This Week’s Training/Recovery + Our Day!

I had zero plans of running yesterday but when my sister texted me telling me that she and my niece really wanted me to join them… I couldn’t say no.

We ran at 11 and I had my first Saturday morning IN FOREVER just as lazy as can be.

IMG 2624

We tried to get a running picture together but it started hailing so my sister sprinted for the house ha.

IMG 2628

This felt REALLY really good.  It’s crazy how just a few days away made me miss it a lot.

IMG 2635

We finished up our Christmas shopping and did a few of our traditions too.

IMG 2656

Going strong on my donut a day thing post-race;)

IMG 2640

The books they picked out.

IMG 2661

Lasagna leftovers for dinner and Christmas movies afterwards.

IMG 2666

How was this a week ago already?  It’s kind of weird when these races pass us by after working/thinking about them for so long.

IMG 2062

I’ll keep up with my weekly workout summaries as I figure out what’s next!

M:  0

T:  0

W:  0

Th:  0

F:  Back and Chest day at Burn Bootcamp and I am going to be sore until next Friday because of it.

S:  3 miles @ 8:46 average

Su:  0

For this week my coach told me to just run easy and as much as my body tells me to along with a short speed workout one day!

What was your best run last week?  Worst run?  Did you do any strength training this week… what muscle groups?

What do you have going on today?

Have a favorite Christmas book?

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Your doughnut a day tradition is something I need to start! Those doughnuts look delicious! So does the lasagne.
I have run four days last week and the week before. Only three miles each run but it’s a start and I’ll take it. Any run where my knee doesn’t swell is my best run. I have 8 on the books so far. I think my new year resolution will be to start running in the Ravenna 10’s and Ricochets I bought in august but haven’t been able to wear.
Have a great day off!


My worst run was, for sure, yesterday, with the wind, so cold.
Today it was so better, no wind, and running early, while the sun is rising. So beautiful.
During the week I also had – a workout focused on arms, back, abs, – a bike training – and a cardioboxing training.
This afternoon was just great, a walk in a park with our dog. Always a pleasure to see him happy, playing in the dead leaves and coming near us every minute just to have a hug. He is so adorable :)
This run with your sister and your niece must have been great. Just for pleasure. Perfect for recovery.


I did a great workout that had a lot of hamstring work this week–that’s something I’m really trying to strengthen! I also did a good interval run on the treadmill–normally I feel so bored by the end of a treadmill run, but this one was really good.

For the first time EVER, I’m thinking about doing a marathon . . . which is scary and exciting! I know nothing about fueling for one, so if I decide to do it, I’ll definitely be combing through your blog. So much to think about!

I love The Best Christmas Pageant Ever! I still remember my 4th grade teacher reading it to us. So touching and funny.


I am not currently running much…have Runner’s knee and ever since I had my baby 8 mo’s ago I still feel all wonky trying to run, but I’m doing “Bodyfit by Amy” postnatal workouts, and they are awesome. Keep me strong, and gets cardio in with it too! So I did one of those last week, legs and glutes!
Today we’re going to a family Christmas lunch and hanging out for the rest of the afternoon with awesome leftovers.
By the way, I meant to comment on your CIM race!
You are so awesome, and I think you handled processing all the emotions really well, and yes, TOTALLY amazing that you ran it that fast… So crazy how fast that is lol!! I’m amazed. I look forward to seeing what future races you decide to do.
Oh man those donuts look so yummy! Good good tradition!!! Haha


How fun running with your sister and niece! I had two best runs this week. 6 miles yesterday early morning with my running bestie. It was -1 degree with 20 mph winds. We dressed warm and were actually very comfortable. And today I got 8 miles in during a gentle snow with my daughter’s dog. He lives to run and he loves snow – his joy was contagious!


I did it!!! I RAN my first half marathon. A long journey to this day and I will ride this high out for a long time. I finished 8th in my age group. I finished, that’s all I wanted but that was a nice perk.
Oh and yes hours later the medal is still around my neck and I will be hanging it on the Christmas tree.


CARRIE!! CONGRATULATIONS! 8th in your age group on your first half marathon! You keep wearing that medal all week and then put it on the tree next week. Congrats, I am so happy for you!


I ran a marathon today and Like you, I was gone by mile one. So weird! How does that happen?? Heart rate was soaring and I felt like something was really wrong. I wanted to quit at mile 14 but I kept saying to myself that Janae didn’t quit and I won’t either! Shortly after I finished I got the migraine of my life, the kind that takes away vision and all. Maybe that’s why??

Glad to see you’re recovering well!


Oh AMBER. I am so so so sorry about what happened to you. I GET IT. Some days our bodies just don’t want to run marathons but YOU are so strong mentally and physically and you did it. I hope you are feeling okay now and I’m guessing you were coming down with something if you had a migraine after. Thinking about you and keep me updated on how you are doing!


Totally on board with lasagna and Christmas movies!

So, did your sis and niece notice a difference in your running? Or did they tell you (sneaky ; )


Hi Janae! I didn’t really run much this week cuz I was recovering from my half last Sunday but my best run happened today and I’ve been so excited to tell you! Today I went to the track and I ran a timed mile and I got a PR! I don’t usually run for speed since I’ve been working on endurance but now that my half training is over I want to get faster. I’m excited to work on speed for a while before I head back into training to get my sub 2 half (I missed it by two minutes).


AHHH AMY!! I AM SO SO THRILLED FOR YOU! That is HUGE and I can’t wait to hear about your sub 2 half. You are so strong!


I have heard the Indy Mini is so much fun. I would love to go out there but sadly I can’t plan anything that far out. I would definitely consider it when time gets closer.

Today I’m not working until later which is nice considering I got a late start to the day LOL.

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