Silentish Saturday!!

My body/brain felt ready to run again after taking 5 days off.  I am SO happy I took some time off because in the long run, it was needed.  

Emilee gave me this twinner hat so we looked cool.

IMG 5729

IMG 5730

We are getting good at Brooke’s Power Bun.  It did not move in the slightest.

IMG 5735

Knox decided he did want to do the race and they both did awesome (Andrew ran with Knox and I ran with Brooke).

IMG 5768

This race is a HUGE deal… they had police out, cones all over the streets, a mascot and an awesome finish line set-up.   They need to put on races year round for the city!

IMG 5749

Mandatory rainy day lunch.

IMG 5788

IMG 5789

She loves a good salsa.

IMG 5813

IMG 5817

My street tacos.

IMG 5814

The waitress brought out some churros for us.

IMG 5819

IMG 5822

Brooke got a skip it type toy from her race and we practiced for a very long time last night… I think we are both going to be sore.  We need one with the counter on it.

IMG 5831


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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Oh my gosh, I used to LOVE skip it…how fun! And your hat color is great!

My friend and I are doing some fun girly stuff today…yoga and getting our nails done. Sometimes I’m bad at actively doing fun stuff (instead of staying home and watching Netflix, ha), so I’m excited! My arms are already sore so I may spend a lot of time in child’s pose…but I’m really excited to get my nails trimmed by someone who knows what they’re doing. :-) It’s the little things.


Enjoy Kristin and way to go choosing to go out and do something fun for you (I know what you mean, it’s easy to just stay home sometimes)! I hope yoga and your nails are awesome. Thanks so much and have a great day:)


I need lots of these race details because I’m going to need them next year! I’m hoping we have a good budget to work with.


Oh Jenny this makes me so happy! Your elementary is so lucky to have you do this. Have a fabulous weekend!


Skip it…how fun! I used to love doing that!
This weekend is all about yard/patio clean up! But today and probably tomorrow will start with a run, nothing super long or fast, but just a good run.
I’m kind of liking not having to train for a specific race, and just running how I feel ?
Enjoy your Saturday Janae


Seriously, skip it was the best.. I spent hours and hours using mine! I hope your run feels amazing and I totally know what you mean about not training for anything and just running for fun. Have the best weekend Wendy!


I don’t have Instagram but I would love to learn how you do your power Buns!! An you do a tutorial on your blog!


Hey girl!! Yes you have to try it… it’s the best! I have a tutorial in this post, let me know if you have more questions!
Enjoy your weekend!


I had one of those too when I was a kid! I’m pretty sure I spent hours and hours playing with it.


Right?!? It’s the best.. brought back so many memories. Have a beautiful day Fiona!


We are in the middle of a complete bathroom remodel here so that’s been…..interesting. I had a question about one of your pictures. I saw that you wear your garmin over your sleeve and was wondering if that still recorded your heart rate during runs. I always wear it under and keep pushing my sleeves up to see it. I try to run easy runs by heart rate and that would be so much easier in the cold! Thanks.


Hey!!! Great question and I definitely do that in the winter! It does not track my heart rate though when I do that:( I wish it did! I hope you are having a great weekend!


Well damn. But thank you for answering me! I live in Texas so there are less cold weather runs. I could use that technique for tempo and track when I am running for pace not HR. You have a great weekend too!


Horse riding lessons for my daughter, but since it’s stormed she couldn’t ride the horses. The instructor felt it was unsafe when they could spook easily, so she got her first shot at cleaning stalls and to my surprise she was so excited about this. Yet, I have a struggle to clean her room. I’m perplexed !
Getting my daughter ready to go to a slumber party/birthday party.
Still raining, so I’m excited to be able to run on the treadmill with no interruptions. Going to feel like such a luxury !! I’m most excited to not be on a time restriction.


Ran my first 5K of the year with my son today. Beat last years time on this course by 4 seconds, passed 3 people on the big hill at the end, and finished 2nd in my age group. Perfect weather today too, about 60 degrees and sunny.

Hope you have a great weekend!


I used to love skip it!! Today, I ran a 10k in North Dakota wind and pouring rain in the 40s. I definitely wasn’t planning on running through that when I signed up but I won’t be not prepared again. I was wondering if you have any recommendations on a lightweight good rain jacket for running so I don’t run with soaking wet gear for my next rain filled race! Have a great day!


1) drove around downtown in the dark from 2-3:30am picking up my dad – some adventurous driving there, never again!
2) mulched and mowed the yard – possibly sprained my hand, we’ll see when the swelling goes down;
3) helped my “thinks he’s tech savvy” dad learn how to Skype/Google Hangouts/Facetime so he can practice for video conference fellowship interviews.
(Today has been a sleep trial, a physical trial, and a patience trial…especially with no run to reset me.)

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