SISTER GETAWAY + Ultra Training Weekly Summary!

7 miles @ 8:05 average to finish off a 65 mile week with a lot of hills thrown in there too.  These legs of mine are more than happy to take today off.  Then we have one more hard week before a big recovery week!

The kids woke up and then we were off to our new Saturday tradition… donuts.  I need to celebrate finishing each week of this ultra training with a circle of delicious carbohydrates.

IMG 4905

Skye had her first donut hole and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

IMG 4912

The kids had sprinkles and I copied Andrew and grabbed a glazed one.  He has taught me that the simplest donut is currently the best donut.

IMG 4907

It was warm enough (our definition of warm enough is probably strange to others…) to go to the park for 20 minutes too.  We came home and had some lunch and played games and then I met up with my mom and sister to go to see The Upside.  For my sister’s bday I planned a little getaway for us (<— I guess this is a present for me too;) We had a blast.

We loved The Upside… I’m going to go see it with Andrew too because it was that good.

IMG 4950

Then we drove up to Salt Lake City and ate at one of our favorites—>  Spitz.   We sat there for a long time talking.

IMG 4951

And then we walked around for awhile

IMG 4956

Finished off with a lot of HGTV and sleeping.  Hallelujah.

IMG 4967

Andrew and the kids had a good time at home and…

IMG 2403

Andrew told me that Brooke carried around a little picture of the two of us ha:)

IMG 4952


Another week of training is done and done!  I had my highest weekly mileage in a long time too so that was exciting for me.  All of my runs were outside besides my speed work on Monday which is great for January in Utah:)

IMG 2370

Monday:  20 minute warm-up, 6 x 5 minutes at a steady/strong pace (around a 6:30-40 for me) w/1 minute rests after each one and cool-down until I hit 10 miles.  1-1.5% incline the entire time.  7:03 average pace (without 1 minute recoveries and 7:33 average if you put in the 1 minute recoveries:)

Tuesday:  8 miles @ 8:39 average pace.

Wednesday:  21 MILES @ 8:34 average pace.  1,050 up.  Zero trails but I wore my trail shoes to get my feet more and more used to spending a lot of time in them.

Thursday:  12 miles @ 8:45 average.  1,017 up.  On the streets again but I found some good hills!

Friday:  7 miles @ 8:40 average on the treadmill.

Saturday:  7 miles @ 8:05 average.

Sunday:  OFF!!!

65 miles for the week and I’m soaking in this day off!


What was your best run last week?

What is your Sunday filled with?

Sleeping in today or does your body not allow you to sleep in?

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Your google short link isn’t working (at least today’s and yesterday’s…not sure about before that).

Best run last week was the day I met another runner in my neighborhood! This is the first time I saw her Running when I was, and I never wanted to stalk her from the car. But when I saw her in the road and then later st the park I thought I’d introduce myself. Yay brave me!

Today we are going on a snow walk! Okay, you guys in Utah might call this a frost. But it might be all we get so we have to take advantage! And then probably to the Y this afternoon for swimming and the. Mexican after. My son wants to make a gingerbread house (we have one leftover from Christmas) so we’ll probably do that too.

My body let me sleep in about 30 minutes later than usual!


I ran 2.75 miles yesterday! That’s the most I’ve run in a while with injury and I feel like I’m getting back up to my run being a proper workout length (instead of padding it with elliptical). Still very nervous about the half I had signed up for in March…fortunately I got race insurance if I need to drop??

I am bad at sleeping in! Is that a runner thing? If I need more sleep I have to go to bed early.

Did shadow boxing workout and going to a gentle flow yoga class! (Chill yoga is the best yoga.) Have a great day, Janae!!


I had a seven mile run on Tuesday that was pretty awesome thanks to the sunset. I missed two runs thanks to this chest cold but I’m feeling great today so I will make up yesterday’s long run.

Today = Run, laundry, food prep, blog.

I set my alarm and got up at 6:30. I’m working on my good habits and one of those is to get 7 hours of sleep and not hit my snooze. Too much sleep is just as detrimental for me as not enough.

You really need to stop posting donut pics. It’s killing me! Haha!


yesterday was 55 and rainy. Today is 28 (feels like 19) with super gusty winds and a little snow on the mountain. Not sure what will happen with today’s run, ha! Part of me wants to be hard core and get a few miles in, but the rational part of me says to let the wind die down and run tomorrow instead. It’s a struggle!

Tonight is pet sitting for a sweet black lab, a giant salad from an amazing grocery store salad bar, and a chick flick!


We went to the park yesterday too because any chance to get some fresh air and vitamin d we take it! We probably played for a good 45 minutes or an hour too because with a coat on it wasn’t bad at all.

My body wakes up by 7:30 latest every day.


Sleep and I have a complicated relationship so sometimes I can sleep in and sometimes I can’t. I slept in until 9 today so that was good and very much needed. I went to bed about 10 last night and my Fitbit says I slept for 9 hours and 11 minutes so…complicated.
Today is a rest day of all rest days. I need to do some laundry and I want to write a bit but otherwise… not even putting on”out of the house” clothes or my contacts. I’m so happy we found a church home that has Saturday night services so I can have a day of the week without going anywhere.


That’s a lot of miles and so awesome! My best run was this morning, 10 miles! The farthest I’ve ran post baby and a great pace. My half marathon is in 14 weeks and counting so trying to build up those miles! Today will be full of NFL football watching. I’m a huge Patrick Mahomes fan because I went to the same college he did and played for so I would love to see a Texas tech quarterback make it to the Super Bowl! Have a great week!! Happy running!


Yesterday’s run was the best! We had a bunch of snow this week so we drove down to a clear trail in a lower valley and my husband and friends mountain biked and I ran. It was 60 degrees and sunny and GLORIOUS. I channeled my inner Janae and busted out 10 miles (the 1st time I’ve hit double digits in a couple of years). Enjoy your day off!


I slept in til 8:30..wish it could have been more because I’m sick! I slept about 12 hours the night before though:)

I’m curious what you and Andrew are doing for injury prevention. 65 miles is a lot!!! I know he doesn’t have as much as a running base as you do either…is he doing pretty well with all the high mileage?


Good job! So many miles!!

I can’t wait until I’m running again. I might focus on the trails to help avoid getting injured.. but I have this love for road running.. Idk I just love heading straight out the door and seeing things in town.

Do you have any plans for any sea level races this year?


I had pretty good runs on Monday and Wednesday. I’m only doing three days a week right now because I’m not sure if my bad hip can handle more right now. It feels good while I’m running, just sometimes bothers me a little afterwards.

My body has no problem sleeping in when I stay up too late, haha. I got up at 9:15 today and have since gone to church, gone grocery shopping, cut up some vegetables, and started making an apple cranberry pie which I’ll be finishing soon.


I slept in until 8am today and I feel like a new woman.

We had Spitz last night tooooo. I am so glad you ended up liking that place. I was real afraid you would never speak to me again if you didn’t.


I took a glorious 2 hour nap!! Naps are the best! All of your mileage makes MY body sore! (Haha!) Great job! You’re a beast!??


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