Silentish Saturday!!

7 miles @ 9:22 (my goto pregnancy pace it seems like) with my sister in heavenly cooler temperatures.

Such a good reunion!

IMG 7488

Straight to his army costume and I kept finding him giving Skye hugs.

IMG 7492

A neighbor brought over Great Harvest bread!

Happy for a day off for Andrew with everyone together.

IMG 7502

Pita Pit with my in-laws.

IMG 7503

Gymnastics gym all to ourselves!

IMG 7532

IMG 7505

The best place for the kids to get all of their energy out.

IMG 7512

Two necessary items for a summer meal in my opinion… watermelon and guac.

IMG 7541

Brownies and Supermarket Sweep!

IMG 7463

Fireworks to end the nights (it was  a holiday in Utah yesterday)!


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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Oh man now I want to do brownies today after reading your post.

Also I thought of you and lol’d during my last two runs:
-Yesterday it was raining when I went running, and after 10 minutes it started coming down pretty hard. So I was thinking of the time your sister said that if it rains you go out for waffles instead of running and I was like “that’s a good idea.”
-Today I was 30 minutes from home on my 80 minute run, about to go up a long hill, when I went past a bikeshare station with an ebike and man did I consider checking it out.


You should have gone for waffles and you should have grabbed the bike haha! You passed by two large running temptations… you definitely earned major extra credit points on your 80 minute run today! I hope you have a beautiful weekend Victoria and you better make the brownies!


Brownies will make an appearance at my house this weekend? Today we have our nephew’s high school graduation to attend, grocery shopping and laundry. It warms my heart to think of your daughters reunion with their brother Knox. So sweet! I just really enjoy your posts Janae. They brighten my days. Happy Saturday!


They better make an appearance haha! And hopefully you add some vanilla ice cream to them too! I hope you guys have the best time at the graduation! Thank you so much Kimberly, that means a lot to me! Have a beautiful weekend!


1) packing our car to head home tomorrow!:(/:) I cant decide how I feel about it all because I am sad to leave my parents but I love my home too!
2) swimming in the lake with my family!
3) homemade pizza for Family dinner :)

Enjoy your family fun this weekend! I agree with you on the importance of watermelon and guacamole with summer meals.


Nadya! I was wondering the other day when we were chatting about the fall school schedule/your neighbor etc when you would be returning home! I can see why you are having mixed emotions! I am sure your parents have loved and appreciated having you guys there! Good luck with the drive and I hope you sleep so well tomorrow night in your own bed again! Enjoy the beach and lake. Thank you sweet friend!


That watermelon, bread and pita look amazing! I think I need to eat breakfast when all your food pics having my mouth watering. Today, we are going to a family graduation party for my cousin graduating high school, hopefully swimming with it going to be in the 90’s and hitting up Menards and Lowe’s for some supplies for our kitchen facelift in a few weeks.


6 mile run this morning, spend some time outside reading, and maybe get takeout for dinner! Restaurants have closed again indoors here, so continuing with the takeout trend.


Aaawwww…. It’s so good to see Knox again! That was a really long time without him.
A pretty low key weekend over here. I need to get some house cleaning done and patio clean up too, but we will get in some pool time.
I’m running more consistently again, thank you achilles for feeling better and better. And, my husband has started running again too. He has taken most of this year off (just life stuff, no injuries), so it has been so fun to have done a couple of runs together ?
Oh my goodness have I been living on watermelon these days! It’s the first thing I put in my mouth when I get back from my runs. So refreshing!
Have a great weekend Janae!


Hey Janae!

Question…do you find your PMD helps with wrinkles (especially around the eyes?) thanks!


Hey Elissa! I haven’t really noticed any changes with that so I’m not sure but it definitely helped with my acne!! Have a great day!


1) Taking a baby home. 2) Getting to shower and nap a precious few minutes at home. 3) Taking a baby home. Anything else that gets done today is just bonus.


Christina!!!!! Congratulations! Enjoy each and every snuggle. I am so so happy for you❤️❤️


The way Knox has his little hand behind Skye’s head during that hug is just the sweetest!

1. Long MTB ride
2. Coffee/ice cream stop half way
3. Grocery shop

We just got back from 2 days of mountain biking at two different bike trail centers. Even though the 2nd day was all downhill (you take a lift up then choose the route down) my legs are still tired….and bruised up!

Isn’t the Garmin issue cuckoo?! I am not obsessed with Garmin but was glad to have Strava because it was hilarious to have such a high elevation loss vs our typical elevation gain.

Have a great weekend! Any weekend involving days off, Great Harvest bread, and kiddos is a good one!!


Hey Kelly! I bet those two days were a blast! So glad you were able to do that and my legs would definitely be toast from that ha. I need to check out this Garmin issue (sometimes I’m so behind on things ha)! Thank you friend and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Hi Janae, long time reader with a super random question, is your at home spin bike a chain drive or a belt drive ?
Thanks !


Hey Elle! Thank you for reading over the years! It’s a chain! Lee in touch and enjoy your weekend.


Don’t you think it’s time to stop the pacifier? It’s going to be hard with a baby to stop it and her teeth are going to be affected


I wouldn’t worry about it.


Hi Janae! I’ve been following you for years and have always enjoyed your blog. I noticed that your Saturday posts are always titled “Silentish Saturday”, but they are never silent, haha! You always get so much done! Maybe it should be changed to “Successful Saturday”? Just a thought. :) Have a great day!


I totally put my last name up on my comment! are you able to remove it? Sorry!

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