Date Night + Last Week’s Training Log!!

Had a great day yesterday!  I woke up at 3:30 and we were go go go all day so I’ll just share a bunch of pictures on this post.  I have a long race recap coming your way soon!  I was first woman overall with a time of 1:22:21 (down a canyon for first 6.5 miles:).   I hope your Sunday is a beautiful one and hopefully I can walk today!

Obsessed with the medal!

IMG 1514

Uno (I need to shuffle the cards better;) and recovery boots.

IMG 1503

IMG 1505

IMG 1523

Date night.

IMG 1522

Cinnamon sugar breadstick dipped into frosting.

IMG 1524

Cheese for me and pepperoni for him.

IMG 1525

Massage chairs at the mall felt so good.

IMG 1526


Here is how last week looked:

Monday:  7 miles @ 8:37 average

Tuesday: 3 miles @ 8:53 average

Wednesday: 12 miles total with a 10k race in 38:28 (6:11) average.  Felt completely and utterly terrible.

Thursday: 8.38 miles @ 8:19 average

Friday:  OFF… my body needed it:)

Saturday:  26 miles total with .3 mile warm-up, the race (13.1 @ 6:17 pace) and 12.7 miles afterwards (at 8:25 pace).

Sunday:  OFF!

56.38 miles for the week (with most of those yesterday!!)


What is your Sunday filled with?!

What was your best run this week?  Worst run?

Best pizza toppings in your opinion?

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Congrats on your race, can’t wait to hear about it !! No runs this week for me but my best swim was swimming laps for an 1 1/2 hours. The water calms me, my best form of exercise is in the water. I love all pizza toppings but last week we made your sisters pizza. The sams dough with bbq chicken. Yum ! Today is filled with catching up on my To Do List and fun swimming with the kids.


Awesome race!!!!! Your training is definitely paying off.

I had a great 5 mile run on Tuesday. Was only supposed to be 4 miles but I got lost in a subdivision which happens every time I try to run in it. So my last mile was fueled by anger but in the end I felt great.

Pool day today for the family. And sausage is my go to pizza topping.


Way to go!!!!!! That is awesome! And you followed it up with 13 more miles! Wow! You pretty much ran a marathon yesterday. You deserve a rest day.. or two!
Bacon, green peppers and pineapple are my favorite pizza toppings. I’ve even converted my grandmother who was strictly pepperoni.
Enjoy your rest day. You’ve earned it. I hope your coach is easier on you this week!


Today is filled with recovery from a week of working at the early voting location (I even lost my voice last night; too much chatting)! YMCA pool, and Mexican food!

No run. Maybe next week :0

Best pizza toppings are Kalamata olives and artichokes!


Congrats as always! Gotta love those firsts!

I had a random pizza craving yesterday, unfulfilled and now you your pic triggered it all over again. Thanks!

Sunday’s are “Me Days” so I try to make no plans, drive as little as possible and move slowly (: I am dog/house sitting at this gorgeous house with a backyard huge pool and a jacuzzi. Life is tough, right? Basically I plan to move from couch, to pool to jacuzzi, walk dogs repeat and then watch Netflix. Might as well pretend I am a woman of leisure occasionally, right?

Obviously today is my rest day!

Looking for inspiration for a take out meal or a really simple slap it together one. Any suggestions? Since I don’t want to think to hard I’m hoping you can just toss out a style or an actual dish.

Your posts always brighten my day!


AMAZING race!! So happy for you; you are doing incredibly and have been working so hard!

I had two great runs this week—one with my best mile time, and today I ran in the humidity and actually felt okay! Working on focusing on the steps I’m taking, not looking at how much I have left. So happy I got that in today and can relax after.

I love pineapple on my pizza. :-) And mushrooms!


Morning! My day is a donut festival. Worst run…tough to choose, they were all pretty bad haha. My best run was with my friend in her neighborhood, it’s basically an island in a city. You get to see the sunset with a view of the Boston skyline. Pizza flavor…probably going to get backlash for this, but I love Hawaiian!

Random question, are you doing your eye makeup differently? Your eyes are always beautiful, but lately they seem more blue. I have eye envy!!


HOLY MOLY! You ran a super fast halfer, and then cooled down for another one? Wow! Recover hard, girl!
I have a feeling your coach is going to take you to an OTQ someday. I just feel like you have made so much progress recently, and it’s just going to get better from here. You are such an inspiration!
Congratulations on your big win, and rest well :)


Awesome race Janae! Fully enjoy the rest day today.

Run, church, dropping the kids off at my parents and running errands.


Congratulations! Do you know where you got the stuffed puppy Skye is holding? It looks just like our dog and I’d love to get one!! :D


Hey Lily! I’m emailing you right now!


Great job on your race! You sure inspire a lot of people (and I’m sure your kiddos too!!!)
I’m combining my best and worst run – we ran 14 miles yesterday. It was great the first 6 miles and after that it was one mile at a time-thankfully we had water every two miles to refill my bottle. It was really challenging because it’s the longest I’ve run while pregnant (16 weeks) and afterwards my body wasn’t too happy. But I pushed through and really took the time to relax and stretch afterwards and today I feel great for accomplishing a challenging run!
Today is a relax day! Cheers!


Wow!! Congrats!! Can’t wait to read your recap!!


Congrats on the win!!! I can’t believe you ran a total of 26 miles with your race, that is next level training.

Skye is pretty funny riding that horse LOL. Happy Sunday.


Wow, congratulations on a great race – can’t wait to read the recap! Love that medal too!


Hey! Congrats on a great race. First place- wow!!!

I want to say that today I did a race that I had been really nervous for all week. I have had races in the past where I became so overwhelmed with race nerves, that my results have really suffered, despite my training. I read an old post of yours about the tools you used to be mentally strong before your St. George Marathon and wow, did these help me today! You are positive, motivating and inspiring. You juggle a lot with a young family, but as someone in her 20’s, I really look up to you.
So I just wanted to say, thanks for being you and thanks for those awesome tools that helped me today in my race! I got a PB and could not be happier :)


EMILY OH MY GOODNESS!! Huge huge huge congrats. I am so so happy that that post was able to help you. PLEASE keep in touch and celebrate that PB of yours big time! Enjoy the rest of your day:)


Congrats on a great race — 1st woman overall is a huge accomplishment :)


Can you do a post more about what runners corner is and how that whole thing works. I must have missed it, because you were ultra, then running with this group and then wearing a cute logo and winning! Love it


Where is your couch from?!


Congrats on your race!!!

Sundays are for running, church, naps, and family dinner!

I really haven’t had any bad runs recently, I’m just so grateful for each and every one!


Congratulations on an amazing race!! Soo speedy! And that’s amazing you tacked on double digit extra miles afterwards! Do you typically run a long run greater than 20+ miles in marathon training? What are your thoughts on that? Thanks so much for your help! I look up to amazing runners like you as I train for my next race!


holy what!?!? win first in a half and then run 13 more miles? I can not fathom this level of fitness. to run a race and then run again even longer? i’m amazed. hahah wow. the medal really is beautiful!! love it. congrats girl you are really crushing !!

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