Marathon Training Log (PEAK WEEK)!

I hope you have a really great Sunday!  We are celebrating Brooke’s birthday with my family today (a little late on that one;) and relaxing as much as possible today.

3 weeks and 6 days until the marathon and here is what this last week looked like.

Monday:  12 miles @ 8:26 average

Tuesday:  16 miles total with 3 x 3 mile workout that you can read all the details to here.  The 9 miles of that workout were at a 6:20 average and the 15 miles with the group were @ 7:13 average.  Did a mile with Brooke when I got home @ 9:40.

Wednesday:  12.09 miles @ 9:04 average.  Trails and 1215 ft of elevation gain.

Thursday:  11 miles @ 8:39 average… 3.5 of those miles pushing Skye.

Friday:  9 miles @ 9:13 average… some with Josse some pushing Skye.

Saturday:  20.56 miles @ 7:08 average pace and I finished feeling like I still had a good amount of energy in the tank.  12miles @ 6:35 and another 2 miles on trails at marathon pace effort (slower but hard!).  Very happy that this run felt so good because after my last long run and Tuesday’s workout… I was getting nervous!

Sunday:  Off!

80.65 miles for the week.  It was my highest mileage of this training cycle and now it’s time to back down on mileage while keeping the intensity there for a bit longer.  I thought for sure I would have needed to hit 80 with a few doubles throughout the week but it didn’t work out with schedules so I’m happy I was still able to hit it with one run a day.


What was your best run last week?  Worst run?

-Best= Saturday.  Worst = Tuesday.

What are you having for your Sunday morning breakfast?

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You killed it this week!

Best run = Saturday, worst run = Thursdat (98 degrees in the afternoon).


98 degrees ahhhh! Yeah I would die in that! So happy yesterdays run went great for you… working hard sure pays off! Thanks and have a beautiful day!


I had a slice of homemade quiche with ham, yellow peppers, kale, spinach and pepper jack cheese. It was delightful.


That sounds perfect… I’ll be over next Sunday for that breakfast:) . Have a wonderful day Kimberly!


Hey, are you @trackclubbabe Kimberly?


How early do you get up and run to get those miles in before your kiddos go to school? What time do your kids start school? I fjnd the most I can do before work and kids school is 8-9 anything more I would be late. But if I wait until after work I am so tired and the kids have all of their sports and activities. It’s a struggle to try to get some high mileage in.


Hey Tara! I can definitely understand where you are coming from trying to figure this all out! It’s hard to juggle so much AND you have work so you must be wasted after that. I keep times offline but I currently wake up in the 4-5 o’clock hour some mornings to get the run some days. I also have been running a bit more with skye and the big kids too. Also, I am very lucky that my kids sleep in big time (ie they are all sleep now @ 8:47 which is later than usual bc we stayed up late but they love their sleep). I’m definitely tired and I wouldn’t be able to wake up this early all year long but I know this is the season of marathon training and I’ll sleep more when it’s over! I hope you have a beautiful day!


Worst: Tuesday ( didn’t actually run, elliptical and weights) Best: Today- felt like my run up my hill killed me and my Garmin told me why, it was about my fastest mile yet.

This week has me frustrated, my knee is started to bug me but not in the way it used to feel, it’s different! The good thing is that rest certainly does make a difference and I ran and then biked with my girls which 100% started things. Annoying that biking did that!! My 10k is in 20 days so I am going try to be smart so I can do it and then take a few days of REST!

Also does anyone have tingly feet after they run?? This used to just happen on the elliptical. It goes away, just is annoying.


Sunday morning breakfast was coffee unfortunately. We are always rushing in the AM to get to church. But we had egg and cheese sandwiches for an early lunch when we got home! Hope your day was super relaxing!


Well done on those runs! I’m glad you felt strong and confident on Saturday, although I’m sure the tough workout on Tuesday will help you to get through the hard parts of the race!
It’s 2 weeks since I finished my second marathon (and got my goal of sub 4h!!), but I’ve been injured since :( So unfortunately no favourite or even “worst” runs this week.. I’m really missing it!! I’m hoping with some more rest I’ll be ready to run again soon!
Sunday breakfast was blueberry and pecan pancakes :)
Have a good week!!

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