Silentish Saturday!

7 miles hanging out with Ali and Emily via my headphones @ 9:32 average pace.

IMG 9101

Seeing pumpkins on my run makes me happy because it means October is getting closer which means November (when the baby is due) will be here before I know it.

IMG 9087

We decided to start the day off with recess before it got hot.

IMG 9104

It only took me 24 minutes to realize I was sitting on my banana peel.

IMG 9106

I saw Brooke post one of these so I had to make it for myself too… tomatoes, mozzarella, peaches, basil, salt, olive oil & balsamic vinaigrette.

IMG 9110

How Skye entertained herself while we, Brooke and Knox, did school at home.

IMG 9114

PS Skye is letting us know that she is calling it quits on nap time.

IMG 9076

Most people think it’s too soon for Halloween to be out but every time Andrew goes to Costco he just gets so excited and sends me pictures like this…

Screen Shot 2020 08 21 at 2 39 02 PM

He brought home pizza for dinner.

IMG 9120

Second dinner included my current favorite combo.

IMG 9126

Movie night.

IMG 9121

Excited for a good run with my sister… even my socks are encouraging.

IMG 9128


Tell me three things that you have going on today?

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That pizza looks amazing!
3 things:
reading a new book
(trying to) stay motivated about decluttering and cleaning!!!
welcoming home my daughter after a week of house sitting

Happy Saturday!


I’m so happy your daughter will be home! Let me know what you think of the book and good luck on the decluttering (I need to do the same)! Have a beautiful weekend Corey!


I listened to Ali’s episode yesterday too! So good. And Emily’s story is incredible!
Those pumpkins are so sweet. I too am looking forward to October and November. Really in hopes that the world will be closer to normal for all the holidays coming up.
We are in the middle of a heat wave, but this one also has very high humidity! Each morning I head out for my run before 7am, and it’s 83% humidity… How in the world do people in the south handle it?? We have heat waves like this very occasionally, and I am waving my surrender flag…ha!
Today we will hopefully be finishing painting the dinning room, then I can get all the furniture moved back, yay. And the rest of the day will be cleaning. Tomorrow we’re going to my in-laws, which is always a good time.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Seriously, Emily is just so incredibly inspiring! I have those same hopes for October/November. Okay, that heat/humidity wave sounds miserable, I would die! Way to get out there. Good luck with the painting and have an amazing time with your in-laws❤️ Thanks Wendy!


Hi Janae! I love Costco pizza! And that was so cool you were able to virtual run with your friends. Today I am going to pick up some eggs from a co-workers house. She has almost 200 chickens! How are your chickens doing and do you have eggs yet? And I will also go to the farmers market and load up on tomatoes. Happy weekend!


Ahhh 200 chickens?! That is amazing! We just checked this morning for eggs… none yet but hopefully soon! Enjoy the tomatoes and farmers market❤️ Happy weekend to you too Amy!


This morning I went to a bodypump lesson in my gym. Second time back since the lockdown! I missed it. The lessons are on a screen, no real instructor (it’s a cheep gym so I have money left for running shoes!). There was a lady who told me it was her first time, so I helped her with her weights. I was in front of her, but halfway through I heard another woman give her tips on her moves and I was really happy that she did that. Afterwards we had a little chat and it was really cool! Usually everybody keeps to themself and a hello is the most conversation I have there. I hope we choose the same lessons in the future, because it makes going to the gym more fun. The rest of the day was filled with laundry and I cut fabric to sew a blouse. It is a blouse with fluttery sleeves, so I hope we’ll have a bit of summer weather left.
Have a great weekend!


Mostly what I have going is hiding from the crazy smoke we are getting here in Montana…how do you cope when there are unhealthy smoke levels in Utah? (Assuming you guys get smoke from wildfires…)



My kids are obsessed with the skeletons at Costco!!!!

Oh my word, I love Skye with her eyes covered while she “drives”…what could possibly go wrong? ;-)

1. long run (14 miles) done!
2. Oldest child haircut.
3. go to my MIL’s for the evening. My SIL and her family are going to be there too.

Enjoy your Saturday Janae!


– tried to do an 18 mile long run…12 miles were pretty good, then we alternated walk a mile, run a mile for the last 6 miles…it was 73 already when we started at 5am, lots of hills, lots of smoke from fires, and about 84 when we finished…hard, hot, and hard to breathe beat us today;
– need to get our new internet service set up today…we had to switch companies to get a high enough speed to support 1 at-home worker, 2 at-home college kids, and 3 at-home elementary kiddos (college classes started this week, elementary classes start on Monday);
– need to find the darn pencil sharpener that grew legs and walked away…I have 30 pencils and 60 colored pencils that need to be ready to go Monday morning!


I am so looking forward to October/November too (but your reason is so much sweeter, so so happy for you). We have pumpkins growing in our garden but they are still green so here’s hoping they start to turn.

Sending you lots of strength for a no nap + new baby season {hugs}

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