Silentish Saturday. I am so excited for this.

First, I’M ON MONICA’S PODCAST!  We talk all about our Brooks weekend in Seattle!

This is my 4th year doing this race and I can’t wait.  It’s going to be a fun morning.

Slept in a bit later than usual so I got to have Skyester with me for my run!

IMG 7746

Ran with a good friend for a while too (we met 11 years ago in the spin class I used to teach).

IMG 7750

Andrew’s first run after being sick for so long!

IMG 7755

Pita, guac and turkey burger for lunch.

IMG 7772


IMG 7777

Went to the race expo to pick up my stuff… eating one of these waffles is a race expo tradition for Brooke.

IMG 7814

I wore the shirt they gave last night for good luck.

IMG 7847

They had GOODR glasses on sale.  I love their care instructions.

IMG 7824

Skye loves Target.

IMG 7829


IMG 7844

Super fancy dinner for me but it was actually quite delicious.

IMG 7848

I enjoy getting everything ready and charged for race morning.

IMG 7851

Searching everywhere for safety pins… finally found some.  Look how organized we are.

IMG 7850

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

IMG 7853


What are three things that you are doing today?

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Good luck on your race today Janae!!! You got this.


Thank you so much Beckett!! I hope you have an amazing weekend!


Hope you have an amazing race! I love following all of your training. It’s inspiring!

Just finished a long run. Thankfully it was slightly cooler than it has been. (North Florida) Nice warm up run with my neighbor then some interval work to finish up.

I want to say THANK YOU for introducing us to Spirit. :) My horse loving 6 year old girl watched it for the first time this week while my 3 boys watched a boy show upstairs. The boys ended up watching the end of an episode with her and my oldest even told me it was a pretty good show!


Oh thank you Kristen and WAY TO GO on your long run… yay for the cooler temps! That must have felt so nice during those intervals. Oh I am so happy that your 6 year old loves it… I have a feeling that she and Brooke would be very good friends. Have an amazing day… you must be busy with FOUR kiddos.


Hope you have a great race! I empathize with Andrew, it’s my turn to be sick! Nothing major, but it does make traveling more challenging. A few recovery and rest days should do the trick!


NOOOO MEL!!! I am so so sorry. Feel better asap and get as much sleep as possible!


Good luck today!!!

1. Ran 5 miles this morning
2. Going to Kings Island to ride some rides!
3. Eating all the food. Maybe some ice cream. :)


Oh thanks Jaime!!! Enjoy… sounds like an amazing day! I want some ice cream too!


Good luck at your race! I know you will rock it. And that the course will not be short. Or long!

Today I am getting my son’s school supplies for Kindergarten. It is tax free weekend in Tennessee! It will really only save us about $3, but it just seems like a right of passage. Unfortunately most of the supplies seem to be for the teacher/classroom (2 packs of printer paper, 3 boxes of Ziploc brand bags, 20 glue sticks, etc), so it won’t be as fun as it would be if they were all personally for him. But it is exciting because Kindergarten is only from 07:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., whereas for the last 4 years he went to pre-school from 08:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., so I think it will feel like we have so much time after school (assuming I can find a job that I can get done during his shorter hours).

Will head out for a semi-long Run this morning, and counting the days (27) to Oiselle’s Bigbird camp in Pennsylvania!


Your luck worked… it was only about .06 long wahoo!! How cool about the tax free weekend, I love that! That is awesome about Kindergarten! Good luck on that job search, keep me updated. 27 days!! I WANT TO COME!


I have never been able to make it pass 10 minutes with Monica’s podcast but I am excited for your episode with Ali on the Run coming up!

Have a fun race today!


I hope you enjoy it!! THANK YOU MOLLY!!!


Janae, that alarm time hurts ME. I’m struggling waking up now to get going, I’m going to hate that I’m waiting this long to get going too though. Get going Jenny!!

Have a fun race!!


I hope your run today was awesome! Your half is almost here!


I just finished my first double digit run in almost a year! I was sidelined by a stress fracture and burnout, so I put running on the back burner for a while. Definitely had those pre-long run nerves last night, but it felt so amazing to get back out there. In addition to that, I have a baby shower in a bit (for a friend I haven’t seen in a year and a half!!) and then just hanging out :)

I hope you have an amazing race!


Maria, seriously… huge congrats on your first double digit run back. You are absolutely amazing! Please keep me updated on how you are doing and feeling and enjoy that baby shower! Thanks!


I’m driving out to Henderson, NV (from orange county), so I will be listening to Monica’s podcast with you in the car!! Yay ?
Good luck on your run today!! You are going to kill it!!


Thank you!! Oh I hope you like it… I felt a little sleep deprived. THANK YOU and drive safe!


Good luck today! I know you will do great! ?


Oh thank you so much! It went really well wahoo! I hope your weekend is fabulous!


I’m so excited to hear how your race went! I’m thinking about doing it next year. I did the Utah valley in June and am training now for Big Cottonwood in September.
3 things we’ve got going on today…. I did my long run (9 miles) this morning and we really don’t have any other plans today!! First quiet Saturday in a long time. :)


Thank you, it went well. WAY TO GO ON UTAH VALLEY and Big Cottonwood. You have to keep me updated with it all! Way to go on the 9 miles and enjoy the quiet Saturday!


I hope your half today was AMAZING, Janae! Tom and I drove from ATL to Boca Raton yesterday after we both got out of work. We left the city just before 3 and we reached our beachy condo at like 2:30 AM (knock an hour or so off that time for stopping for pee breaks/pizza dinner/ALL THE ROAD TRIP SNACKS…because that’s the BEST time to eat anything and everything you never NORMALLY eat, right??!?!?!?). We slept in! Today we are going to get groceries so we’re all set for the week, and we’re going to get lunch someplace nice, and we’re going to hang out on the beach in the evening!

OH–at Trader Joe’s you need to get these things: 1) cauliflower gnocchi (serve it with pesto sauce and cut up baked chicken breast and with a side of asparagus, and your mouth will be happy!), 2) honey sesame cashews and/or almonds (they taste just like a Greek candy with sesame seeds called pastelli), 3) the chocolate chip cookie skillet (it’s in the frozen desserts section…it cooks better in the microwave than in the oven!), 4) the raw almond butter (I swear it tastes like cookie dough to me…a small plop of that in your favorite smoothie is amazing!).

This morning was for sleeping. Tomorrow morning however is for running! I can’t wait to go run along the beach in the morning! And we just might need to include Trader Joe’s in our grocery store visit this afternoon (though we’re going to Costco first, because DUH)


Ran a 10K this morning and thought about how amazing you were doing in your race. Reminded myself to pump my arms and hold a pringle chip in each hand going up the hills!
Going to watch my fiancee play baseball this afternoon.
Going to our favorite Mexican restaurant for date night!

Can’t wait to hear how well you did in your race!! Thanks for all the inspiration!


Love your jeans, what brand are they?


They are Joe’s Jeans from a few years ago! Thank you!


Brooke has the best hair!!! I wish my top buns looked as cute as hers! Hope the race is amazing!


Question, in that picture of the stinger waffles, what kind of payment is venmo? I never heard of that?


Hey!! It’s an app on your phone.. kind of like venmo! I hope you are having a great weekend!


I hope your race went well! My 7 miler was great – the hills were tougher than I had anticipated but I forced myself to power through and finished with a finish time of 1:01:37! I plan to run it again and stretch for a below 1hr goal!
Three things – race, nap, pizza! My priorities are in check of course! :)
Also, because it’s out and back, I really got to see elite runners and it was AMAZING! They don’t even look like they’re running! More like gliding. Also, seeing Meb run in person was so cool.


Aaahhhhh. I missed the TJ opening weekend. I need to go there stat!!

That nose scrunch smile of Skye’s is so dang cute.

Yay for Andrew feeling better!!

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