To Train or Not to Train? + Updates.

Happy Friday! I am so thankful I can still run outside because this time on my own before the craziness of kids/school happens is so needed for my mental health.

When I got home yesterday from my run I realized I did the same distance and same average pace as the day before.

IMG 9412

I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me asking what they should do now that their races are canceled.  Keep training?  Back off on mileage?  Keep up with speed work?

I think the answer is so unique to each runner and what feels right to them now.  Some of my friends have decided to keep up with their training but move from marathon training to shorter race distance training (to avoid injury/mental burnout from marathon training for too long) and then you have people (like me right now) that have zero motivation to do speed.  If I don’t have a race on the calendar (Indy Mini was cancelled) or people to do speed with, I have zero drive to do anything but easy running and trail running.

This article—>  ‘Why to Train Like You’ll Be Racing- Even When You Won’t Be- Variety in distance and pace will keep you physically and mentally fresher’ is reminding me that even if I don’t have a race, I should be adding in some variety each week for the physical and mental benefits.  Long runs, speed days, easy runs, hills etc are a great mix whether or not you are training for a race!  If you are wondering what to do now, I would definitely read this article and really pay attention to what your body/mind is telling you to do.  If you are feeling frustrated that your race is cancelled and you want to throw your watch away and trail run every day, awesome.  If you want to keep up with the schedule you were on and do your own virtual/personal race on the day that your race was supposed to happen, awesome.  I think we are all experiencing so many different emotions right now about the situation of our world but if we can add in some variety we should!

Screen Shot 2020 03 19 at 1 22 51 PM

After almost a week of being in sweatpants and not getting ready I decided that getting ready for the day would help my brain to feel more normal again.

Multi-tasking blow drying my hair while putting on make-up:

IMG 9413

Brooke told me she wanted to get Skye ready for the day.  They came out in twinner outfits.  Sadly it was too cold for jumpers but hopefully next week it will warm up again.

IMG 9415

We were able to go and visit with my parents for 30 minutes!

Resized 20200319 105109

This is not how we normally celebrate birthdays but I feel very lucky I still got to see them.

IMG 9418

I’m finding that when Andrew is gone, the only way homeschooling is going to happen peacefully is during Skye’s nap.  Brooke and Knox can read and do journal writing when she is awake but for the things they need my help with, it’s working better to do it when Skye is asleep.

IMG 9430

Knox’s teacher is doing video-chat/reading/math with him 3 times a week! WOW!

IMG 9431

I went from an overload of skiing pictures to now hot tub pictures.  This picture is from Wednesday but we also were in there for almost two hours yesterday too!

IMG 9393

We had French toast (with Great Harvest bread:) for dinner.

IMG 9452

Next up was a much needed walk outside together.   During this time I’ve seen way more people out walking and riding bikes with their family and I definitely hope this sticks forever!

IMG 9459

I put the kids to bed crazy early (they ((I)) needed it ha) and Andrew got home and we caught up on A Million Little Things.

IMG 9444


Do your runs each week vary a lot or a little?

-Right now there hasn’t been very much variation but during marathon training last year each day felt so different from the next!

What shows/movies have you been watching during this time at home?

Looking forward to anything this weekend?

Are you running more, less or the same during this time?!

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My runs vary a little, between 3 and 6 miles is all I can seem to manage when there is nothing ahead in the race calendar.

We just got Jumanji 3 on RedBox and that was good! I’ve watched all The Morning Show episodes thus far…

This is the last weekend of “spring break,” but the military/families got out on travel restriction so we had to cancel our camping trip to the mountains with family (my sister and her family still went, but there is no internet/phone signal there so we’ve got no updates). We are trying to do something special everyday (do something together as a nuclear family, have a special drink/dessert, watch something together).

Once Monday hits I’ll do assignments too (we were not given any until you posted about yours and I emailed the principal, school board, and superintendent to make it happen. Go Utah! Thanks for helping Metro Nashville Public Schools!

I am running about the same, with my hubby home for spring break, but he will head back to work Monday (maybe this weekend as the Guard is helping with the COVID-19 testing), and then I’ll have to get creative.

Do you worry with Andrew going to work that he’ll “bring it back home?” Does he do anything specific to desanitize before getting in the car or coming in the house?

Stay Calm, and Wash Your Hands (my new mantra)


I LOVE your mantra friend! I am so sorry that your trip together didn’t work out and I love that you are trying to do something special each day. Yay to your schools getting things organized and assignments out:). It really helps to keep these kids busy and still learning during a hard time. I absolutely do worry and have been told to worry and sanitizing everything he touches but we are really sticking to staying at home so that if we do, we will not pass it. Loved hearing from you Tonya and I hope you have a beautiful day!


We just ordered a hot tub for our house but it will not be installed until May (I mean at this point…. it’s a crapshoot.). But your hot tub pics make me so excited for ours!

For assorted reasons, I never work on speed. I’m ok with it.
I’m still running more or less the same as always.
We’re rewatching Stranger Things with my youngest daughter and she loves it. My kids are watching “just add magic” on Prime. it’s a cute show. I think your kids would like it. (& it doesn’t make adults want to lose their minds so it’s a win win!)


Oh Hilary, you guys are going to LOVE IT and I really hope it gets to you sooner than later! Okay, great idea… Andrew will love rewatching Stranger Things and I can’t wait to watch ‘just add magic’ with the kids. Thanks for the ideas. Have a beautiful Friday!


I was sort of getting into training for a spring 10-miler, but that was postponed, of course. When my entire social media feed started blowing up with free workouts, I just started snapping screen shots of everything that looks fun or interesting, and for now I’ll do whatever workout gets me excited for the day. So far, it’s been a good variety.
I’m looking forward to not juggling telework over the weekend with our new routines. During my work hours, nothing is getting my full focus. This weekend, without the distraction of work–maybe a sight-seeing drive, a day trip to a lake or river, or trying some yummy recipes?
Hoping my kids will create the “sidewalk game” today while it’s warm: they write something in chalk on each sidewalk square, like ‘do 10 jumping jacks,’ ‘wave to the next car that drives by,’ ‘do your silliest dance,’ ‘spin in a circle until you get dizzy,’ ‘sing the theme song from “Frozen” (or your favorite movie),’ ‘wear your shoes on your hands for 2 minutes,’ etc…. Neighbors out walking can play it like a board game, and toss a stone or stick to do whatever is on that game block.


I think it is really cool that so many people have put out so much free content during this time. Way to go getting in the variety Corey! Okay, that game is awesome! Thanks for sharing. My kids will absolutely LOVE this! Thanks Corey and have a great day:)


Hi Janae!

My son was set to run his first 10k ever in NYC on March 28, but it was cancelled. He and I are going to have our own 10k in a local park. I’m thinking of making us “Social Isolation 10k” tee-shirts ?

As for my running, I’m taking this time to up my mileage. For a long time I was running around 20-25 miles per week when I wasn’t training for anything. In the past six months I’ve moved to 30. Now that we’re home so much more, I find myself needing to run more than ever. This week I’ll hit 35 without really meaning to, so my goal is to get to 35-40 miles per week. My legs feel great, I’m running about ten of those miles (total) with my son, and perhaps at the end of all of this my base fitness will propel me to some PR’s.


You have to make those shirts! Oh I love that you two are doing that together and tell him good luck for me! I’d love to hear afterwards how it goes. WAY TO GO ON YOUR MILEAGE! I’m so happy you are able to get in the miles and build such a crazy strong base. I guarantee PRs up ahead for you with this new plan! Have a beautiful day friend!


I’m working out more in general now! More walks outside, more yoga videos, more running, more strength. It’s nice to be more active, so at least there is that positive :)


Oh totally! I completely agree, I definitely feel like my whole family is more active right now. I hope you have a really great day Mariah!


I read somewhere that Meb just run 4-8 miles 3-4 times a week now, and still runs half marathons for charity and whatnot. After my running reset I plan to run just two 4 milers during the week and 6-8 miles on Saturday. Then ramp up the Saturday run to 9-10 miles a few weeks before my half. One of the weekly runs can be a trail run or track workout. This is from lessons learned from my prior 2 injuries and “listening” to my body. Both my hamstring strains were the run right after a 9+ mile run – so definitely going to be just cross training and rest for me for anything over 8 miles for several days.

I’m actually still working today – looking forward to just sleeping in this weekend.


I didn’t know that about Meb! That is awesome and I think that is a fabulous plan John! Good luck at work today and reading about your earthquake experience gave me goosebumps yesterday!


Hi Janae ! (I love to have time to answer you each day ! Ha !)
I loooove the pictures at your parent’s house. So ingenious this sitting from either sides of the front door. It made me smile. Of course the situation is not funny, but you find solutions to go on seeing each others and that’s great.
Yesterday we watch Sully, the story about the pilot that had to land his plane in the Hudson river (with popcorn of course !)
We can surely say I am running less during this time, as I can’t go outside :) I don’t run anymore, I don’t have a treadmill.
I’m not sure I’ll be able to run my May race, even if it is not cancelled.
I began learning some sign language each day, your daughter inspired me :)
Have a nice day !


I am LOVING getting to chat with you each day Ingrid. Thank you! Andrew and I loved Sully and I’m so glad you had popcorn… it’s addicting. You are doing such an amazing job at staying active at home right now and I can’t wait to tell Brooke that you have started learning sign language. It will make her so happy! Have a beautiful day:)


Running More!!!!! And I love it. When someone asks what my favorite thing about this virus has been, this will be my answer every time.


I think I am running more than before, and also loving it! I am sticking to routes around my house, but varying them by some days running them in the reverse direction that I normally do. It’s weird how that makes the route feel so different! I do miss my pilates and yoga classes though ?. So I’m adding video versions of those a few times a week too.
We got our son home from college late last night, yay! So we are ready to stay put for a while. Although, with everyone home, I am going to need to go to the grocery store very soon.
So glad you spent some time “with” your parents.
Happy Friday Janae ?


This makes me so happy! I love that you are running more and what I would give to go get in a run with you today! Give Hope a big hug for me!


I needed some running motivation without pressure, so I’m following a higher mileage half marathon plan to get some good mileage. The only difference is I’m doing the miles but not the work out paces. I just want some general guidance and my goal now that there are no races is to forget times and enjoy the movement of running and being outside.


There’s a running group that is still meeting while practicing running a safe distance from each other. I run races with them so I get updates, sadly I am not close enough to join but I love the idea.

I keep my mileage fairly consistent but I don’t beat myself up if I am not in the mood. I enjoy strength training, cardio kickboxing and other workouts to help calm my mind. My husband had a seizure last week and he’s getting different tests to find the cause. (He never had one before). Between that, dwindling work, and trying to isolate it’s been stressful.


Hey Nina! So good to chat with you today:) Sounds like an awesome running group! I want to come try cardio kickboxing with you, that sounds amazing.

I am SO sorry about what is going on with your husband right now. I’m here to email with you or text or call if you need someone to talk to. I can’t imagine the stress you are going through. Sending hugs friend!


Oh that makes my heart so happy to see you visiting with your parents like that!

Finding a school schedule that works is hard! I was stressing myself out with trying to follow a set schedule. I finally said that we all need to get dressed every day, school from 9-11 (iPads and computer only if needed), lunch break and from 1:30-3 learning apps, cooking/baking, experiments, any supplemental work I might find and crafts. It gave the kids some structure and didn’t overwhelm me either.

I love that Knox gets to see his teacher! My sons teacher sent him a video via text and my son was so excited, he was waving at the video. It was so cute and it made me sad all the same time.

I am running more because I know I will be home with the kids all day and time isn’t a huge issue at this point;-).

I need to find something to watch on tv! Last night I spent 1/2 an hour trying to find something and I went back to a series I have already watched. You would think with Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and Disney, I would be able to find something new to watch!

We are officially on Spring break! Wahoo!

Happy Friday Janae!


It really felt so good to see them even if we couldn’t get close! I am LOVING your schedule Becky and I might have to copy parts of it! Okay, that made my heart happy to see that your son’s teacher did that and how excited he was. Isn’t it funny that now that we have time to watch TV it’s hard to find what we really want to watch. ENJOY SPRING BREAK!

Thanks Becky and have a beautiful day!


I’ve got my home gym with elliptical, bike, and treadmill. And the dog and I get out for 3 walks totalling an average of 5 miles every day. So plenty of exercise and fresh air is being had!

lots of luck with the kiddos, Janae! I am also putting on makeup every day and doing my hair so that 1) I look at something somewhat presentable when washing my hands in the bathroom :) and 2) it just makes me feel more alive and not like such a slacker


Running more because I actually have a lot more time! Since I do have the time right now, and moving helps me feel calmer, I decided this would be a good time to focus on my fitness. Sometimes in stressful times I need to back off the training, but right now it’s helping me a lot.

Um . . . does rewatching The Office for the 200th time count? That’s where I’m at! But also have been reading lots, which is another good thing. I’m really not enjoying this time away from work, but there are good things to focus on!


Hi Janae! Homeschooling is no joke! My mom homeschooled me for a year when I was around Brooke’s age and she told me later it was so hard.. she got lesson plans from the school district but she stayed up late every night preparing the curriculum. And she had formal training and work experience as a teacher too! So kudos to you!! The benefit is that you really get to spend good time with your kids and make sure they really understand what they’re doing.


I have been running the same amount. I don’t have another half or full until the fall, so I stuck with my normal training for now. I’m still going to work to care for penguins, but it’s weird without guests in the building! I’m doing a facebook live thing in 2 hours about caring for our penguins!


I think it’s great that Skye still naps. My 2.5 yo twin boys stopped napping for us around Christmas! I have hear that with other parents whose kids are 2. I miss the nap days lol :)

Glad you’re still posting during this crazy time — it’s nice to see others’ new normals :)


I’ve been running every day now since I’m working from home. It’s been awesome, and my husband has joined me which I loooove. I’ve had some weird knee stuff going on (runner’s knee?) so I’m trying to incorporate more strength training and stretching (any tips for runner’s knee would be welcomed!!). It’s so nice to get outside and move since we’re inside all day.


We just started watching Marcella on Netflix. We also love watching Sam The Cooking Guy on YouTube.
The days are running together… can’t say we have too much planned this weekend haha. Maybe some yard projects??
I am running more during this time because our gym is closed. I miss taking spin classes but it feels good to get outside and have the alone time. Stay safe and healthy!


Here in our town my son hasn’t been given specific homework just some general concepts and websites to look at. I’d rather have something specific to check off my box and feel like I’ve done something with him. How long are you all out for??


I’m glad you got to see your parents. I’m sure they loved it! This has really made me realize how much I love hugging my people and I sure do miss it!

My runs this week have varied from 1 mile with Les to 9 miles solo (hopefully 10 miles solo tomorrow.) Since we are in Hawaii, I don’t have a bike so it’s all running/walking right now. Just happy to still be able to get outside.


Thank you Janae for being positive, and sharing how you’re keeping sane with all that’s going on! :) We will all get through this. I’m not running much, but not because of what’s going on in the world, it’s because I’m working on strength training while my knees are healing from years of not dealing with runner’s knee. It’s (thank the Lord!!) working, and knees have felt better than they have in a very long time.
This weekend, my husband and I will be working on baby-proofing our home further, as our baby is almost a year, and just about walking, and is SERIOUSLY getting into the kitchen cabinets. Other than that, we might see some family, but mostly staying at home.
During this time at home, I also want to get into more of a habit of reading more.
Keep up the posts, and thank you for sharing your life with us!


I took a week off running when I got the flu, but am building my lungs back up this week. I’m planning on sticking with my half marathon plan in hopes of my race happening in May that they rescheduled it for. I usually do two easy runs, a speed workout, and a long run each week, but really need to work on a way to had in strength and core on the other days!



I love that Brooke is wearing her watch around the house!
I started When Calls the Heart on Netflix and I’m loving it so far!
My running is definitely picking up. When we are in the normal groove of being at school I sometimes talk myself out of a run just because I’m tired. Teaching online from home has made me crave my running after 3:00 every day!


I did my 10 mile race on my own Sat and I really gave it my all. Normally I would take off at least a few days or if not a week from running. But I needed running this week and I realized today that my body is wiped, my hamstrings are not happy. So I need to keep that in mind but cross training is now tricky!!
My girls and I have been outside a lot but not everyone is social distancing and it is tricky.

Khan Academy might be something for Knox and Brooke to do on their own. My 9 year old’s teacher has been doing an hour lesson a day and I did a Zoom story time with her friends ( she went in her room so she could participate that way!). My 12 yr old is likely the only kid doing ALL the work. She literally has about 6 hrs of work and it’s crazy. They just don’t know how to do this yet, they need more videos and instruction for her.


At first I thought the pace you had two days in a row was 9:22 (instead of 8:22), and I was immediately like “Janae’s pregnant!” HAHAHA! For some reason I remember your body loving that pace when you were pregnant. Soooo addicted to Love is Blind on Netflix right now. I need some guilty pleasures in my life!


I love that you got to celebrate your mom!!

We are catching up on Mrs. Maisel but honestly our TV is off 80% of the time with all of us home. Although, we are trying to watch all the Marvel movies before bed :)

We’ll be on less of a schedule this weekend, so probably some baking and church watching.

I’m not running right now because I sprained and bruised a bone in my ankle last Wednesday :( But thank goodness I have a spin bike and weights and we’re still doing lots of walking and yoga with the kiddos.


I’ve been an admirer and follower of your blog for years. But I’m especially appreciative of it during these gloom-and-doom-internet-news times. Thank you, Janae for being a bright spot on the internet.


My April marathon got postponed until November, but I found a running company sponsoring a virtual marathon, so I’m doing that instead and will run it alone! I’m happy to have something, since I’ve been working so hard these past few months!

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