Friday Favorites!

A sister run occurred.

I love seeing Andrew’s running gear out when I wake up in the morning because then I know he went out for a run the night before.  He told me when I got home from my run, “On my run last night I didn’t do an out-and-back in honor of you.” He loves out-and-backs and he knows I am all about loop courses for my runs so I’m glad he experienced the beauty of a nice loop.

IMG 4340

Of course we did this and somehow Skye convinced Andrew to let her bring in her favorite stuffed animal too.

IMG 4358

Later on my mom came to our house for a porch visit.  My parents are still staying home but now coming over to sit on our porch or eat with us in the backyard.  It’s been so nice to see them more and Skye drug out her basketball hoop to impress grandma with her skills.

IMG 4394

A huge highlight for me was the fact that Lauren sent me a large jar of the most delicious homemade almond butter.  How long will this jar last me?

As of yesterday I was eating it straight with a spoon!

IMG 4395

We decided that pizza and a movie had to happen.

IMG 4404

When Andrew got home with the pizza he realized that we were out of ranch and we just can’t eat pizza without ranch so he ran to the store to fix that problem ha.

IMG 4403


I have some favorite things to share with you today!

*Many of you recommended to me The Conscious Kid on IG to help me to figure out how to teach my children about everything happening and it has been an incredibly helpful tool for me.

IMG 4165

*Because I have absolutely LOVED my $26 leggings for running/life/lifting, I decided it was time to try different workout tank-tops on Amazon.   My top 2 favorites are (don’t mind the deodorant mark on the one below):

This one ($17)… It runs a tiny bit small so I would size up (comparing it to other non-pregnancy tanks that I have) but the material feels way nicer than the price tells me it should be, it comes in fun colors and it is long enough.  It washes really well too!

This one ($16)…. The sizing feels right on with this tank, it is loose (which helps it to feel extra cool), the back detail is adorable, I love all of the different colors and it is just like another tank I have bought for much more!

Let me know if you try either and what you think of them!

IMG 3995

*This episode with Ali and Peyton Thomas was such a great one.  I really loved her story and she was just the inspiration that I needed.

IMG 4375

*I bought a new swim cover-up since we are basically going to a pool every single day of our lives now and I love this one.   I also am loving this romper and it comes in every color you could imagine.  Oh and Frescas are a big part of my life right now too.

IMG 4242

*And Skye wanted me to include her new tie-dye pajama set that she got and was thrilled to put on.

IMG 4337

*This quote from Des.  I get so focused on getting to the finish line of whatever goal I am wanting in life but there is so much more happening in the process of getting to those goals that I need to focus on!  I like becoming.

Screen Shot 2020 05 31 at 8 20 58 AM


Do you do loop runs or out and back runs more often?

Any drinks that you are really loving right now?

Have anything you are looking forward to this weekend?

Any IG accounts that are helping you to learn and understand better anti-racism?  I would love to follow!

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I love looped runs! Ab9ut 90% of my runs are looped.

I cannot.get enough water. If I need flavor, I will throw a Liquid IV in it.

We have friends coming to visit this weekend and my kids are thrilled because they haven’t really seen any friends since March.

There’s not necessarily any particular accounts that I can recommend, for me a big part was making sure that what I see and who I talk to is diversified.


Hey Marissa! Yay for those loop runs… they are just the best. I need to try Liquid IV! This is going to be a huge weekend for you guys, your kids are going to have the best time! I think that is so important and I am doing the same:). Have a beautiful weekend Marissa!


I have been drinking water with Ultima Replenisher electrolyte powder. Amazon sells it. Staying hydrated and drinking plain water while pregnant is hard for me and this helps a ton. We are going to the beach this weekend so definitely looking forward to that! I hope you have a great weekend Janae!


Time to get this right now, thank you so much Melissa! How far along are you? Have the best time at the beach and I hope you are feeling well!


35 weeks! Getting close! Pink lemonade and blue raspberry are good flavors :)


I love this powder too! It has made my hydration for running so much better! I get fewer headaches now by far.


Hmm! That second tank top looks a lot like the Lululemon Essential Tank… way cheaper though! And I love the swim coverup. Amazon is really killing it with their clothing lately.
Thanks for sharing that instagram account- I’ll definitely check it out. Have a great day!


YES… it really does! I never thought I would buy clothing from Amazon a few years ago and now I feel like I get a ton of it there. Thanks Jenny and you too!


Skye looks so excited about her pjs! So cute!!

Depends where I am running! I like loops better, but there are some trails here that are out and back.

Drinking a lot of nuun the past few days, makes me more excited to drink water.

I’ve started following Check Your Privilege, Monique Melton, Ava DuVernay, and a few others. Plus trying to expand my worldview in general, so following more POC and BIPOC influencers (in all areas- food, running, etc.!).


YES… I agree, there are some out and back trails that are the best too but when running on roads, I love the loops. Thank you so much for sharing those with me and I can’t wait to check them out. So much change and growth, I’m so glad we are all in this together. Have a great weekend Mariah.


Your swim cover up is really cute! I always love your Friday favorites. Give me all of the loops! There is literally only one out and back route that I can say I actually like and look forward to. I am looking forward to seeing my kids this weekend! They have been spending quality time at my parents’ where there is almost no Covid and they are loving it but I am missing them big time!


Thanks Ali and I’m glad you like my Friday posts.. it gives me an excuse to get some fun things;). SO happy your kids were able to spend time with your parents’ house and so happy you are back together this weekend. The reunion is the best. Have a fabulous weekend, thanks Ali!


I love loops for sure! I’m getting back at running in a few weeks (I’m waiting till 4 months after our little one was born and doing some strenght training now instead) and I can’t wait!
Thanks for the Ig-account you shared, will check it out!
We don’t have any special plans this weekend: working out and trying to entertain the kids indoors since it will be raining the next few days :)


Hello friend! I think you are being SO smart with your postpartum running coming back. SO smart to get going with strength first and I’ll copy your ways:). Good luck with all of the indoor play and I hope you get a little bit of sunshine!


Thanks! The sun actually started shining after this :)


I did a loop yesterday and it was great! A lot of times I do out and back routes though so that I can be on a path and minimize street crossings.

Skye is making me hot in her long sleeve and pant pj set! They’re cute but I can’t imagine sleeping in that right now as summer weather is coming lol.

Two things I’m looking forward too (because I can’t pick one ;) is coffee with a friend this afternoon and dinner at a restaurant with my family tonight! I ran into this girl while on the run last weekend lol and since we’re the only ones of our friends that are in the town we grew up, we are getting together to sit outside at a local coffee shop. It’ll be so nice to talk to her, especially after the crappy 1.5 months I’ve had with my breakup (THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORDS IN OUR EMAILS!! All caps there so I can hopefully show how much it meant to me Janae!) . My family has been ordering takeout from local places during the entire stay at home order and since restaurants were allowed to open up outdoor seating we’re heading to one tonight, woohoo!!


Hahaha well, it’s probably my fault because I’m so hot all of the time now I keep our house so cold! I am so happy that you get to go out for coffee with a friend and to dinner with your family:). Those are definitely things to look forward to. I really hope each day is getting better Maureen and I’m sorry about your last 1.5 months. Bigger and better up ahead. Enjoy being at a restaurant, it feels so good now!


Where is Skye’s swimsuit from? i love the ruffed bottoms


Hey Lindsey! It is from here:
I am obsessed with everything on her site! Have the best weekend:)


On my night runs I also am a fan of out-and-backs. I can do loops if I know what the mileage is, but tend to do out-and-backs 99.5% of the time.
We are doing an outside visit at my parents’ house tonight! Now I just need to think of an easy meal to bring to eat outside..
We just pulled out our Soda Stream again because we were creating a crazy amount of plastic-bottle-recycling (my husband loves the ICE brand waters). We’ve been adding cherry juice and lemonade to flavor the carbonated water, so far.
Have a great Friday!


You and Andrew are so alike with your running… I love it:) Have the best time visiting with your parents’ tonight. I REALLY need a soda stream and have wanted one for years… you are inspiring me Katie, thank you and I hope your Friday is a great one too!


Black Girl in Maine (BGIM) – has an Instrgram account and Facebook page that I read. She has opened my eyes to subtle ways (and sometime sadly very obvious ways) in which biases occurred that I – have never thought of. I thought my eyes were open – but I was very clearly blind to many things. Sometimes I agree- sometimes I feel uncomfortable and when I sit with my discomfort- I find that is where I learn the most.

I don’t know how you can wear a romper when pregnant. I used the bathroom way too much for that!

Have a good day :)


Thank you thank you thank you and I can’t wait to check her out. I relate to you so much and cannot believe I’ve gone so long without even thinking about these things. More growth is happening this week because of the uncomfortable feelings than ever before.. you are so right. Hahaha I just wear the romper on the way to the pool and the way home. My bladder is crazy right now. Thanks Bethany and you too!


I am mostly a loop runner, but my 2 favorite trails are out and backs. Oh how I am craving my runs! 2 full weeks off, and the achilles are feeling better, but the right one is still a little tight and achey.
I am needing some new running clothes, so thank you for sharing your favorite tanks. The bright red one is so cute! I love Friday Favorites.
I am looking forward to listening to Ali’s podcast. We’re in the process of re-doing our bedroom, so that will be great to listen to while I’m painting. It’s been at least 17+ years since we’ve really done anything for our room, so new paint, new mattress, new bedding… I am so excited! The bedroom make-over is sort of trickling into other parts of the house too, ha! But I do love painting.
So happy to hear that your parents are out a little. I’m sure they love it.
Have a great Friday ?


There is one out and back that I do in Hawaii – from our condo to Diamond Head. Other than that I usually run loops.

It’s been really hot in So Cal this week , so we’re drinking lots of ice tea.

Today is our 3rd work day of the week and we plan to get the 2nd course of our wall up. 31 blocks on Wednesday, we need to do about 21 today. The weekend will be for recovery!


I feel like any course in Hawaii is a really great and gorgeous one ha. I can’t believe how hot it has already been for you guys. You must be SO sore but I bet you are enjoying how amazing your hard work looks now. Have a great weekend, Kathy!


Ok so I am going to order at least 3 of those rompers! Thanks for the link :)
Depends on where I am, but 99% of the time I loop! I only go for the out and back if there is a chance I will get lost haha
As for beverages I literally drank an entire case of AHA watermelon lime this week.
It is the best. Especially with a side of nachos. Oh and I tried blending it with real frozen watermelon chunks and lemonade in the blender and it made a delicious slushy!
And @rachel.cargle is amazing and shares a ton of really great resources. Hope you have an wonderful weekend :)


I hope you love the rompers as much as I do. Hahaha that’s how I am, if I am in a new place then I’m all about the out and back. Andrew sent me a picture of those from the store to see if we should try them but I wasn’t sure so now we will have to along with the frozen watermelon chunks and lemonade… drooling. Thank you for the resource, can’t wait to check her out! You too Rachel.


Loop runs always! But I have been doing hills lately there’s a big one by my house so just doing repeats.

Follow @shaunking on Instagram. Also @grassrootslaw.


Just started following them.. thank you so much! Way to get in those hills, they make us so so strong. Have a beautiful weekend, Emily!


I highly recommend following @rachel.cargle on Instagram. She is a brilliant writer and her link tree has a lot of her work attached. This one in Harper’s Bazaar (2019) is a great start:

She is also chair of the Loveland Foundation: They provide access to therapy for Black girls and women through a variety of resources. Increasing access to therapy, especially in communities that are currently underserved, is SO important. I could go on and on about it.

I love to see you learning and using your platform to help! <3 <3 <3


I am loving La Croix…..but only the coconut or lime……….evidently not everyones favorites, but the coconut is spot on! makes a great mixer with fruit juice, too!


I am so happy for you guys that you get to play in the water so much! Aaaand maybe a little envious also :) Those tanks look awesome …. I’m convinced I’m overdue for new running clothes!
I LOVE loops and I’ve gotten really good at creating loop routes; I’ve gotten comments on my strava runs because the long ones look like tiny bubbles all over the map with maybe a large one or two!
My favorite drink while on hard/long runs is Nuun endurance. Does that count?! Ha!
I’m looking forward to sleeping in this weekend!
Have a great day!


I’m all about loops but usually from my house I would do a combo of both. Now that I live in a condo I run downhill and take an Uber back up. My hill is murder. I can’t believe that Andrew can run after work. He’s young and an animal. Last year I picked up shifts in an ICU and was amazed how hard of work it is. I’m getting lazy. haha


Yay your parents are able to come by that’s so exciting !?

Ty for sharing your Friday Favs! ?

I’m off to bake cookies for friends and neighbors! ?

Enjoy your Friday!


Do those leggings fit true to size? You’ve mentioned them a few times now so they must be great!


Hey! They really are, you are going to love them. They fit true to size for me and all of my friends that have bought them. Let me know what you think!


So if I have a loop that I run in both directions, is that an out and back or a loop?……..I like both out and backs, loops, and lollipops! Figure 8’s are kind of neat sometimes, too. Part of me loves out and backs because it’s like 2 shorter runs. I’m also an adder-on-er and will do an out and back in the midst of a loop. They all have their merits!

When it comes to beverages I am so boring. Plain cold still water is my go-to, but for “fun” I grab a bubbly water. That’s my fave as long as I’ve already run (no bubbles pre-run). My son is loving kombucha right now and we have a *very* limited offering here so we’ve taste tested 4-5 flavors only. We can buy cases of glass bottles of various juice/spritzed mineral waters but I’m not much of a juice or soda person. #plain

Thanks for always doing the legwork on running apparel on Amazon!



Just started White Fragility-there is so much there and I’m so grateful for it.

Also-you should check out Little Feminist Bookclub for your kids. They send two books a month with discussion questions and activities and the main characters are always POC, female, or varying abilities. The books are chosen by librarians, psychologists, teachers and parents. There are subscriptions for all ages-my son is about to turn 2 and he LOVES the books every month. They are hands down his favorite books on his shelves. I can’t say enough great things about it!

I am 35 weeks pregnant and Fresca sounds SO good now that you mention it!! I’ll have to include that in my next grocery order. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


We love Fresca, too, but we can’t find it anywhere here in Kansas City right now. I learned recently there’s actually a Fresca shortage! I guess there is a problem with supply of the sweetener that comes from China. I hope your supply isn’t limited in Utah. You might want to stock up!


With all your pool time, do you have a recommendations (Preferably affordable one!) for a face SPF that doesn’t break out skin?

I am going to be in the sun and by the lake a lot this summer and the last few days my skin has really broken out :( after using what my parents had on hand. I have very very acne prone skin so your suggestions would be appreciated:)


Hey you!! So I have been LOVING this one. I haven’t had any breakouts with it either and I use it before runs, before the pool and before I put on makeup too!

Bummer about the kind that you have been using. I’m not sure if this is good or not for acne because I’m not sure if I have had less problems with acne since I’m pregnant but I’m loving it. Keep enjoying your lake time!


#selfrespect #respect #selfesteem

Saw 57 officers resigned from the Buffalo force today. We all need our #selfrespect to be centered.


Do you think you can make a list of the recommended anti racist accounts, blogs, websites, etc. as a blog post? IDK if that is appropriate or not.


i love a loop and much prefer, but where i live out and backs are more the accessible route. they get the job done, and its always ‘if i just get to X spot, i just gotta make it home’ etc. but then i memorize all the markers…
yay rompers!

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