Friday Favorites & What Will Happen??

We tried to give you our toughest looks for the picture.  I did 5.5 miles on my own and then the kids and I went out for 1.5 miles of run/walking together.  Knox has decided to go for the ‘marathon in a month’ too so we have quite the team right now.

Things always get a little competitive when they run together… Knox is all about the fast sprints and then taking a break and Brooke is all about conserving energy to go longer without stopping.  They switched off using Andrew’s Garmin throughout the run because that is also a source of competitiveness for them:)

IMG 0243

A bit later on and we were off to my parents’ house for Brooke and Knox to go to grandma school.  I am always just so amazed with my mom’s lesson plans that she has for them each week.  Brooke asks me a few days a week what will happen with grandma school if our schools ever go back to normal because she is planning on grandma school to continue throughout the rest of her education:)

IMG 0260

Then Andrew, Skye and I left and had a lunch date at 180 Tacos.

IMG 0266

Followed by my current ding dong need.

IMG 0271

Fast forward a few hours and absolutely nothing sounded good besides pizza so I cooked up some frozen ones from Costco.

IMG 0281

But the kids made sure to make Beretta’s dinner extra fancy with a garnish.

IMG 0283


I have a few favorite things to talk about today!

*My favorite sweatshirt that I wore all of the time last year (doesn’t fit this year) is still on Amazon HERE!

*The temperatures are dropping (or will be soonish) and my least favorite thing is having cold fingers during a run… I wore these gloves ALL winter long for my runs and they are the best.  They are only $12 and you don’t have to take them off to use your phone.  My running partner, Emilee, had them and raved about them so that’s who I learned about them from!  I hope you love them too (ps on days in the low teens I would add hand warmers to my gloves but anything 20 degrees F and above and these gloves keep my hands perfectly warm)!

Screen Shot 2020 09 08 at 5 10 04 PM

*Skye’s Bog Boots.  I bought these boots for Skye last year and I was so happy to find that they fit her this year too.  They are my favorite toddler boots ever.

IMG 9885

*If you haven’t tried TJ’s apple cider donuts yet, you need to.  They receive two thumbs up from every member of our family.


*Okay, just one more TJ’s item… The cinnamon broomsticks at TJ’s have made our house smell like cinnamon heaven.  We have one in our main area and it smells so so good.



What is your favorite scent to have where you live?

What is a food that you’ve never had and it seems like everybody else in the world has?!

-I was texting Megan about my Ding Dongs yesterday and she told me she has never had one before!

When will you probably be starting to wear gloves for your runs this year?

Tell me what your run or workout is today!

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Well I hope I never see Brooke or Knox on a starting line because they look fierce!

I may break out the gloves tomorrow since the low tonight is in the 40s?! How?! But the gloves might be packed in a box lol so maybe not.

Today was a rest day. I had a short circuit on the schedule for some strength training but I was tired when I woke up so I decided to just relax in bed. Maybe I’ll do it later though – we shall see!


Haha they really do look fierce! I think you made the best decision to listen to your body and relax in bed. Yay for gloves weather starting for you and I hope you have a beautiful weekend, Maureen.


Great post Janae! Grandma school puts the homeschooling I did with the kids last year to shame lol. I Love all the craft/colouring stuff she does my kids would love that (I’d send them over if we lived close lol!!)
Ok I have never had a ding dong either but I grew up with “half moons”. They are kinda similar to a Twinkie only in a moon shape. I haven’t had one in years and years though.
The picture of the garnish on your dogs dish made me laugh. I love it!


Haha yeah, I don’t even try to compare to what my mom does with them because I am so boring! Send your kids over if you are ever in the area. I have never had a half moon… you should try a ding dong and I’ll try a half moon. Thanks Gillian and I hope you have a beautiful day!


I’ve never had a ding dong, either! I LOVE the smell of peppermint, or nice, warm coffee . . . I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love the scent!

I love that Brooke and Knox’s different running styles are pretty much the same thing adult runners differ on . . . speed or distance?? :-) LOVE that you are running together. I have a friend who signed her and her kids up for a 5k–they are working so hard to get ready!

I did pilates today and am trying to stay off my hip! Pilates felt SO good and I am so happy I was able to do it. I am trying not to walk much, which feels totally counter to, like, my entire lifestyle. But I want to heal as fast as I can!


You aren’t missing out much on never having a ding dong ha. I LOVE the smell of coffee too. That is so exciting for your friend and their kids… I love seeing families running together. Way to go on the pilates and you are being so so smart about your hip. Have a great day, Kristin!


Was your mom a teacher? That’s so sweet of her to help with teaching the kids. She should write a blog post with some of her lesson plan ideas! I’m not a parent, but I’m sure there are parents out there who would love the extra ideas!

I love the smell of pine trees, lilacs and fresh baked cookies or bread. :)

My workout today is 4 – 5 trail miles! We don’t have mountains like you do here in Wisconsin, but it is still a good hill workout.

Also, have you ever had runner’s knee? I’ve had it for about a year now and would love some advice. It actually hurts worse when I’m walking opposed to running.

Have a great day!


have you tried using kinesio tape on your knee? kinesio tape for runners knee is a simple strip that runs across the patella. i would wear it all the time until your pain is nearly gone and then transition to only wearing it for runs.
the other things to consider are…
1. are your shoes right for you, i.e. stability, motion control, neutral, the right drop for you, etc.
2. do you stretch? i find all quad and hip stretches really help. and to do them multiple times each day.
3. when you walk, tilt your upper body slightly forward. that will help you engage your glutes and take pressure off your quads and therefore, your knees
4. get some bands and do various glute specific exercises daily

i hope that’s helpful, runners knee is annoyingly painful!


Thank you for the advice Elizabeth!

I’ll have to hit up the shoe store soon to see if I need a different style or brand. The stretching is a good reminder, I don’t do enough of that! I appreciate your help! Hopefully my next hike, and future runs will be less painful!


You’re welcome! I hope my advice helps you, runners knee is such a painful – yet not a big deal – injury to struggle with. I do highly recommending stretching and the posture change, it’s a slight modification that will take pressure off of your knees. Try walking up and down stairs tilted at your waist slightly forward and notice how the muscles firing move out of your quads and into your glutes as you shift your upper body about 15º forward.


Applause, applause, applause! Oh@!


Hey Terese! She wasn’t a teacher but now I’m wondering why not. Oh that is a great idea, I’ll ask her… thank you. Oh all of those smells are the best and I am SO glad you are able to be on the trails today, they are the best. I have not had runner’s knee before and I am SO sorry you have been dealing with that for so long. It looks like Elizabeth has some amazing advice… I hope it helps and please keep me updated on how you are doing.


The best scent in the world is my pumpkin candle from Anthropologie!!!! it is amazing. Sadly, our new kitten jumped up and knocked over all my decorations and the candle broke- or, the container that it was in broke. The candle was salvageable and I still light it (on a very high, high up shelf) – it just looks a little spooky and jagged. I call it a Halloween candle now!


I have never smelled that one… time to order one! Hahah way to make the best of the candle incident and a Halloween candle that smells so good sounds perfect. Have a great weekend Jenny!


I love that Brooke and Knox are doing some running. And a marathon in a month, such a fun goal!
This time of year, I love scents that are cozy and warm. Cinnamon, a candle at Target called Fireside (I think it’s one of Joanna Gaines candles). It just puts me in a happy mood.
Today is my running group day! Yay! Then when I get home I’ll do pilates. I am really loving this new Friday routine.
Ok, the picture of Skye in her jeans, boots, and sweatshirt…. Adorable!
I need to make a trip to Trader Joe’s today, so I will definitely be picking up all of their fall specials ?
Happy Friday!


I need to grab that candle next time I am there, thanks Wendy. I hope that your run group was a blast today (I’m sure it was) and enjoy your TJ’s trip. Thanks Wendy, you too.


Sadly we have had an air quality advisory here due to the wildfires in Washington Oregon and California so nothing crazy until the smoke lifts. I feel for all the people who have lost homes because we only have to deal with terrible smoke and hide indoors.

We probably have another month before I need to wear gloves. Still in shorts. lol.

I love coconut and vanilla scents in candles.

I think it is so cool that the kids got to do grandma school! What a special time for them.. My sis told me the 2 kiddos were home from kindergarten and day care after only 3 days because of runny noses! Going to be long year lol. Didn’t even make it through the first week.

I hope you have a woderful day Janae and so cool Brooke and Knox are joining you on your runs!


Kristine, I cannot imagine what you are all going through right now. I really hope that the fires are able to be taken care of soon! Enjoy the next month of shorts weather! Oh no about your sister’s kids… I keep wondering if that will be happening here anytime soon too. Thank you so much and I hope you have a fabulous day!


I love all the fall smells, right now apple cider is my go to.

Love the kids running with you.

I have never had sushi ?


My sister has never had sushi either and she is more than okay with that:). Apple cider really is pure heaven. Thanks Beth and I hope your weekend is a beautiful one.


Thank you!!!

We leave for Tetons/Yellowstone and are using a lot of your tips.

Hope you are feeling well ?


I have to laugh about your comment regarding the way Knox and Brooke run differently. I think it’s a common difference between boys and girls. I have run a lot of 5Ks where I always see the boys sprinting out ahead, then walking, sprint, walk. Then the girls are usually just strong and steady. Too funny.


That is so interesting! Brooke and Knox are the perfect examples of this then haha:). Have a fabulous weekend Sara.


That looks like a great groupetto to me! (top photo)
My husband and I have been glued to the Tour de France. They have been referencing the groupetto (aka the sprinters group that can barely get up the mountains) a lot during the Alp stages. So now we try to call anything that we can a groupetto.


I just finished 20 miles early this AM. It’s much cooler out and feels like fall, although I’ll hopefully not need to bust out the gloves until November. I made the switch to mittens last year and it was the best idea because my fingers get too cold w/ just gloves.


Hi Janae! I’ve never had a ding dong either! And I love running gloves, can’t wait to start wearing them. This whole week I have been waiting for rain because of the fires where I’m at. The rain forecast keeps pushing out!
Happy Friday!


This stood out to me today:
It is reported in Salt Lake City. Not sure of the race of the officer. The boy is 13-years-old and white, and autistic.
Some could say there are no words. With all we’ve seen so far this year, there are many words on my mind. The words include, “the problem is not racism,” “the problem is widespread,” “the problem has a root, and it needs attention.”

Now I’m thinking back to the peace I felt on my last run.


I will try that and will get to the show store this weekend to make sure I have the right fit, or get a new pair.
Thank you again!

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