What is happening to me? Blessing in Disguise.

There is just something about these temperatures getting warmer that is making me so motivated to work towards some new PRs.  All winter I had ZERO desire to do any speed work and now I’m dreaming about the track again… what is happening to me?  I think this is what makes running still so fun for me after doing it for so long= I do exactly what my mind/body wants to do each season.  When I crave slowing down, I do it.  When I want to try a new race distance, let’s go.

Right now I’m craving a good ol’ tempo and some repeats each week.

My favorite canyon ever…

IMG 3688

And my favorite drinking fountain ever… This water tastes so much better than normal water.

IMG 3689

12.19 miles at 7:45 average.  Some miles at 8 and some miles at 7:20 and everything else in between.

IMG 3712

Skye does not want to wear a shirt these days but she INSISTS on us putting her sandals on as soon as she can get into the mudroom to grab them in the morning.

IMG 3706

After we did our Saturday chores (thanks mom for passing that tradition down to us… the kids are very appreciative of that;) we drove up to Salt Lake City to go to the Farmers Market.  The problem was that when we got there the Farmers Market wasn’t there (I definitely was looking at the wrong website bc it doesn’t start until June)… BUT it turned out to be the biggest blessing in disguise.  We were planning on eating at the Farmers Market but because it wasn’t there, we looked up another place to eat.

Enter in Chungas.

IMG 3718


IMG 3723

You don’t even need chips for the guacamole… it’s so good you can just spoon it in with your hands.

IMG 3726

I had the al pastor tacos (THE BEST EVER) along with the spicy pork taco (also good).   Andrew told me that these tacos were worth the hour drive just to eat these.  I have a feeling we will be stopping here each time we drive to my in-laws now:)

IMG 3729

Next stop—> the tulips at Temple Square.

IMG 3748

They are unreal right now.

IMG 4454

IMG 3774

Then we did some shopping around City Creek.  I’m not sure what was so funny but I’m sure everyone in Madewell could hear these two giggling.

IMG 3792

On the way home one of the big kids woke Skye up just a few minutes after she had fallen asleep for her nap so Skye cried the whole way home.  We were all very happy to get home and out of the car but the tacos and tulips made it all worth it;).

IMG 3817

Here’s to an off day for me and staying in pajamas for a large portion of the day!


What do you have going on today?

Run day, off day or cross-training day?

Do the warmer temperatures make you more motivated to do speed or is this just a weird thing that happens to me?

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Hi Janae,
Those tacos looked unreal!

Just wanted to say “Thank you” for posting the Ali On the Run episode with sports psychologist Dr. Dettling. I listened to it Friday morning on my drive to work. She gave the advice that during a race-when you think about easing up or settling-you get your mind back to focusing on where your body and mindset was earlier in the race (I am paraphrasing). I took that advice and ran my fastest 10K yesterday. Woohoo.

Thank you so much for share and helping my mental game through your recommendation!



JENNY!! AHHHH HUGE HUGE HUGE CONGRATS!!! I am so so so so glad that you loved that episode and that it helped. You are so strong and I can’t wait to hear what you do next. Have a beautiful day and keep celebrating!


Ahh we woke up to 15cms of snow this morning!! Thrown back into winter running this week. Those tulips are stunning!
Enjoy your rest day!!


So happy for this warmer weather!

I wrote down that restaurant because we are always looking for new ones. Next Time we are in SLC we are going to try it!


Temple Square is absolutely beautiful! You really do live in such a pretty place ?
It is funny how your want for different running changes from time to time. Right now I am really remebering my why… Why am I running? For now, just because I enjoy it! So one day it might be 6 miles, another day it might be a mile to the stairs, doing the stairs for a chunck of time, then the mile home… No goals right now, just enjoying running.
Have a great and relaxing Sunday!


hahaha… I love that picture of Skye trying to take her shirt off with the unraveled toilet paper. It just sums up this age so perfectly!!!


That picture of Brook and Knox in front of the tulips is STUNNING!!

Not a fan of speed work, but I recognize it is a necessary evil. I always feel great when I’m done, though.


Amazing how a toddler can focus on getting a shirt partway off but anything else? you’ve got 2 seconds of their attention…..

Today was no run day so did a mountain bike ride and finished at the cafe. Stores were open in the village today (they open on Sundays about twice a year) so we walked up there to peruse around. Now I’m doing boring stuff and enjoying the sunshine that is peeking through!!

Tulips are so happy.


ps-I meant to also say that speed work and tempos seem to be desirable in the spring. It’s like dusting the cobwebs of winter!


I just finished running my half marathon race! Boy was it tough! The hills and wind were insane, but I still hit my sub 2 hour goal with a finishing time of 1:58:06! I’m so very proud of myself and you were so right, seeing your little one get excited when they see you running for the finish and then after the race is the best! NOw to relax!


COURTNEY!! AHHHH you rocked your goal and in tough conditions. You are so so strong. Enjoy the recovery!!! So happy for you!


Looks like a fun day out!

Warmer weather makes me more excited to get out and run, but my speed suffers with the pollen and humidity. i usually do mostly easy and fartlek runs in the summer, but i may incorporate some speed sessions with a local group starting next month!


Thank you for being such an inspiration! You are amazing and have such and adorable family!

I have been using your line “I can do hard things” so much lately while running, at boot camp or whenever a challenge comes my way. I’m currently out with a sprained ankle, but will be back training for a 10k soon.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story and good luck in Indianapolis!


Teresa, thank you so much for your sweet comment. It means a lot to me. I am SO sorry about your sprained ankle and can’t wait for you to be back and training again. Please keep me updated. I hope you have a beautiful day!


I will, thank you! It’s so frustrating having weak ankles! I sprained my right ankle in October and now my left, both at boot camp. I’m living through you and your running posts right now. ??

Have a great week!


Those tacos look amazing!! Yesterday I signed up for my first MARATHON(Big Cottonwood)! I had 3 babies in 3 years and now I’m finally going to accomplish a goal I’ve had for so long. Love reading all the tips I can from you!


SHARSTI!! Oh my goodness it is so good to hear form you! Three babies in three years… You are amazing. I can’t wait for you to rock that marathon. Keep me updated with it all!


Same here! The track in the winter is awful. I was getting so unmotivated to do speed work. Now that it’s warm (HOT) I’m way happier to grind. Although it’s so much harder. Haha.
Oh man, a screaming baby alll the way home is rough. It’s always fun when the big kids wake up the little ones (unintentionally or not ;-)).
Happy Sunday!


Those tulips are stunning!

I’m generally more of a speedwork person than a long run person – give me some intervals, fartleks or tempo runs any day!


OMG those tulips are gorgeous! Looks like you’re having better weather than we are in Iowa! :) It’s crazy to me that it was 80 degrees last weekend and it’s about 45 degrees today… gross!
My mom and I volunteered at the finish line of a big race about an hour away, and it was so cool! I always appreciate all the people at the finish line and it was a great experience to be a part of that!
Also – highly recommend seeing the new Avengers movie if you’re a fan of the Marvel movies! I loved it!


Happy Sunday!

I did an Orangetheory workout early this morning and now I’m working until 5pm.


Today is yoga day for me! And I’m looking forward to a massage this afternoon. I haven’t been running as much lately, but I’m going to take advantage of these perfect running weather temps to pick things up a bit. Have a lovely day!


Yes yes yes!!!!! The warmer weather is doing the same thing to me ☀️ ? ? !!!!! I wish there were more hours in the day because I would be out for a morning walk/run and another in the evening!!!! ?‍♀️?‍♀️ I thought it was just me!!

Temple Square is BREATHTAKING!!!! Wow!!!! Your kiddos look like they are walking around in a fairy tale land! Such cuties!

I totally want to eat tacos ? now too! If I had to eat one type of food the rest of my life it would probably be Mexican food.. so many choices and so much yum!!!
Enjoy your pajama day… they are the best days!!

PS.. where did you get your sunglasses? ? From the pic it looks like they block out a LOT of light.

Have a wonderful day!!!!


Random question – where did you get your sunglasses? Thanks!


My sisters and I are doing a family trip in Park City this summer, with a couple of day trips to SLC and Provo. Do you mind sharing the location of that canyon? We’d love to try it out! Thanks!

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