My Hill Running Trick + Afternoon Tradition.

The morning tradeoff with our favorite photobomber.  I got home from my run and then Andrew left for his workout.

Random tangent for the day—> Nursing moms, the Brooks Juno Bra is PERFECT between the support it offers and the ability to undo the velcro strap in the front so that you can feed easily!  The Fiona Run Bra does the same thing too.

IMG 6849

My workout was a pretty one that involved a lot of hill climbing with Emilee.

IMG 6853

8 miles total @ 8:25 average pace with mile 2 including a 335 ft gain (673 ft of climbing total)!  It’s always nice to get the big hills over in the beginning but then you have some jello legs for the rest of the miles ha.

IMG 6872

I learned a new hill trick yesterday.  While we were climbing the monster hill I realized that because I was wearing a hat, I couldn’t see the top of the hill because my hat was blocking it.  It was kind of nice to not see how much more climbing we had to do and once again, it helped me to stay in the moment.  I could just think about taking one step at a time and not wondering how in the world I was going to make it to the top.

IMG 6850

Beck did his strength training, I did not.

IMG 6875

Our chickens continue to help us have some delicious meals…

IMG 6843

I have been on a baking kick lately and I made some blueberry muffins from Tara Teaspoon’s cookbook.  My mom gave me this cookbook for Christmas and I’m loving it so far.  I grew up a few streets away from Tara and her family so that makes it even more fun.

IMG 6894

Skye refuses to take naps at home but she definitely still needs a nap some days.  She will fall asleep in the carseat so we went on an afternoon drive in the mountains to help her get some rest.  All three of the kids fell asleep and once they were awake, we played in the snow for a bit.

IMG 6934

Pretty sure we will continue to be doing this drive most afternoons for a while.

IMG 7041

Sweet potatoes, pork and bbq sauce for dinner.

IMG 7056

And pjs + face washed by 5:45 pm.

IMG 7057


Would you rather start with a steep hill or end with the steep hill for a run?

*Get the hill over with first but I also know it’s good training to end with a big hill when your legs are already pooped.

Would you rather drive or be the passenger?

*Be the passenger… I do not enjoy driving but I love going on drives when somebody else is driving.

What is your favorite sports/run bra brand/type?

Condiment/sauce/dressing that you use most often?

-Bbq sauce

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The drive to the mountains in the afternoon is a great idea! I might use it too ☺️ My daughter is just a little younger than Skye and is starting to not nap some days.

All your baking looks so yummy!

I only drive if I have to, passenger all the way.

Looks like a wonderful run ?


Oh good luck with the end of napping stage… the drives are so helpful and the mountain views make it even better. Thanks Beth and I hope your Tuesday is off to a great start.


My daughter stopped napping pretty much the minute she turned 2, but she sometimes still naps in the car as well! It’s a good excuse for us to go for a drive, and get a coffee to go somewhere.

Hills: start with a steep hill for sure! Just came home from a trail run and I was glad the last part of the trail was pretty flat.

I got a nursing bra at H&M and it’s surprisingly good!
Have a great day!


Your pjs look comfy! Mind sharing where they are from?


Hey Lauren! They really are so soft. Here is the link and I hope you are having a great day!


THE MINUTE SHE TURNED 2… oh that is hard Sanne! I’m glad she will sometimes still get in a car nap though. Glad you got out for a trail run today and I’ll have to try out H&M nursing bras, thanks friend and I hope you do too!


Get the hill over with first! But one of my popular running spots in Maryland is rolling hills, so never away from them haha.

BBQ sauce or ranch. Chick-fil-a’s ranch is amazing.


Hahah that’s true… those rolling hill courses are rough. I forgot about Chick-fil-a sauce but I’ve never tried their ranch so I guess I need to go do that today ha. Hope your day is going well, Mariah!


Oh those mountains look so pretty! What a fun afternoon thing to do during the winter.
Definitely prefer to get the hills done early in a run. Having to climb a hill at the end is so hard, physically and mentally! But, I do think it can be a good training tool ?
I enjoy driving, as long as there isn’t any weather to deal with. If it’s super rainy or snowing (when we’re somewhere that has snow), I definitely prefer someone else to drive.
We have a little cold front moving through right now, so woke up to 38°!!! That’s freezing for us…ha ha. But it does mean I get to wear my cold weather running gear.
Have a good Tuesday.


Hey Wendy! Oh goodness, you are so right about the driving part… today taking the kids to school was so scary because it was snowing so hard! 38 degrees, that is crazy for you guys! I hope it felt good on your run and it’s always fun wearing some new pieces that you don’t wear often:). Thanks Wendy, you too!


I have a similar hill trick! I like doing hill repeats in the dark before the sun comes up because I can’t see the top :)


YESSSSSSS! 100% that helps big time. Being able to see the top of the hill is too hard on my brain ha. It’s always fun driving the hill later on in the day when you can see it and feeling so strong for accomplishing it. I hope you are having a beautiful day so far Jennifer!


Thank you so much for the sports bra recommendations! My son is almost 7 months old now so he’s not nursing as often as when he was really little, but I definitely had runs where I had to feed him as soon as I was done! I have had trouble finding good sports bras with enough support, especially postpartum! We have used the car trick for naps a lot already! Sometimes it’s the only thing that will help, haha.

It’s so beautiful where you live! Have a great Tuesday!


Hey Emily!! Yes, finding a bra that gives enough support for postpartum wear is key! Glad those car naps are helping you guys too. Thank you friend, you too!


Hi Janae! I love the juno too! Sadly they are not making them anymore and I can’t find any left in my size :(. I have the dare also but I don’t like it as much. The juno fits my koala clip the best too. Do you know of any other bras that are similar to the juno? I’ll try to get the fiona too.
Have a great day!


I know, I’m going to miss them when they are all out… I think if enough people let them know how much they love the juno then maybe they will bring it back?! They still have my size in the juno so I haven’t tried any others in a long time but if I do then I will totally let you know! Thanks Amy, you too!


Hmm…if I have to have a steep hill, I’ll take it at the start. When I did my virtual half marathon in December, I completed the miles before I got to the hill up to my house, and I seriously considered calling for a ride, LOL! I stopped and texted a picture to my BFF and told her it was too far up to go home :)
I don’t mind driving as long as I’m not already tired.
My favorite sports bras are Born Primitive brand.
I’m not much for sauces and condiments, but I really love Ken’s Steakhouse Northern Lite Italian dressing.
The snow sure looks beautiful!


Congrats on that virtual half marathon, you are amazing! Haha I love that you did that but too bad pictures never truly show how hard a hill really is:) Thanks Corey and I hope you have a beautiful day!


I am so sad they discontinued the JUNO. Only bra I have found that I absolutely love. The dare doesn’t even compare :(


Next time I meet with them (virtual meeting soon wahoooo) I’ll share how many people are going to miss the Juno and that the dare doesn’t compare. Thanks for sharing Amy and I hope your day is a beautiful one!


I would much rather be the driver. I get car sick (more so in the backseat) so I can’t read or do anything in the car. Plus trips just seem to go faster when I drive.

I don’t use one particular sauce consistently but I’m pretty sure that Chick-fil-A sauce could be put on anything and be delicious!


HEY SLOAN! I get car sick too and it’s the worst! I fully 100% agree with you about chick-fil-a sauce and now I’m craving it. I hope you are having a great day friend.


I much prefer to start with a big hill! I do remember in high school we had a XC meet where the last half mile had a huge hill, there was a name for it, but it’s been so long since high school, I can’t remember, but I do remember running it thinking that I could probably walk faster then my current running pace, but I trudged along until the end! That was brutal to have it at the end. Same for the Marine Corps Marathon, literally the last .3 miles was a short but very steep hill to get to the finish line. That was hard too, but knowing that I was almost at the end kept me pushing.

I’d rather be the passenger, however when the roads are windy going over mountain passes it will sometimes make me a little motion sickness, especially if i have to sit in the back. When my in-laws were watching our daughter last year who was not quite 2 at the time, but when they had issues with getting her to nap, they’d take her for a long drive in the mountains and she’d go right to sleep. Unfortunately she wakes up the moment the car turns off.

Senitas also has a nice nursing bra that I love but i’m not sure how much support is offers as my boobs went from a low A to a low B cup, so support hasn’t really been something that I have looked into all that much.


I have 3 kids – 4, 2 and 5 weeks. The older two fight naps so hard at home, but put them in the car and they’re out like lights almost immediately. Now that there’s three kids, afternoon rides to nowhere are essential!


Your sweet potato looks delish!

I would much rather get the hill over first!

I do not love driving, I would much rather be a passenger :) My husband drove all the way to MT and then Yellowstone, and back to SoCal this summer. He had a great book on Audibles and didn’t mind at all. He’s a rockstar!

I use a cheap Amazon sports bra and it works great.

I probably use BBQ and the Bolthouse yogurt dressing the most.


Hi, I’m a driver. Are you surprised?

I’m taking in all the pics today! 1. I spy Jesus; he’s with you all everyday and with us, too, today. 2. Yes, the perfect bra is super duper important! 3. Hey, if Beck can strength train, so can you!! 4. The crumbles on top of those muffins make them look like they are a higher octave. 5. This development with Skye’s sleeping is kind of… Andrew. She doesn’t want to miss out? The car has everyone together, facing forward so nothing major to miss? Nice adjustment to make sure she’s getting REST, Mom. Kids really need a lot, and you can’t predict it/ no crystal ball. It might not fit nicely with working outside the home 8-5. It’s no wonder you were ready for bed at 5:45 – happy hour was in the car!


There are so many things I love about this post! First, your fitness after babies is so inspirational. I’m training for my first marathon after my second baby and it’s humbling! Second, your chicken eggs look better than all of the store bought ones!! So tasty!


I live on a hill, so I would love to end downhill now and then.
I am the world’s best passenger!!! Take me anywhere.
BBQ sauce is a favorite and I have a spice blend addiction. If I see a now seasoning blend I buy it or make it. And sprinkle them on everything.


Walking is indeed a great source of exercise, especially when the gyms are closed during covid-19. I like your post, thank you for sharing…!

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