Things that make my workouts go better:

Hey guys!  I hope you are having a great day so far… I have a few pictures from our day and a few things that help my workouts to go better:

10 miles @ 8:22 pace.

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Off to scuba dive!

IMG 3469

Eating all of the popsicles and…

IMG 3486


IMG 3488

IMG 3401

My favorite part of yesterday.

IMG 3506

Skye’s too.

IMG 3520

IMG 3529

IMG 3538


Fall races are right around the corner and I thought I would share with you (and hope you’ll share with me) a few of the things that help my speed workouts or long runs go much better than if I don’t do them:

*Eating a bowl of cereal before I go to bed.  I’m not sure if this actually really does help (or if it has all been metabolized by the time I go run in the morning) but I just feel more energetic the next morning when I do this.  I still eat some bread/banana/ucan before I head out for my run but I just feel like with these longer workouts, I feel so much better when I get in more carbs and calories right before I go to bed.

IMG 7540

*I start before my brain fully knows what is going on:). This means I usually start pretty early but it also means I try not to overthink it or procrastinate.  Just start.  I try to cut out the excuses and get moving and a lot of times I tell myself I’m only doing the first interval anyways… and once I do the first one I keep taking them one at a time! I fool myself the whole way:)

Calm the mind and the body will follow:

IMG 4698

*I program the workout into my watch if I’m doing it by myself.  With my group now I always have people ahead of me to copy but when I am on my own, that workout is in my watch ready to tell me what to do.  Less thinking= more energy for my body to do the work;)

*Just like I make a goal for paces, I make a goal for how much sleep to get before/after workouts and races.  If we really want our goals, sleep is going to really help us to get there.

*If I do a few strides that I gradually build into with each one, it is pretty much a sure thing I will feel better during the workout.   Going straight from the warm-up miles into the workout is a lot harder for me than doing a warm-up, a few 20 second strides and then starting the warm-up.  The strides help my body to prepare for the fast paces rather than just jumping right into it.

*Wearing the gear that I KNOW I will feel my best in.  Nothing too tight, too heavy or too stiff… I need my pieces to feel like I’m not wearing anything (besides my sports bra, I like feeling like I’m wearing that haha).  Clothing that you don’t think about during your run is my favorite type of clothing because that means it isn’t bothering you anywhere.

If it makes you smile when you put it on, you know you are wearing the right things;)

IMG 8780

*As one of my old coach’s used to say… Junk in= junk out.  The more nutrient/calorie dense meals full of carbs, protein and fat that I eat before big workouts, the better I perform.  Never ever will I cut out food groups or treats but I absolutely notice my workouts go so much better when I’ve had tons of water and some awesome meals that I make at home.

*Pain today = less pain on race day (or you run faster with the same amount of pain;).  I don’t know about you but for me, races are what gets me motivated to do speed work in the first place.  If I don’t have a race I’m working towards, I stick to mostly easy running and forget about the hard workouts.  Going into a workout thinking about my race and goals pumps me up to do the work.

IMG 4675

*Caffeine.  Caffeine always helps my legs to move a little faster.  And the less often I use it during the rest of the week, the more it helps me during a big race or workout!


What are some things that you like to do to make your hard workouts go better?

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100 % right there with you on the cereal at night.
I even hooked my husband on this one.


Ha I agree with getting out there before my brain knows what’s going on… if I run early in the AM before the sun comes up it’s like my brain forgets it’s happening until the sun is there. Weird. :)


If I run most of the runs in heavier shoes and then use light shoes only during workouts and race day, I feel like I can run much quicker!

Just curious on the time of year you chose to go to Grand Cayman. During the summer when the weather is actually warm in Utah! I am genuinely asking because I love the warm weather so much so I usually choose to stay in the warmth of home during the summer and travel to warm places in the winter. I always wonder about traveling to islands, etc during the summer so I’m curious on your family’s decision. Thanks!


I usually read your blog, watch a motivational video, or look up running things on Pinterest to help me be motivated and in the right frame of mind. It helps a ton!


These pictures!!! Running near the ocean is the best-the air, the sound of the waves, looking out and endless water. Plus, that water looks so clear!!! My goodness!

I am with you about the running clothes-it has to feel nice and comfy and no annoying seams or tightness (except the bra, not the straps though!). Just starting helps me-like you said, once you do that first one you can think about how fun it is to mix it up and go fast (but you’re always fast! hehe). I also start counting the % done of intervals. It’s so nice to be 50% done!!! Last week I went out for a tempo run and about 3 miles in I decided that the day really just lent itself to doing my speedwork. Rarely do I switch things up like that but my legs and stomach felt good and it was going to make things more efficient the next day so Voila, I jumped in and did it-clearly no overthinking that one ;)

Enjoy your trip-it looks wonderful!! The three kiddos look so happy in the water and sand!


Your trip looks amazing so far! And I totally agree with cereal at night, it’s the best!



I should try the cereal thing sometime. I find eating sweet stuff before my workout (cookies, chocolate, ice cream) helps, but I know that’s not the most nutritious way to fuel myself, haha. I always do my track workouts in the afternoon, because at least for me, I need time to mentally prepare for a hard run, but if I wait too long I wimp out. I appreciate your tips a because I am kind of a newbie when it comes to speedwork.


I’ve just decided to switch my workout goals from distance to time goals which i’m excited about. Instead of saying, i’m gunna run 3 miles and then just trying to run/sprint/walk/jog until the distance is over, i’m saying let’s just jog at whatever pace you can sustain for X minutes. And when you get to that minute goal you have to stop and go home. haha for me right now i’m just trying to gain some fitness and confidence again after being out sick for several weeks (drs orders) and get into the routine of going to run first thing in the morning and then moving on with the day.


Great post! Love the cereal idea,. I’m a cereal feen but it never fills me up so I stopped eating it. Before bed though is brilliant!
– super random, but do you always pin your number on your shirt or do you ever use a race belt?! ??‍♀️


i am actually trying to rally for a run right now, and i thought to myself, “let’s see what hrg’s been up to”, because you always make life post-runs look better than if you hadn’t gone. and now i’m procrastinating by commenting. but yeah read some blogs or personal stories of good runners to get pumped.


I completely agree with the significance of setting goals. Having clear, achievable objectives gives purpose and direction to our workouts.
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