Weekend Happenings + Running Facts!

7.15 miles @ 9:24 for my Saturday morning and a rest day for my Sunday morning.   40.96 miles for the week!

IMG 7552

This podcast was amazing (he starts talking to Dr. Andrew at about 26 minutes into the podcast).  It was all about brain modification and how we can change our thoughts and I love that they focused on this—> “Behavior first.  Thoughts, feelings and perceptions follow.”   We aren’t always going to have motivation to do the things we want in life but if we just start the activity (GO FOR THE RUN) then the thoughts/feelings/perceptions we want will come along for the ride.

What can come from some awesome brain modifications—> “The ultimate determinant isn’t your physical conditioning and yet that’s what everybody focuses on, it’s what’s going on internally, mentally, neurochemically that is making the difference.  The people that are best able to collaborate that and find these strategies for managing that are the ones that get through that…”

2020 might not be the year for racing but it could be our year for mental strength building so that our races in 2021 are our best yet.

Screen Shot 2020 07 24 at 12 09 31 PM

Then we got ready for a day of all sorts of things.

IMG 7564

We went on a bike ride.

IMG 7571

We went to our first Farmers Market of the year.

IMG 7573

And then later on we spent time on the couch while the kids asked if they could bake something…. Andrew was laughing over some of the comments they were making while cooking:)

IMG 7592

Besides me getting the cake in and out of the oven and helping a tiny bit with the frosting on the sides, they made this all by themselves and they were quite proud.

IMG 7598

Fresh Corn, Avocado and Tomato Salad for dinner on top of grilled chicken with some watermelon.  I love meals that feel super seasonal.

IMG 7595

Andrew had work on Sunday so the kids and I spent the day together doing all sorts of random things.  I wash Knox’s army costume when he is asleep because he wants to wear it every day now… even when it is 90 degrees outside.

IMG 7601

One of those things included going through an entire batch of blueberry muffins… I woke up thinking about them and went to sleep thinking about them.

IMG 7608

And I’ll leave you today with some running facts that I found yesterday that I felt you wanted to know too;).

*How in the world did this person run this fast backwards?

Screen Shot 2020 07 26 at 7 49 46 AM

*Maybe this is why some people call it the DREADMILL.

Screen Shot 2020 07 26 at 8 11 25 AM

*200 MUSCLES to run one step!!

Screen Shot 2020 07 26 at 7 59 56 AM

*I did not know this!  Thank goodness for good run bras (and in the same article it says that sports bras didn’t exist before 1977!)..

Screen Shot 2020 07 26 at 8 05 53 AM

*I’m really glad they changed it to RUNNING:

Screen Shot 2020 07 26 at 8 01 16 AM

*The only animals we can’t outrun are cats, rabbits and kangaroos.  Also, in 2017 60 MILLION people in the US went for a run.

Screen Shot 2020 07 26 at 8 02 22 AM

*Women are more likely to negative split a marathon!

Screen Shot 2020 07 26 at 8 14 07 AM

*In case you need a reason to get out and run today!

Screen Shot 2020 07 26 at 8 16 15 AM


What has offered you some light during the last few weeks or months during this hard time in the world?  

Any random running facts that you can share with us today?!

Tell me the best thing that you ate this weekend (food is very important to me at this point in pregnancy if you haven’t noticed ha)!

Do you have a Farmers Market near you?  What are your favorite things to get there?

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I love the cake! They did such a great job and I especially love the decorating they did. You have some talented kiddos! I have been reading a Voice of the Martyrs devotional this summer and it is absolutely not “light” but it does put Covid/2020 in general in perspective which makes each day seem “lighter” in comparison. There are people enduring really hard things all over the world everyday and reading about that has helped. We made this Saturday and my oldest who is a total meat eater (and ketchup on everything kid) ate them (without ketchup!) and thought they were amazing and called dibs on leftovers for his lunch the next day.
We have an amazing farmer’s market (Des Moines Farmer’s Market is ranked the #2 best farmer’s market in the country) but it’s not happening in person right now. Just online.


Thank you Ali, and I totally agree! Thank you for sharing with me about the Voice of the Martyrs and I totally agree, it puts things in perspective. I’ve been learning a lot more about what is going on with child trafficking and feeling the same way as you.
I will be making those summer corn cakes, THANK YOU! Someday I have to come meet you at your farmers market… that sounds amazing. Thanks Ali and have a great day!


Garmin is finally coming back after three long days being out. I have a goal of getting 1,000 strokes in twenty minutes on the rowing machine. I test myself every Friday. I couldn’t see the number of strokes from Friday until this morning. It was killing me all weekend. It was 860! I’m getting close. I started doing the Mon and Wed rowing workout with a 10 pound dumbbell in my lap so that when I do it without a dumbbell on Fridays, I’m stronger. It might be working.

that corn, tomato, and avocado salad is good. I make that, too. I love it with grilled corn and farmers market tomatoes.

Have a great week!


Wasn’t that crazy that it was out?! HUGE congrats on your awesome Friday rowing session, that is incredible and your training is absolutely working! Please keep me updated on this goal, I can’t wait to hear about you reaching it! Next time I am going to grill the corn too. Thank you so much Lee and have a wonderful day!


200 muscles?! I had no idea. That makes me feel pretty strong.

Best thing I ate this weekend was gnocchi with tomato sauce and mozzarella on top. And then dessert from the same restaurant was chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream. So good.


Right?! I had thought WAY less muscles were involved in each step. We are all pretty amazing. Next time you go to that restaurant I am going to meet you there because that sounds like my current dream meal. Hope your Monday is off to a great start Mariah!


Homemade Belgian Waffles- thought process went- I need to make dinner; tacos? Sees bacon, No, pancakes sound good, wait waffles! My husband appreciates my pregnancy brain cooking logic.


Your pregnancy brain cooking logic is perfection… keep enjoying that and now I need to go make some belgian waffles for my third breakfast. Hope you are feeling well today Jenny and so happy for you!


That person ran a half marathon backwards faster than I can run forwards! Hahah. Have a great day!


Just so crazy to me that they could do that and how did they not trip at least once?! I wonder what their time is for running forwards! Thanks Gina, you too!


Your salad’s always look so delicious!
I had NO idea running worked so many different parts! No wonder why I’m always so achy after hard pushes!
What offers me light are mountain adventures with friends and our upcoming vacation to the ocean. Fingers crossed it still happens!!
I heard a few years back that women have the ability to outrun men in longer distances because we we’re built to sustain pain better and our endurance is generally that much better than men. Not sure why we haven’t seen it in many races, maybe because the races aren’t long enough for us to shine??!
The cheeseburger and fries after a mountain summit I ate Sat was pretty darn amazing as well as the homemade gyros and greek fries I ate last night.
Have a great day!


Oh thank you Jenny! I totally agree, I was shocked that 200 muscles are involved per step! I totally agree with you, the mountains are so healing and cleansing for me too. I really hope your trip to the beach happens, please keep me updated. I’ve heard that too and I would love for more research to be done on it all. Let’s let each other know if we hear anything else about that. You had some AMAZING food this weekend and that makes me happy… cheeseburger and fries after a mountain summit = heaven. Thanks and you too!


That salad looks AMAZING!

Best thing I ate this weekend was 2 sandwiches from 2 different coffee shops…at Mean Mug I had a bacon-avocado-tomato sandwich…….my favorite! And at Milk & Honey I had a TN ham and apple (ciabatta, honey mustard, ham, apple slices and cheddar cheese). They serve it with fresh pineapple……soooooooo good!

Have a great week!


Loribeth. Those sandwiches are legit making me drool. I need the ham and apple one today!! Thanks for sharing… now to recreate them. Have a wonderful day Loribeth!


I loved that about running working the bones! According to my latest bone density scan, at 56 I have the bones of a 25 year old!

Checking in with friends, mostly via text, has really helped during this time. Chatted with our Hawaii pastor’s wife yesterday – really miss her!

I haven’t been able to go to any Farmer’s markets, but I’ve been getting mangoes at our Walmart Neighborhood Market that are amazing! I bought a Mango slicer and we’ve been loving mango smoothies.


KATHY, that is incredible. You are my example, how incredible! You have taken amazing care of yourself and continue to do so every single day! I keep hoping that you are able to get back to Hawaii soon and what a sweet reunion that will be to see her again. Now I must find a mango slicer, that sounds awesome. Keep enjoying and have a beautiful day!


I should have put this link in my comment – here is the mango slicer I got: https://mcmomentsandmemories.blogspot.com/2020/07/friday-foodie-magnificent-mangoes.html


Awesome! Thank you! Can’t beat $10 on Amazon and your smoothie picture made me drool:)


Hi Janae! I love those running facts! I have been injured and haven’t been running and I actually find it harder to sleep now without running. I am super impressed with Brooke and Knox’s cake! They sure are building some great skills during quarantine!
I went to the farmers market this weekend too! I got lots of cherries and I found some on sale so I could spread the love too. I also got peaches and some blueberries. I love getting fruit at the farmers market, it just tastes so much better. Happy Monday!


Oh Amy, I am so so sorry that you have been injured and not running. I hope you are back at it asap. I TOTALLY agree with you though, when I am not running I do not sleep very well. Even on my rest days I don’t sleep as well at night. I will totally show Brooke and Knox what you said about their cake, thank you. Seriously, doesn’t farmers market fruit/veggies just taste like a completely different food than what we get at the grocery store?! Happy Monday to you too. I hope you and your fiancee are doing well!


Those running facts were so interesting! I wonder who tested if humans can outrun cheetahs ? or maybe they didn’t make it back to report.
Best thing we ate this weekend—Costco has this gnocchi with a 4 cheese sauce. It took less than 10 minutes to make and all three of my kids loved it, so I consider that a win!


Hahah that is a great question… hopefully they didn’t test them together. WAIT WHAT?! I must find that gnocchi (TODAY). Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait. Hope you have a great day Karin!


Cheetahs are cats!


Yeah, I’m not sure about the animal one either, would love to meet the human able to outrun a horse, my dog, etc!


That cake looks so fun and yummy!!! Go kids go!!!

Your salad on top of chicken looks very, very delicious. What is it about corn in chunks that make it taste extra good?! Also, have you ever had “cowboy cavier?” Look it up, I think you’d really like it.

Seeing some light is a tough one. As a healthcare provider, single parent, and member of the school staff things have been tiring, but honestly, also because of that aforementioned circumstance it’s also been rewarding to be proactive/helpful/educated/and a strong sounding board for others. And to be a total weirdo, I LOVED being in lock down with my teenager. ACK! We had so much fun doing the dippiest silly things, and ran and cycled together. I learned a lot about YouTubers, various cooking things, how to build random stuff, etc. So I guess the light I saw was spending time together and slowing down.

Best thing I ate this weekend was a warm salad: sauteed mushrooms, sunflower seeds, zucchini, a bit of red chard on top of salad greens with diced avocado and sweet potato on the side (which I eventually just added to the bowl to mix things up).

Happy Monday!


That salad looks amazing! We had some yummy brownies topped with ice cream last night!!!


I made homemade pimento cheese and it was so good. I’ve been thinking about it all day now and will have to use it for supper tonight in/on something. I remember my biggest pregnancy craving was baked potatoes – I bet pimento cheese would be good on that!


What brought me light? Taylor Swift released her new album, such a great diversion!


It’s so interesting to think about gender roles and at what a young age children understand them. Like how Knox really wants to wear an Army costume, but not Brooke. He sure is a cutie!


Your kids are so creative!

Best thing I ate this weekend was ice cream that I bought from the beach concessession lol. It was 30 degrees celcius and and oh so hot by Vancouver standards.

For me just being able to carve out time to myself to run or walk in the early mornings and soaking in the extra time with my partner and puppy. It has been hard at times because working from home can be isolating even though I have a wonderful partner. I think just being thankful for the small things and remembering that is OK to feel sad . We have been taking advantage of the great weather by biking and headed to the beach. And I booked a week off for a road trip. We leave in 10 days!

Have a super day Janae!


Zoom calls with family and friends has been a silver lining. Also the Texas Distance Challenge. Virtual run from ElPaso to Texarkana. 814 miles from 7/1/20 – 4/30/21. Hoping this keeps me motivated through the winter.

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