet potatoes first (I use sweet potatoes instead of the tater tots) instead of cooking them in the microwave and they turned out even better.  I doubled the recipe because we go through these so fast because the kids eat them too.  You cook all of the ingredients in a casserole and then put them together in the tortilla with cheese before freezing them.

IMG 6060

*I also made a huge batch of a quinoa salad where I just added a bunch of goodness…

2 cups of quinoa (cooked in 3 cups of water)

Red, orange and yellow peppers

One can black beans

Roasted brussel sprouts and roasted sweet potatoes (maybe I’m the only one that loves these roasted veggies cold… I store this in the fridge)

1/2 of a red onion

Salt, lime juice and olive oil to taste!

When I eat it for a meal I’ll probably add some chicken or steak and feta cheese too.

IMG 6069

And I cut up all of our veggies and made extra roasted veggies because it’s the only way we will actually eat them.

IMG 6073

*At Costco we buy a few things that are always easy to eat quick including their Flautas, grilled chicken skewers, soups (their potato one is our favorite), street taco kits, rotisserie chicken and their tikka masala.

IMG 6017

Brooke also wanted to join in on the meal/snack prepping with her favorite cookbook.  Her buttermilk drop biscuits with honey butter were pure heaven!

IMG 6086


Do you ever have dreams that make you upset at someone when you wake up?  Do you remember your dreams?  Do you have nightmares often?

What’s your favorite fast/quick easy meal lately?

Winter running… cover your ankles or keep them free;)?

Tell me about your run today… I love hearing and knowing how your training goes (and I think it inspires each other to do so:)!

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Today was another 4:30 am run. Meaning I will also be having an afternoon caffeine fix! haha. You being mad at Andrew over the dream cracks me up. It’s so funny how dramatic things seem in the middle of the night! I’ll wake up with a worry or from a dream in a PANIC, then the next morning I’m like, well that was ridiculous and unrealistic haha.
My favorite easy meal lately is homemade ramen. I made a huge batch of the miso ginger broth and then for lunch I just make the noodles and add a hard boiled egg or whatever topping. It’s such a good winter meal!!
I have a question for you–what is a good complimentary brooks shoe to the ghosts? I’m kind of looking for a tempo/easy run shoe. I have speed shoes I just bought from New Balance but I kind of need an in between. Do you think the Launch or Ravenna would be good?


I’m not stalking your reply, but I just happened to read it….. I normally run in the ghosts and just recently (3 runs ago) got the launch to try something different and they were on sale in my size :) The first run in them I wasn’t sure because they felt so light and didn’t know if they had enough support for my 37 year old joints.
Then I went for another run to still check them out and totally loved them. I actually told my hubby I thought they seemed like great treadmill shoes cuz they seemed nice and light. I am keeping them. I don’t know how I would like them for a longer run than 5 miles. That’s as far as I’ve gone in them.
Can’t wait to hear what Janae thinks also!


HEY AMY! Thank you so much for helping out and GHOSTS are seriously just the best aren’t they?! I am feeling the need for more support too as I get older. I am SO happy that you love the launch, really anything from Brooks is just the best:). Have a beautiful day!


4:30 run!! DEDICATION and you inspire me to wake up early for my group run tomorrow! Hahah glad I’m not alone in my unrealistic worries in the middle of the night. Homemade ramen sounds so so good right now. Okay, this is a tough question… it’s like asking me which I like better between peppermint cookies and peppermint brownies haha;). As of right now, I would choose the Ravenna. As I am getting older I am finding that my feet do need more support which the Ravenna offer while still being light and fast when you need that for a tempo… they just have a bit more structure to them. BUT before my feet needed more support I wore and loved the Launch ALL. OF. THE. TIME and still do wear them every now and then. Really both are great options!!


Hey Janae!

Go to meals are my absolute favourite! I like to make shepherds pie cups (in muffin tins) and have them for quick meals during the week. You could probably freeze them but at my house they get eaten too quick. (I use the canned Refrigerated Pillsbury Croissant dough So I don’t have make pie crust lol). Our family is also a big fan of make your own pita pizzas. I chop all the toppings and the kids can just pull it out of the fridge and create their own pizzas.

Aw I remember doing tummy time with my kids. How does Beck like it? My second child hated it and would scream as soon as I tried so I had to lay on the floor and put her on my chest and get her to do it that way.

I usually have skin showing on my ankles when I run lol! I love to wear compression socks on longer runs so I guess my ankles are covered for long durations :)! Have a great Tuesday!


Hey Gillian! Shepherds pie cups… ummm Brooke would LOVE this meal so much. I have to try it out, thanks for sharing. Some kiddos just do not like tummy time… Beck likes it for about 45 seconds and then he wants to be held. Compression socks for the longer runs = brilliant. Thank you friend, you too!


I finally bought tall socks to cover my ankles while winter running!

One of my favorite easy meals lately is gnocchi from TJs. I bought the sweet potato one this week to make as a side dish for fish! Or the tomato sauce gnocchi is amazing on its own.


YAY for some taller socks, our ankles are so happy now. I love that sweet potato gnocchi so so much too. I need to pick it up asap. Have a fabulous day, Mariah!


My family loves this combo: egg noodles, ground turkey, diced tomatoes, and a veggie. I brown the turkey and then add the diced tomatoes and whatever veggie I am using (spinach/peas/broccoli) and in the end at the cooked egg noodles. They like to add cheese to their pasta but I am allergic to dairy. It’s a great dairy free meal. I often cook one thing for my family and another for myself. I have varied the type of pasta. The lazy genius has a lot of menu planning suggestions and recipes and I am trying some of her things!


THANK YOU FOR SHARING CARRIE. My family will love this so much and I have to check out lazy genius! Have a beautiful day!


Beck is looking like Andrew these days!
I can’t believe how quickly you’re returning to fast running! That’s a great pace for 8 miles. And, your return to longer distances too, is quick. Just goes to show that your body definitely remembers how to do things ?
Today I am taking my run to the river trail. I’m feeling like I need a little change in scenery for 5ish miles. I’m needing to work on keeping my easy runs easy ( I tend to run hard and fast all the time). I know it’s better for recovery and for building speed, so today will be all about going easy!
Have a good Tuesday!


I am feeling really grateful that the return is feeling so good (probably because it is much easier to run without another human in me ha)! I wish I could join you for the river run trail… that sounds beautiful. Thanks for the easy run reminder… it really does make the biggest difference in our training and recovery! Thanks Wendy, you too!


If you haven’t discovered it already, America’s Test Kitchen has a great podcast for kids called Mystery Recipe. Start from season 1, episode 1 and the kids will be treated to a cook along using a recipe from Brooke’s cookbook in the final episode of the season. My tween loves the show. https://www.americastestkitchen.com/podcasts/mystery-recipe


This sounds like so much fun! Brooke will love it. Thank you Elizabeth and I hope your Tuesday is a great one!


Oh all your your meals look delicious. Especially Brooke’s cookies! Ours is rice and beans with Italian sausages. Or frozen pizzas and frozen lasagne.

I am short so my ankles are usually covered lol plus I wear long socks!

No run today but hoping to get to the mountains on the weekend for some snowshoeing!

Beck does look like Andrew! Have a great day Janae!


My kids love rice and beans so I need to try it with the italian sausage too! Have the best time snowshoeing this weekend… that sounds like so much fun. Thanks Kristine, you too!


AHHHH COSTCO GRILLED CHICKEN SKEWERS!!!!!!!! (insert cat face with heart-eyes emoji)
I need to try the flautas–they are on my list for the next time I head over there!!!!

As for our easy go-to meals:
1. Tom and I will grab salad kits from the store and rotate through proteins–it’s usually twice a week chicken and/or fish and once a week either mild italian sausage, meatballs, or one steak that we split, depending on hwat we find at the store. We stick with proteins that are easy to cook on the stove or in the George Foreman Grille and don’t really take time at all, maybe like 10 minutes max.
2. At least every other week we have a burger night (two of the grocery stores by us have good pre-made burger patties. And we have a rule–either we have burgers in lettuce wraps with fries OR burgers in buns with a side salad (thank goodness we can both hang w a caesar salad kit a few times a week…)

(those, plus a crockpot of my super easy chili recipe, are our most frequent go-tos…)

…Dinner is SO SIMPLE (& I often feel guilty for making easy food since I am a good cook and pride myself on that), but with Tom and I working so hard, really to the point of exhaustion so much of the time, easy food that can be prepped well, with minimal cleanup, and that is in our small budget at least keeps us fed. And when I have it planned out it’s a lot less likely that one of us will shrug our shoudlers and just get takeout or some other nonsense that we don’t need and that usually makes my body feel gross.

As for me and my lunches, I am on this kick right now:

1. THREE days a week I have a lunch bowl that’s a combo of riced cauliflower and brown rice (I get them frozen and microwavable from Trader Joe’s), baby arugula that wilts right as the lunch bowl heats up, chicken (either the pollo asada or the chicken shawarma marinated boneless skinless thighs from TJs), a teaspoon or so of spicy Harissa paste (also TJs), and crumbled goat cheese OR some of the creamy feta dressing (from TJs) spooned on top of my food bowl after the microwave (it tempers the heat of the Harissa paste).
2. TWO days a week my lunch is a salad: dairy-free ranch dressing, butter lettuce, chopped cucumber, cubed bite-size pieces of seared steak OR pork chop, and sauteed mushrooms (from a frozen/microwavable bag at Trader Joe’s).

…these lunches are SO SIMPLE, but in literally half an hour’s time I can have different proteins cooked and all of my frozen veggies and rice microwaved and in tupperware containers for the week, and then it’s five minutes in the mornings to assemble my lunch containers.

ALSO–I was wondering about what happened to your longer socks on your recent running pictures!LOL. You’re so tall and I am so short–you need to bridge the gap in cooler temperatures and I *always* need to fold up the bottom cuff of my workout leggings, unless they’re the 21″ ‘cropped’ leggings!!!!!!

I hope your day is a really good one out there <3 (& I am STILLLL hopeful that I will have that chance to send cookies out to y'all in Utah…maybe you remember what that means?)


You are the one that hooked me on the skewers! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing what you guys do for easy meals, they all sound so good right now… can you come be my personal chef. I need one of your lunch bowls today! Thanks for inspiring me. Hahah we need to meet somewhere in the middle with our leggings! OF COURSE I DO… that means you got the job. Keep me updated friend!


There is a bit of hope that I will wind up working there…I have no idea if it’s a small hole or a significant possibility, but there is hope. And two other possibilities in the works, too!!

Our meals have gotten very easy, but sometimes that’s the absolute best. It only makes the more ‘involved’ recipes we OCCASIONALLY get to make that much more memorable!!!



We made the breakfast burrito recipe the other day to meal prep for our first baby due in 7 weeks (hoping for a little sooner haha). I told myself I wouldn’t eat them until the baby comes, but when I woke up late for work, and that was the only thing that sounded good, I decided to allow myself to “just have 1”. Now 1 week later, we have gone through half of them and I’ve just accepted the fact that we are going to need to make another batch before the baby comes!! They are seriously sooooo good!


Hahaha your comment made me so happy:). I am so glad you are loving them… just one is impossible with this recipe. I hope you are feeling well and I am so excited for your little one to arrive. Keep me updated on how you are doing and have a great day, Sarah!


Your canyon looks amazing! I love that it was basically made for runners :) My oldest has that same cookbook and loves it!
I normally don’t remember my dreams but these past couple weeks I have had non stop dreams about my mom! Completely random ones too where we’re in a restaurant and she pays for our meal. And I always wake up wondering if there’s any meaning behind them and spend too time googling dreams!
My favorite meals lately aren’t too quick but they’re simple; chicken bites simmered in premade teriyaki sauce and stuffed bell peppers w/ taco seasoned ground turkey, loads of mozzarella, brown rice and lettuce. A super simple one that we eat weekly is Trader Joes mandarin chicken and/or their Broccoli Beef. So so so good!
I’m team shorts through all the seasons but in the winter I wear wool socks to cover my ankles! Ha!
Today was a strength training day! I did a double kettlebell workout and took a short spin class on the stationary bike!
Have a great day!


I wish you could come join us for a canyon run! I love that you are having fun dreams about your mom. Can I come over for dinner, those chicken bites with teriyaki sauce are calling my name! Way to go on your strength day, Jenny! Thanks and you too!


I am loving everyone’s quick meal ideas since I’m getting so sick and tired of mine! Seriously if I make pasta with chicken sausage one more time I think my daughter will throw it at me (kidding- she’s a great kid)
I’ll be really open with everyone and say I used to have nightmares a lot ‘cause I have trauma issues but I did a bunch of work on them so I don’t really anymore. I bring it up because if you are ignoring your trauma stuff ‘cause “it’s not that bad” but your sleep is awful it is that bad and you deserve to get help and sleep well.


Hahaha I hope she doesn’t throw it at you! I need to try out chicken sausage, I have never bought it but everyone seems to love it! That is very interesting… I definitely need to figure that out because it is strange that it just pops up when I am asleep! I hope you have a great day and thanks for sharing and I am so glad that you were able to work through so much, you are amazing.


Beck brought his game face for the pic with Andrew! And I’m glad you forgave Andrew, considering the pebble ice and those amazing chocolate peppermint cookies he brings you (maybe in your dream he only brought cubed ice)!! Our easy meal lately is raviolis with sausage (or veggies for me) or for real comfort food this tortellini casserole: https://marinmamacooks.com/2012/02/cheesy-baked-tortellini-homemade-marinara-sauce/


Hahaha a dream where he forgot the peppermint cookies would have caused me to be upset too;). Okay, I am DROOLING over the pictures of the tortellini. I will 100% be making that. Thanks Michelle and I hope you have the best day.


I made a super yummy meal last night that even my two 5 year olds loved! https://themodernproper.com/tortellini-soup-with-italian-sausage-and-kale


Okay, the pictures for that soup are too yummy ! I have to make that, thank you! And do you have twins? That is awesome!


Out of curiosity, where do you get your pillows in your living room from? They look so cozy!


Hey Katy! They are from here… I love this store:
Have a great rest of your day!


My brother and SIL told me to try this recipe and I’m SO glad I did. It’s the best! Easy and you want to just keep eating it!! The tahini sauce … yum, it’s honestly the best. https://aseasonedgreeting.com/2019/03/24/roasted-sweet-potato-and-broccoli-buddha-bowls-with-almond-butter-tahini/

I’m going to attempt some 400m repeats today but in my neighborhood that is mainly hills… we shall see! Just want to mix it up! I’ll definitely be covering my ankles – wrightsocks are my favorite tall running warm sock.


I love so much seeing the meal prep. My family and I are trying to improve our meal prep and eating. We do not eat the best things! Would you do a post or share how you get your kiddos to eat all the good stuff??


I love your meal prep ideas!! Also, roasting veggies and then storing them in the fridge that way is genius. We are a roasted veggie loving family over here but I get lazy during the week and won’t roast them and then they go to waste. Such a great idea to roast them all at the beginning and store them!

It’s treadmill time over here in Michigan, lots of snow and ice and so cold! I just got the Peloton app and I’ve been doing their workouts and I love them!! Pushes me WAY harder than I normally would push myself on the treadmill and their yoga and strength classes are so great too! I signed up for a virtual 13.1 in February to keep myself working through these long winter months. I am already itching for spring and summer running :-)


I have night terrors, and I get mad at my husband when he tells me I’m dreaming because I truly think it’s all real lol. I live on the Alabama/Tennessee state line, and we got a light dusting yesterday, which meant schools were closed and a late start this morning. We don’t handle cold weather very well. But that meant I got to run on my treadmill before school, which was a treat! And I gotta throw a Roll Tide in there. Hope y’all have a great day! Please tell Brooke to quit growing. She looks like a teenager!


I work in the ER and keep having dreams that I forget my mask and go out in public. Has Andrew had that issue? It’s quite weird lol


I have the opposite problem and have short legs, so normally my ankles don’t show, but I also would probably cover them if they did! I get cold easily!!
I have a few quick go to recipes:
Buy rotisserie chicken and shred it when you get home (it’s easier to shred when it’s warm) then you can either use it in Chicken Pot Pit (I just use a can of cream of chicken soup, bag of frozen veggies, handfuls of chicken and some S & P and pour it into a store bought pie crust and cover it with the second pie crust then bake), Chicken fried rice (I actually use cauliflower rice with frozen Asian mixed veggies and sauté in sesame oil, then crack a few eggs and mix it all together, throw in the chicken and add some soy sauce and all done). And lastly is with a slow cooker, chicken and dumpling! (I throw in some chicken breast, cream of chicken soup, chicken broth, dried garlic, parsley, S & P, and some butter, cook on low for a few hours, then shred and add a bag or 2 of frozen veggies and then I use store bought biscuit dough and flatten and cut them into pieces and then throw it all in, stir and cook for another hour then it’s ready!)
Just wondering, how far are your trails from your door? We have some trails near us but not in walking/running distance so I tend to just run near my house, even though trails are so much prettier and challenging!


Glad that you were able to run with your friend again .. how fun! I’m sure it feels amazing to be exercising regularly again! ?‍♀️

Oh yes I’ve had mad “? at my husband” dreams. They feel so real! When I tell my husband about them, he usually says “I’m sorry honey, don’t worry it was just a dream” ?

Ahh thanks for the meal preparing motivation! ? I’ve found myself whipping up Brinner more frequently because I run out of ideas! Have you ever asked people to post their favorite recipes? I’m constantly searching for new ?

Have a terrific Tuesday! ?


Hi Janae! I’m
Working on being better about meal prep – I’ve been planning dinners weekly forever but my lunches fall to the wayside. Crockpot shredded chicken is great for quick street tacos – also have been making smoothies

What running shoes were you wearing in the above pic? Looking forward a good trail shoe!

Also, my husband and I have had those dreams and we wake up so mad and then laugh about it the next day ! Our friends have said they’ve had it happen to them too…it’s crazy how real those emotions feel in a dream!


Good morning Janae,

I hope you and family are well! I’ve been meaning to ask you where you bought your beanie with the furry pom? Would you kindly let me know, it is the cutest thing!

Thank you for your blog – it is just so full of good things and cheers me up everyday!

Thank you so much,

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