You know that feeling?

You know that feeling when you go for a run and it feels like with each step you sink down into 4 ft of mud and then you have to try to pull that leg out of the mud to take another step?

That was yesterday.  For 10 miles ha.

Emilee and I were able to go later in the morning which I was excited about and I felt mentally so eager to get out the door, run and talk about all of the things with her BUT…  about .25 miles into the run I realized my body was just super grumpy with me and so maybe I’ll take today off!

IMG 1160

My sister is running again and I get so excited when she sends me pictures of the distance that she does in the morning.

IMG 1172

Skye and I went to Trader Joe’s for almond butter and of course left with that and many other very important items.

IMG 1171

I wonder how many people go to TJ’s right now for one item and leave with all sorts of seasonal items that they don’t actually need.  I’m definitely one of those people.

These by the way, are amazing.

IMG 1173

Brooke has arrived at the wonderful age where she enjoys spending an hour at Target going up and down every aisle there.  We had so much fun together there.

IMG 1180

Skye is still at the age in Target where she attempts to shoplift everything;)

IMG 1183

Afterwards we went to Kneader’s for what we do when Brooke is gone for Thanksgiving…

IMG 1187

Turkey sandwiches and splitting a piece of pie.

IMG 1190

Right when we got home Skye jumped into the jogging stroller ready for us to go on a run together ha.

IMG 1199

PS this is Skye’s face anytime we mention ‘Santa’s’ name.

IMG 1106

Other than Santa, Skye is enjoying all of the Christmas traditions so far.

Also, Andrew’s parents just gave us this train that they had bought before he was even born so it’s really cool to have it for our kids to grow up with now too!

IMG 1151

Utah is about to be dumped on with snow (I’m so excited) and just a reminder for this winter:

NewImage 26

Oh and for anyone else getting ready to run CIM, this is an excellent episode to listen to:

IMG 1201


How did your legs feel on your last run? 

Any delicious seasonal items at TJ’s that I need to go buy?

What are your Thanksgiving plans if you are celebrating?

Favorite type of pie?!

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Oh my gosh–we have ACTUALLY shoplifted from Target, TWICE! The first time my then 2 year old stole a teddy bear and I didn’t notice until we were home! The second time she grabbed a pack of baby blankets and somehow I didn’t notice again! Luckily I found those in the parking lot and took them back haha. I’m going to end up in jail one of these days because of them. Lol. My legs felt terrible on my last run, because it was the marathon haha. I’m SO ready to get back to it in a few days. I’m starting to get the not-running crazies.


Hahaha we are not alone with having a shoplifting 2 year old! Good luck and keep the funny stories coming, they made me smile this morning. I hope your first run back is amazing Mollie and good for you to give your body the time it needs to recover!


Can’t run right now, injured.

No TJ’s anywhere near me, never go.

Usual family get-together :)

Chocolate cream, lemon meringue, key lime, banana cream, cherry, pumpkin, peach, apple (with ice cream), custard, sweet potato, rhubarb, chess pie, pecan, even flan!


Oh Jocelyn… I hope you are healed up and ready to run again soon. Injuries are the worst. Enjoy all of the pie tomorrow and I love your list! I completely agree, apple pie needs ice cream!


My legs felt great on my last run but it wasn’t very hard or very long so that was expected.
The only thing I am willing to drive to Trader Joe’s to buy are the dark chocolate covered peppermint jojos.
I think Thanksgiving Day will have an easy family centered Turkey Trot and dinner with my brother-in-law.
My favorite pie is pecan but I rarely eat any – no one else likes it and a whole pie just for me isn’t very healthy.


I bought some of those too… they are the best! Sounds like the perfect day and I hope you get a slice of pecan pie soon:)


I just got hone from Trader Joe’s! I went for Peanut Butter (I love in the city and TJ is a block away) and came home with a full bag! I picked up the peppermint marshmallows for not chocolate!!! Having Friendsgiving tonight and then staying in pjs all day tomorrow with my dog :)


HOW DID I NOT GET THE PEPPERMINT MARSHMALLOWS!? I better go back today:) . Enjoy Friendsgiving tonight and all of the PJs tomorrow (I think I’ll copy you with the pjs:)


My last few runs have felt really good, so let’s just hope that keeps going as I work on getting my distances back up!
We picked up our son at the airport last night, he’s a freshman in college just north of Chicago, so I am very happy to have all of us under the same roof ?. Thanksgiving will be our traditional day of extended family, football game at the park, delicious food, and just being together. We’re supposed to be getting tons of rain, so the game at the park may not happen.
Favorite pie is pumpkin or apple pie with streusel topping.
I love seeing the holiday traditions you do with the kids, even when Brooke and Knox are going to their other parents… So special.
Heading out for 5 miles hopefully before the rain… Have a great day Janae ?


HE’S HOME!!! I hope his football season was amazing! I am so happy you are all together and tomorrow will be perfect. Thanks so much Wendy and I hope your 5 miles were perfect.


Oh man those runs are so hard. Sometimes I feel like it would be faster to start walking haha. Make Andrew massage them for you!

That pie sure looks good, I’m going to start on my Kneader’s list :).

We are watching our nephew today, this stuff is hard, it’s much easier to do nuclear science.


Hi! Which jogging stroller do you have? Do you recommend it? Thank you!!


I love that tradition that you and Brooke have that you shared on Instagram. Those are the things she’s going to remember when she’s older.

We’re getting a bunch of snow too where I love over the next day or two. When I checked the weather this morning there was already a heavy snowfall warning in place. I think I’ll be staying close to home today.


Hi Janae! I’m going home to my parents for Thanksgiving! My cousin is coming too- it’ll be his first one in the US! My last run I actually had to stop and walk home since my knee just felt off.. I’m just telling myself to just take it easy until my race.


My legs have felt great lately, which is awesome! Now, the pouring rain on the other hand…. Ha!

I love peppermint Jojos! I’m not really a pie person, and I am allergic to gluten so it kinda works out.

Thanksgiving will start with a pie run (ha!) It’s an awesome tradition and all the leftovers go to the homeless shelter. Then we head to my sister’s house about 5 min away for our family Thanksgiving. We basically potluck it so it’s pretty easy on everyone!


SKYE!!!!!! I love her little mischievous face!!!!! Soon, little one, you too will learn to appreciate the ways of Target!


I almost always like it’s harder for me to run during my taper and down weeks. I always pray that it’s harder bc my body is working so hard to recover.


Going to my sister-in-law’s. I still don’t know what I’m bringing!

I hate to admit it but I’ve never really liked pie. I know! It looks delicious but I just haven’t tried any that I like.

My daughter calls Santa “Ho Ho Claus” so now that’s what he is called in our house and I have a hard time saying Santa – she is also still scared of him.


So funny, I went to TJ’s this morning to buy flowers and a baguette this morning and also picked up a box of the Candy Cane Jo Jo’s! Tis the season! :) Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


My legs felt great on my last run! It was an EZ 5k, though, so that’s pretty expected. I never shop at TJs, so I don’t have any recommendations for you – sorry! For Thanksgiving, we’ll just be at home eating a big meal and maybe watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. My favorite kind of pie is pecan! Have you ever tried a sugar cream pie? It’s a very Midwestern thing, I believe. My kids love it, but I prefer fruit or nuts or something else more flavorful in my pies.

I was thinking about Brooke and Knox and the holidays and I was wondering how all that works out for you guys. Like do you and your kids’ other parents go every other year with Brooke and Knox? Or every other holiday? And do you have a make up celebration at your house if you don’t get the kids one year? If you don’t like to talk about this, I don’t mind. I have absolutely no reason I need to know, I’m just curious. I really love and admire how you and Andrew want your kids to have positive relationships with their other parents, so many people aren’t like that and while I can only imagine how hard divorce is, it’s seems selfish to me to do anything but our the child first. Brooke and Knox are very lucky to have you and Andrew!


Oh my goodness! That pie from Kneader’s looks SO yummy! My daughter is 9 and I love that I can take her shopping to places like Target. It’s fun when we have the time to peruse the aisles together. :)

The last time my legs felt like lead was yesterday! Ha! My whole body just felt zapped, like I had zero energy. I’m hopeful tomorrow they feel better for the Turkey Trot!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! ?

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