Why wait until nighttime to put on your new Christmas pajamas?

I kept that jacket up over my face while running 8 miles @ 8:12 average in 21 degree weather—>  whenever I started complaining in my head about the cold I reminded myself that I GET to run and that is pretty lucky no matter what the temperatures are.

IMG 3066

Andrew was smart and ran on the treadmill instead;)

IMG 3106

They wrote some letters to Santa this morning.

IMG 3083

We are doing a lot of our traditions a little bit early because with the kiddos going to their other parents and some travel next week… we don’t have very many days together at home before Christmas so we have started things early.

IMG 3091

Costco gingerbread houses where all you have to do is decorate are my favorites.

IMG 3099

And the boys’ finished product:

IMG 3104

A cup of heaven.

IMG 3088

A mountain on top of a sweet potato with veggies and turkey for lunch along with a mango.

IMG 3026

Yep, she is still loving the snow… Beretta is an inside dog (she even stays inside if we are gone) but she loves to play in the back too.

IMG 3047

They have zero fun together.

IMG 3062

The best spot for some reading at night.

IMG 3045

She fell asleep last night holding up her bookmark perfectly upright.

IMG 3048

If there are any pillows in the home, Beretta will create a bed for herself with them.

IMG 3046

A reader sent me a link to these cookies and they might be the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

Screen Shot 2016 11 30 at 2 59 29 PM

If you are in need of a Christmas sweater, Target has some great ones right now.

IMG 2908


What is your sentence for the day?  

Done any traditions yet?

What are you asking for for Christmas this year?

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My kiddos are much older and we still love doing those simple gingerbread houses (or the train or people) ;-)

Those pj’s are the sweetest on them!!


Oh the trains are way fun too! Thank you Kathy and I am so happy you guys still enjoy doing the gingerbread houses together!! xoxox


We haven’t started many traditions yet, but my favorite one will be completed on Saturday! (Tree finding/ cutting down/ decorating)

And I’m asking Santa ;) for a treadmill this year! Let’s see if he pulls through.


Oh that is the best! Where do you go to cut the tree down? AHHHHHH I AM SO HAPPY about what you are asking for this year! Please keep me updated on if you get one:) So exciting!


The PJs are adorable!

We are putting up a tree. I don’t have kids so that’s about the extent of my Christmas traditions so far, lol.


Yep, that is how I was too before Brooke. My students were always wondering why I didn’t do many traditions:) Thanks Sam and I hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday!


I honestly have all that I need, so race entries for me this year! One covered, and need a volunteer for another :)


I’m hoping for an elliptical so I can crosstrain.

My favorite tradition is a new one we started last year: breakfast with just my sisters and parents. We did it last year and all (sisters) wore matching pajamas. This year, we’re doing an ugly Christmas sweater theme. Can’t wait! It’s always a ton of fun when all of my sisters are in the same room.


It rained all day for the second day in a row and me and my puppy are looking forward to getting outside tomorrow when the rain will finally be gone!

Those melted snowman cookies! Cute!

I designed my holiday card already. I have been designing my own card since graduating from art school in 1995! Graphic Design skills at their finest lol . They just got delivered so I’ll need to start addressing them.


I love those houses and I’m seriously craving hot chocolate right now.
I haven’t started my christmas traditions yet but I they will eventually start very soon!


We made the melted snowmen cookies a couple years ago – so much fun and yummy!

I love reading about all your new traditions – so much fun! I loved age 4 both times around. I feel like it is the 1st year they were really excited because they remembered the previous year.


How fun!!! Love the traditions you do!!! I love the kiddos’ faces when they are laughing! So happy!! I am wanting some resistance bands for physical therapy exercises for Christmas!


We love Christmas traditions over here!!! Your children are adorable!!! Stay warm!!!


I keep forgetting to ask this…. where did you get your kitchen table?! I love it!!


I made those melted snowman cookies for my son’s class 2 years ago! They were a huge hit!


I have the same pjs for my son and my daughter has the elf pair.

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