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Good morning everyone!  I’m excited to talk about what Andrew says is my favorite hobby—> SLEEP.  I am passionate about my bedtime routine and getting into bed at a good time to give my body the rest it needs for my health.  When I was in elementary and jr high I would go into my parents’ room crying at night if I couldn’t fall asleep at the time I thought was best for me, ha.  I don’t cry anymore if I’m not able to get enough sleep but I sure do everything I can to help my family and me get the best sleep possible.

This post is sponsored by The Pillow Club.  I have an awesome deal for you at the end of this post that you do not want to miss!


Everyone needs to get a good night of sleep but runners really need to get in as much sleep as we can.

“Ryan Hall pens naps in his calendar as ‘business meetings,’ and both Deena Kastor and Shalane Flanagan log as much as 10 hours of shut-eye a night.  They clearly understand what science is increasingly revealing: It’s during sleep that your body recovers from hard training and builds you into a better runner.” (Source)

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All of those mile repeats that we do, the buildup of mileage, time at the track or on the trails… Those things take SO much work and effort to accomplish and our sleep is just as important as those workouts in getting stronger and faster.  That is why I think we all need to make sleep a priority if we can!

Better sleep = better running.

IMG 2812

I love finding new ways to help me to sleep better and The Pillow Club is my new favorite way.  

IMG 4338

With The Pillow Club you get a new luxury pillow delivered to your door as soon as your old one needs to be replaced every 6-12 months.  Switching out our pillows is an awesome way to help us to sleep better and I’ve already noticed a big difference in my sleep with the Core Pillow (the perfect mix of soft and firm!) from The Pillow Club.  I had been sleeping with a really old pillow before I switched over and I had no idea how much that impacted my sleep.  I wake up now in the morning in the exact position I fall asleep in at night.  I’m guessing that is because I’m no longer tossing and turning and readjusting my pillow.    

Getting a new pillow through The Pillow Club every 6 months means that you won’t be sleeping on an old pillow that no longer has the support and comfort we need to sleep our best.

IMG 4385

Another awesome reason to change out our pillows regularly—> We can lower the chances of getting headaches and neck/shoulder pains too!

This is the same face I have each night when I get into bed because I’m so excited to sleep, ha.

IMG 4423

Not switching up our pillows can also lead to things like acne, allergies and other viruses.  I break out often and I’m excited to see what The Pillow Club does for my skin because I never switched my pillows out regularly before them.  I’ll keep you posted on how my skin reacts to the change!

IMG 4491

The second I lay down and get comfortable is the second that Skye notices and decides it’s time to tackle me.

IMG 4438

The Pillow Club makes it super affordable for you to get new luxury pillows right when you need a new one.  You can get 2 pillows each year delivered to you for just $10 a month which makes it 40% cheaper than their buy outright price.  

Also, they make it easy for us because we don’t even have to remember (I couldn’t remember how old I was the other day so yeah… my memory isn’t the best;) when to change our pillows because they automatically send it right to us.  

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One more thing that I love about The Pillow Club is that you can send your old pillow back to them when you are shipped your new one and they will rewrap the pillow in an outdoor waterproof cover and donate the used pillows to animal shelters as dog beds. 


Go HERE and sign up with The Pillow Club and get 2 pillows delivered to your door for only $10!

Skye looks as though she is 3 seconds away from falling asleep.  She kept saying ‘mine, mine, mine’ whenever I put my head down and as soon as I moved, she got nice and comfortable for a long nap.  

IMG 4485


Have any tips or tricks that you use to help you to sleep better?

Do you sleep on your stomach, back, side or a mix?

Do you like to sleep in a warm room or a cold room?  Do you use a lot of blankets or no?

Do you always sleep on the same side of the bed?

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Where did you get the picture of the bear crossing the road that’s hanging behind your couch?


Hey Suzanne! I got it from this store:

They have the most incredible art pieces, furniture and their pillows are my favorite:) . Hope you have a wonderful day!


I don’t get much sleep as I am a constant worrier. I worry a lot about things I have absolutely no control over. I toss and turn a lot. Have you ever struggled with this? If so, do you have any tips that might help me overcome this? Thanks Janae.


Oh Kimberly! I totally get that and I have gone through times in my life where I woke up so many times during the night to worry (especially after my divorce). For me when my worries aren’t overtaking me but they are still there I repeat to myself ‘Give it to God and go to sleep’ and when it got really bad I worked with a therapist to overcome some of these worries and come up with coping strategies that worked for my situation personally. Have you thought about working with a therapist with these issues? I can’t recommend finding one that is right for you enough… just like we would go to a doctor for something physically keeping us awake all night, I think it’s important to go to a professional for our mind keeping us up. Have a beautiful day Kimberly and please keep me updated with how you are doing!


Thanks so much for suggesting a therapist. I know I should probably go see one, but kind of wanted to do that as a last resort. I was hoping for other suggestions to try first. It’ll probably come down to that. Getting maybe 4 hours a sleep is definitely not enough and I’m feeling the effects. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks again!❤️



I hope you don’t mind if i chime in, but I am a pro worrier as well, lol.

I actually listened to this podcast yesterday:

Lots of good tips there for you (and I follow a lot of them). There are a lot of other good podcasts on that Dan Harris 10% Happier channel. I do meditate for 15 minutes each day but I am not very good at it.

I have not had tons of problems sleeping lately and I’m actually struggling to figure out how to explain why – except to say that I just am able to not worry when my head hits the pillow. Perhaps it’s just simply that I’ve read so many books and listened to so many podcast that I’ve learned to block it out – kind of like meditating and letting the thoughts flow through instead of dwelling on them. I also have a pretty good bedtime routine – try to go to bed and get up at the same time. And I do use a white noise machine. That is not to say I don’t still worry – either at the onset of sleep – or waking up halfway through the night and then starting. I am much better now though than in the past.

Hope this helps a little.


Thank you so much for the suggestions! I will have to listen to the podcast and hope that it helps. Seeing a therapist will probably be the next thing.


I’m being nosy and chiming in, too! I am an NP in Sleep Medicine. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) has been shown to be more helpful than medications like Ambien in the long term for insomnia. There are a couple resources online (,, or you can research CBTi experts locally. The online sources are about $110 and you have to be self-driven. Locally, you may be able to find someone who works with your insurance. Good luck!


I’m open for any suggestions and this sounds like a wondrful idea! I’m not sure how to find someone who specializes in this in my area, but will definitely look into it. Thanks so much!


There is an app called CBT-I coach developed by Stanford originally for veterans who had sleep issues. It was so successful they put it out to the public. Cognitive behavior therapy is the most effect treatment for sleep issues. Essentially though it’s changing your own behavior. It’s worth a try! I am with you, just think about everything. I used the app diligently and it really did change things and then I went through some health issues and then major stress and I myself need to go back to it..


Thank you very much! Will definitely check it out! I’m willing to try just about anything at this point!


I had no idea you are supposed to change our pillows that often! You’ve just given me something to think about and look in to ?
Thank you for your occasional sponsored posts Janae.


Oh thank you friend! I didn’t either:) I was telling my brother about them a few weeks ago and he looked at me like I was crazy for not switching out my pillows often… ummmm I had no idea hahah! I hope you are having a wonderful day so far and thanks for your support!


I never switch out my pillow and I never stay asleep all night. Something is going to change! Thanks for sharing!


You are so welcome! I hope you get some better sleep soon!


I’m a huge fan of sleep and an avid napper, but the idea that we need to throw out our pillows after less than a year of use is ridiculous and wasteful. Our society has grown accustomed to producing tremendous amounts of garbage without a thought of how it affects the environment or less fortunate people in this world.

I’ve had the same pillows for more than ten years and for the most part I sleep soundly with no allergies and with the occasional cold or virus.

Love your blog, Janae, but I’m sad if this post convinces people they need to throw out (or send back) perfectly good pillows.


Hey Amy! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and I really do appreciate them! Definitely something for me to think about in so many areas of my life (especially with my food/cup packaging and that is something I am working on). I know for me that I am sleeping a lot better after not having changed my pillows for a while so for me I needed the new support! I do love that they repurpose the pillows into dog beds for shelters. But seriously, I love talking about these types of things and I hope you have a great day. PS I am SO Happy you sleep so well… a good night of sleep changes my world haha.


I too, find this concept incredibly wasteful. Yes, it’s great that they re-purpose the pillows, but that seems like a short term solution- in addition to the questions about wash-ability and durability.

Mind you, I spent YEARS searching for a pillow that didn’t cause me debilitating neck pain. I absolutely love the pillow I have, but if I had to spend $$$ every year to replace it, I’d still keep looking for a longer term solution.


I’m really intrigued by this. I have purchased so many pillows over the last couple of years to try to avoid neck pain. So I guess I have been unintentionally switching mine every few months anyway :-) I have noticed that I get a new pillow, things are great for a bit and then the neck pain/headaches start again…so instead of searching for a new type of pillow, maybe I just need a new pillow!
I volunteer at an animal shelter and love the idea of reusing the pillows as dog beds.

Thanks for sharing this post!


I actually work as an NP in Sleep Medicine! I honestly never knew the true importance of sleep prior to working in this field. It’s really fascinating.


I can’t even explain how much I love sleep!! I love to get in bed as early as possible and sleep as late as possible in the am. Minimum 8 hours, 9 or 10 is amazing or even more! And I’m not even a hard core runner …. oh, and don’t get me started on naps…. *drool* An amazing Pillow really does make all the difference and I know exactly what you mean about waking up in the same position! It’s incredible.


I have to agree with a previous comment that changing pillows that often sounds really wasteful to me! Yikes can you imagine if everyone threw out multiple pillows every 6 months?

If you need a new pillow for support I guess that’s one thing. But if you are worried about cleanliness (acne, allergies, etc.) you can absolutely wash your pillows! There are plenty of youtube videos and Pinterest posts with details on how to do that.

Janae we love you and support you supporting your family. Thanks for allowing us to comment freely and constructively!


Hi Janae! I change up my pillowcase frequently for better skin but I didn’t even consider that the pillow should be changed too! Probably a good time to switch out the pillows I’ve had since college… :)

Have a great day!


I change my pillows every few years maybe. My issue is I found one I really loved and then the store doesn’t have the same kind of soft and firm mix I love so I have struggled to find 1 pillow I love. I sleep with 2 pillows at the moment just to get the right height as I sleep on my side. I have been sleeping pretty well lately. We got a new mattress for ourselves for Christmas and new sheets so just getting all snuggled and warm in bed now puts me to sleep.
As I read through the comments, I see others mentioned their minds not allowing them to sleep. I totally get this, because I like to stick to a bedtime and there were times I wasn’t tired and couldn’t get to sleep and can’t shut my mind off. One thing that helped me in the past was journaling before bed, whether that be typing up my thoughts or just keeping post it notes and a pen next to my bed if I thought of something I didn’t want to forget by morning.


Where is your sweatshirt from? I need that in my life asap! Also I’m a must sleep in the cold, always on the same side of the bed and on my stomach sleeper haha! I totally am going to order these pillows because my husband and I were just talking about how we desperately need new ones!



I definitely think sleep is one of the most important factors in training.

I make sure to keep my phone in my bathroom, rather than next to my bed, and I always read a bit before bed :)

I am typically a side sleeper and I much prefer a cold room and blankets. I always sleep on the same side of the bed unless I’m in a hotel, and then I like to sleep nearest to the bathroom.


Your sweatshirt “Run Wild”. Please tell us where you got it from?


I’ve started changing my pillow case every night! That was something I never did and now the thought of NOT doing it grosses me out :) It’s so easy to do and I imagine ALL of us have tons of extra pillow cases. I’m glad you found a pillow that helps you to sleep better! I mostly sleep on my back or side. I like a warm to cool room.


I’m a long time reader and love you for so many reasons, including your positivity and dedication. I hope you won’t take offense if I voice some opposition to the idea that to feel well rested we should be tossing out our “old” pillows every six months. I support you, and I hope you will listen with an open heart and mind to some constructive criticism.

The premise is unreasonable enough to be absurd. Just imagine the environmental impact of 330 million Americans doing this every six months. There is no “away” when we throw things away. It all ends up somewhere that was once beautiful land or water. We have become a generation that throws away things without a second thought.

You always speak with such reverence of the beautiful mountains and sunsets you see on your runs. Please consider being a thoughtful steward of this beautiful planet.


I don’t like to think about your family of 5 going through 10 pillows a year. In 20 years, that is 200 pillows. If this post influences more people to do the same, think of the magnitude of your carbon footprint. Not to mention the cost. $500 per year for your family alone. In 20 years, that is 10,000. I like your blog but I truly hate this post. This is a product that creates so much waste and is not sustainable. Dogs don’t need 6 month old pillows.


I keep my pillows until they’re not working for me, usually a few years. Did a quick search. Most sites state to change pillows every 2-3 years, some say every 18-36 months. I only saw one place that said cheap polyester pillows should be changed every six months. I really think that if pillows should be replaced every six months for health or sleep reasons, we would have heard about before now. Thanks.


I sleep with a sound machine and I usually read before bed, it usually makes me tired pretty quickly!
I am a mix between stomach and side. I was strictly stomach but after being pregnant by body learned how to side sleep :)
COLD room and TONS of blankets. I think we have 3 blankets and a comforter on our bed.
At home I always sleep on the same side. But hotels/vacation it varies.. I usually make my husband sleep by the door haha

Hope your day is great!

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