Friday Favorites!

I haven’t done this in a very long time… I visited our weight shed with Andrew.  When I am not pregnant I have very little motivation to strength train so when I am pregnant it’s even lower… BUT a few minutes is better than zero minutes and I had fun talking to Andrew while he lifted.  My quads are already sore from the few squats that I did.

We had a nice audience too.

IMG 3440

And finished in the best way possible.

IMG 3444

Before weights I started off my day feeling great on a run with my sister!  On the way to my sister’s house I saw my niece coming back from her run.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing my family loving running and Brooks running shoes.

IMG 3434

My sister and I tried out a new route which felt pretty new and exciting!

IMG 3436

I definitely spent a lot of time yesterday on the couch with some almond butter and jam sandwicheS… one just wasn’t enough.

IMG 3449

The only thing I did for the rest of the day that was off of the couch (this nausea keeps me guessing)…

We took the kids to get a snow cone!

IMG 3470


I have a few Friday Favorites to share today!

*Light weight tank top alert—> I’m already feeling so hot during my runs and it isn’t even summer yet so I’m in desperate need of tank tops that will keep me nice and cool.  This one feels like you aren’t wearing a tank and it doesn’t stick to you in the slightest.  I also love the high neckline and the back detail is really fun too.  It comes in a few colors!

IMG 3433 3

*Favorite podcast episode of the week—>  this one, Deena Kastor is just the best and I soak in every word she says (her book is a big reason why I finally started hitting my running goals).

IMG 3390

*This week I’ve been hanging out with Andrea Barber (her book really makes you feel like you are hanging out together) and I just love this book so so much.  PS if you are an Amazon Prime member you can read it for free on kindle right now.

IMG 3350

*If you go to Costco anytime soon and you love chips then please pick these up and tell me what you think.  They go perfectly with each meal that I eat.

IMG 3414

*I have had a few people ask about some clothing items lately (they aren’t maternity but they work for that too:) so I’ll share them here—>  This dress (low on sizes but she restocks often) and this button up top (classic staple that will last forever)!


I have some AMAZING runners to share with you today! These four will inspire you a lot.  I’m just amazed by everything that you are all doing during this time!  If you want to be featured please send them to—> [email protected]


Andrea!!! “On Saturday, April 25th I ran my third marathon in my town in New Jersey! I was supposed to run the New Jersey Marathon on April 26th but it has been postponed to November due to the global pandemic. After training for months (4am, 8 mile runs before work) I decided that I didn’t want to stop my training. I decided to continue training safely in my town by following social distancing orders and wearing a mask when needed. To celebrate all my training and hard work, I ran my own personal marathon in my town. I am a first grade teacher and invited my students, friends and family to come and safely cheer me on. It was so incredible to see my students in person after we haven’t seen each other in 7 weeks! They were so excited and made such amazing signs. I saw them at several spots along my route and at mile 15, most of the class was lined up (6 feet apart) along the sidewalk with their families cheering me on! I had tears in my eyes seeing them, to have their support was so encouraging and kept me going. I also had many friends and my parents come and cheer me on too. Luckily I was able to sign up for a virtual race via NYC Runs and I will receive a medal for this marathon! So happy to have something positive to focus on during this challenging time!”

Bailey!!! “I have had running a half marathon on my bucket list for quite some time now! I finally took the new running gear I received for Christmas as my sign to take the leap and signed up for an April race. Unfortunately, the race was changed to a virtual race, but I decided I still wanted to run the 13.1. I’m happy to say I was able to do so this past weekend! Since I wasn’t going to have the typical race day experience, my parents decided to do what they could and left me chalk messages along my running path. I definitely teared up when I saw the messages!”


Frances!!  “Happy Sunday! Xander (my fiancé and a huge HRG fan!) and I completed our virtual races for the Providence Marathon yesterday morning! He ran the half marathon and I ran the full. We completed our virtual races doing a number of loops around his parents’ neighborhood. His family was incredibly supportive and had water ready for us and cheered for us around the “course.” Once Xander finished the half, it took an incredible amount of will power for me to continue to do the full, but I did it! Xander found me every 2 miles to give me water/gatorade and to cheer me on even after running his own race! His family even had a finish line for me to cross :) So happy we got out there and did our virtual races! ”

Unnamed 2


What book are you currently reading?  Anyone else read Full Circle and what did you think?

Who has a virtual race scheduled for this summer?  Give me the details!

If you were granted the wish to have whatever food/meal you want always prepared and ready for you to eat right when you finished your run each day… what would it be?

Almond butter or peanut butter (or other nut butter)… tell me what you love most.  

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I’m sorry you’re feeling so sick. Nausea is a horrible feeling, really sucks the life out of you.

I actually have never been a fan of nut butter other than peanut … I’ve tried most of them, but good ol fashioned kraft PB always wins!

P.s. Our chickens moved outside to their coop last night! They were inside our house in their brooder for the first 6 weeks so it’s weird not having them inside. But they look happy. They’re so innocent and funny, I never imagined how relaxing it would be watching them peck around, it brings me such joy!


You are the best and luckily today I’m feeling a lot better already❤️ You just can’t go wrong with PB! So so excited that your chickens are in the coop now! I totally agree, I never imagined how much we would love chickens and enjoy them too! Have a beautiful day, Andrea!


Just finished Freakanomics, and now have Where the Crawdads Sing and Untamed by Glennon Doyle up next!

I did a virtual half marathon last weekend and don’t have any more races as of now, but one of our local running stores is planning a bunch to make up for cancelled races, so will probably sign up for those.


You are going to love Untamed and Where the Crawdads Sing! That is awesome that your running store is going that, so so cool! You rocked it last weekend. Have a great day, Mariah!


I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling sick! Nausea is no joke. :( I hope it passes soon.

I’m a peanut butter gal….and for a meal to always have prepared, I would LOVE if in my fridge there were always the fixings to make an amazing grilled chicken salad. Everything pre-chopped for me too, of course ;)


Thank you so so much Brooke and luckily I woke up feeling so much better this morning! Oh a pre-chopped salad waiting for you every day would just be heaven. I hope you have a great day!


I hope you get over the nausea quickly! I was good with my first pregnancies for the most part but my last one I was sick for way too long! I weighed about 10 lbs less than I do now when I was 12 weeks pregnant because I couldn’t keep anything down.

I’m currently reading The Fix by David Baldacci, it’s part of a series and I like it so far. I try and read a fun book between the dark or deep books and this would be a fun one.

No virtual races scheduled but I’m participating in the Running Warehouse completion (5k, 10k, 1/2) and sending in results to get entered in their contest.

When it’s hot, a smoothie after a run is the best, when it’s cold outside then it’s probably oatmeal with a banana and some kind of nut butter. I don’t judge between nut butters as long as it’s not Nutella.


Thank you so much Marissa! Oh that is so so hard…. 10 lbs less?! I feel lucky I am able to keep most of the day down:) Okay, I’ll have to check that book out! I haven’t heard about the Running Warehouse completion, time to check it out. I hope you have the best smoothie asap and I’m with you… no nutella for me! Have a wonderful day!


I LOVE that you saw your niece out running, how cool that she’s keeping it up! Maybe she and Brooke will be running buddies like you and your Sis. Also, it seems like Knox has shot up recently, so fun to see their growth spurts. I like the way you think about having a meal ready after every run – in the summer I would have cut up fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, but separate, not mixed) and in winter it would be a fried egg on a salt bagel or toast with sauteed greens and avocado! Great job to all the virtual racers, cool stories!


Oh I would LOVE if she and Brooke ran together! That would be so fun and you are so right, Knox has gotten so tall lately! He also has a much bigger appetite than he used to. Okay, both of those post-run meals would be pure perfection. I hope you have a great weekend, thanks Michelle!


That tank top looks AMAZING. I live in Florida so needless to say every run now (until November) is hot and humid. How would you say the sizing runs on it? I think I’m going to order one.
Have a great day!


I hope you love it too Jenny and I would melt running in Florida, you are my hero! I wear a small in everything from Brooke but if you are in the middle of sizing I would size down! Does that make sense? I hope you have the best day, friend!


Oh man, I hope your nausea goes away asap!

I’m running the Utah Valley 10K virtually! Or I should say, I’m going to try (experiencing a minor injury and I’m still deciding if it’s a good idea. sigh.) Otherwise I think I’m taking this summer completely off.
Mmm right now all I want is that watermelon. But also a good BLT. For some reason I have been really into those lately with a pile of salt & vinegar chips. 100% peanut butter loyalist. Reese’s pieces and Smucker’s uncrustables for life haha.

Hope you have a great long weekend :) Feel better!!


Thank you so much and I feel so lucky that I am feeling much better today! Please keep me updated with this minor injury and I really hope you are able to to the UV 10k virtually! I am definitely going to miss that race this year. Now you have made me NEED a really good BLT asap. Thanks for that:). Thanks so much and you too, Rachel!


Andrea your race story made me tear up! Congratulations to everyone running virtual races.

Have a nice weekend Janae! Thanks for posting!


I teared up too! Thank you so much Julie, I hope your weekend is a great one too!


I’m rereading the 5th Harry Potter, which is so much fun (I’ve read it MANY times :-)), and a mystery called The Thief Knot, which is excellent. I do love all the reading time lately.

I can’t pick a nut butter . . . I love them all! P.S. I love seeing your running views and am a little envious–I love being able to see the mountains! Maybe when it’s safe to travel again, I can run somewhere with mountains.

Glad you are able to take it easy right now–I hope you feel better and keep eating those yummy sandwiches!


Kristin, when this is all over I think you should come to Utah and I’ll take you on a running tour! YAY for HP and I am going to check out The Thief Knot, I love mysteries. Thank you so much and I hope your day is a great one!


I’m about to start reading How Bad Do You Want It. I’m hoping it gives me some good inspiration.
Thank you for sharing the podcast with Dena Castor. I love listening to her. Oh, and Andrea Barber is so great. I listened when she was on Ali’s podcast… So good and funny!
I’m not a huge peanut butter person, and haven’t tried any other nut butters (I know, weird).
I keep meaning to share with you that I have a cousin that had a baby boy last week, my nextdoor neighbor had a baby girl yesterday, and my niece is having a baby girl at the beginning of July…. So many babies ?. It’s really a nice reminder how beautiful and good life is.
Hope you’re Friday is a good one, and crossing my fingers that you don’t have any nausea.


ALL of the babies! Thank you for sharing that with me Wendy and it really is a wonderful reminder. You are going to LOVE How Bad Do You Want It and let me know what you think of the Deena episode. Thank you so much and today I feel like a new human. Have a great weekend!


Have you ever tried cashew butter? It is delicious. I love classic PB too, but cashew butter is a fun treat to have sometimes.
My post-run food wish would be bananas. That’s all I can ever eat right away. About 1 hour post-run, I would love an in-home salad bar to make a giant salad. And I’ll take brownies on my salad bar too..
Your post today has inspired one of my weekend meal plans to be watermelon & almond-butter and jam sandwiches. Because that sounds yummy and WAAY better than cooking.
Hope the end of the pregnancy nausea phase comes soon for you!


Hey Katie, I haven’t tried cashew butter but I am going to now after reading your comment. Thanks! Ummm that salad bar and brownie bar would just be perfection. Thank you so much, today I feel a million times better. I hope your day is going well!


So sorry you have been feeling sick. Nothing worse than being nauseous
I love that dress you fact, I love all your clothes!! Do you have a link for the tie die hoodie you were wearing in your HRG baby post?
Have a great weekend


You are so so nice! I’ve been shopping a bit too much while sick on the coach ha. Here is the link and I hope your weekend is fabulous! . It is sold out right now but you can sign up to have you notified when it is in stock again. I also love love this one:


Awesome. Thanks. They have such nice stuff. I signed up for the hoodie and dress ;)


How have I not head of the Full Circle book?! I need to get that ASAP. I am currently reading What To Say Next a YA book. I have slim pickings for books since our library is still closed and only has curbside pick up. My resolve to spend money on books is getting low!

I need to get that tank top! This morning I was out running (55 degrees) and saw another runner wearing pants and a long sleeved shirt and I was in shorts in a tank top!

I have Grandma’s half and I am running it with my sister on June 13th in Duluth. A group of local runners are doing the half and full on June 20th. The route is going right by my house. My plan is to run 20 miles or the full marathon (for fun) with the group. My kids are going to set up a water/Gatorade/banana/candy table at the end of our driveway and cheer on the runners:-).

Almond butter is my #1 pick for every day. I occasionally make coconut butter, walnut butter or cashew butter but they are dangerous to have around because I could eat the entire jar in one sitting.


Hi Janae! I am so glad Friday running achievements are back! I always love those stories! I always struggled to decide what order to eat, shower, and stretch after my runs. I know there’s a small window you’re supposed to eat during so I try to do that right away but sometimes I don’t even feel hungry right away! It’s such a low key dilemma. What do you do?


Peanut butter all the way!
I would want a smoothie made for me after a hot run. I’m too lazy to get out all the ingredients and have to wash the blender after…
When are you due??


I loved Andrea’s book! I lucked out and bought a signed copy frim Barnes and Noble. I signed up for the Big Run on Global running day and agreed to a half marathon….so that’s under 2 weeks from now! And if any food could be ready post run, I would say fresh peaches at the finish line, then French toast as soon as I was in dry clothes! I’m a sucker for French toast.


Ok first of all HUGE congrats to all the runners you featured who went ahead and completed those races, that is awesome!!
Janae hope your nausea goes away. That CFA lemonade is the best and will help:)
Peanut butter but I also like almond.
My triathlon group did a virtual bike/run a cpl weeks ago and we are doing another on Monday. Not sure on distances yet!


I am currently reading through the Harry Potter series for the first time and I’m on the last book! I started reading them right at the beginning of the new year so it’s relieving to finally see light at the end of the tunnel haha! As much as I’ve enjoyed the series, I’m ready to read my cheesy murder mystery or romance novels again :)

I think fruit just always sounds the best after a run, especially when it’s warm out. Today on my run I was craving some watermelon because it was HOT! In 2018 I ran a half marathon and it was just not a good race – lots of nausea and dry heaving in the last half mile. The only thing that I could even think about keeping down was an Arby’s sandwich! So random haha!


I’m so stoked to see my fave chips there in Utah! I believe Red Rock Deli is Aussie originated ;)
Cheers from the land down under!


Allergy to peanuts so almond butter! My poor kids hate peanut butter because we literally never have it around. They have tried it and are not picky eaters at ALL but they about gag… I feel bad about that.

I loved Full Circle so much. My daughter has a severe anxiety disorder and being able to tell her Kimmie Gibler suffers from something similar was sort of cool. I related to some other things but her honesty was nice. I heard her on Ali on the Run’s podcast though.

Hit the trails today and it’s been a hard week personally, physically, and professionally and I told myself 8 was the goal, 6 would be ok though… At mile 8 I texted my husband and said I was gonna walk two more miles to cool down. I ended up running 3 more!! Why though do the trails make you feel so gross?? Sweat on the trails with the dirt and full on nature just makes you feel so gross afterwards, million bugs in my hair!!


So jealous that you’re able to run through your pregnancies! I’m just shy of 22 weeks and completely sidelined due to pelvic pain — I miss those endorphins! I also immediately started to crave watermelon after seeing this post and now I MUST get my hands on some ASAP lol! Hope your nausea subsides soon!

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