Silentish Saturday!

IMG 8413

(Bra, shirt, shorts, shoes)

Another track workout. Who am I?

IMG 8410

Drink break before the workout started.

IMG 8411

4 mile w/u, 4 miles of 75 sec (5:35 pace), 35-40 sec (easy jog) on repeat)m, 3 mile c/d.  Did the workout in lane 8 to avoid tight turns.

IMG 8419

I think this has been our longest and best fall yet.

IMG 8414

10 min Glute & Leg class with Rebecca Kennedy on 11/03/23 gets you quite the burn in only 10 minutes.

IMG 8424

Looking better!

IMG 8423

Upping the daily greens.

IMG 8426

Passports for the kids:

Panda afterward.

He wants a gravel bike for when he is riding again.

IMG 8441

Made Rice Krispy turkeys with a bunch of Brooke’s friends.

We went and saw Lauren’s new house (AHHH we will live a mile apart from each other).  Andrew and her little one have matching boots;)

Outdoor mall party:

Off for a long run with zero speed.


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Hello! I was wondering if you would be willing to talk more about how your sister came across this smoothie recipe. I’d love to hear about how it has changed your energy levels, it has encouraged me to restart my smoothie regimen too!
I love to hear how nutrition effects people!


Hey!!! Yes, so I am talking a bit more on Monday about this all but it is from here:

I don’t have an autoimmune disease but I am hyper nourishing. The problem is I exaggerate a lot ha but as far as this goes (and I’m not exaggerating), it is changing my life. I feel 25 again with my energy levels. I’m sipping for hours on it and feel like I’m constantly getting a boost of energy!


6 mile run on my own early and now heading to my friend’s daughters race! She’s in elementary school and loves running, so she invited “her” friends. My friend jokes that she lost us to her daughter lol. Then a double date this afternoon! Have a great weekend!


I hope that she has the best race and that is so great that you are going to support her. I love it. Hahah I feel that way with some friends too. Have the best double date!


Smart to use lane 8. I’ll remember that for the next time I make it to the track.
Wild how much better we feel when we eat plants and drink water, huh? Squeeze in sourdough bread and the occasional fresh croissant and it’s a perfect way to eat!
It looks like Beck was loving the GIANT snowman. Did Andrew try to strap it to the top of your car to put on the front lawn or is that just reserved for skeletons?
Have a great weekend!


YES! The lane 8 thing is making it so much easier to avoid injury! Okay. Can you do a tutorial on how to make sourdough bread?! The croissant is a must for a balanced day. Bahaha he is not that into Christmas decorations which makes me questio him a bit… skeletons but not cute happy decorations? Thanks Molly, you too!


I just noticed the other day, that the college (right across the street from our neighborhood) track is open again. Yay! I may start mixing in some track workouts again. It has been SOOO long.
Heading out for an easy run, then pilates and walking the puppy. Sunday my son’s girlfriend and I are hitting up Trader Joe’s for stuff to make a charcuterie board for Thanksgiving. But the rest of the weekend should be fairly quiet.
Have a great weekend Janae


That is perfect… a nice little warm-up and cool-down home from the track. That is great. Will both boys be home for Thanksgiving? Thanks Wendy, you too!


Looks like a great day!! Can you tell me where your green puffer jacket is from? It’s so cute!!!!


YES!! I am obsessed with it… it is so warm. Happy Sunday night, Beth!

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