Speed Day + a First for the Year!

I have a new HRG Baby post if you want to check it out:  Because a Surprise Sounds Fun + 16 Weeks


I decided to switch things up!  I went to the track yesterday because I was feeling really good and was running alone so I let some intervals keep me entertained (the podcast episode from Keeping-Track with Molly Seidel also kept me very entertained).

IMG 3878

When I am doing ‘speed work’ while pregnant I am keeping any intervals I do short and staying at a pace where I could still talk if I wanted to.  When I did Hawk’s workouts last year I would usually be up to 85-90% of my maximum effort during the speed portions but at this point I don’t go anywhere near that just to be safe.  I just like to try to get my legs to spin a bit and push myself a little bit out of that comfort zone.

I did 8 x 400 meters with jogs or standing recoveries for about 30 seconds.   My pace was usually around a 7:00 pace for the intervals.

My friend Maddie posted this from flotrack and I wanted to see what you do to…

I always recover from speed/races/hard workouts with the hands on my knees posture!

IMG 3849

I definitely had one of my fastest days in a while—> 2nd trimester running is a million times better than 1st trimester running for me.

IMG 3886

We then went straight to pick up Knox!  We are either away from him for 2 days or 5 days with how we rotate and those 5 days stretches are rough!

IMG 3888

Skye insisted on wearing her boots yesterday and I realized how smart of a move that was… Many years we still get snow here in May so she is just being prepared;)

IMG 3891

After the kids did their chores we all hit up our first public pool of the year.  Things like this are open here but they practice social distancing which was easy because it never got crowded.

IMG 3895

Just going for an almond butter/jam sandwich streak.

IMG 3914

Skye feels extra cool in her goggles.

IMG 3901

Our church’s primary did a drive-by ice cream truck for all of the kids in the area and that was a definite highlight.

IMG 3919

That post-swim nap is a good one.

IMG 3926

We had chicken fajita bowls for dinner and peaches for dinner….

IMG 3928

Our kids are big fans of meals like bowls because they get to create their own and that makes them feel cool.

IMG 3927


Just one more reminder about a new baby update here!


Hands on head, hands on knees or other… how do you recover?

Usually hands on knees but sometimes I just sit down (ehhh lay down) on the grass until I can breathe again normally.

On any food, running or something else streaks right now?

Who has been back to a gym in their area?  What are the rules? Are yours open yet?

A question from Knox—> What’s the scariest ride or slide or attraction that you’ve ever been on? (He went down the big slide at the water park so he wants to know what you’ve done)

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To Knox – Hey kiddo, so the town the i grew up in had a “tower” at the public pool. I really don’t know how tall it was. The ladder was a long climb, which seems scary in itself now and then walking out to the end to jump off. I only did it once, and it was super scary, because you couldn’t hold your breath from the top until you hit the water, so you had to keep gulping air. I have recently found out they have removed the ladder and don’t let anyone use the tower anymore.

I also have a chicken joke for you to share with Brooke.
I had a hen who could count her own eggs. What was she called? A mathemachicken!


So glad you’re feeling better running now and that you can get speedwork in!

Hey this morning I went running and it started raining and I think we all agreed that means waffles for breakfast, right?


Hands on knees. Not as dignified but works!!
Great question Knox!! I am not a fan of scary rides but my 18 year old son talked me into a scary water ride a few years ago. It was shaped like a capital U. We started in a raft at the top of one side and slid down one side and up the other and back again until we stopped at the bottom. Scary because we went so fast and so far up. It was the fun scary but not sure I’d do it again. He could probably talk me into it, Moms do a lot for their kids, you know :) !!


SHAPED LIKE A CAPITAL U… that sounds terrifying. I read this to Knox and he says he wants me to do that with him ha. I might just have to send Andrew. I hope you are having a beautiful day, Nancy!


I always want to do hands on knees, but so many coaches told me hands on head was better! I’m gonna stick with hands on knees now.

Hi Knox! The scariest ride I’ve been on is SkyRush at Hershey Park. You start with a slow giant uphill, but the rest is super fast with lots of turns and loops! My eyes were watering at the end it was so fast- but promise I wasn’t crying, it was fun!! And a plus of going to Hershey Park is visiting Chocolate World at the end of the day for candy and my personal favorite, their dark chocolate and peanut butter milkshake.


I’m definitely a hands-on-knees person. I’ll very rarely lay on the ground–I feel like gravity is working against me or something.
I’m technically on my 2nd workout streak: I’ve done a workout or run every day since March 17, except for 1 rest day (May 19).
The CrossFit gym I go to started having outdoor (parking lot) workouts this week. I have enough equipment to keep working out at home, so I’m going to stick with that for now. My county has had a pretty high incidence of virus cases, so I’m not comfortable rushing back.
Knox! Great job on the big slide! It’s so courageous to follow through on something that looks intimidating. I remember climbing back down the ladder of the high dive a bunch of times before I finally jumped, but then it became one of my favorite things to do :) I hope you keep finding things to challenge yourself and have fun!


You aware a speedy inspiration Mama!! I listened to the Shalane Flanagan episode you suggested the other day and it was SO GOOD!! She is such a role model.

Knox- nearby my parent’s home in Virginia is an amusement park called King’s Dominion and there is (was?) a ride called The Berserker. It is a ship that swings side to side and almost flips upside down! It was so scary when I was a kid…and fun!

No gyms for me and they are not open yet (and I probably won’t go there even when they do open until there is a vaccine because it doesn’t seem worth the risk for me). I feel super grateful for the summer weather so I can run outside and that I have access to a treadmill at home for colder bad weather days!


I meant to write in the first sentence: You ARE a speedy Mama, Janae! :)


Thank you SO MUCH! Now you need to listen to Ali on the Run with Shalane, you will love it. Ummm that ride sounds absolutely terrifying! I am so grateful for this weather and so glad you have a treadmill too. Enjoy the rest of your day, Nadya!


I am currently LOVING / been on a food streak of avocado toast topped with TJ’s everything but the bagel seasoning, radishes, microgreens and an over medium egg!

Also, I was loving your posts about what you’ve been using the instant pot for – gave me some ideas!


And now you have me NEEDING that toast. Yum! Yes, we are going to get back to using the instant pot this weekend so I’ll share some deliciousness soon. I hope you are having a wonderful day so far, Amy!


I *love* how after your 2nd trimester pregnant speedwork you are all, that felt GOOD! And Andrew is totally exhausted (yawning). Ha!

Hands on head for sure! Usually right up until I get the medal, then water water water. Oh, you mean some people work out hard enough to need recovering outside of a race??

I am chowing down the sourdough bread I keep making. This time I threw a little cinnamon and sugar and butter in the middle before it rose, and it is delightful!

Our gyms (YMCA) are open in the surrounding ding counties, but not my county. They have opened the indoor pool and the fitness center but not the outdoor pool or Y Play (where my son can go when I run), so we have not been yet.

I love water park slides! I think the scariest is the roller coaster at Knotts Berry Farm that does a double loopty-loop backwards. You can’t see what’s so I f. I puked (in the bathroom, afterwards).


That’s great speed work – well done! Neither – usually I go with hands on hips. What can I say, I’m a maverick ;-)

I’m kinda on a two runs per day streak! Still plugging away at the 100 mile week here, I’m past the halfway point here and depending on how my legs feel later on I hope I’ll hit 100 km (62.14 miles) on this evening’s run.


Two runs per day streak… I am cheering you on big time with this 100 mile week! GO HELEN GO!


Hands on head…. I always thought knees felt better but was told by a coach that your head is better. Guess I can switch back now :D
No streaks, just adjusting to a very sudden temperature change in my area 50–> 90 in two days?!

For Knox’s question: I am quite scared of heights but when I was in the 8th grade our school’s music department went to Six Flags where my best friend’s dad was chaperoning and convinced me to go on this ride- it was a square tower with a few seats on each side, your legs dangled off, and it was 205 ft tall (I just looked it up, its called the Scream at Six Flags New England). Anyway, it shoots you up in the air, down again, up again, at random. But I lived (and would never go again).


Ha, this one is easy Knox. X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain.



Janaie – Have you are Andrew been there before? I’ve ridden everything there with my 2 sons. My wife just watches :)


AHHHHH that is terrifying! Knox said NO WAY to doing that one haha. I have been there once forever ago but I’ll have to take the kids when they are a bit taller!


I find I go in phases of eating everything on plates or eating everything from bowls. I love a good bowl meal. Also it works great for everyone when they can design their own bowl of things they like. Growing up, stir fry nights and mexican nights were also a win with everyone because you could pick your own foods and customize as I am a picky eater at times.


I’m with you, the bowl phase and plate phase is strong here too! I need to do a stir fry night over here, that sounds amazing right now. I hope you are having a beautiful day, Alicia!


I had to join a new gym. I’m in Texas and the virus hasn’t hit that badly here, but my normal gym at my office building will be closed until the fall- so I ponied up the bucks to get into a alternate. No more than 25% capacity for now, and everyone is actually cleaning the equipment they use! It’s so nice!

The scariest ride I have been on is the Incredicoaster at Disneyland! I didn’t know what I was getting into and I rode with my eyes closed almost the whole time! I am a weenie :)


You are not a weenie! That ride gets me every time too and I forget how scary it is, especially in the beginning! So glad that you have a gym to use and that they are doing such an amazing job keeping it clean. Have a great night, Emily!


4 days into a running streak here! Yesterday, I did not want to run, but I told myself I would just do one mile easy. Once I finished that mile, I did 6x 400 + lots of drills + another mile for cooldown, and when I got back to the house, I did some core work for cross training! It’s just the best feeling ever when you don’t want to run, but you do anyway and it turns out great!

For Knox: the scariest attraction I have been on was a huge high ropes course. Most of the obstacles weren’t really that scarry, but there were some that were just like one rope twenty feet up in the air that you had to cross. You had to wear a harness, which made things a little bit better. A little bit. :)

Knox should do a guest post on your blog! And so should Brooke!


I love that idea… yes, I will have them do a blog post for sure! FOUR DAYS BOOM! Go Leah! You rocked it with that speed yesterday and I love that you tricked yourself getting out the door ha. Ummm yeah, Knox and I agree that we would pass on that obstacle and reading about it made my hands sweat haha. Hope you have a great night, Leah!


Definitely hands on knees! It just feels right.
I’m on a morning yoga streak! I’ve been doing a pelaton flow class every morning since May 1. I go through phases with yoga, but as soon as I start doing it consistently I feel SO much better and wonder WHY did I stop doing this haha? Also cereal. Chocolate cheerios and cinnamon toast crunch make up about 80% of my diet right now.
And I am a total chicken when it comes to rides. So good for Knox, he is much braver than me!
So glad you’re feeling better and hope you have a great day!


Okay, Rachel that is awesome that you have been on a yoga streak and you are inspiring me to do a pelaton flow class! I love that you are also on a cereal streak, I like the way you think. Thank you so much Rachel and I hope you have a great night!


Wow Skye is too cute with those pigtails!! Knox – we have a theme park called Canada’s wonderland, and there are some big roller coasters there! One is called the behemoth and I only went on it once, it was much too scary for me. Good job going down the big slide!
I’m on a YouTube popsugar fitness video streak right now! I dislike strength training but I’ve been able to stick with these videos a few times a week for the last 2 months. Proud of myself!
It suddenly shot up to 100 degrees outside (certainly unusual for my area) so running will definitely be indoors for me while it’s this hot.


You are a ROCKstar pregnant runner! I could only do walk-runs through my pregnancies (somehow it affected my breathing) so I am very impressed.
I have always thought the hands on your head helped more with breathing, but I will have to try the hands on knees stance next time. Interesting!
Scariest thing…I think anything really HIGH up with limited/no guard rails is scary (ferris wheels with open seating, tall fire towers, ridges while hiking, etc.). Sometimes worth it, but still scary!


I laughed so hard at Andrew in the background Of the watch photo! ???


HAHAH I caught him mid yawn… mornings are hard;). I hope you have a great night, Christina!


Hands on knees, honestly just whatever is most dramatic ;)

My gym and yoga studio both open next week, but with very limited spots in each class, so they are also holding classes on Zoom too. I’ll probably just take the classes from home for a while. We haven’t had many cases in our area at all, but we are a tourist destination and with hotels also opening next week I’m going to give it some time.

Knox, I can tell you about the ride I did NOT take, because I’m not as brave as you! My sister and I were traveling in Costa Rica and we did a ropes course. At the end was a GIANT rope swing. It was a holiday so it was mostly local families with us and EVERYONE except me did the swing (including grandmas). I don’t speak as much Spanish, but my sister is fluent and she told me later the group was calling me a “chicken” – hah!

Also, I read too quickly and thought you were eating an Almond butter, jam and STEAK sandwich. I was thinking the pregnancy cravings were going to a new level.


Hi Janae! I am on such a long strength training streak! I’ve been doing lots more strength training since quarantine started and a few days ago I realized how much easier it was to hold a plank! I beat my previous record for holding a plank easily!
I love the podcast recommendations always, you should do a round up of what you regularly listen to sometimes!


My COVID spinach addiction is real! Luckily it’s in season here, so I have been hitting up the local farm and going through 2-3 bags a week. I guess that counts as my green streak.

Why do your kids all look 10 years older this week, lol? You should take Knox to FL, and visit the tower of terror. Bush Gardens also has some pretty sweet roller coasters, but it’s been years since I have been. Maybe not so sweet anymore? We have a small park here in Maine with a wooden roller coaster. Nothing too scary. I took my partner Steve on it a few years back and should have bought the photo. He had the death grip on the handlebar and looked like he was going to die. I am sitting next to him with my hands in the air laughing and probably yelling “yahoo”. Makes me laugh every time I think of it. Poor guy was so embarrassed, but what a champ for even going on it.

My gym is technically closed, but we’ve been rocking the Zoom. We may be starting outdoor classes in the next couple of weeks. Time will tell. Keep moving!


Hi Knox,
I love scary rides! I’ve been riding roller coasters since I was tall enough. I think the scariest was probably one at Six Flags Magic Mountain here in So Cal. We went to a company private party there one time and got to ride ALL the scary rides without waiting in line! It was a total blast… until we were walking around in circles because we had been spun, dipped and flipped so much!

Have a great day, Janae!


So sweet thinking of how happy you all are when Knox returns. Curious as the kids get excited about another sibling if the older ones have other step or half siblings


For Knox: I do not know if it is the scariest, but it was a thrill: The park city zip line when we were out visiting your step mom.


Hands on knees. Unless I am on a spin bike then I just slow down my legs until my spine is upright, I roll my shoulders back, and I FREAKING GASP FOR AIR and let my legs come to a stop (or as slow as possible). Then I look forward, inhale, put my hands on the handlebars, and get back to it.

Food streak–I have noticed during quarantine time that I am REALLY BIG on banana nice cream with chocolate protein powder mixed in (and frozen cherries if I have htem in the freezer). I think I have had it at least once a week since mid-March! And right now I am in a serious can’t stop/won’t stop thing with it. :)

And by the way–the picture of SKye with her pigtails and boots–SHE LOOKS LIKE A REALLY BIG KID! Not like a toddler. Does she understand yet that she’s going to be a big sister (and that’s one more way she will just be like Brooke…without even trying…)?!?!? I can’t wait to see that chronicled in here!!!

Stay safe and healthy out there! :)


I’m shocked to see the study that “hands on knees” is better! I was ALWAYS told to stand up and put your hands on your head. I’m also enjoying our farmers market being open! An easy combo is squash and zucchini with some butter and a little water, microwave until soft, salt and butter for taste. It’s definitely going to be a repeat summer meal for me!


Hello Janae,
Great post. You’re doing great as a pregnant runner.
I just wanted to let you know that I sent you an email message through your “Contact Page” on this site. It’s been a day or two. Did you receive it? It was kind of personal, so that’s why I sent you an email message. I know you are busy…
Look forward to your response.


HEY AMY!! I am so behind on emails but I will 100% get back to you today! THANKS and I hope you have the best day!


Love almond butter and make an excellent homemade version—Happy to send some to you–(if you want)….!!



Lauren… ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I would definitely say yes to this!!!


Knox – the rides at Six flags magic mountain are so big and scary they’re a must when you’re tall enough and enjoy it while you’re a teen/young adult because when you get older they just make you sick for days. Last summer I actually thought I was still having sickness the day after but it was an earthquake! But worth it!


I read this to Knox and he said we have to go there soon…. and Andrew will go on the rides with him ha. Hope your day is a beautiful one, Melodie!


? ? Way to go on the track!

Skye is one smart cookie. I have a suspicion Skye does what she wants ?

An ice cream truck? How neat! I remember as a child what a huge treat it was to get ice cream from the ice cream truck. Minlods felt the exact same way. Gotta love it ?

I like to stretch my legs are a walk or run.. just feels good ahhh…

I’m on a huge great harvest sourdough toast kick usually topped with Avocado ? etc ..

Gym? Haha! Our gyms are still not open. But it’s okay we have have the great outdoors! ⛅️

Wow Knox how brave of your to go down a big slide! Was the big slide fun! Would you go down the big slide again? ?

My scariest ride as a child… we were waiting in line for a “surprise” ride. It was dark and I was scared the entire time wondering what this ride could be?! Well it was Space Mountain and wow! I’ll never forget that day!

Have a wonderful day! ?


Hi Knox!! The funnel of fear at Michigan adventure is in my top list. Please ask your parents to show you a video!! My daughter said I screamed most of the ride ???


Hands on head for me! Although I might need to change now.. I like that you can keep walking though so maybe I won’t change..

No streaks for me.. I like variety ;)

Gyms are back open her in Western Australia and I couldn’t be happier! We still have some restrictions in place (max of 20 people per class, practise social distancing, no sharing weights/equipment and wiping everything down after class).

@Knox, great question! The scariest slide I’ve been on is called the “Climax” in Waterbom park in Bali. You stand on a platform and then after a countdown it just opens up and you basically fall down vertically! It was super scary but we ended up going on it a few times . I LOVE scary rides and slides!


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