Did you see this & it makes it easier.

The usual sister running group taking over the streets of Utah;)  8 miles @ 9:10 average pace and we both agreed that Monday’s run felt 40 times easier than yesterday’s run.  The roller coaster of running is a lot better at least when your training partner is sitting right next to you on the same ride.

Random tangent but last week my lower back had been hurting during my runs and I went into Dr. Bennett and boom… a quick adjustment and I felt like myself again.  I’ll be going into him once a month during pregnancy to keep everything feeling good as my body goes through many many changes.

IMG 3342

We hit up the park again because the girls feel a need to make up for all of the lost time (parks in our area are open again)… I’m already wondering how they went so long without parks.

IMG 3340

My sister and her kids met us there and my nieces sure give my kids all of the love and attention.

IMG 3349 2

Andrew does most of the grocery shopping now so I always love finding the random things he picks up there ha… This week’s find was Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies.  He said that when he saw them he just needed our kids to try them since they were such a big part of his childhood:)

IMG 3347

I cannot get enough fresh salads and vegetables (one week I ate Shalane’s quinoa salad every day for a week) which means we’ve been experimenting with a lot of combinations.  We tried making this Honey-Mustard Dressing with greek yogurt and it is heavenly.  Both Andrew and I can’t get enough of it.

IMG 3336

Along with the fresh meals there have been plenty of TJ’s frozen macaroni and cheese dinners too.

IMG 2422

We spent a lot of time in the front yard.

IMG 3355 2

We had to take advantage of $1 Taco Tuesday because tacos always sound good to me right now.

IMG 3358

Skye loves the Tuesday tradition too.

IMG 3360

Finished off the night with the juiciest watermelon and a very early bedtime.

IMG 3361

3 things I’ve seen online I wanted to talk about….

*Michael McKnight completed 100-miles without taking in any calories during those miles.  He ate breakfast before and that is it.  I seriously did not know this was even humanly possible (and it sounds beyond painful).  For my ultra, I took in 150ish calories every 3 miles religiously and my ultra was half as long.

You can read more about it here!  It’s definitely not something I’ll ever try ha because I NEED fuel during a run anytime I am going longer than 10ish miles.

Screen Shot 2020 05 19 at 7 09 28 AM

*Zach Bitter sets a new world record when he ran 100 miles on his treadmill and averaged a 7:18 pace!  I hope he had a lot of really good shows to watch while he did this.

Screen Shot 2020 05 19 at 3 32 33 PM

*Strava users, did you see this?  Will you keep using Strava?

Screen Shot 2020 05 19 at 3 33 55 PM


Snack or food that just takes you right back to childhood? 

Strava users… how do you feel about the changes?  Do you have a subscription already or will you be getting one?

Do you feel like your runs vary greatly throughout the week with how you feel or do you feel pretty similar during your runs most days?

-Normally they vary but I feel like pregnancy makes them vary in how I feel even crazier!

Do you make your own salad dressings? Share the recipes we need to try!

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I’m so glad you can keep seeing Dr. Bennett! I desperately need some soft tissue work done (so does my husband, he messed up his glute medius running hard on cambered roads) but there isn’t any available here right now. I know it’s to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but wow do I wish I could go in. Keep taking care of that body during the most important 9 month marathon there is!

That is really something about taking in no calories while running 100 miles. Though I guess at an average size you can run 35 miles on one pound of fat and even the leanest runners have ~10 lbs of body fat on them. I think it’s easier for men to pull things like this off because women have issues with estrogen and cortisol interaction (same reason that women need to be careful with fasting but men seem to generally do OK if they only eat once a day).

I’m on strava, not a subscriber. I will still use it because I can see my friends workouts, and see workouts by pros that are awe-inspiring. Just a fun thing to play around on sometimes, the leaderboards aren’t a huge deal to me.

Have a great day filled with family fun and mac n cheese :P.


I really really really hope that you can get in soon! PS your shoes yesterday made my night, I would totally do the same thing. That is very interesting about the difference between men and women, I hadn’t even thought of that. I wonder if it is possible for a woman then?! Hahah you know me too well and know exactly my plans today! Thanks Victoria and just really hoping for July!


Do you remember those Austin peanut butter crackers? They probably still have them somewhere, but I remember those from growing up. :) I loved Quaker chewy granola bars too! And I remember my mom buying those three packs of Costco fruit snacks, haha.


AHHH I haven’t that about those crackers in forever. We have those granola bars right now haha. I totally forgot about that three pack, my mom did the same. Thanks for taking me back:). Hope your day is a great one, Brooke!


I don’t think I could not eat during that long of a run- or run that long on a treadmill! They have A LOT of determination!

My runs vary a lot, but I think that’s what makes running great! It’s not always easy or fun, but when it is, you feel on top of the world. Need to appreciate both the hard and easy times, because the hard times help make us strong.

I’ve made the apple cider vinaigrette from Run Fast, Eat Slow. I also made this recipe for dinner/lunches this week and the sun-dried tomato vinaigrette is so good and easy! https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/one-skillet-greek-meatballs-and-lemon-butter-orzo/#bo-recipe


I just started using strava a week ago and bought the paid version- mostly for the beacon safety text feature that allows my husband and my Mom to track me. I don’t do the leaderboard stuff (not fast enough) and from a safety perspective I only share info about my runs with my friends.

Also, I didn’t mean to be a creep when I asked to follow you on strava (you were like my celebrity runner to follow:)) but then I realized that you too might not want random middle aged mama runners following your runs too;)


Also, I meant to make this a comment to Janae- sorry Mariah! Comment fail!!


YAY!! Nadya you will have to let me know what you think about the beacon safety text feature. That is really cool, I haven’t even heard about it. Oh you are just the best! I just keep it private since it shows where I live and run, I am SO sorry but I would love to follow you and cheer you on! Hope you have the most beautiful day and keep me updated on everything:)


LITERALLY drooling over the pictures of those meatballs and adding it to my shopping list. Thanks Mariah and how have we not tried that vinaigrette from Run Fast, Eat Slow?! Yum! It really does make running so incredible (and addicting)… the hard ones make the good ones just so good. I hope your day is a beautiful one, Mariah!


After grad school, I did an internship in the small town where Little Debbies are made and headquartered (Collegedale, TN). I’d run the greenways in the afternoon and the further down the trail I went, the closer I was to the bakery and the stronger the smell of all the baking goodies wafting in the air. It was torture! Oatmeal cream pies will always be my favorite.


NO WAY! Okay, that is so fun and I bet you think about those memories each time you see anything with Little Debbies:). I hope you get one of the Oatmeal Cream Pies soon! Have a great day, Tracy.


100 miles with no calories?! Wow… I can’t even imagine running that far in one go, but definitely not without taking in food! Isn’t it amazing what some people can do when they put their minds to it? Wow!
My runs definitely vary! Sometimes I feel like the run is easy and other times I feel like I have cement shoes, and those runs can be at the same pace. Sometimes I feel really really great even doing speedy work that is hard for me, but easy runs feel like I can barely get through. I gave up trying to understand why it’s like that! :)
I’ve made dressing before by mixing apple cider vinegar, stone ground mustard, and whatever seasonings sounded good – usually garlic and onion powder, something like that. It’s pretty simple, but tasty!


Seriously… just running that far sounds too crazy for me let alone without fuel?! Cement shoes haha I can totally relate to that. I need to try that dressing, sounds delicious. Have a beautiful day Rhiannon!


I love those oatmeal cream pies. It was the best week if my parents bought a pack for school lunches haha. I saw that Joanna Gaines has a recipe for them and I want to try it.

I saw that Strava is doing that. I get companies need to make a profit but I don’t know anyone who pays for a membership. It seems like they could lose users by doing this.

Normally I feel pretty similar on runs, unless I haven’t slept well. But Monday I ran and it was like a baby giraffe learning how to walk! Guess that’s what I get for doing a solo mile race Saturday. Luckily I was back to normal Tuesday. I hope you feel good on your run today, Janae!


Hey Maureen! Haha so true, finding those in my lunch felt like I hit the jackpot. I will have to try her recipe too. I do wonder how many people will start paying and if in the long run they are planning on charging everyone. I would rather they just include ads. BABY GIRAFFE haha yes I totally know what you are talking about. Way to go on that mile race, Maureen that is awesome.


I love oatmeal creme pies and actually made homemade ones last night for my birthday tomorrow. So good! Also my all time favorite dressing is the Basil thyme vinaigrette from Danielle Walkers Against All Grain Cookbook.


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! I hope your day is perfect and full of some of your favorite things. You might have to share that recipe with me for the oatmeal creme pies! I will find that viaigrette recipe and I can’t wait. Thanks and happy birthday!


My parents were smart enough to never really get us cookies when I was a kid (I had zero self control as a kid and a lot of my behaviors I can recognize now were rather…disordered…), but EVERY NOW AND THEN they would get us those very same Little Debbie Oatmeal Cookie Pies…and every once in a blue moon (maybe once or twice a year?) I include one for myself in the week’s grocery haul. So a BIG high five to Andrew for introducing the kids to that absolute glory!

And $1 taco tuesday–man oh man that sounds like so much absolute heaven. I would be fine I think, with a combination of tacos and salads every single day. Or, at least, to have a rare ‘conservative’ moment in my assessment–let me just say that I could easily eat tacos twice a week for the rest of my life. :)

I also love that your sister is running right there with you in this pregnancy! :)

Have a GREAT GREAT GREAT day out there, Janae!!!


I bet your day was made when they did include those cookies in the grocery haul! Wish you could join me for the $1 tacos and I’m with you on being happy with tacos twice a week for forever (I pretty much do that ha). Thank you so much Stephanie and you too! Love hearing from you!


Here’s a good question- which would be more painful, running 100 miles with no calories or running 100 miles on a treadmill??? I listened to a podcast with Michael McKnight and he said hunger wasn’t really an issue on that run. I think I would miss eating, even if I were fat-adapted like he is. Taking in calories gives me something to look forward to and breaks up the distance. So I would choose the treadmill (ugh- my longest treadmill run was 18 miles and THAT was really hard!) Have a great day!


Okay, that is a VERY good question and both sound so hard but I’m with you, I would have to go with the 100 on the treadmill. I probably couldn’t make it 20 miles without calories and I look forward to breaking up the run that way too! I hope your Wednesday is off to a great start, Jenny!


Bugels and Pringles bring me back to my childhood! They were foods we only got when we went to the beach or the cabin.

I think my runs vary how I feel throughout the week. However, the week before I get my period I am about 20-30 seconds slower per mile and I question why I run, haha…thankfully, I have realized this pattern and it eases my mind knowing in about 10 days the runs will feel easier.

Awww I love all the sister/cousin time! That is awesome you have family that lives so close by. Are her kids done with school for the year too?

Happy Wednesday!


BUGELS! I must have my children try those. So many good memories with those foods for you:). You are not alone with the week before your period, the same thing happens to me. Those hormones are powerful. Yes, my sister’s kids are done with school too (although her son is taking an AP test right now online). Thanks Becky, you too!


Wow… Those 2 guys are crazy! I can’t imagine doing either!
I know I’ve said this before, but I so need to find a Dr. Bennett out here. Just to keep all those “niggles” I’m check so they don’t become injuries ?
I really don’t have a food that takes me back to childhood, at least not store bought. My mom is a great Baker, so all of our cookies, brownies, etc were always homemade. But when I eat her homemade cinnamon rolls, I am instantly back in the family kitchen on a Sunday morning ?
It is so funny how your run one days feels so good, but then the next day it feels like the hardest thing in the world. I have noticed lately, that I am starting to get a little bored with my same routes. I need to rediscover some different ones.
I love making homemade dressings. A go to for me is oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar,grated onion, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds. I think there might be something else, but that’s basically it. It goes great if you like to add a little fruit (strawberries, blueberries) in your salad, and with feta cheese.
Here’s to hoping our runs feel great the rest of the week ?


Hey Wendy! I really wish that Dr. B traveled to all of my readers so he could help you out. Or come visit Utah and I’ll take you out for dinner too:) That is so cool that your mom baked so much, so many great memories with her. Let me know if you find some new routes and I need to do the same because my loop is getting boring. THANK YOU for the dressing help, I need that now. I can’t wait and yes to some happy runs! Thanks Wendy!


Okay now I NEED watermelon with some TJ’s mac and cheese and tacos. This is a perfectly acceptable combo for dinner, right? ? ? ?

Congrats on the baby to be! I am so happy for you.! Sometimes it’s like I’m reading a different blog. Teacher and spin teacher and balcony treadmill running.. all things that rock, but I’ve been rooting for your life to be what it is today. Does this make sense? ?

Did you know our F•R•I•E•N•D•S will be back the end of May? I caved and subscribed to HBO max while it’s $11.99 a month. It will be $15 full price so this seems like a deal plus I miss my friends! ☕️

Have you tried Instant Pot yogurt? I’ve NEVER been a big yogurt fan but wow instant pot yogurt is amazing. Topped with fruit and granola. Yummy! I have a simple recipe if you want.

Which Brooks shoe is your favorite for casual runs?

Any chance your mom could write another guest post? They are my favorite! I’d love to hear what she’s been up to and her thoughts on quarantine. ❤️

Take care and congrats again!☀️?☀️?☀️? ?


I hope you go get those three things for your dinner, it would make me very very happy. Thank you so much, life really has completely changed and I feel so lucky that you have stuck with me through it all. I cannot wait to get Friends back and I wish we could watch together. I have not tried the IP yogurt and I’ve been nervous to so I would LOVE your recipe. Currently my favorite are the Glycerin, they are just like clouds. I will totally ask her to write a guest post, I love this idea. Thanks Sydney and I hope you are having the best day!


I HAD to share my fav IP yogurt recipe with you because my family of non yogurt lovers devours this yogurt! Make sure to top with yummy stuff and any fruit you wish! ? ? ?

Ok so ..literally almost an entire bottle of fairlife milk. Measure 1/3 cup of milk and set aside & enjoy however you wish! All remaining milk goes in the IP plus 2 tbsp of freshly opened yogurt (I use vanilla oui), a 16oz bottle of natural bliss creamer. Whisk. Push yogurt button. Relax. It will count up to eight hours then beep! ?

I take the seal off my pot when I make it so my yogurt doesn’t end up tasting like everything else I’ve cooked. ?

When it’s done, cover pot with a paper towel and place a plate atop to hold in place. Put in the fridge without disturbing it and let cool eight hours. Once cooled store in airtight container and enjoy! I promise despite all my details IP yogurt is super easy and delicious. I don’t use an entire half gallon of Fairlife because the yogurt ends up thicker. It’s important to use Natural Bliss milk based coffee creamer and my favorite flavors are Whipped Buttercream, Toasted Coconut and Vanilla. ?

Oh my this took me way to long to type ? I don’t know how you find time to post the amazing posts out do! Have a wonderful weekend!

Last but not least I’m sharing a link to the recipe I used to inspire my version..



That is insane! The human body is seriously so incredible. And he was in a devastating accident just 8 years ago! AH. So motivating, thanks for sharing that article!
And that watermelon pic haha I must have some today. Bagel Bites and Sugar Crisp cereal were my childhood obsessions. So good. Also, I think chocolate milk made up about 50% of my diet (which has not changed all that much). Oh and Pizza Hut pizza dipped in ranch!
Speaking of…this dressing is amazing! https://pinchofyum.com/jalapeno-ranch#tasty-recipes-51719
On literally everything. Hope you like it and have a great week! Congratulations again on your little one :)


He really has overcome so much. I hope you get some watermelon asap. BAGEL BITES–> I need to get those for Knox, he would love those. Hahah is it weird if I still get pizza hut and dip it in ranch? SO excited to try that jalapeno ranch (and the 16 sauces that she talked about needing in that post too). Thank you SO so much and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Anything grape flavored takes me right back to childhood – purple was (and still is) my favorite color so I was obsessed with purple food.

I’ve been on Strava for about 8 years and have not paid. I don’t see that changing for me since I don’t use it for data analysis or actual tracking.

My years of peri-menopause were the most erratic in my running – night sweats and insomnia determined the next day’s distance. Now that I’m sleeping better, my running is getting back on track. I still prefer rotating running and cycling each day to stay injury free. Which is ironic since I had a minor crash on my bike today ;) I’m fine, just some minor road rash on my right elbow – glad I’m left handed!


I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE OKAY! I hope that road rash clears up fast.

Purple soda totally reminds me of childhood too. That love for purple flavoring must just be in children’s tastebuds ha. Eight years on Strava, that is so cool. I am so happy that you are sleeping better and feeling more normal. Hope your Wednesday is a beautiful one.


Our friends just ding dong ditched us with Ding Dongs :) My kids were in heaven!

Yay that you got to see your doc! My chiropractor actually made a house call yesterday and it was the BEST ever!

I have a Strava group for my high school xc kids since we can’t run together right now and I’m hoping it doesn’t change anything within our group. And while I think the leaderboard stuff is fun, it’s not something that I feel the need to pay for.


DING DONGS (what a fun idea that they did that)… okay, those took me way back to some fun memories with my mom back in the day. So happy your chiro came over to see you and I hope you are feeling 100% again. I’m with you, the leaderboard isn’t on my priority list but I do think eventually they will charge for everything. Hope you are having a great day so far, Marissa!


Hi Janae! So glad you saw Dr. Bennett, it’s crazy what a big difference a good physio or chiro can make! Those are some cool stories, thanks for sharing! My go-to for dressings is usually just lemon juice and olive oil whisked together with a bit of salt, super easy and I usually have those ingredients around.


It really is so crazy how much they can help us to feel good and what happens when we go a long time without going in to see them! That sounds like the perfect dressing… I’ll try that next. Thanks Amy and I hope you have the best day.


100 miles with no calories is beyond amazing. Crazy too! Congrats on your pregnancy. Sounds like you are doing well! My husband does a lot of the grocery shopping too and I think it is pretty funny what he brings home some times. Yep, cookies. Of course I have to squeeze a trip in every now and then so I can get my favorites! My daughter works at a grocery store and a guy came in last week wrapped up in Saran wrap (yes, he had on clothes. LOL!). I’m sure he must have done it for a bet, or TikTok.


Thank you so much! Oh you are going to have to share sometime some of the things you find around your kitchen after he shops:) SARAN WRAP!?! Okay, that would have shocked me to see! I hope you have the best day, Lisa!


I don’t think running 100 miles calorie-free is aspirational at all, nor do I think it should be held up as some amazing feat. Long-distance running is already hard on the body, and to further deprive it of fuel while pushing it to its limits just seems irresponsible and disordered.


That is a great point and definitely not something I think anybody should try. I see him just trying to prove whether it was possible to do something that others didn’t think was possible. Thank you for sharing this with me, I can’t imagine what his body went through doing this!


I do have a paid Strava account but I use it mainly for social purposes. I follow a few elite athletes for fun, Grayson Murphy (Utah runner) and Sage Canaday (Arizona runner).

Janae – you should follow Grayson Murphy on Strava. She runs a lot of trails in Utah, not sure how close to where you are at.

Snacks from childhood – any old timers remember Space Sticks from back in the 70’s?


I need to follow her. I have seen her at a race here and totally felt like a fan girl:). Thanks for letting me know she is on Strava. Space Sticks… I’m going to ask my older siblings and I am sure they will. When will they know about your leg?? Hope you are having a great day, John!


Of course, I have to wait for lab to be open (hoping early June) to get the scans done, bah…. There are some labs already open but my new doctor wants them done at this particular place. So, I wait.

There is a huge list of pros on Strava, that is how I found them: https://www.strava.com/pros

I also follow Nick Arciniaga, I wanted to see where some running trails in Arizona are.

I think there are probably some pod-casters I listen to on there too, but I have not looked for them.


Hostess fruit pies remind me of being a kid-my mom would let us have a treat on school field trip days. I remember picking lemon up, then not eating it because I was SO afraid my mouth and lips would pucker from the lemon. Can you say overthinker/worrier?! My mom did not buy many packaged items when we were growing up so it was all a novelty. Grandmas bag of cookies (and we’d avoid the coconut ones) were bought for camping trips. But anything by Hostess was a *big deal.*

I am not on Strava, heck i just now connected my Garmin to the app on my phone. My bf is on Strava so I rely on him doing our routes on Strava.

I love homemade salad dressings and usually just make them up as I go. When I was younger I used to use apricot jam for the sweetener in salad dressings. It makes it thicker and just a touch of sweet.



cosmic brownies and fruit rollups or fruit by the foot remind me of childhood!! I use the free version of strava but I mostly just use it for fun challenges. I also use Map My Run and my garmin app. I just run for fun, so I probably wouldn’t pay for all the analytics. However, if I was training seriously, it would probably be worth all the analytics bc I love looking at all the data! I could not imagine doing either 100 miles… especially if I’m averaging 7:18 pace, my legs just don’t move that fast!
normally my runs themselves don’t vary too much right now, not running much and need to work on getting in those morning runs since summer is coming!


Dunkaroos take me back to childhood!! Fudge covered Oreos were other favorite of mine, and Little Debbie snacks (straight out of the freezer) were staple treats from my childhood. I appreciate Oatmeal Creme Pies much more as an adult… I do make our salad dressings from scratch and really look forward to the new recipes mentioned by this terrific running community:)

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