The time I ran through an earthquake…

That was definitely a first.

I have never had an earthquake happen during my run until yesterday.  It was raining, snowing and crazy windy and I was so deep in thought about everything else going on in the world that I felt really dizzy and off for a bit and thought, ‘that was weird.’  A few seconds later and my watch was buzzing from phone calls and texts.  I answered and Andrew asked if I was okay because there was an earthquake.  It woke up Brooke and Andrew .(Skye is a very deep sleeper).  It was a 5.7 in magnitude with the epicenter near Salt Lake City.  I wouldn’t have realized it was an earthquake until he told me that and I was a few miles from home but Andrew said it shook up our house pretty good.  Brooke has been in a different earthquake with Andrew and me in the past while in California (it was much smaller) so when it woke her up she was able to comprehend what was happening since she has experienced something similar before.  The craziest part for us is that my oldest brother recommended our family all buy earthquake insurance so we felt lucky the rest of the day to have that in place just in case.

I feel like I usually run even numbers in mileage, rarely odd numbers.   An earthquake, snow, rain and solo because of social distancing… yesterday felt so bizarre.

IMG 9358

We then went to pick up Knox and on the way home we definitely felt the need to drive-thru for some donuts.  That maple bar helped ease my stress.

IMG 9359

Every time the kids felt a little aftershock when we got home they freaked out thinking it was going to be more.

This week has really helped me to put things in perspective again and I’m just so grateful for my people and that we are all okay.  That’s all that matters.

IMG 9364

For the rest of the day we tried to stay busy with activities and school work.

IMG 9365

Homeschooling is going well but the hardest part is definitely trying to keep Skye happy and entertained while helping the big kids too.  It’s definitely keeping us busy.

IMG 9370

We got in the hot tub and stayed there until we all had very wrinkly hands and feet.

IMG 9378

Erica gave us the best idea to make a reading fort for the kids to get in their reading time followed by listening to a story on the iPad!

IMG 9377

And of course homemade popcorn happened again because we are all very obsessed!

IMG 9103

Four more things before I sign off…

*Anyone else using FaceTime more than ever before?!  I’m grateful I can catch up with everyone this way!

IMG 9197

*This episode from Matt with Jared ward was just SO so good.

IMG 9299

*Happiest bday to my mom!!  I wish so badly that we could spend the day together going to lunch and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory but I’m so grateful they are doing well quarantined and we will go celebrate when this is all over!


*My sis-in-law sent this to me and I just really loved it.  I hope it helps anyone else out there that needs it.

Screen Shot 2020 03 18 at 2 02 30 PM


Do you usually run an even or odd number in mileage?  

Ever been in an earthquake that you felt?  

Where you live—> How is social isolating going? What things are cancelled and what things are allowed?

Last podcast that you listened to?

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Hi Janae !
So sad that you have to live the stress of an earthquake. But so happy that you all are ok !
I never felt an earthquake, and hope i’ll never. (But as I live in the south of France, that could happen one day)
I can understand the need of donuts after that ! :)
Until then I’m not desperate about our isolation. I’m reading, sewing, taking care of our cats and dogs, doing sport, do some works in the house or in the garden, taking care of flowers. I don’t get bored. Let’s have imagination to do things that we don’t have time to do usually.
For us it will probably be a Netflix movie and popcorn this afternoon ! (We eat most of the time really healthy, but in this special time we decided that we deserve popcorn ! Haha !)
Have a great day, hope earth will be wise today !


Oh, i missed the part with your mom birthday !
Happy birthday to your mom ! Not a fun birthday, but the most important is your parent’s safety.


Thank you so much Ingrid! I really love your perspective and all that you are doing during this time. I hope that the popcorn tastes amazing today… ENJOY!


I’m so glad your family is okay! I thought about you when I read about the earthquake last night. Yes, this has put a lot of things in perspective for me, too . . . it is an uncertain time, but I’m so thankful for so many things in my life as well.

Working from home here–miss my students and my coworkers so much, but I’m hoping we’ll be back in a few weeks. You are really making me want some doughnuts! We are baking cookies today, though, so that’s something to look forward to!

I listened to Ali’s live show with Meb and Carrie last–so good! It got me through an interval run that I didn’t really want to do, but that felt amazing after.

So glad you are safe and doing well!


Oh thank you for thinking about us! That means a lot. I bet you are really missing your students and friends at work. Enjoy those cookies big time. Oh I LOVED that episode and way to go on the intervals… those are tough! Hope you are having a great morning so far! Thanks Kristin!


Hi Janae,
I am so glad you are safe. Running during the earthquake-wow! I have been in one earthquake in the middle of the night. All I could say was “earthquake” over and over until my husband woke up. I hope your kiddos are doing alright as time passes.
Awesome you all got a hot tub! We are doing the same thing, putting away money to buy one at our new house. I’m re-inspired!
I usually run to get to a mileage each week, and then do the different math combinations in my head while I am running. Sometimes evens sometimes odds.
People are doing pretty well distancing in our town. It made me upset to see footage of Spring Breakers at beaches yesterday. That just feels so selfish to me at this point. On a lighter note, I did my first elbow bump the other day and had to laugh at myself about how silly it felt!
Going out for my mental health run right now, have an awesome day!


Oh I bet that must have been terrifying to be woken up in the middle of the night from it! Thank you so much, they really are doing so much better today already. YAY.. you are going to love the hot tub. We are already so thankful for it.. and a new house, wahoo! I have a really hard time seeing those kinds of things online right now too. HAHAH I’ll give Andrew an elbow bump later today ha. So glad you got out for a run, mine helped me a lot too!


Oh my goodness I skipped my run yesterday and was upstairs in my bedroom when the earthquake happened! But I wondered what it would have felt like if I had been outside running. So crazy!!! We are in Herriman so it definitely felt pretty strong and we felt several aftershocks too. The kids were scared but all slept fine last night – I was so thankful to wake up this morning and nothing had happened through the night! Crazy how fast something else can come and make me realize that even all this covid-19 and social distancing is really not that disruptive to my life compared to how an even bigger earthquake would have been. Scary day yesterday!


I was afraid to wake up to see what was happening today too! So glad you were all okay and I bet you guys really felt it. I thought the same thing yesterday, I actually forgot about covid-19 because all I was thinking about was getting our house safe (due to all of that false info coming in that an even worse one was coming)! I hope you guys are having a beautiful day so far… and much more relaxing then yesterday. Thanks Laura!


I’ve only been in one earthquake, but once is enough lol! It was in Washington DC. I was in a meeting downtown, in a conference room with huge windows. I felt vibrations, so I turned to the guy next to me and said “Can you stop shaking your leg? That’s really annoying.” He said it wasn’t him. A team member from California suddenly dove under the table and we all stared at him like he had lost his mind. He said “Earthquake” right when a big tremor hit. So we all went under the table with him. DC wasn’t prepared for it at all. The metro stopped and I had to run 2 miles (in heels!) from my office to the daycare to get my kids because the power went out in their building. They’re still fixing the damage at the National Cathedral, eight years later.


Elizabeth, that must have been terrifying… Andrew wants to get us walkie talkies that will work from his work just in case one happens while he is at work and away from us. That must have been so scary that there was no power etc. You will remember that run forever! Thanks for sharing Elizabeth! Have the best day!


Glad you all are safe after the earthquake!!

Social isolating is interesting- never spent this much time at home! Schools, bars, restaurants, gyms, movies, stores (besides grocery stores) are all closed. Luckily it has been nice outside so I’ve been going on walks, runs, outdoor workouts, etc. That helps a lot!

Last podcast I listened to was Ali on Run, but it was like 2 weeks ago. I need to catch up on podcasts!


I am SO glad you guys are getting great weather! That really does make a big difference when it comes to this! Enjoy some sunshine today and thank you so much Mariah!


Happy Birthday HRG Mom!!

Most things are closed here in Massachusetts even if not required, due to the strain on the businesses :/ But, my friends and I have had a group FaceTime catch up that was SO fun! My dog is pumped we’re home all of the time. Staying as positive as possible.

I am currently obsessed with the Crime Junkie podcast. It’s the first true crime podcast I’ve listened to, and I can’t stop! Also loving Office Ladies right now :)


I can’t believe Utah has an earthquake that big! So glad you all are ok.
I live in SoCal, so have felt many earthquakes over the years, and they always freak me out.
One really awesome thing I’ve noticed over the last couple of days is whole families outside together, walking, riding bikes, waving to neighbors (from a safe distance ?). I hope this lasts way beyond this quarantine time. My husband is on his way back from picking up our oldest son at college, and then we are definitely going to stay put! I think nightly board games will happen again, and movie nights… This virus has definitely put things back in to perspective!
Have a good Thursday ?


Thank you so much Wendy! I bet you guys get them all of the time! I totally agree with you, I hope this lasts forever even after we are back to real life again. I love seeing how much time people are spending with their families. I was going to ask you about your son, I am so glad he will be back with you! I wonder what his schoolwork will look like for the rest of the semester. Enjoy that time together. You too Wendy!


Oooo… I forgot to wish your mom a very Happy Birthday!! I am so glad your parents are staying in their home and keeping themselves healthy and safe! <3


Oh what a good point Sam, Beretta is sure enjoying this time now too! We are all with her way more:) Thanks for reminding me of that! I’m going to try the group FaceTime chat too! Love it! We would be good friends, those are two of my favorite podcasts right now too:). Thanks so much Sam and I hope your Thursday is a great one:)


Happy birthday, HRG Mom! I hope you get lots of FaceTime with your family today!


Thanks so much Liz!! She loves reading comments every day so she will really appreciate this. Hope your Thursday is a beautiful one!


I run odd and even, makes no matter to me.

I was in an earthquake while I was at work here near Seattle once. I was standing on the huge concrete factory floor and then all of the sudden the floor felt like there were waves going through it, it was a very odd feeling. The the walls started rattling and we knew it was an earthquake. Luckily, it was not a major one.

Did Beretta freak out first? They say animals can sense it before it happens.


Andrew isn’t sure since he was asleep but I’m sure Beretta realized it was coming first! WAVES going through it?! What a crazy feeling! Glad everyone was okay:). Hope the hamstring is feeling better today! Have a great Thursday John.


Ah i didn’t catch the birthday thing either, happy birthday HRG Mom!

And yes – standing in the largest building under one roof in the world on a solid concrete floor one second – and then feeling like you are on a boat in the middle of the ocean the next second – was quite unnerving. I will never forget the feeling. There was no damage to the building or floor and it was not nearly enough to knock people over or anything – but it was enough to make me pause and check my balance. It took a few seconds for the walls to start rattling after the first wave- a metal on metal rattling sound that lasted for several more seconds.


Sounds a little freaky to have the earth move while you’re in motion! I’m glad everything is OK with you guys. We’ve had a couple of earthquakes in Maryland–one woke me up at 5 a.m. & it felt like my bed was moving side to side; another was on a work day, and we evacuated the office building. Fortunately, no damage from either.
My usual runs are odd numbers: 3 and 5 are probably most frequent.
The Maryland governor has shut down a lot of public places: restaurants are carryout/delivery only, gyms are closed, etc. Many businesses have closed: malls, the local running store. Other stores are closed, but you can pick up items that you ordered online: Dick’s sporting goods. My younger kids are irritable; my oldest wants to continue to hang out with a friend after work most days, saying they’ve already been together all day. It makes me nervous since her workplace (a vet hospital) is regularly sanitized vs someone’s home is more closed-in and “lived in.”
Very happy birthday to your mom–hope she gets lots of calls and messages to brighten her day!


I heard you had a quake. That’s how I can tell if we have a smaller quake too, I get dizzy and sure enough even if I didn’t feel it there was something. I still have major anxiety about quakes after the 7.1 here in Alaska a year ago. It was the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced and hope to never repeat. I think one of the worst parts of a quake is the aftershocks. You can’t settle because it keeps happening! Ours went on for over a year afterwards.

I’m glad you all are safe, the most important thing! Interesting fact. Here in Alaska most do us don’t have earthquake insurance. You would think we would but it’s crazy expensive and the deductible is something like 20% of your house value so most people don’t have it. We did get some federal aid last year to help with our damage which thankfully was a manageable amount.

Glad to hear you all are safe! Take care


WOW what a crazy run! Snow/wind/EARTHQUAKE I’m surprised frogs didn’t start falling from the sky.

I feel like we need a big global nap.


I live in the Dallas, Texas area so not an earthquake epicenter, but we had one about 4 years ago. It was early on a Sunday morning and I was the only one up making coffee…it shook the house so hard I thought a car hit the house. So very weird. I can’t imagine running in it. So I guess you can add earthquake running to the list of very weird happenings :-)
Ready to tackle another day of home quarantine…online schooling and getting outside for our recess walks/runs around our neighborhood . It has truly been very nice quality family time. We have enjoyed streaming shows and playing some classic Nintendo (our son won a drawing for a Nintendo switch) and brought it home with him when his university shut. He is super surprised his old Mom knows how to game on it. :-)
Happy Birthday to your Mom. I’m sorry you can’t be with her to share this special day. My youngest and I were supposed to fly to Ohio for Easter to see my parents and Brother and his family…but sadly I think we will be postponing our trip! It’s what is best at this time! But everyone is healthy so that’s what matters :-)


I couldn’t believe when I heard you had an earthquake! And you were running while it happened!? Wow! I was teaching when I went through my only earthquake. We did everything wrong since we didn’t comprehend what was going on while it was happening. I don’t remember feeling after shocks though. I also could not sit still since I taught 2 year olds and we all know how little they are still!
My run numbers depend on how I’m feeling & what time it is; I usually try for even mileage or even time on the Garmin. I’m happy with either. Last week I had 59:59:58 and almost killed me I didn’t pay better attention to getting my full 60 min but now I think it’s hilarious!
Gyms, schools and bars are closed. Sports are put off until May 11th. I think the school district is attempting to open childcare at just a couple schools but with limited spots. Restaurants are pick up or delivery only and some restaurants make you wait in your car and they bring you your order. I think the mall is still open but I have no idea how busy it is since I’m only going to the grocery stores and work. My kids are busy w/ homework packets from our school district and they don’t mind being home-bodies. They haven’t left our neighborhood in almost 2 weeks and haven’t complained once!
Oh! And I heard Amazon is selling/delivering medical supplies only??! I haven’t checked it out yet.
The last podcast I listened to is Ali Kearney on Run This World Podcast w/ Nicole Deboom. I see now that the latest interview Nicole had on is Mirna Valerio. Mirna’s always a great person to listen to!
Have a great day!


I love that last quote, Janae. So true! Jesus can use this time for good. Thanks for sharing.


You made my day!!!!!
Social isolation………I vacillate between this is so awesome everyone!!!!!!!…… to we have how many more days of this?????


This is legit nutty! Schools has been out for a week and there are talks about it being out for the rest of the year which means I now have a first grader (im NOT ready!) Mostly everything is shut down so we are doing our best keeping busy in the house. I feel like I need to make a list of grocery store things. Can you post some of the baking recipes you are doing? What about regular shopping? I went the other day and they did have any of my staples (meat ,eggs, bread)! I really hope this will all be over by summer time !


Hi Janae! So impressed you ran through an earthquake! That’s one cool running experience (after the fact). I hope it didn’t disrupt too much for people during this hard time.

Wishing your mom happy birthday! She is such a strong lady with super cool hobbies (I remember her guest posts) and I wish her an awesome year ahead!


I LOVE what your sister sent you. That is one thing that I have been astounded by through all of this is how God is giving us such an opportunity to bring the family unit back to center and number one. We are the typical American family with busy kids in several sports, activities, church ministries, and very social! I feel blessed that I am getting this time back with my family (although I do need daily, sometimes hourly, reminders of this blessing. :)).

Keep being a place of inspiration and positivity, Janae. I am so thankful for your uplifting site and encouraging words each day.

And I’m so thankful you are OK! Earthquake!?!? You have to wonder WHAT.IS.GOING.ON!? right now. Blessings to you and your family. <3


Happy Birthday to your mom!! I hope she made herself a treat even though you can’t have gatherings. It’s a tough time for birthdays. I have my big 3-0 in a few weeks and I was planning a small party in Chicago, but I just had to cancel all the plans due to the coronavirus and not risking the travel. I’m really sad about it but I did place an order for a new cake locally and going to try to get a few people together at my house if I can, maybe a small game night.
I have been in one earthquake and I don’t remember the magnitude. I was near Chicago so they are not very common there as far as I know. It was in the middle of the night and I woke and felt like my bed was vibrating. It was a bit scary as I didn’t know why but being all out of sorts with the middle of the night I eventually went back to sleep. The next morning we had the radio on in the car and they talked about an earthquake and I was like, woah ok so I wasn’t imagining my bed vibrating. I can’t imagine running during one.
I’ve been to New Zealand and went to the Earthquake museum they set up as they are rebuilding Chirstchurch. The earthquakes there would definitely be scary and being in a downtown where buildings cracked. It was cool learning the technology they are using to build new buildings there and allow the buildings to sway a little big but not crack. Someday I want to go back there to see how the city is rebuilt.


Happy birthday HRG Mom! Sorry the world is so crazy right now, but hopefully you feel all the love today and the celebration will be even sweeter once this is all over.


That earthquake was so crazy! We live in a three story townhome and all our bedrooms are on the top floor and we could feel it swaying! Our kids are convinced it’s going to happen again, and I really hope it doesn’t haha!



Firstly, happy birthday to your mama!!

I’m dropping off some lunch for my mom tomorrow. The kids have made cards for grandparents too that I’m dropping off.

I live in SoCal so I’ve been through a handful of earthquakes. The last big one I felt, my daughter and I were in an office surrounded by glass and I threw myself on her. Poor kid, but hey at least we know protecting her is an instinct ;)

We are on day 2 over here and honestly, we spend a lot of time together as a family. We’re both teachers and our kids attend our school so we’re all off at the same time, I think it’s helped because it’s not too out of the ordinary. The hardest thing is not visiting with family but thank goodness for Marco Polo and FaceTiming!


I don’t really have a specific number when I run. I don’t even go a few extra steps to make sure it’s x.00.

Native Californian here, so I’ve lived through my share of earthquakes. The epicenter of the 1994 Northridge quake was about 10 miles from our townhouse and the fault line was literally right under us ( Watching our car BOUNCE in the street during an aftershock is something I’ll never forget!

We’re in Hawaii and so many things are shut down. People were still out walking and running this morning, I noticed more people said good morning than usual. It kind of felt like “yes, we’re all in this together, but we’re alive and surviving.”


How long is your school scheduled to be out for? Ours started as 2 weeks but they’ve already added 2 more weeks to it and I’m feeling so overwhelmed and suffocated by it all. I love my kids around but this feels so different. Not free and enjoyable like if it was summer break


We live in Calgary, Canada, and we’ve been warned that school is most likely done for the year. It was really hard to wrap my head around that, but mentally I think it might be easier than having it cancelled in stages. Hang in there! Someone told me that it’s like the newborn stage – this too shall pass.


My littlest is 12 years younger than his closest sibling. We don’t have a playset, swings, or trampoline or anything like that in our yard which is a big mistake with a high-activity kiddo. Isolation is driving him (and therefore us) absolutely nuts without anyone close to his size to play with. Definitely a consideration for future emergency preparedness plans…more little siblings and/or physical play options. (The cold, windy, snowy day today – we’re supposed to get ~10″ – isn’t helping.) We are officially on day 5 with at least 25 more to go…. But we are safe and warm and have food. We will make it work.


Crazy you barely noticed it! I am loving this time with my fam too.? That episode with Jared Ward made me choke up when he talked about his son being sad about it all.?? I love listening to Jared Ward!

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