When You Lock Yourself Out of Your House + Ultra Training Weekly Summary!

10 miles on the treadmill @ 8:07 average first thing in the morning!  I felt smoother than I had all week so I’m hoping that means I’m all recovered and ready to go for Monday for my last back to back long runs of the training cycle.

Brooke slept in my bed since Andrew was gone.

IMG 7997 2

I was wrong… I think winter might be around for a bit longer.

IMG 8005

We left the house to go pick up our groceries and when I tried to run back inside to grab something I realized we were locked out of the house.  At least I had my car keys on me so we weren’t stuck in the cold.

IMG 8026

What do you do if you have some time to spare before you can get back into your house?  Go try the donut sticks at McDonalds.  When Lauren told me yesterday in the comments that her son described them to taste like ‘mini Costco churro sticks’ we had to go.  They are delicious.

IMG 8014

Skye and Brooke both voted them to be better than normal donuts.

IMG 8022

From there we went to spend Brooke’s tooth fairy money at the dollar store.  She chose a sewing kit and we practiced working with a thread and needle at home during Skye’s nap once we got inside again.  Next we are going to go over and work on my mom’s sewing machine.

IMG 8051

And it kept snowing…

IMG 8058

When Andrew is gone I do not branch out much with meals and had another giant salad with sweet potato fries and leftover soup for lunch ha.  PS that green dressing is the dressing that I made in our burrito bowls and it tastes a lot like the Cafe Rio dressing.

IMG 8060

Ferdinand with Brooke and then Gushers and Friends episodes on my own.

IMG 8054


Here is how my recovery week looked… PS 2 weeks and 6 days until RACE DAY!

IMG 7881

Monday:  5 treadmill miles @ 7:52 average.

Tuesday:  4 treadmill miles @ 8:50 average.

Wednesday:  6.2 miles outside @ 8:24 average.

Thursday:  4 miles outside @ 8:47 average.

Friday: 3 miles outside @ 8:21 average.

Saturday:  10 miles on the treadmill @ 8:07 average

Sunday: Off

32.2 miles for the week.  Time for a jump up in mileage for a week and then the taper begins!


What is your Sunday going to be filled with?

What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

What is your favorite salad dressing?

Do you know how to sew?

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I love to see! I used to sew my own clothes and clothes for my little sisters. Now that I’m an adult mom with a job I have like zero time but it still crave it haha


That is awesome Colleen!! I hope you get a little time in the future to sew. Have a beautiful day!


Do you set any incline on your treadmill for a 10 mile run?


Hey Christa! I put it at a 1% incline. I usually do that incline unless I’m doing speed (0%) or a hill workout and I change it up! Have a great day!


We put keyless entry on the main entry door after Christmas. Second best invention, next to the robotic vacuum. I never have to worry about locking myself out again.


I like the way you think… We are totally going to do that now! Have a wonderful day Amy!


We put in a keyless lock a couple months ago and it’s the best thing ever!


I recently found this tahini store bought dressing that I really like. Usually I make my own because it’s much cheaper.

Funny story about locking myself out of my house. The day I had my job interview for run specialty, I locked myself out of the house. Luckily I made it there with 5 minutes to spare. I had to climb into my second story window though hahaha.


Climb in through the second story window… hahaha that is awesome girl!


I highly recommend Trader Joe’s Balsamic Fig dressing!

I can sew, but not well. My mom bought me a sewing machine many years ago (she’s amazing at it) but I only use it once or twice a year. I’d love to see what Brooke is sewing!


I will grab it next time we are there, thank you Samantha! That is awesome you have a machine. I will totally post the things she ends up sewing (yesterday I had her just practicing around on one of my old shirts:). I hope you have a great Sunday!


The snow yesterday!! Let’s hope that’s the last snow storm until November!

I know how to sew but I’m not super great at it. I do quilting more though.


Crossing all of my fingers and toes that it is!!! Have a great Sunday Jenny.


It’s been really fun following along with your ultra training! I just signed up for my first 50Miler with my boyfriend (same idea as you and Andrew–new distance for the two of us.) Hopefully we will stay injury free and both of us will get to run the race. We are definitely supportive if one of us needs to drop due to work/injury or just plain not feeling well trained for it. We’re supposed to be getting 3-5 inches here in Maryland today, i thought winter was over too! Hang in there and good luck with your last couple weeks of training!


Ahhhhh Cori! I am so so excited for you guys. Please keep me updated with how your training is going. Stay warm today and maybe spring will come next week?


Yay for Brooke choosing a sewing kit! I sew almost all my own clothes, I used to sew a lot for my children, but now they want store bought clothes. I’m still getting to know my new sewing machine, I’m making swatches of all the 200 stitches it has. I did about 20 today. (this may be the only time I ever sew some stitches.) Tuesdays run was the most fun, first warm spring day so shorts, t-shirt and sunglasses. Today we’re back to rain and wind. I’m leaving for a run on my in a little while. Have a great Sunday!


Eva, that is so so cool. Wanna give us lessons? I hope your run today was great and you get weather like Tuesday again soon! Thank you!


My Sunday is going to be filled with grocery shopping, meal prep and yoga

My best run, which was also my hardest was yesterday’s. It was the furthest I’ve run in 6 years so it was really satisfying. But it was super snowing and slick, so I had to wear yaktrax (which are not my fav to run in), and really bundle up, but it was so much better than running on the treadmill. And now I just started looking up half marathon’s, lol!! I running a 10K in April and now I have the bug to see if I can do a half marathon at the end of summer.

Favorite salad dressing is Cesear

I know how to sew enough to make pillows, curtains and crib bedding. I am currently attempting a quilt because is been a bad winter and we’ve been stuck inside too much!!


Lisa, way to go on your new personal distance record in 6 years! I can’t wait to hear about your 10k and half-marathon! You know how to do a lot and I want to see a picture of your quilt when you finish! Have a great time at yoga!


I wish I knew how to sew!!

No running last week, but biking was good! I should be in a brace in about a week and a half so fingers crossed I’ll be running again soon!

Today will be cycling with the Peloton app, church, and a family birthday celebrating my girl’s 15th (how did that even happen?!)

Happy Sunday!


Happy birthday to your daughter! I am so excited for your return to running. Keep enjoying the biking. Thanks, you too Marissa!


I sadly have zero “fabric arts” or crafting skills. I can see on a button or fix a hole in a pocket but that’s about it.

Today will have a gym workout as well as some serious tackling of Mt Laundry.


My Sunday plans are lying on the sofa in hopes of kicking this cold! I never just lie around and TBH it feels pretty darn good! I do know how to sew! When I was in HS, my mom and I made a quilt together. Even though it’s in rough shape, I still have it and use it! I guess it’s about 25 years old now (!!!!)


My son, just randomly all of the sudden, wants to make his own hoodie… I haven’t seen in a really long time! I’m hoping to find a neighbor who has a sewing machine that would be willing to let us borrow it. We picked up a pattern for the hoodie, but that’s as far as we’ve gotten so far… We’ll see how it goes.
Today will be spent meal planning, hanging out with the fam, grocery shopping, and some more miles on the elliptical. I think we’re done with rain for a few days, so I’m also hoping to get outside with the dog, and maybe do some yard work.
I locked myself out of the house about a month ago. Luckily the school my husband teaches at is only a mile away… But it does make you feel a little like a ding dong!
Have a nice relaxing Sunday!
Oh, how’s Andrew?


I love the Olive Garden dressing you can buy it at Target and grocery stores now.

Your sweet potato fries look so delicious. Did you make them by hand (cutting sweet potatos) or did you buy them in a bag? If so what brand!

Have a wonderful Sunday Janae!


My Sunday is filled with rest and working on my “homework.” I am training to be a guide at my local cathedral and have a small talk to give in a few weeks and need to send it to my mentor for editing.

Best run was my long run. I think I finally figured out fueling and sticking to pace for a long distance so felt really good and was really pleased with it. Worst run, the day before my long run, it was only 3 miles but it felt never ending. I am always so amazed at you and your training for this ultra and having back to back long runs! You are going to do amazing!

I sewed in high school and loved it but stopped shortly after when I moved out of my parents’ house (my mom had a machine) and didn’t have a machine of my own. I would love to get back into it one day!


I know how to embroider, but I would love to learn to sew. I think that’d be a great skill!

I’ve been struggling with running this week and getting really frustrated–I did three months of PT for fallen arches/tendonitis in my calves caused by that, and I was feeling better but I am in a lot of pain again. Not running doesn’t really make it better, so I’m wondering if I should just power through? I got some compression sleeves for my lower legs, just to try them out, but I have a race next month I do NOT want to miss. My calves just feel like they’re not moving properly! So that’s been my running this week. I’m really hoping it’s just getting worse before it gets better.

Sunday–delicious brunch, going to do some cooking for the week today, and some laundry! So still lots of good things today.


Kristen, I am so so sorry about what is going on and that you are feeling pain again. That is such a hard question… I’ve been there! Keep me updated on what happens. Hoping that the pain disappears and that you are able to run your race!


That’s awesome she’s learning to sew so young. Do you sew too? I can’t even sew a button on! How embarrassing but it’s true.


I do sew! I took a few classes in school. That’s not embarrassing, there are plenty of things I have no idea how to do! Have a beautiful rest of your day Mary!


I’m back to sub teaching and wow my hard run was being motivated after school to run. I honestly am in awe of full time teachers and mothers how do they do it??
That salad looks SO good and colorful! My family slept in late today so heading to later church service so grateful we have options lol


I’m on spring break so my Sunday has been exploring and beaching!! I have a friend visiting me in Florida from New Jersey and we’re traveling around and being tourists haha. Taking the opportunity to take my own pre-taper rest period like you before my possible marathon on the 23rd.

My best run last week was my 20 miler on Wednesday! It went so much better than I feared it might and I actually enjoyed the whole thing!

Hope you’re enjoying a restful Sunday and that your legs keep feeling good!


Oh, we went for a trail run today to a frozen waterfall. I have done this run plenty of times in the summer but have never seen the waterfall frozen. It was so cool. We hiked it because my significant other doesn’t run but it was great to share this with him.

Best run was a sunrise run last week because well sunrise!

I don’t usually put that much salad dressing, sometimes a mustard or a vinagrette, because my salads tend to have a lot of stuff (and not lettuce haha).

So close to race day!

Have a great Sunday Janae!


Oh my those donuts look yummy! Do they taste like churros?

Glad you watched Friends yesterday ? They will be there for you ? ? ? ? ?


HAHAHA I took your tip of watching Friends, thanks for that. They sure do. They are heavenly!


PS the clapping emoji was just perfect and I heard the song in my head.


There’s a fabric store in Provo that does a variety of sewing classes for all levels. My dad’s wife takes my nieces often. Just FYI. :)


Ahhhh so cool! Do you know which one??


THat is so cute that she wants to sew. I bought a kids sewing machine for my cousin’s little girl on amazon. Brooke would love that.


Hi! I use a hide a key (this one https://www.homedepot.com/p/Kidde-Slimline-2-Key-Box-with-Pushbutton-Lock-White-001413/100653156). It’s great, I have it hidden in a door and you need a combo to get the key out so not anyone can break in! I haven’t had to use it since I’ve gotten it but since I live alone and don’t have many people I can trust near by I feel so much better.


When I was 22 and a new mom, I locked myself out of the house while my newborn baby was sleeping in her swing!! I had to go to the neighbors to ask for help, so embarrassing and a great way to meet your neighbors for the first time ?. He had to lift me up to a window to climb through! Thankfully the baby slept through the whole ordeal haha!!


I was so confused by your added message until I realised it was probably a reader who called you unsupportive… unbelievable that someone would think that!

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