Silentish Saturday!

Ran my happy mileage lately of 8 miles @ 9:08 average.

I listened to Brene Brown’s interview with Ibram X. Kendi on How to Be an Antiracist and it was amazing.  I will be listening to it again.

I’m very happy that our restrooms and drinking fountains are open again… my pregnant bladder is thrilled about this and now I can refill my water bottle along the way.

IMG 4411

Saying goodbye for 5 days.

IMG 4425

I’ve never been so predictable in my entire life ha.  I eat so many almond butter and jam sandwiches each day.

IMG 4356

I promise they like matching too;)

IMG 4430

Cousins every day.

IMG 4438

She wanted hot chocolate and it was 95 degrees outside.

IMG 4440

Didn’t need a nap but REALLY needed to just be lazy for an hour.

IMG 4443

Brooke had her first playdate with a friend from school since March and Skye assumed she was one of the gang.

IMG 4454

My kids were NOT upset with the random McDonald’s craving that I was having.

IMG 4465

Beretta update because it’s been way too long since you last saw her.

IMG 4470

Off for my Saturday run and I definitely walk the uphills now!

This image below always makes me laugh because I feel like it is talking about my experience at CIM ha (loved the course but those hills were not gentle):



Tell me three things you are doing today!

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Grocery shopping, pool time with my 3 year old Harper and probably some laundry.


Hey Melissa! Enjoy your time at the pool and I love the name Harper. Have a beautiful day.


It’s pouring out here today. I had this ambitious list of things to do but now I just want to stay on the couch and watch Netflix and nap and eat pizza.

I’m not sure entirely what will actually happen. Maybe middle ground? Maybe go to the gym and run errands in the rain?

Maybe absolutely nothing?


Pizza sounds good. I’d go with that.


I think the option of doing nothing sounds fabulous. It’s a rainy day here too so I want to follow your lead! Hope you are having a wonderful morning so far, Kristen.


Where are the matching bathing suits from? I would love to match my kiddos!


Hey RK! They are from here and I got these ones last year but they have a ton of cute ones this year too:
I hope you have a great weekend.


Today is my birthday! I’m turning 40: big milestone. I’m celebrating with eating my favorite cake at random times during the day :) In the evening I’m going to my parents. My mom is making a full dinner. This will be the first time we are having a meal together inside since this whole virus shenanigans started in March (Belgium).

I’m also honoring my life-time frustration of studying on my birthday. I have my level 2 Spanish exam coming up soon.

Brooke is very smart. Did you know that hot beverages better quench thirst when temperatures are high? Just saying.

Thank you for sharing your anti-racist learning materials. Have a great day! I’m off finishing my cake :)


Hi Janae, please ignore the ‘just saying’. I looked up the exact meaning after posting (should have done that before obviously). Did not mean to convey that.


HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINEKE!! I hope your day is a beautiful one and I love how you are celebrating with cake throughout the day. Enjoy your time with your parents too, so happy you are going to be back together and I am SO sorry that you have to study on your bday too. How many languages do you speak? You are amazing and good luck on your exam soon. I HAD NO IDEA about that fact with hot beverages, so interesting. Thank you friend and I totally get what you were saying!


I swear that picture could have been taken on Richmond’s ‘gently rolling hills’ ??. The worst! For the first time this week I had a run where I didn’t feel like puking! Yay heat acclimation! ? I can’t remember the last time I had McDonald’s fries but they sound SO good right now!!!


Hahah remind me not to run Richmond then;). SO happy today felt so much better and I am just so amazed by you running in what you do. I think you are going to need some of their fries asap… they tasted so so good but now I definitely won’t need them for awhile. Hope your weekend is a beautiful one:)


12 miles, highest since my 10 mile virtual race on 3/14. It was super hot and humid and I was DONE. But I did what I set out to do! Today is gonna be quiet I think. We just switched to the “yellow” phase in our area and except for outdoor dining, not much has changed.

We are loosening some of our restrictions and saw my in laws. We left it up to them but they basically said that since we haven’t been anywhere they felt safe. It was SO nice but my girls acted insane, always awesome right?? My 12 yr old would not stop touching her 9 year old sister, you would think they have had enough of each other by now.


TWELVE MILES IN HEAT AND HUMIDITY!? You should be so so proud, heat and humidity makes it all 10x harder.SO happy that you were able to go visit your in-laws. Hahaha they are just so used to being together now there are no limits anymore:). Keep me updated with how you guys are doing and I hope you feel safer and safer. Thanks Carrie!


run, pool, grill out!

those swim suits are too cute! where did you get the girls’ suits?


Run, pool, grill out… sounds like the perfect day!! I got them from here last year: Their swimsuits this year are from here: Have a great day Rachel!


Hi Janae! Thanks for the podcast recommendation, you never disappoint with those. Yesterday I got some watercolor supplies finally and I am so excited to paint! I think it’ll be good stress relief. Happy weekend!!


The top three things on my to do list today are: go for a family bike ride, wash my hair(it’s been more than a couple days..), and make some yummy granola with the kids.
I like running hills (when not pregnant, of course!) but not sure about how I would feel about a super hilly marathon! Maybe if I didn’t care about my time.. I think the marathons that truly have gently rolling hills are usually the ones that say they are “mostly flat”.


Hot Yoga
Cleaning bathrooms
Pool time

Where is your suit from?


Here is a conversation from October 2018 regarding the myth of systemic racism:


I need to write a blog post!
My running club has gone virtual so I have instigated a virtual board meeting next week and I need to write the agenda today.
I should run but I really just don’t feel like it.


Hi Janae – I’m wondering whether you should delete Lee’s racist comment about the oppression he feels as a white person and that racism is a myth. Upsetting to see this view! PS love your blog :)


I am so so sorry! I haven’t been on today to see them! Deleting now!!!!


Hi!!! ???

Eight miles is a nice distance! You’re too funny with your pregnancy distances ? my happy distance is five miles a day. Especially since it’s now a walk & run combo! ?‍♀️ ?‍♀️

Woohoo for water fountains! So refreshing! ?

Aww saying goodbye is rough. I had a similar experience with my kids and my heart ached saying goodbye. But knowing that my kids were with loving family and having fun helped a lot. I would sometimes send my kids a silly letter in the mail with stickers! They weren’t far from home but loved getting mail. Most kids enjoy mail I think?! ?

Cute swimsuits! Keep matching as long as possible! My kids look back on pics when they matched and say “mommmm why did you do that to us?” Haha! ?

I am with Brooke. There is no bad to have hot cocoa ?

I’ve been listening to the same podcast you mentioned. Love Brene Brown. What’s going on in the world is eye opening for me. I am reading, listening and learning everyday. My husband and I attended a couple peaceful protests. The energy was contagious. ?

Random pregnancy cravings are the best! Enjoy them all! ? ?

Have a wonderful weekend! ?


Oh man, that meme always hits me right in the feels!


Thanks for the podcast recommendation, and for taking time this week to acknowledge what is going on in the world and steps you are taking to learn more. As a social worker, I spend my days working with people suffering from the effects of oppression and racism regularly. It is heartwarming and inspiring to know how deeply this movement is taking hold and awakening people to systemic flaws in our society. Thanks for using your platform; it was an unexpected and inspiring surprise. I hope your commitment to learning more and creating awareness in your family is a journey that keeps you digging deeper.

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