Silentish Saturday!!

7 early miles at the gym because I didn’t want to try running on the new snow in the dark.  Also, my neighbor saw me taking this awkward selfie and I wanted to go explain that I post a bunch of selfies each day on the internet but I don’t think that would have helped the situation.   PS Our canyon had a huge avalanche so it has been shut down.. I’ll probably avoid the trails for a little while.

IMG 4759

She loves sharing whatever she is eating.

IMG 4762

IMG 4763

Admiring the new snow.

IMG 4772

IMG 4813

Train hard, recover harder.

IMG 4821

IMG 4827

Andrew used this indoor treasure hunt for the kids and it was a blast.

IMG 4830

It was the perfect winter activity for the kids.

IMG 4837

The treasure they found at the end… was a coupon for a Happy Meal and a movie night finished off with hide-and-go-seek.

IMG 4865

Andrew and I got salad and fries again from the same restaurant… two days in a row because that is how we roll.

IMG 4866

IMG 4884

IMG 4889

And then we found out my favorite ice cream spot is closed forever… so we went to Yogurtland instead.

IMG 4891

And we finished the night with a movie with the kids and then Andrew and I caught up on A Million Little Things (my current favorite show).

I hope you have a great weekend!


Tell me three things that you are doing today!  What’s your run today if you are running?

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I’m going to steal your scavenger hunt guys have too much fun! Are your boots new? If so can you share where you got them?
Today I am working and preparing for the big storm we have coming: 50-75cm of snow? have a great weekend!


OH NOOOOO!! Stay inside and drink all of the hot chocolate. YES, they are new:) . Technically Andrew got them for my bday but he gave them to me early so I could get in some good use with all of the snow we are getting. Here is the link. Have a wonderful weekend Ashley and do the scavenger hunt!


I am going to try to run 2-2.5 miles . . . thinking about doing it outside! It’s been so long since I ran outside I’m not sure if I remember how!

The scavenger hunt looks like so much fun–what a great idea!


DO IT… Our kids loved it and on each clue we wrote a word that turned into a sentence for what their prize was:) . Winter will do that to us:) . I hope your run is a great one Kristin!


7 miles done, on the treadmill in the gym. I just am into that right now! Usually I am all for doing anything outside but the warm gym and WiFi is appealing!


YES and YES… sometimes the needed thing for me too is a good sweat and not frozen eyelashes. WAY TO GO Carrie and I hope you have a great weekend!


Well now I’m going to R&R today. Thanks, Janae. :)


DO IT… their salad is my current favorite. Have a wonderful weekend Cori!


I think it’s only closed for winter, I hope ??. Have you tried Rockwell in downtown? They are the owners of sweet cream, it is hard ice cream but it’s seriously so delicious.


This is fabulous news… I thought it was gone for good. I LOVE Rockwell… so so good! Have a wonderful weekend Whitney and now I have another reason to look forward to Summer.


I love that activity for the kids! I’ll have to try that because sometimes when it’s cold the kids drive me nuts!

I’ve got to figure out how to recover hard like you so I stop getting injured or getting flare ups after being injured.


Try it asap… it was so fun for them! Take as much downtime as you can… I just let Skye crawl all over me haha. Have a beautiful weekend Jenny.


That scavenger hunt idea is brilliant… I don’t have any kids, but I babysit a lot. I’m training for my first ever marathon, and I have my 14 mile run either today or tomorrow. Today is supposed to be 45 and rainy, but tomorrow will be not rainy, so I’m leaning towards tomorrow. This is a really cool part of marathon training because my body still feels mostly good, and I feel like my mileage is starting to sound intense but the runs aren’t dauntingly long.

I do NOT understand that picture in shorts, haha. I’m going to have to be in my leggings and long sleeves for my run.

Other than that, I’ll be cleaning my house because all of my roommates are gone, and hopefully cooking some delicious Korean food.

I hope you and your family has a great long weekend!


Do it with the kids you babysit for. I am SO happy that you are loving marathon training and how well your body is handling all of the training. Have a fabulous 14 miler tomorrow. Send me some Korean food… that sounds delicious. Thanks Savannah you too and I am cheering you on for your marathon training!


Hey Janae, no run for me today.. I hurt my foot :(! I will go to yoga and get a hair cut. I miss running especially for the mental health benefits. I’m going through a breakup and it’s been hard not having an outlet to destress like running. I can’t wait until I’m running in light snow again!


Emma. Girl, I am so so sorry. I wish you were able to run right now too to help you. Im here to talk if you ever need. Praying for you and I hope you saw my friend to friend post this week!


Janae this is just what I needed to read!!! I think I need to wait a bit in terms of dating. And just spend more time healing .. bath bombs and making cookies with my friends. Thanks for sharing your lessons and making the hard times feel more hopeful. Hugs!


Great idea! I’m the activities coordinator for the camp I work at so coming up with activities like that is my job… but I do it for groups of 80-100 kids, haha.

My day is basically the gym, laundry, and a few phone meetings. Looking forward to my next chance to run on Monday.


I can’t imagine planning for that many kids… that is awesome Grant! I hope your run on Monday is amazing. Have a great weekend!


Girl, I am loving that new lipgloss shade on you. Seriously, SO pretty! Great idea on the scavenger hunt too. How fun for the kids! :) Good idea on the indoor run. Things are a bit icy around here after the storm. I didn’t hear about the avalanche though. Crazy! But, I wasn’t paying attention to the news yesterday. Did you see we’re supposed to get between 5-8″ of snow on Monday! INSANE!!!

Today is pretty low-key for us. I have to pick up a few things at the grocery store and plan out my lesson for the Sunbeams (subbing tomorrow), I think the hubby and I will go to the temple, and then we’re going to take the family out to eat to celebrate him finishing his MBA a few weeks ago. YAY husband! He didn’t want to walk in his grad ceremony, so dinner out it is.

Have a great 3 day weekend!


What book are you reading with the red cover? Have a super rest of your weekend!


What a cute idea, the scavenger hunt! And btw, I love Rich Roll’s podcast and the one on anxiety and depression is spot on. I ran 13.1 because I can’t just run 13! Gotta get the half marathon in instead of just 13 lol. Happy recovering!


8 miles this morning because weather has been good. I still need a race for this year.

I let the other half cut my hair. He was so enthusiastic that he ordered cutting shears online. Turned out pretty well!

And then probably will try and go out and enjoy the gorgeous weather we are having today!

Have a great weekend Janae! A scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun!


Thanks for sharing that treasure hunt idea! Want to try that! Reminds me of growing up my parents often made hunts at Christmas when my siblings or i had a big Christmas present. It was always so fun!!


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