I Figured Out My Running Question + Our Weekend!

My longest run so far!  I haven’t hit 8 miles in months so I felt really cool when my watch beeped 8!

During a run the other day I figured out one of my running questions that I’ve had for myself—> Why is doing speed work in the dark easier for me than doing it in the light?  The answer= because in the dark I am better at focusing on the NOW and not what is up ahead since I can’t see what is up ahead.  Speed work feels much harder when I find myself focusing on what is ahead and thinking about how much further I have to go or how I am going to tackle the hill ahead or how in the world I will make it to the end of the road when I am already feeling so tired etc.  Anybody else find that they do this?  It’s a great reminder to me that when I am doing speed in the light that I need to stay in the minute that I am in because I always run much better when I am living in the present moment.

Then we made our way to Sundance!  We like to get there right when it opens because then we can just jump right on the lifts.

IMG 6012

Utah hasn’t been getting as much snow as we normally do so it was pretty icy but still a blast.

IMG 6002

Hanging out in the lodge with these two is also a good time.

IMG 6006

I had to go to the store to get a few things for a recipe and walked out of the store with these things too.  I can’t help but buy holiday candy when I see it.  The Sour Patch Kids hearts are my favorite.  I didn’t buy any chocolate items because I think the best V-day chocolates are from See’s candy so I need to go there asap.

IMG 6014

It was my brother-in-law’s bday and he loves food more than anyone I know so the gift of food is always a winner with him.  He loves this banana cream pie so I made it for him and he was very very happy.

IMG 6035

While I was baking the above pie I couldn’t find the whisk anywhere and I finally found it in the fridge…  Beck took my brain.

IMG 6025

Another highlight of our Saturday was telling Beck stories about some of the crazy stunts Andrew used to do as a kid… he was quite shocked.

IMG 6029

We also got out for a walk which seems crazy for this time of year!

IMG 5969

Sunday can be summed up in a few words… couch, messy house and my current signature hair style.

IMG 6080

Beck also had a bath…

IMG 6066

And I cashed in some of my coupons too:)

IMG 5964

I’ll leave you today with a random video… I would be SO confused if someone ran by me on their treadmill haha.


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♬ original sound – WAVE.tv


Conversation hearts—> yes or no way?!

-Brooke loves them but I pass on them.

Have you figured out anything lately about you and your running?  Something that works for you and something that doesn’t work for you?

Foot massage or back massage?  Which would you prefer?

What has been your longest run lately?

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Those “coupons” are adorable!!!! Did brooke trademark ™️ hers?????


She sure did haha! I am glad you noticed that too because it made me laugh so hard ha. Have a great day!


Unrelated to the post, but where do you get your ski gear? For your kids and yourself?

Thank you!


Hey Monica! The kids snowsuits are here: https://amzn.to/3nuDLAV and everything else we got at Andrew’s favorite store on the planet–> Al’s. We all have K2 skis and love them:). Let me know if you need any links to specific things or any other questions and I hope you have a beautiful day!


I LOVE those sour patch kid hearts! I first discovered them when I was pregnant with my first baby and craved them long after they were available haha. Now I’m pregnant with my second and have had the same craving but haven’t been able to find them yet! Seeing that you have them gives me hope! Have a great day!


Send me your address right now (if that isn’t too creepy ha)! I’m sending you some!!! Congrats on your second pregnancy and I hope you are feeling well:). Let me help you fulfill your craving!


Speed work is easier in the dark for me too!! I just did a speed workout this morning!! 6 miles is my longest now as I’m training for a 10k time!


WAY TO GO EILEEN!!! I bet you are soaking in those speed workout endorphins right now. I’m so excited for your 10k and you are rocking it. Have a wonderful day.


Wait, what is that thing?? How does that treadmill go??? I’m SO CONFUSED.
I can’t get my legs to work in the dark. It’s super weird, but they seriously won’t go fast at all. The minute the sun comes up I can do speed just fine. I don’t know if it’s because I’m afraid to trip or what haha.
And back massage…….the best. I found an amazing masseuse here recently who does this fascia release massage thing and it’s like all of the stress I carry in my back just disappears. It’s the best thing ever. I need to book an appointment lol.
Beck’s surprised look……..hahahahahaha. Too cute.


Haha right?! I have no idea how it works! Oh that is so interesting! I hope you get all of the sunshine speed workouts this year. I want to some see your masseuse, that sounds amazing. Get in there asap! Thank you Mollie and I hope your week is off to a great start!


I love Valentine’s Day candy and am also planning to get some See’s this year! Already mentally planning what I want. I will eat a couple Conversation Hearts, just for the tradition I suppose, but they’re really not that good. :-)

Massage question is SO hard–I guess it would depend if I have been running a lot or working a lot. Working=back massage; running=foot massage .

Have a great week!


You’ll have to tell me your favorite See’s candy so I can try them:) I hope that you get a really good foot and back massage soon. Thanks Kristin, you too!


If I am in the mood for running with music. I prefer for it to be in my ears. Even if I am on the treadmill, it does something more for me than when it is out of a speaker.

Conversation hearts could be an easy pass now, but when I was Brooke’s age I loved them too.


Erica, I am the SAME way. I love the music being in my ears… it feels like I just get to zone out better that way! Tell Hope hello for us!


OH, I was so disappointed by the sour patch hearts. Maybe I got a bad batch, but mine were all hard and nothing like sour patch texture.


NOOOOOO give them another try, they should be soft! I hope you have a great day Jessica!


Beck’s shocked expression!!

I would prefer a shoulder/neck massage. My longest run is around 6 miles right now. I finished my running streak at 253 days last week. I was going to continue it a full 365, but I realized that lately I had been doing shorter runs just to keep the streak alive, and I wasn’t enjoying it. I have taken the last 4 days off, and I will get back to running tomorrow, with a new goal of 5 days a week. My half marathon planned for March got moved to November, so that was a big part of re evaluating my running right now. I would rather have longer, more enjoyable runs, than just 1 milers to check off a streak.

Also, no to conversation hearts. Although I do like the sweet tart ones. And the holiday junior mints shaped like hearts….those are usually at Target!


253 DAYS OF RUNNING!! That is incredible Loribeth! I am so glad you listened to your brain/body and took the time off! I hope you get some of those junior mints soon, they sound delicious! Thanks Loribeth!


Candy is back in your life!!!! You always have the best suggestions! I’m a take it or leave it sort of conversation heart girl. But honestly, that’s how I feel about all candy lately! My kids love it because I still buy it and then never eat it so more for them :)
I feel like my happy running is finally coming back and I’m loving allll of it! My sweet spot is 7 miles and because I’ve been throwing strides in at the end I always feel stronger and stronger at the end of each run. I did 10 with friends on Saturday and as they faded in the last mile, I naturally sped up without helping it! It was great!! I’ve also trained my legs to slow down on hills so I don’t feel like I’m dying on each one and I can continue running!
10 was my longest in a loooong time and now I’ve caught the distance bug again and want to go farther!
Back massage all the way! My youngest has started pounding on my back (at first to get my attention and now because I love it!) and it feels amazing! It’s the right blend of firm and gentle if that makes sense!
Have a great day!


It really was so hard to not like candy for so long. Haha my kids enjoyed the more for them thing too. Way to go on your 10 miler on Saturday and you finished so strong. That is such a great feeling. Keep me updated on your mileage increases.. I’m excited for you that the bug is back! I need to get my kids to do that back pounding too:). Thanks Jenny, you too!


I am just melting over your Knox’s and Brooke’s coupons!!! Too flippin’ sweet :)


Thanks Courtney! They really are the sweetest:). I hope your day is going well!


Hi Janae! I’m so happy you have sees candy too! I thought it was just a west coast thing. One thing that I’ve been doing for my running is having a protein shake immediately after I finish. Someone at running club suggested it and he’s really fast so I’ve been doing it. Happy Monday!!


I’m so glad you are having a protein shake right after your run! I hope you get some sees candy soon! You’ll have to tell me your favorite so I can try it:). Thanks Amy, you too!


Conversation hearts are a yes but only like.. 1 package per season.
Foot massage vs Back massage? That’s such a hard question! Foot massage often but a back massage is a special treat.


I hope you get your one package of conversation hearts soon along with a foot and back massage:). Have a fabulous day Kristen!


Sweetarts makes conversation hearts that are 1000 times better than the originals!

My shoulders/upper back always need a massage! We have a niece in Tennessee who gives the best massages!

I’m sticking right around 6 miles for now. Hoping to up the distance in another week or so.


I need to get the sweet tart variety! I’m cheering for you and let me know how the increase in distance goes. I hope you get an awesome shoulder/upper back massage asap. Thanks Kathy!


I love how you try to get out with your kids as much as you can, even though it is so cold and dreary! I need to make that my goal this year!

The only kind of conversation hearts I like are the Sweet Tart brand. When I was pregnant with my son, I craved Sweet Tarts and Chewy Sprees SO SO much! Let’s just say I had more than my fair share. Ha!

Something I have learned about myself as a runner is I have to get up, get dressed, and get out the door right away in the morning or else I probably won’t do it or I dread it ALL DAY LONG. No matter how cold and dark it is, if I just get up and get ready and hop in my car first thing, it’s much easier than if I wait all day and do it after work. I guess I’m just not awake enough to realize what’s going on so it’s easier. lol!


Thank you so much Kristen! I need to get the Sweet Tart variety and that made me laugh… pregnancy makes us do interesting things! I totally agree with you, procrastinating the run takes out all of the fun:). Hahah it’s always fun to wake up 3 miles into a run. Hope your day is going really well!


My favorite candy comes out at Valentines – Brachs JuJu hearts. No other brand and no other time of year will do. I stock up and don’t share :)

I kinda like starting a walk/run in the dark and finishing when the sun is up. The time seems to go by faster and I love seeing the sky wake up.

Can I just have both a back rub and a foot rub – it’s too hard to pick just one! Just thinking about it makes me want to schedule a full body massage!


How have I never tried those? I will this year in your honor! I have to agree with you… starting in the dark and finishing with the sun just feels so good. Yes, you need to go get the massage asap! Have the best day, Erika.


Not just speed work, to me any running feels easier in the dark! I am so much more present during my runs because like you said, I focus on the now rather than the one trillion things I usually have on my mind :) Germany is also still in lockdown and running has been keeping me sane. These days I always look forward to getting a few miles in after a long day of working from home! Wishing you a great start to your week, Janae!


Nathalie, I am so grateful that you have running during this incredibly hard time. Running is that constant that keeps us sane… we are so lucky to have it. Please keep me updated on how you are doing and I hope your work from home day is going well! Thanks!


The kiddos are so cute! I used to LOVE conversation hearts, as soon as Christmas was over I would start looking for them in stores, but now I can’t stand them.

I have figured out that if my run does not happen before 4pm it just isn’t happening. I am not a evening/night runner.

Our snow isn’t great here in Colorado either, most of the main ski areas are only at 70% of usual so I hope we have a heavy snow fall the next couple months to avoid drought. We have been getting some snow down here in Boulder but not the big falls we usually see. I don’t love living in the snow but it’s better than drought years!


See’s candy is what dreams are made of……..Scotch Mallow for the win (I nab it fast)

My kiddo walked by as that video was playing and said “oh I love that guy, he’s hilarious.” Which then led to him showing me at least half a dozen videos of him. Who.knew?!

Beck and Skye get gold medals for the expression category!


I think Beck looks so much like Brooke at that age! He is so beautiful, Janae!
You inspire me so much with your running. I fit it in when I have time, but lately, that doesn’t happen often. My littlest guy is still waking up every 2-3 hours, and I work 40 hours/week. I know that life is made of seasons, though, and my season for distance running will come again. For now, I’m soaking in all the kiddo time I can get.
Have a great evening, Janae and family!


I feel like it’s a sign of extremely good parenting that your kids gave you those amazing massage coupons ;) So sweet and useful!


Yes to the hearts, I’ve went through one bag so far! The second bag will probably be opened this weekend!
I’ve learned I’m a fair weather runner. Especially with no races planned! I’m slow and only go 2 or 3 miles right now. Even though I’ve ran half marathons before that seems impossible right now.
I just want everything massaged lol. I can’t pick… feet, back, shoulders/neck, hands …ugh I want it all!! LOL

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