It’s not just in my head + What DOESN’T HURT…

I have a new baby update HERE if you want to check it out!


There is a house in my neighborhood that always tricks me.  Every time I run by it I hear a very high-pitched sound that really freaks me out because it makes me think I’m going crazy… but then I remember that they have one of those deer guards out and the noise is meant to scare deer away from their yard.  I’m always relieved when I remember that it is real sound and not just me hearing it ha.

PS I guess one pro of 2020 is that BYU is having an undefeated football season so far ha… that never happens.

PPS 4 miles @ 9:43 pace.

Brooke was extremely excited about her new mask that I got for her to wear at school.  I guess the TY version of masks are the current hype at her elementary school.

IMG 2005

Skye is a big fan of oatmeal with blueberries, pb and banana these days.

IMG 2008

After breakfast we went on a walk.  Skye is now in the stage where she wants to be in the stroller for 3 minutes and then run for 3 minutes on repeat for the entire time we are out there.

IMG 2010

Skye almost tripped over one of the sidewalk cracks so she then decided to jump over each one.  I’m thinking I might do the same from here on out because those cracks get me!

IMG 2011

Later on I went out to the garage gym… not to do weights but to sit there and eat popcorn while Andrew was washing our cars.

IMG 2019

Brooke did more strength training than I’ve done in a month…

IMG 2020

And then the two of them rode bikes.

IMG 2022

The amount of Rhodes rolls I go through at this point is incredible… another bag of them from Costco bites the dust.

IMG 2023

We are getting ready big time over here.

IMG 2024


I keep finding that my running mantras are REALLY helpful to use during pregnancy.  At this point when I’m just feeling quite uncomfortable (going from laying down/sitting to standing is quite the process that usually involves a lot of noises ha;) this running trick is helping me a lot…

Switching my brain from constantly thinking about everything that is hurting to thinking about whatever I can find that isn’t hurting has taken me to my fastest paces.  You know that self-dialogue that we can get lost in during a run where all we are thinking about is how dead our legs feel or how our lungs feel like they are going to explode and then the thoughts just spiral out of control from there?  That happens to all of us and the more I think about the things that are hurting, the more my paces slow down.  My best runs/races happen when I can take those thoughts and turn them into thinking about all of the things that aren’t hurting.

At the end of the St. George Marathon in 2019 my hamstrings were hurting more than they ever have before but I focused as hard as I could on being grateful for having a happy stomach and elbows that were feeling good which helped me to forget about my hamstrings a bit and push it to the end!


So for the next three weeks I’m going to be thinking about how my shoulder blades feel very comfortable lately and how thankful I am that my ankles feel healthy and strong because it sure does get old thinking about everything that doesn’t feel good.  Time goes by way too slowly thinking about what hurts so it’s time to focus on what feels GOOOOOOOOD.


Just one more reminder of a new baby update (it’s getting close)!


What felt GOOD during your last run?!

What has been your current goto breakfast so far?  Oatmeal lovers—> what are your favorite toppings because I’m sure Skye will love some new variations!

Those of you running when it is dark outside—> do you use a headlamp or anything to help you to avoid tripping?!

Give me any pros you can think of in 2020!

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Hey, I just commented on sidewalks on your 10 year posting! I tripped and fell yesterday on a sidewalk cracking that I usually try to avoid but didn’t. Scuffed up on knees, shoulder and bybupper lip but nothing broken thank zgod. I do own a head lamp and should be using it, especially after that mishap!


I am SO so sorry about your fall on those dang sidewalk cracks but I am SO glad that you are okay. I hope that never happens again! Have the best day Damarys.


My husband eats the same oatmeal EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! Raw rolled oats with pumpkin pie spice, a scoop of canned pumpkin ( not the pie filling), raisins,walnuts, yogurt in & mix it all together! Sometimes I make it into granola by toasting it with coconut oil & honey. Pretty tasty!


Your husband is a creature of habit! I will have to try his combo, I forgot about adding pumpkin flavors. Yum. Have a great day KJ!


My go to breakfast lately has been avocado mashed on toast. I need to ask you where you found Brooke’s mask? My daughter would love it. So cute!
Have a great day. You are looking fabulous at 37 weeks!


Your daughter is going to love them! Here is a link:
Thank you SO much and now I need to go grab some avocado toast!


good things about 2020: no races so i can take my time rehabbing my knee and no races to miss because of lyme disease. also, i have a daughter with severe anxiety. she has been able to do her therapy via zoom and hopefully she’s far enough along that when they open our schools back up, she’ll be ready to go. we pulled her out of school in february. this situation sucks for probably 99.9% of people but it has actually been very lucky for her.
skye is a smart kid. if we all jumped over the cracks, we could avoid so many falls. i tore my favorite running tights a few years ago when i tripped over a particularly bad side walk crack. my home town has horrible sidewalks. the tree roots get under them and mess them up. i busted my knees and hands pretty bad. the hole in the tights isn’t bad and is near a seam so it’s not really noticeable. i still wear them. they are an expensive pair that I got for a steal.
it’s almost baby time! i remember those days. take it easy these last couple of weeks.


You are getting so close, but I know that last month feels like a year. Hang in there. The baby will come and it will be 2022 before you know it ?

My favorite breakfast always has eggs in it, we go through a lot around here.

I always wear a headlamp when I run in the dark and I will be much more now since my husband broke our treadmill yesterday ? luckily it’s just a bolt and can be fixed but it’s going to down for a while. I swear during Covid and little kids my treadmill is a lifeline.

I hope you feel great today and the baby comes on Halloween for Andrew!


I think we are all so looking forward to 2022 being here ha. We go through eggs so so fast too… we just need our chickens to help us out with that grocery item;). NOOOOO to your treadmill. What a bummer and I hope it is an easy fix. Thank you so much Beth. Andrew is still really hoping for that… just 10 more days! Have a beautiful one, Beth.


Lee, you really have had such a crazy 2020 and I am glad that this year of no races has given you the time to really heal your knee and work through lyme disease. You are amazing. I am also so glad that this has been such a good thing for your daughter to be home and able to get the help she needs right now. You’ll have to keep me updated with how it goes for her to get back to school when that happens. They need to fix those sidewalks where you live and I would absolutely still wear those tights too:). Thank you so much Lee… time to jump on the couch!


Bhahah, eating popcorn>lifting weights!!!

I have been eating PB&J for breakfast or some quinoa oat bars I made. My daughter loves raisins and honey her oatmeal. Almond butter, banana, honey and cinnamon is fantastic too.

I have been trying really hard to think of positives in 2020—yesterday we got measurable snow and I hate hauling out/packing all the winter clothes for school, so I was really down. But on the positive side–I have a job that would have not have existed if it weren’t for COVID. Also,I have never put much effort making our house a home…but since we are home so much and we have a little extra income, I have been making our house a place I LOVE to be (I prefer to be out and about, which we are but to a much lesser extent). We bought a new kitchen table, new living room rug, redid our bathrooms, bought a new side table for our kids to craft/eat snack/drink hot chocoalte. It feels like we have a new home–now I just need to decorate;-)

Have a FABULOUS Wednesday!


I’m glad you agree with me that popcorn is better than lifting. Quinoa bars.. that sounds fancy! SNOW ALREADY?! NOOOO I am so bummed about that for you guys. Reading about the changes in your home make me so happy… I bet you can all feel it and now with the snow you can get cozy inside together. Thank you Becky and you too!


Aaack! I cannot believe you are going to have another one any day now! Why a new car seat? Did your one for Skye expire (I think they have expiration dates these days, right)?

Freedom felt good on my last run! Baxton is back in school (hubby still working out of state for another 10 months) and school time is my me/work time!

Go to breakfast is Chobani flip: Coconut with toasted almonds and dark chocolate. Then I add a third of a cup of Sassy Molassy Picky Granola. To die for! Oatmeal toppings: yogurt, honey, cinnamon, chia, walnuts, fruit.

When it is dark I wear a reflective vest. Nothing for tripping.

Pros of 2020: Lots of family time! Creative thinking for entertainment activities! More homemade meals! Sourdough everything: crackers, pretzels, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, crumpets, English muffins, pizza crust, cake, popovers, muffins, flatbread, dumplings, tempura batter, scones, cookies, brownies, donuts, tortillas, rolls, OH! And BREAD.


I’m actually not sure when Skye’s actually expires but after my car accident when Skye was just a few weeks old I’ve been so freaked out about my littles in the car so I just made sure to get a brand new one! AHHH BAXTON IS BACK IN SCHOOL! I bet you feel like a new human Tonya, and I bet Baxton is so happy to see his friends too. I love that chobani flip, it’s so heavenly. LOVED reading your pros for this year and reading your list made me DROOL. Have a great day getting in all of your work and some me time!


When I lived in New Jersey, I ran at 4 am and even with a headlamp/my phone and the street lights I would almost trip over cracks of tree branches every time on the first lap. Just told myself the first loop was my learning loop lol.

My recent go to breakfast is two fried eggs, apples and peanut butter! If I’m really hungry then I add in half a bagel with butter or cream cheese, depending on what’s in the fridge

Pros of 2020 (you know a lot of my cons…) but I’m buying my first home!! Clearly excited haha and I can’t wait. P.S There will be plenty of room for when you come to Philly so we can run around Old City ;)


You have had a rollercoaster for 2020! I am just so thrilled about your first home and you might have to send me a picture (I hope I don’t sound creepy ha) and I am going to 100% take you up on staying there next time I am in Philly. I was there back in 2014 and loved it SO SO much. 4 am!!!!! Just reading that made me want to curl up in a ball on the couch ha. Hope your day is a beautiful one, Maureen!


Not creepy at all! Once I’m moved in, I will 100% send you pictures! I’d send them from the listing but that’s not as fun since it’s not my stuff haha. 4 am is so early and honestly if it wasn’t because of being at work at a certain it would not happen. Have a great Wednesday :)


My go to breakfast lately has been avocado toast with Trader Joe’s everything bagel seasoning. If I had a long run or hard work out, I add a poached egg. It is so good! And that seasoning is just the best!
On my run yesterday, I kept thinking how everything felt so great! It felt smooth, everything flowed…. I love runs like that!
I think a positive of 2020 is that it has really reminded me what is truly important in life. Family, health… And then I feel like I can really appreciate all the “extras”… Going out for dinner, getting my hair done, traveling… It has been a long crazy year, and these next few weeks will be exhausting ( I do not like politics), but we will keep going!
We had to switch up our schedule with my running group, so I’m meeting the girls on Wednesdays now, then it’s my volunteer day!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


I forgot all about avocado toast, thank you for reminding me and I need to add a poached egg too. YES for an awesome run yesterday… that flow feeling is something we all crave so much. I love your pro from this year and I feel the same way. All of those extras feel like such a treat now and priorities are so important. Hope your run with the girls was great and enjoying volunteering. Thanks Wendy, you too.


I bet you’re getting plenty of strength work in helping Skye in and out of the stroller every 3 minutes ;)

I love chopped apples, almonds and brown sugar in my oatmeal. Or if I have extra time, I’ll saute chopped apples or sliced bananas in a little butter and drizzle in some maple syrup at the end. Brings oatmeal to the next level.


Very true.. I’ll remember that ha. She is my strength training right now. Can we come over for your oatmeal tomorrow… the sauté version made me drool. Hope you are having the best day Michelle.


My current go to for oatmeal toppings are: cinnamon, maple syrup, strawberries and plain greek yogurt that instantly cools it down to eating temps.

Also, Skye seems to have figured out her 1:1 interval training at a pretty young age. lol. It’s taken me 47 years to start interval trainning and that’s only because of iFit trainers and NordickTrack. :D


Your oatmeal combo sounds like pure heaven to me… I’ll try that for Skye too. Hahah she really has figured it out and it makes me so happy you are enjoying interval training right now… those trainers are awesome. Have a great day, Jody.


Hi Janae! The good part of 2020 is that I’m lucky enough to work from home which means no more commute! I save at least an hour a day which I can put to good use running or doing chores. It really adds up! Have a wonderful day and I hope there is more popcorn in your future!


Saving an hour a day from no commute… that is HUGE! I am so glad you have that chance to be able to work from home right now and you better believe more popcorn is headed my way haha. Have the best day, Amy.


Pro of 2020: I feel like I gave myself the permission (which I always had, but needed 2020 to give me) to stop doing things I felt obligated to do, but really was not interested in doing.


AMEN!! I am actually clapping right now! Have the most beautiful day Erica.


I used that trick ALL THE TIME whenever I’m working out and something is hurting (but not injured) I think of the most random body parts that aren’t hurting.

I eat oatmeal almost everyday. I buy Matrix brand peanut butter cookie protein powder and put about half a scoop in the bowl. It works great since I’m usually eating it after a workout. I also really like putting peanut butter and jelly in my oatmeal!

When I ran more consistently I always wore a headlamp. I’ve wiped out way too many times without one.


I love that the trick works for you, it’s just the best! Great idea to add protein powder, I need to try that! YAY for the headlamp keeping you from tripping. Have a beautiful day, Lindsey!


I make a baked oatmeal casserole-type dish every Sunday to have for my breakfast during the week. It has cocoa powder in it so it’s chocolatey and I top with with peanut butter, blueberries and strawberries. Recipe:

I just heard on the radio last night that some ‘study’ showed that adults only feel good 12 days of the month where nothing hurts. My son heard it too and then asked me if I had anything hurting – yep, I pulled my inner thigh muscle so that was hurting. I wonder how many days I do feel 100% a month.

2020 Pro – it’s not all bad the extra cleaning that public places are doing and probably should have been doing all along. So many public areas just feel gross.


Okay, Gina’s oatmeal bake made me drool with her pictures… I have to try that. Thank you for sharing Erika. That is a very interesting study… I’m going to have to pay attention to that after I have this baby! BOOO to your pulled thigh muscle, keep me updated on that recovery. Very very true about all of the cleaning… I have been thinking about that with the schools, I feel like our kids are going to bring home less germs than ever this year. Have a beautiful day, Erika.


Pros of 2020- I went to Philly the past two days to celebrate my birthday and got to see all the sights with nobody there! The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Rocky Steps- all basically empty! I miss seeing people out doing things and enjoying themselves, but happy I got so much done. Also ate allllll the good food without waiting in lines hahaha.


HAPPIEST HAPPIEST HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY MARIAH!!! I am so glad you were able to do that the last few days… when I went to those things they were all packed and the food lines were long:). Enjoy your Wednesday.


The weather felt good during my last run, but not much else. I’ve got new shoes for the next run, so I’m hopeful!

I have this set of USB rechargeable lights for running in the dark. They have four modes: white, white strobe, red, and red strobe. I like to put them on my running belt (2 in front to see, 1 flashing red in the back to be seen.)

2020 pro: Since we can’t travel, there have been a ton of home improvement projects that have actually been completed!


One of my favorite oatmeal toppings is cinnamon, chia sees, and peaches! I also love craisens in it! But I put craisens in just about everything! :)


My FAVORITE oatmeal has half a banana and a healthy pinch (about 1-2 tbsp worth) of shredded unsweetened coconut cooked in with the oats and then has the other half of the banana sliced on top with 1-2 tbsp of mixed nut butter OR cashew butter (both from Trader Joes…) on top. ANDDDDDD when I feel sassy maybe a few chocolate chips added on top ;)

2020 has VERY few pros, for how life has gone and has felt, except for this:
1. I got certified to teach Les Mills SPRINT
2. Because of our 11 weeks of quarantine and my being furloughed from work Tom and I have spent a LOT of time together, at home, AND it’s made us cook more (and it’s made it easier for me to get him to eat more salads)
3.Even with my continued job-related hell, I was lucky to get promoted to a full-time management position at my store about 6 weeks before I was furloughed, so even if I don’t have anything else that’s good to say about work I can at least say that I am now making enough to *just* pay my bills (and to have been able to give Tom a good birthday celebration last week) AND I have health insurance for the first time in almost 2 years. (Despite how down and dejected I feel almost every day with my job situation and how unconfident I have become with my prospects, I remind myself about this as ardently as you focus on what doesn’t hurt in a run, and it makes me focused on some gratitude in the middle of the mud pile…and that is important…)

I do not take ANY of these three things lightly!


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