Anybody Else? + Friday Favorites!

Challenge run for the week completed—> 1312 feet climbed & 12.17 miles @ 9:31 pace.  It’s looking like I’ll for sure hit my goal of 70 miles this week and a good chunk of those miles will have been done on the dirt.

And a little bit on the grass too… gotta switch up the surfaces we run on when the mileage gets higher!  As the mileage is increasing I am feeling way more tired than I normally do.  Once 6 o’clock hits there is zero chance I’m getting off the couch or out of my desk chair besides for kid duties:). My legs are also feeling pretty heavy by this point in the week but it’s going to be awesome to see how our bodies adapt to more mileage after a little while.

IMG 1766

PS does anybody else find Cheerios in their running shoes?  I thought that I had a rock in my shoe… nope, just some cereal that must be a little stale because it didn’t break apart.

IMG 1760

When I got home all I could think about was a snow cone but sadly none of the snow cone shops near me were open when I finished so a smoothie did the job.

When I got home Andrew left to go mountain biking for 12 miles and 2000 ft of climbing with a buddy.

IMG 1769

Then the girls and I drove to Thanksgiving Point to get in some farm time.  I am positive that all three kids would move us to a farm tomorrow if they could.

IMG 1787

IMG 1792

IMG 1784

We finished the excursion with ice cream.

I’m really trying to savor each last hour of summer this year.  When I see that quote that you only get 18 summers or something like that with your kids… it makes me cry every time.

IMG 1798

IMG 1799

One more highlight from the day… the Farmer’s Market!

IMG 1835


Time for just a few Friday favorites (affiliate links included)!

*Turns out I just want to buy everything that is mustard yellow lately… continuing to prepare my fall/winter sweatshirt collection.  This one is from Target and so so soft.

IMG 1811

*For the last month or so it has been so hard to get Skye to be happy in her high chair and eat a meal.  Like screaming and so mad every time I would put her in.  I finally realized the problem… she just wants to be by the big kids and felt left out being in a high chair away from them.  We bought a little chair for our counter and she is so happy (and eats her meals again) now to feel like she is part of the gang at the counter.   Definitely a favorite thing for me now:

IMG 1512

*I found another swimsuit for our trip that I am in love with and it was a great deal ($30) HERE.  It fits really well, it is full coverage for chasing the kids around the beach, the lining is awesome and I love this color.  I also got these shorts overalls from the same place to go over the swimsuit on our way to the beach etc that I LOVE.

IMG 1330

*I had wanted this Cotopaxi bag (yay for a Utah company) for a while and lucked out and won it at a race and now I don’t know how I lived without it:). I use it for everything now.  The bag fits in SO much stuff and has so many different compartments that it makes it so easy to organize when packing (there are like 5 zip up pockets outside of the ones that you see below).  It’s my favorite bag I’ve ever had and I love the bright colors… it just brings good energy:)

IMG 1226

*My running friend and I were having a discussion about how hard it is to set boundaries sometimes.  She sent me this and I had to laugh at the accuracy:

Screen Shot 2019 08 01 at 2 37 14 PM


Who has an August birthday?  Any August races?

Last non-road surface that you ran on?

Tell me something that you are looking forward to this weekend?

What is your highest weekly mileage?

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I’ve had kids in school for 24 years and I ALWAYS hate sending them back. My baby is going into his junior year. I literally have one summer left (because the summer after senior year doesn’t count). I cannot stop tearing up when I think about it.
At least I have a grand baby to make it easier. She turns one on the 14th and is the light of our lives. And she is moving to our area next month ???


RENE! It’s so good to hear from you:) . I am so sorry I brought up a sore subject… those kids (and your granddaughter) of yours are so lucky to have you! I am SO happy they are moving close by to you guys. I hope you are having a beautiful day, surviving the Texas summer and your training is going well!


omgosh, had to comment about boundaries. Personally I have been working on them a lot recently. I highly recommend Brene Brown’s books and youtube videos. She talks about one acronym she uses:BIG. Boundaries keep you in your Integrity so that you can stay Generous.

I also need to start running on dirt… maybe this weekend!


Emma, thank you thank you thank you! Reading that sentence gave me goosebumps. Thanks so much for sharing and I can’t wait to dive in on some of her youtube videos this weekend. Thank you and have a fabulous weekend and some dirt miles:)


I have an August birthday!!! I love that bag–it is like having built in packing cubes!
I am looking forward to my first triathlon (or maybe looking forward to it being over;-)). Happy Friday Janae! Soak up these last few weeks of summer!


BECKY!! Your first triathlon… this is HUGE!! Please please please let me know how it goes afterwards. I hope you can hear my cheers from Utah. Thanks so much and happy birthday month!


Hi Janae, I’d love to hear you talk more about your boundaries challenges, and what you are doing. Maybe a friend to friend post? I’ve been working on this specifically in therapy and it’s been pretty hard, but a place where incremental changes lead to big shifts in wellbeing. I’d love to hear more, it helps when it feels like a shared struggle.


Tas, you got it… great idea. I will definitely start writing a post about this topic. I am SO happy you are working with a therapist with this issue and please know you are not alone! It’s amazing how much of an effect this has on how we are feeling and taking care of ourselves. Expect it in the next month or so! Thanks!


August race will be a half in two weekends It is cheese themed and they have the best, healthiest food at the finish!

Highest mileage? I think the highest I’ve gone is 40+.

That 18 summers quote makes me legit ugly cry!

Have a great weekend! :)


“The cheesiest race in the world”… I LOVE this theme and I want to come join you in two weeks. You are going to rock it. Sorry for making you cry too… I should keep that quote to myself because it hurts! Thanks and you too!


You are such a Dear person, Janae! I just wanted to tell you that your beautiful soul shines through and your blog is a blessing to many.


Jessica, WOW! Thank you so so much for your sweet comment. It means a whole lot to me. I hope your Friday is a fabulous one and keep in touch!


I don’t have an August birthday (October :) ) but I do have a couple fun August races coming up. I am proudly captaining team “Rub Some Dirt On It” on a RAGNAR relay race that will travel about 200 miles from St. Paul, MN to Duluth, MN. Then, the following weekend I will be a pacer for a half marathon. Not the typical summer races, but I am STOKED for both of them!


You have a HUGE month Valerie (and happy bday in a few more months:). That 200 Ragnar race sounds like a blast and also so challenging. Plus a pacer… you are on fire. Have the best time Valerie and let me know how they both go!


I’m running a 5k this weekend, hopefully breaking my 10 year standing PR! And we have three August Birthdays in our house! My kids on the 7th and 18th, and me on the 22nd!



My highest weekly mileage is 30, but if I stick to my schedule, I’ll be at 32 this week. So PR, but not in the traditional sense. :). I think you’re amazing to run 70! I wanna be like you som eday!


PAIGE… I am cheering for you big time! This is YOUR weekend to kill it at your 5k and I can’t wait to hear about your new pr! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH!


There’s nothing like a great bag! Les has a Zoot triathlon bag that has tons of pockets – including for his cycling shoes and helmet. It’s small enough to be used as a carry-on, but everything fits.

We are going back to Hawaii on Sunday – we haven’t been there since April which is a pretty long stretch for us! We’ll celebrate Les’ birthday on the 19th.

I shoot for 50 miles a week running/cycling combined.


I am SO happy that you guys are on your way back to Hawaii… enjoy every second! Happy birthday month to Les!


Great post , I can imagine you are feeling tired -thats a lot of miles!
When you’re further into this training cycle(or maybe post-marathon)- I would love a post about what worked and didn’t work for you in order to adapt (if you don’t mind a post request!:)) Sounds like it’s working great for you.
Have an awesome weekend!


Oh I love this idea! Yep, I will definitely put this together. Thank you SO much Kate and I hope your Friday has been really great so far:)


My highest weekly mileage ever was 70. My 100 mile ultra didn’t even count because the 24 hours I spent running it spanned Saturday into Sunday :) I usually peak around 50 if I’m training for a fast marathon. As I get closer to forty years old, my body tells me that’s plenty!
My little guy refused the high chair at 16 months, and the booster seat at 18 months. We have a pub table (taller than a regular dining room table), so it’s quite comical to see him sitting for his meal like a big boy. He can barely see his plate!
It’s funny how parenting changes our recovery. I used to think nothing of doing a 20 mile long run (or obliterating myself in a race), and then sitting on the couch with my feet up the rest of the day. Not anymore! There are definitely no “sick days” as a parent ;)


I have to echo all of these folks, thank you for your always uplifting words and spirit!
I have a trail 5K this Thursday evening, and then will be running the Pikes Peak marathon on August 25. I ran at altitude last week in Colorado, but will be coming from sea level (Texas) so am a bit terrified of the altitude + a 13.1 mile incline (and then 13.1 mile descent…) but this one is for fun not speed. Once I’m done, I’ll rest and then back to road marathon training with my focus set on a sub-3 in December.
I didn’t ever get a chance to comment a couple of days ago, but I’ve made the ability to do pull ups as my next goal too. I’ve been regularly strength training for about 6 months now (aka twice a week, but still…that is a lot for this runner!)
Highest mileage week so far has been 60, I am definitely curious about a little bit higher mileage, but I am terrible about getting enough sleep so that is something I need to be better at doing.


OBSESSED WITH MUSTARD YELLOW!! From my undies, my clothes, my vintage velvet sofa. Will be getting that sweatshirt for sure.


I had to laugh at that boundaries image ? it is tough, especially when you didn’t grow up with a lot of examples of setting healthy boundaries (my experience)! I read this article when I was really struggling with them in my last relationship though and it gave me the biggest AH HA! Maybe you’ll resonate with it too.

Also, thanks for the bathing suit recommendation! It has so many good reviews and I love a sale so I had to get it too. Twinning! Haha.

Have a great weekend, Janae :)


WOW 70 miles, you are killing it! I haven’t ever found a cheerio in my shoe but I did find a sucker in my son’s shoe this morning LOL.


I’m looking forward to visiting Utah for the first time next week. Have a quick business trip to Salt Lake City and feel like I know the state already from all your posts. ?


Such a cute swimsuit! I need a new one so I’m definitely checking that one out! :) Boundaries…SIGH. Really difficult. I had a pretty rotten week and my husband lept telling me “It’s not YOU, it THEM. They are not in a good place and you got the brunt of it.” All true but it still hurts and is hard to draw the line. My son’s home health nurse always says “Protect your energy. Your job is to simply deflect back what other people fling at you. You can say ‘This is yours to sort out, not mine to carry or absorb.’” Then she tells me to imagine a bubble around myself, protecting my personal energy, so others can’t drain what I have and that I need to take care of myself and my family. It’s helped a lot! :)

August birthday today ??‍♀️…er, yesterday. ? (8/2…can’t sleep, haha!) I pretty much was looking forward to being with my family for my bday. They were awesome and we had a great day together. We went axe throwing, swimming, ate some yummy food, and they all watched my favorite BBC Jane Austen mini-series with me (all 4 hours!) without complaint. I don’t think it can get much better than that! ?

I hope you have an awesome weekend Janae. And I hope things get better with the boundaries thing. ❤️ Just keep repeating “Not my circus, not my monkeys!” My kids know it’s been one of *those* days when they hear me muttering it under my breath, haha! ?

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