Silentish Saturday–> MY FIRST RUN BACK EDITION!!!

I’M BACK and I couldn’t be happier about it.  It definitely wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to take off the 6 weeks but it felt SO good to be doing one of my favorite things ever again.

Andrew even took some pictures because I was so excited;)

IMG 7653

I left for my run as the sun was rising which was perfect for my first run back.

IMG 7608

I walked outside in the morning and it was way warmer than I thought it was so I left my gloves on the grass.

IMG 7616

First watch picture of thousands up ahead:)

IMG 7679

Took the Brookester to school..

IMG 7617

And then it was the three of us for the morning.

IMG 7628

He is quite the Jenga/Connect 4 pro.

IMG 7671

A little post-school walk!

IMG 7677


IMG 7682

I need this shirt because this is my life right now.

IMG 7681

Dropped off Brooke to hang with her cousins for the afternoon (Knox left for the weekend)!

IMG 7687

Pretty happening Friday night over here…

IMG 7700

We decided for dinner that we would just put together a bunch of snack type foods to eat… these were the favorite.

IMG 7694

Andrew says this is his all-time favorite snack!

IMG 7693

Like normal, Andrew and I were exhausted and ready for bed long before Brooke was.

IMG 7689

Saturday running gear out and ready to be worn this morning… just like the good ol’ days!

IMG 7704


What is your Saturday filled with?!

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My husband decided to run a last minute half marathon in Chicago today so we left the house at 6am to make the drive. My 3 year old was so excited about going she woke up all by herself at like 5am ready to go. We may have promised her a trip to the American Girl store.


Is he running F^3? If so, *see* y’all there! Lol


Yup! If you see a guy wearing an E Co singlet that is him. My daughter and I will be keeping warm in the building.




Hello!!!! Great job!!!!!! Feels so good to get back to running after a baby!!! I’ve had 4 and have taken care of myself during the 6 weeks and I bounced right back into it!! ???I live in Arizona , but I’ve followed your blog for years! I’m a long distance runner too! Several marathons under my belt! You’ve probably heard of the company Zyia Actice being in Utah, but I just signed with them! I’d love for you to shop my page and LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!! I purchased the royal shine legging and the effortless tank and fell in love with the style and quality!!! Especially being a runner I’m very picky in what I like to wear and what feels good! Please email or let me know if you have questions!
Or email [email protected]
I’d love to hear from you!


Glad to see you coming back. I think you have been smart with your training. You’re not rushing into it and you’ll come back stronger and healthier. Are you running in the launch and working out/cross training in the Pegasus?

I had a good run this morning and now just heading off to work. Yay running speciality.


Welcome back to running! I applaud you for taking the time off to let your body recover.


great run! it always feels good to be back after an extended time off.

i’m heading out for new running shoes today. i’m hoping to find something that solves my problems….or my perceived problems. i think they might all be imagined because i want to try the levitates sooooo baaaad.


Today is mostly meal planning and grocery shopping and all that jazz. I’m looking forward to taking a long walk with my husband. He doesn’t know that yet though. Our daughter is going to a friend’s house so I think he thinks we’re going out for drinks or apps or something but my plan is to be more active and healthy ;-)


I am so happy you are cleared to run!!! I hope todays run is just as great as your first run back feeling yesterday! I did an 8.3 mile run this morning which is my longest run since my half in October! I got new running shoes yesterday so I am going to credit a lot to that ;) I was running in Ghost 9s but my arch was bothering me and I went back to new balance and got the 880v7 and they are AMAZING! I recommend!!! Have a great weekend!


Yaaay! Welcome back, so glad it was a good one :) We had a nice gentle start to our day and then I ran 14km which is waaay further than I’ve managed in ages thanks to a fracture and then knee pain. I’m so happy :) (hopefully won’t be paying for it too badly later!!) We’re going to friends later so I’ve been doing some baking with my son to take with us – chocolate cheesecake, which he woke up requesting we make last weekend ?

How are your kiddos enjoying the q&a book by the way? My son loves it – it’s turned into a lovely morning ritual.


Yesterday was really warm. Surprise! Now there’s snow haha. I will be sneaking my run in during nap time because we have stuff all morning.


My Saturday has included so far my first run since having my baby 6 weeks ago! Got the green light yesterday from the doctor and couldn’t wait to get back at it! The baby hung out next to the treadmill and let me go for 30 minutes! Now the rest of the day will be full of cuddles and grad school homework!


I’m glad that you’re able to be back to running. And bonus points for it not being as bad as you thought to wait it out without running.

Sounds like we had similar Friday nights. I stayed in and got some laundry and work done.


Yay!! So happy your 1st run felt great! And, as usual, it looked like another beautiful Utah morning to welcome you back ?
Today is just 9 miles, so I plan on getting some stuff done around the house. Tomorrow is a 19 miler!!! My runs have been feeling really good this last week, so I’m hoping tomorrow will too!
Happy Saturday ?


Awww, congrats Janae!! Getting to run after a break makes you appreciate it 100x more! And it will be so nice to have a little “me” time. I’m coming back to running after a string of injuries (totally not as fun an excuse as having a sweet little baby to hang out and snuggle with) and I’m just getting over the hump of ugh-this-is-insanely-hard stage (but don’t get me wrong, I was ridiculously happy for those struggle runs) and into the hey-this-feels-really-good/maybe-a-little-like-flying/blissed-out stage. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe!


Yay for back to running.. Please share how you cut and cook those potatoes so perfectly!! They look so delicious.


What exactly did you put in your salad? And what dressing?


YAY for your first run back! Glad it went well!!

I did 10 wintery miles this am – 7 with my hubby and 3 with my dog! It was cold, but beautiful!

Have a great weekend :)


Yay! Enjoy getting back into running girlfriend! I love making a bunch of snack foods to enjoy on a weekend.
My Saturday involves a 10 mile run which I finished earlier. It was great! It’s the second time I’ve done a double digit run (the first was a 10 mile race back in October) so I was a little nervous. I felt so good during it and can’t wait to keep it up while I train for a half marathon. Then I got a pedicure which was needed lol and now I’m relaxing. My boyfriend and I are going to Top Golf later which is supposed to be a lot of fun so I can’t wait.
Have a fantastic day :)


Yay!!! Congratulations on getting back out there!


Awesome that you’re running again. Have you planned out how slowly you will add mileage back? Will you go back to running 6 days?

What hours does Brooke go to kindergarten? Here in TN it’s all day 8-2:45. It doesn’t sound like she goes that long. I wish it wasn’t all day. I’m dreading him being gone all day next year when he starts.


You are my hero? You come back after a baby and 6 weeks off and still run way faster than I ever will!!!! It must be exhilarating to start back up again!


oh pooh, You are my Hero, exclamation point! not question mark


So happy for you to be running again. And kudos to you for waiting for your body to be ready for it. Your kids are so dang cute!


Welcome back to running!!! I am currently nursing a sore foot and and am kind of sort of a little bit enjoying the break. I know it will be good for me mentally and obviously physically. Most of the time, it has been much easier than expected! According to the podiatrist, I do not have an official injury, but I need to stretch more. Healthy Runners = Who has time to stretch!? Injured/Sore Runners = Give me all the stretches and get me back out there!

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