Silentish Saturday!

Brooke’s school has a challenge to do a marathon in a month and Brooke was super excited to start yesterday!

6.75 total for the day with about a mile of that with Brooke and Skye.

IMG 4183

We got home and Skye thought it was her turn to run.

IMG 4210

So she did…

IMG 4219

Stocked up on the goods.

IMG 4222

Brooke left for the weekend to be with her dad.

IMG 4225

Post-nap vibes

IMG 4231

Picked up my nieces for a dinner date.

IMG 4234


IMG 4236

Went to my niece’s cross-country meet and she rocked it.  SO so proud.

IMG 4248

IMG 4254

IMG 4245

Ate this at my sister’s house afterwards.

IMG 4261

Time to get in a quality workout.  Happy running this weekend!


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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It’s a strength day for me so elliptical and weights done, decorating a cake and celebrating my 12 year old this evening! She won’t be 12 until Thurs but having her family party. She’s a great kid, likes to rant but a good kid. To be honest her rants are hysterical.
Yesterday I ran 6.3 miles to see if my knee could handle a 10 k and then I did 2 Miles easy/medium because I felt so good. Then I thought that was not smart. I need to not build too fast ( I have done 10+ miles though combo racewalk and run) but my knee is fine today, no issues what so ever! Enjoying this running thing while it lasts.


Happy birthday to your 12 year old! Hahah film her rants for me:) . I’m so glad that your knee is happy… cheering you on! Looks like you are good to go for the 10k right?! Keep enjoying Carrie!


1. Slow run with my pup to shakeout my legs
2. Working!
3. Going to bed at 8pm so I’m ready to run 20mi tomorrow!!! Will be my longest run to date and first time seeing 20! Eek!


20 TOMORROW! Go Katie GO and I am so excited about your new Personal Distance Record. This is awesome. Have a great time at work and let me know how tomorrow goes.


Those blackberry banana humas are my favorite!!

1. 9 mile long run
2. Finishing decorating the office in my future post-marital home:)
3. Movie night with my fiancé

Happy Saturday!


They were SO good! They are a new favorite for me. Way to go on those 9 miles… BOOM and oh I just got so excited about your HOME! Such an exciting time of life, keep enjoying every second.


Happy Saturday!

1. I ran a little over 6 miles this morning. Temps in the 60s with low humidity felt like heaven after a month of Hawaii running.
2. Post run yoga – I can’t believe what a difference it has made.
3. Pool time this afternoon. Summer is still here – it’s suppose to be in the 90s this weekend.


KATHY!! You are back in California. I bet that run felt heavenly after all of your humid miles this last month. I need to join you in that post run yoga. My body is needing it! I hope your time in the pool is fabulous!


Long run
Try new bakery in town
Grocery shop
and throughout the day, follow UTMB.

Clearly a whiz bang day! The long run was hard fun, the new bakery was nice and will be a great post run hangout and grocery shopping was a nice break from the heat, plus the avocados were back in and good! (priorities)


GO COURTNEY AHHHH!!! So so excited for her:) . She is unreal!
I want to go to a bakery after a long run… joining you next time. Enjoy those avocados… worth gold!

Have a great rest of your weekend Kelly!


I ran 13 miles today, 5k of which was a local race to benefit retired racehorses. We live right near a famous racetrack and they had some ex-racehorses there to show what they can do after their race career is over. They also rode them out to the course to cheer people on. It was super fun!! Now baking a cake for a friend and deciding what’s for dinner.
Have a great weekend!


Laura, what an incredible race and an incredible cause. Congrats on the 13 with a race and I’ll come over for a slice of that cake. Thanks Laura, you too!


Hi Janae!! Love your blog and your love for running and life. My husband registered for the Huntsville marathon but his knee really started bothering him. He downgraded to the half, hoping he could at least do that, but is still feeling pain when he tries to run. Would you or any of your teammates want to run the half? The date is Sept 21st. If not no worries, but he would love to sell his entry to someone who would want it instead of letting it go without use! Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Hey Jennie! Tell your husband I am SO sorry! What a huge bummer and he is smart to drop out to really get it better! I won’t be able to race that weekend but I will ask my teammates. THANK YOU and I’ll get back to you! Have a great Saturday.


I recently bought a house so I decided to run to the house this morning! Today involves a 4.5 mile run, yard work at the new house, lots of watching football, and tonight my team has the first cc race of the season!


CONGRATULATIONS on your house Sloan! That is SO so exciting!


Hi Janae! Loving all of your amazing progress in running-what an inspiration! I am doing my first 50 k trail race with over 2000 meters of climbing this Sunday. My question is for the marathon a month Brookers is doing…I’m a teacher and would love to do this with my class. Can you tell me how they record it/motivate/etc.? How do the kiddos know their distances? Love you!!!!


Hi sorry! I forgot to click “notify with responses” in my previous question about the marathon a month, so if you have time, please respond to this one instead!! xoxo

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