A Dare + Food Excitement + the Right/Brave/Smart/Healthy Thing to Do.

Isn’t it crazy how on some runs you feel like you can never get into the swing of things?  That was yesterday from the start to finish.  I was able to hit the workout paces but I just did not ever get into it or feel smooth.  I kind of feel like this whole week I’ve been recovering from our trip (like my sister says, you can’t call them vacations when you are bringing little ones;) and just a little out of it.  BUT the rough workouts make you so much stronger mentally.  If you can complete the workout even when you are not feeling great, you can get those prs on race day because you have proven to yourself that you are not going to quit.

PS finishing a workout when your body tells you to stop due to over training/injury = DON’T DO IT (learn from my mistakes… in 2011 my quads hurt constantly and I continued to do workouts on them and ended up with femoral stress fractures.  If there is an injury pain happening then stopping right away is the right/brave/smart/healthy thing to do).

Chasing after Emilee like usual:).  I’m getting to know the back of her head very well!

IMG 8138

W/U, 6×1 mile, C/D.   About 70% of the miles were downhill and I averaged 5:49 for those.  I’m guessing flat miles would be closer to 6:05-6:10s.

This is from the workout portion… 13.2 miles total for the day!

IMG 8140

Beautiful place to warm-up and cool-down.

IMG 8125

Jenn sent us this text afterwards.  This workout sounded easy the night before but we all finished completely trashed.  I did not try her dare.

Screen Shot 2019 06 12 at 8 59 57 AM

When I got home Skye was still asleep and Brooke woke up much earlier than normal.  She told me she couldn’t sleep in because she woke up too excited about the popsicles that we made the night before.  Food excitement has gotten me up and out of bed many times too.

IMG 8144

We picked up Knox and had a bunch of errands to do.  When we got to our first one I realized Brooke did not have shoes.   It was piggy back rides until we were able to make it to Target to pick up her new favorite shoes (<— we didn’t have time to go home).

IMG 8147

Remember when people used to give her a jar of sprinkles on her birthday and those sprinkles made her happier than anything else?

IMG 8157

My mom wanted to take some of her grandkids (Skye stayed with me) out for lunch and to see Aladdin.  She sent me this picture.

My mom is a brave woman!

IMG 8159

Pros and cons of buying a bag of Costco avocados:

Cons= They all turn to the perfect ripeness at the exact same time.

Pros=  Your family eating 6 avocados in a 24 hour time period.

Toasted Dave’s Killer Bread + 1 avocado + lemon juice + olive oil drizzling + crushed red pepper flakes.

IMG 8161

We went out for some ice cream with my mom and then for dinner we had Slow Cooker Pulled Pork and Garlic Guacamole from Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow in our tacos!

IMG 8182

PS I forgot to share this picture from Andrew’s phone… I think meeting Jack Sparrow at Disneyland made Knox’s life.  Also, let’s count how many stains I can get on my sweatshirt that I wish I could blame on the kids;)

IMG 5147

Skye is missing Disneyland because she is fearless and had so many chances to climb on things.

IMG 5136


Favorite way to eat an avocado (on top of something, plain, mixed with something… give me the details)!

Ever had a stress fracture?  Where?  How long did it take you to recover?

Cilantro—> Delicious or does it tastes like soap to you?

Favorite distance for intervals?

-I love two mile intervals because they are done at a pace that doesn’t make me see stars as much;)

Where do you buy your produce?

-Mostly Costco but I’m going to start hitting up Sprouts too.

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Thank you for the beginning of this post! I’m getting back into running and something in my run tweaked my hip yesterday. It’s not that bad, but definitely off. I’m going to take your advice and skip my “long” run this weekend in favor of some hip opening yoga and then pick things up fresh Monday. Thank you for the reminder that catching these things early makes all the difference!

I find with avocados, if you catch them right as they get ripe, they’ll keep in the fridge for about a week. Homemade guac is definitely my favorite way to eat them.

Have a great day!


Sara! I hope that your hip is better asap and you are making the best choice to give it the rest and recovery that it needs right now! Okay, so I’ve put avocados in the fridge before but they just hardened like crazy… did I need to wait to put them in once they are actually ripe?

Thanks Sara! You too!


Yep! Don’t put in the fridge until they’re ripe. They’ll stop ripening and stay perfect!


Totally agree about your mom being so brave to take the grands out for the day, but she probably LOVED it–and I’m sure the kids did, too. Living near grandparents is so wonderful! And I also agree with you and your sister about trips with the kids being a liiiiiittttllle different from vacations ;)
I’m not sure there’s a bad way to eat avocados. Sometimes I eat half of one right out of the skin with a little red wine vinegar, salt & pepper. I also love mashing avocado with lime juice, then combining with a can of tuna and veggies–carrots & grape tomatoes are awesome.
Cilantro is yummy to me!
Have a great day!


Yes, my mom loved it so much too! I am going to try your red wine vinegar, salt and pepper… and your tuna combo! I’m drooling for both. Thanks Corey, you too!


That’s so funny you say that about cilantro tasting like soap–I have a friend who’s always said that and I’ve never heard it from anyone else!

I’m so glad you talk about the importance of pushing yourself but resting when you really need it–I took a rest day yesterday because I was mentally worn out, and part of me kept thinking, “I should get up and DO SOMETHING,” but I feel much better today and got in a HIIT workout this morning!

Avocado toast with salt, a little bit of white pepper, and a couple fried eggs is the BEST. I love Trader Joe’s rye bread for it.


Yes… I have a few people that I know that say it tastes like soap and I guess there is some genetic reason that it tastes like that to them! I am SO so glad that you listened to what your mind/body needed and took the rest. It pays off big time and great job on the HIIT workout. I need to try your avocado toast asap. Have a beautiful day Kristin


I see exactly where Knox is coming from. Every time we run into Jack Sparrow at Disneyland I am like a kid! My husband says, “hang on kids, mom has to talk to Jack Sparrow and get her picture.” Haha!
We have the same problem with avocado’s in our house! And only 3 out of the 5 of us like them so that can be a problem! My favorite way to eat them is on toast or as guac!
We buy most of our produce at Fred Meyer. The selection is good and it’s on my way home from work!
Have a great day Janae!


Bahahaa oh my goodness, what your husband says at Disney just made my morning haha. That is awesome. I thought Fred Meyer was gone… all of the ones in Utah closed. So good to hear they still are open elsewhere. Thanks Brandy, you too!


When avocados reach the perfect ripeness you can put them in the fridge and they will stay that way for about a week ;)

Dew point has been hovering around 75 where I am so all my workouts have felt impossible. This is my least favorite time of the year!


HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS!! I’ve tried putting them in when I first buy them but they turn crazy hard and never soften. You just changed our life:) . Oh girl, I don’t know how you do it in those conditions… you are strong. Have a beautiful day!


Cilantro – tastes like soap for sure. I just don’t get it! I love avocados (usually on something), but never buy them because I’m impatient and want to eat them NOW and they’re never ripe. I can’t take the disappointment.

I’ve been sick all week, so my slow, three mile run this morning was a triumph. I am beyond impressed with your 13 miles when you weren’t feeling it. You are an inspiration!


“I can’t take the disappointment.” <-- Hahaha I get it! I hope that you are feeling better and better each day! Keep me updated!


LOL that shoe story!! You know you’re a mom of three when ….. cilantro is soooo yummy!! My husband doesn’t like it though so it’s always separate when we do have it. I just planted some so it’s always available now, yah!! Now just have to remember it’s available … made tacos the other night and completely forgot about it. I have a bag of brown avocados sitting on my counter :( I hate wasting food but should probably just toss them. Favourite way to eat avos – guac with chips for sure!


Oh I love that you planted some… I need to do that! I am right there with you, throwing away food makes me so sad. I hope you get some guac and chips soon. Thanks Andrea and have a wonderful day:)


Way to go on your workout!!! Did you have any recovery between the miles or was it a tempo? So fun that you’re running with a group now, I love it!

I love avocados in tacos/mexican/burritos, etc. Same with cilantro!

I’ve never had a stresss fracture, thank u Lord! But I’m still recovering from this nerve issue in my feet and some days I think it would be “easier” to have a healing date like with a stress fracture BUT I am very very thankful I don’t and that I have been able to continue running/mostly elliptical and build back slowly with it:)

When you said favorite distance for intervals I was thinking a few minutes and then I saw your answer of a few miles, HA! But, right now coming back from injury I’m doing elliptical workouts so the other day I had 10 min warmup, 5 x 5 min hard, 3 min easy, 10 min cool down. My fiancé was like you are a monster!! Who does 1) an hour on the elliptical and 2) 5 min hard at a time on the elliptical.. I guess power lifters do like 15 min total on the elliptical with like a couple 30 sec surges;) That was HARD though. I would much rather run 5 mins hard than push 5 mins hard on the elliptical;) As far as running goes, I do enjoy doing 5 mins hard, with quick recoveries in between. I’m not a big fan of tempo runs;)

When’s your next friend to friend post?


Yes! The recovery was about .5 miles:) . I’ve said that before to friends… sometimes stress fractures are easier mentally because you know when they will heal! I hope that your feet are 100% asap! Ummmm I agree with your fiance! That workout sounds so so hard!
I’m working on one right now and my sister-in-law is writing one too! Sorry it’s been so long.
I hope your day is a beautiful one Eleanor!


Ohh this just reminded me of how much I love Dave’s toast with avocado and boiled eggs on it. Time to bring that back in my rotation. I am excited to get that cookbook, I have been working on cooking more and I’ve tried a few recipes from it (from friends) and loved it ! Although I keep calling it eat fast run slow until my husband pointed out that’s probably not the name :)

We are starting out on our month long. 4000 mile cross continent road trip today! We are super excited that Utah is on the route and are ready to go to some national parks over there.!


I am going to add a hard boiled egg to mine next time… thanks! Hahaha yeah I have definitely called the cookbook that too:) . 4000 mile cross continent road trip today. That is AMAZING!! Let me know where you guys are going in Utah. What an incredible adventure.


I LOVE cilantro…and apparently passed on the gene to my son. He literally breaks off some while we are prepping our Mexican meals and places it strategically around the house “so the house smells nice!” LOL!


Hahah that’s a great idea… tell him we might put some cilatnro around the house now too:) . Have a beautiful day Bridgette!


Ah I love your avocado comment! So true I find I throw them in anything just to not waste as your right they do all ripen at the same time!

And yes I have had the no shoe thing happen to me with my kids as well.


It’s bound to happen at some point with so many little feet around haha! I hope you get to have some really delicious avocados asap. Enjoy your day Gillian!


Avocado on toast, in guacamole, or blended into smoothies = deelish!

Pelvic stress fracture 5 years ago and it took a looooong time to heal. Too much running, not enough calories: lesson learned.

PS I ordered a Koala clip and it’s coming on Friday! Can’t wait to try it out before the Mammoth Half Marathon in 10 days (this race is at 9000 feet and I live at sea level. Eek!)

You are killing it at running these days, Janae! Thanks for taking us on your journey :)


Ahhh I am so so excited for you to use the Koala clip, you are going to love it. GOOD LUCK in 10 years and I bet that race is going to be so gorgeous. You are going to rock it. So glad you are running strong after that injury!

Thank you so much and thank you for hanging out with me:) . I hope you have a wonderful day Emily!


Try the Trader Joes Everything Bagel seasoning on top of your avocado toast! SO YUMMY =)


Oh my goodness… I have that seasoning. Thanks for the reminder, trying it today! Have a wonderful day Ada.


I had no idea you could put ripe avocados in the fridge!!! This is life changing news!!! Besides guacamole, I like to put avocado on my sweet potatoes or on a sandwich instead of cheese. They are also great in smoothies – makes it extra thick and yummy.

Cilantro is so good! I can hardly eat an avocado without it. I’m waiting for the groundbreaking news that cilantro is the next super food that will solve all our health problems :)

I buy most of my produce at Market Street (United) and sometimes Central Market. I have to buy apples, broccoli and bell peppers almost every week.

Great job getting through that workout!! You are getting so strong!


This really is… the beauty of internet friends teaching us amazing tips/tricks. I totally agree about putting them in smoothies! Hahaha it must be a superfood already:) . Thanks Elizabeth and I hope your Thursday is a great one!


One of my favorite ways to eat avacadoes is in corn/bean salsa, I always put in extra!!

I get most of my produce from Costco just because I have had good luck with it and it seems to be reasonably priced. I wish I had a Sprouts here, my daughter lives in Provo and loves that store!! She is a runner too!!

I love cilantro!! I put extra of it in my salsa too!!

You should share some of your popsicle recipes. I bought those molds because my grandkids are coming next month.

You are amazing!! I will never be that fast!! I just love your blog, I bought the Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook and the cookbook holder. You have great ideas!!


I need to hang out with your daughter!! I LOVE corn/bean salsa, thank you for reminding me about that! Oh I hope you love the molds! So far our favorite recipe is full-fat yogurt + honey + whatever fruit in the blender. They are so yummy! I hope you have a beautiful day Shirley and that you guys get a Sprouts where you are soon too!


My daughter would love to hang out with you. She is a BYU nursing student, I am sure she would like to quiz your husband about his schooling!!

Thanks for the tips on the popsicles!! My nutrition conscious son will be happy that they are made with healthy ingredients!!


Yes to the fridge once ripe. I buy a bunch of them super green, let them darken up on the counter and then right to the fridge they go. I can get mine to last 1-1.5 weeks like that.


This is huge… thank you for saving my avocado problem! Have a wonderful day Leanne!


I love Jack Sparrow! Knox would die going on the Disney cruise because you are basically out in the Caribbean and they have pirate night and show the first movie under the stars on the open deck of the ship. It was amazing! They filmed parts of the pirates movies on their private Bahama island that the cruise takes you to!

I love avocados and don’t care how I eat them:)


Ahhhh no way! That is one of our goals to save up for a Disney Cruise. They sound amazing and we have to go to this. I hope you have a really great day Loribeth!


If anyone has any stress fracture advice, I need it! My son is currently recovering from his second stress fracture. He runs high school track & cross country and the injuries have sidelined what would have been very successful seasons for him. He’s on calcium & vit D supplement, has had bloodwork tested (all normal). He eats well & cross trains. I’m hoping we can get through his senior year healthy so he can fulfill his dream of running in college. Please send any advice my way!


Oh my goodness, Michelle this is awful! I am so so sorry that he (and you) is going through this. It seems like he is doing everything right! My stress fractures were from under-fueling so that isn’t his problem.

Can anyone help Michelle?


My son had a stress fracture in high school. But it was basically from overuse – too much too soon – type of injury. And that does not sound like the case for you. Make sure he has proper rest days during the week when he is training. I know some High School coach’s work the kids way too much.

If you have not already, get with a good orthopedic sports doctor, get a running assessment done, and then hit PT hard to work on all the right muscle groups. He might have weak glutes and not be activating them properly – which will cause undue stress to his lower extremities (like me, lol). Also make sure he is wearing the right type of running shoes for his gait. And perhaps get with a good foot orthopedic doctor to see if orthotics would help.

I also posted here prior – you can do your own running assessment as well – use your phone to video your son’s running form from the side, front and back. Most cell phones have special modes that will video up to 240fps. You can share the video with your doctors and PT and see if there are any obvious faults in his running form. Check out 2 Android/ios apps; Coach’s Eye and Hudl Technique – which will allow you to view the videos frame by frame and compare to others. There are lots of resources on YouTube as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Good luck!


Thanks for the info John!


I think avocados are delicious on anything, but avocado salsa may be my favorite.

I had a stress fracture in my 3rd metatarsal last July and it took about 2 1/2 months to fully recover.

I love cilantro!

I don’t know that I have a favorite distance for intervals, I might have a favorite distance for recovery though ;)

Costco is my go to for produce as well :)


I super loooove avocado so much I can eat it in any form ? Lately, I have been putting it in all of my salads though!

TBD on the stress fracture – I’m still building up my strength. I am just over 3 months since onset of injury and things are going in the right direction, albeit SLOWLY. I am currently up to 5 miles and increasing about a half mile either every run or every other run, depending upon how everything feels, and cross-training on the bike as well as doing my PT exercises EOD. I’m not allowed to do any back-to-back runs yet. How long did it take you to fully recover?? I am pretty much going nuts b/c summer is usually when I start training for a fall marathon ? I’m kicking around registering for the CIM in Dec, but want to make sure everything goes smoothly with my recovery so I don’t have to cancel/defer yet another race!

I think my fav interval distances are either 400s or mile repeats. My least fav is 800s – for some odd reason I just find them so much more painful!

Good luck on your half this weekend!!!


I can eat an avocado straight out of its skin but I do enjoy some guacamole too. I would have no problem eating 6 of them in 24 hours on my own.
I felt awful on my run this morning too but somehow I still hit my paces. Definitely built up some mental toughness this morning during those miles.
What Popsicle thing are you using? I think you mentioned it in a post but I can’t seem to find it.
Have a great day!


Hi Janae! My favorite way to eat an avocado is mashed on toast with lemon juice and trader how’s everything bagel seasoning! Also- right before your avocados are the peak ripeness, throw them in the fridge and enjoy perfectly ripe avocados for the next week or so! Works every time for mine :)

I met you with my sister in Boston during the meet up at the garden! Love reading your posts each day


I had avocado toast for breakfast this morning with Everything bagel seasoning. Also when my avocados get ripe, I put them in the fridge and they last a long time staying ripe in the fridge. Also Cilantro is a must for me in my guacamole. Love it.


But where did you find those socks and shorts in the first pic? I’m sock hunting and it’s proven to be harder than I expected. My wants and needs have also changed too I suppose!
Avocados need to be eaten with fish taco’s, on turkey sandwiches, in salads and in breakfast burritos. I haven’t tried them with fried eggs & bacon on a toasted bagel or toast but I imagine that would be heavenly! Cilantro would also be amazing with all those things! I used to hate hate hate it but now I can’t get enough!
No stress fractures (that I know of!) but my pereoneal tendinitis sure is a bugger to deal with! It get’s cranky when I do too many hills, too much speed work and when I climb steep mountains. I’ve definitely learned rest is best for the long term when something doesn’t feel right.
I like up to 3 minute hard intervals; any longer than that scare me and any less than that doesn’t hurt as much as I like them to! I realize that may sound crazy but know I can say that to you and you understand me! Ha!!
I love love love buying produce from fresh markets/local farms but since we don’t live close to one anymore I just get them from the grocery store. Target has surprised more than once with their produce prices and their yum factor so I never rule them out.
Thank you for your kind words from yesterday!
Have a great day!!


Put your avocados in the fridge right before they are ripe! It’s keeps them perfect for a couple days longer :)


As soon as your avocados hit the perfect level of ripeness, stick them straight into the fridge! They will stay perfect for a week or so at that level :)


YES, some runs (and workouts) are DEFINITELY harder than others. ugh. Also, Disney is one of the BEST places for kids to climb! Evidence found here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3051055598945&set=a.3051054918928&type=3&theater (from 2012, my daughter at Animal Kingdom in Disney World – Florida – she is definitely my little monkey)


I love avocado but my favorite way is with eggs (over easy) and parm cheese :)

I got a stress fracture in the middle of marathon training. I had to wear a boot for 6 weeks. After that I had to go to physical therapy for a month because my other knee was hurting from compensating with that leg. Ugh it was terrible! I got the marathon done the next year though!

I just started doing Misfits Market and LOVE it! You get so much stuff for 20 bucks and it takes out the shopping trip. And it makes me venture out and cook new things. BUT love Costco too.

Where did you get those sunglasses in the 6th picture??


Can you talk about what you do to stay injury free? Any certain routines or things you can’t live without? I run a fraction of what you run and my body is rebelling. I am worried I won’t be able to run anymore but feel there must be a way. Thanks!


–What way don’t I like an avocado? But I usually eat them as guacamole, mashed on toast, or just plain with a spoon.
–Three tibial stress fracture in high school and college. 6 weeks off with pool/bike cross training for each. Key to my future prevention was less work on track, more on road/trail, and crazy, crazy tons of calcium.
–Cilantro tastes like a mix of soap&gasoline to me. Blech.
–Mile repeats or 3-5 mile tempo runs.
–Most of my produce comes from Sprouts or King Soopers (Kroger). Actually more affordable than Costco for most produce here (granted, I buy seasonally and on sale, but still, I’m generally better off not at Costco.)

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