Our Passions and Being Active YEAR-ROUND!

I hope your Wednesday is a great one!  Today I am sharing some pictures from a gorgeous day in the mountains.  This post is sponsored by Backcountry.  I have an awesome discount code for you at the end of this post.

(What I am wearing: Backcountry Trailweight Rainjacket, Alo Yoga High-Waist Lounge Leggings, Adidas Flashback Shoe, Fjallraven Byron Hat. Brooke:  Patagonia Girls Beanie, Nike Free Shoe GirlsPatagonia Synchilla Fleece Girl’s. Skye:  Patagonia Baby Furry Friends Hat, TNF Perrito Hooded Jacket Infant Girls.  Knox: Columbia Glennaker Rain Jacket Boys, TNF Waffle Beanie Kids)

Running has absolutely changed me for the better.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or where I live or what struggles or triumphs I am experiencing in life, running is always there for me.  It is a constant in my life that I adore.  It’s one of those things that absolutely lights me up inside when I am talking or thinking about it.  Running is that thing that I feel extremely passionate about.  I’ve been known to lay in bed at night dreaming of different running goals that I have set for myself.  Running is something that finds my weaknesses quickly while at the same time uncovers many of my strengths.  It has taught me to push my limits and it is something that makes me excited to get up out of bed in the morning.

I want my kids to have these same feelings about whatever passions they develop over the years.  I want them to have activities that motivate them each day.  I dream for them to have something that makes them excited to jump out of bed.  I hope for them to experience often the joy that comes from getting out of their comfort zones.

I want to give Knox, Brooke and Skye as many opportunities as possible to get outside to find what they are passionate about.  I want to give them experiences to try new things often.   There isn’t much better out there than feeling fresh air on your face while your heart is pounding from doing whatever movements you love doing.  Providing those opportunities for them is so important to Andrew and me.

I wouldn’t hate if they are someday passionate about running;) like I am but I’ll support them in whatever things drive them to better themselves.


Andrew and I think it is so important to get outside with our family year-round to experience this gorgeous world.  I want our kids very first memories to include us being outside, trying new things in the summer, fall, winter and spring!


Even Skye has a thing for fresh air and moving around (actually I don’t think she stops moving unless she is asleep:).


When I moved back to Utah five years ago I promised these mountains I would never move away from them again.  Luckily, Andrew feels the exact same way about them so we will be raising our kids here and spending as much time as possible in these canyons of ours.


Last week we had the kids try something brand new.  I LOVED watching them experience it.   Andrew has rock climbed his entire life so we had the kids try it out for themselves to see what they think.  Knox was definitely nervous before he started but once he got going, he couldn’t stop smiling.


(Black Diamond Kids Harness)

Andrew was pretty proud as he watched Knox climb.  When Knox got back down to the bottom he put his arms up in the air and screamed because he was so proud of himself.  I’m pretty sure Knox was picturing himself as Spiderman throughout the entire experience.

Doing hard things, it is just good for us.  It brings us so much growth and confidence.  I absolutely see that in these little ones of ours.


(Andrew is wearing: Alo Yoga Hoodie Men’s, Backcountry Flat Brim Hat)

Brooke loved the experience but she was way more into doing some yoga with me at the climbing, parking area.  This little girl is so flexible and strong.


(Hugger Mugger Yoga Mat and Backcountry Matilda Baselayer 1/4 Zip

This break from running after the marathon has helped me to really appreciate different forms of movement even more.  We are NEVER EVER EVER too old to keep finding things that we are passionate about.


We love using Backcountry for our outdoor adventures.  They make it so easy for us to find exactly what we need for the whole family no matter what season we are in.  We love the fact that Backcountry offers free 2-day shipping anytime you spend $50 or more and they ship across the country.

I can’t even handle the gorgeousness of this area and these two.


I really love that Backountry has partnered with The Nature Conservancy since 2008. Their mission is to protect the lands and waters on which all life depends.  You can also donate to The Nature Conservancy at checkout at Backcountry.  Keeping this world gorgeous for our kids and future generations is incredibly important.

I want them to continue to experience the same love that I experience whenever I am in nature.


It’s always a good time to get outside (as runners, we know that best—>  Runner’s do not hibernate:) and Backcountry has the best outdoor brands and items for us to get out and grow these passions of ours.  PS the countdown is on and in just 5 more days I’ll be running again.  I’m going to go straight to the trails.


(Fjallraven Raven 20L Backpack and Fjallraven Mini Backpack Kids)

This afternoon that we spent outside together as a family was definitely a GOAT memory.  The kids had been in school most of the day and Andrew and I had been inside doing work/school/unpacking for awhile.  I can’t tell you how refreshing it felt for all of us to get OUT and see our world.

It’s amazing how even the simplest things in nature can bring our souls so much gratitude and fullness.


(Backcountry Chase Your Goat T-shirt)


Use the code RUNNER15 for 15% off your first purchase at Backcountry.com.   This post is sponsored by Backcountry!


Have you had any outdoor GOAT worthy (greatest of all time) moments lately?  I want to hear about something you’ve done outside recently that you loved!

How has running shaped you?  How has running made you better?

Besides running, what are you passionate about?

If you have kids, I’d love to hear what their passions are so far in life!    

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So glad you took your kids rock climbing! I take my girls (ages 9 and 6, but we started at 7 and 4) as much as possible, indoors and outside. I think people mistakenly believe it is dangerous, but honestly, putting them in a car is the most dangerous thing we do every day. Rock climbing has ropes, and since the adult is belaying, the weight ratio keeps them from falling even an inch. I have to physically feed the rope through to get them down because they weigh nothing (compared to me, I mean). It teaches them confidence and concentration, which is so good for kids.


To clarify my comment about danger, I wrote that assuming you were toproping, not sport climbing or trad climbing with the kids! TR is perfectly safe for kids. I wouldn’t take my little ones trad climbing multi-pitch yet.


Beautiful pics, Janae!! The way you feel about the mountains is how I feel about the beach. I don’t think that I’ll ever move away from it. I had Monday off and went to a very quiet area on the beach and sat on a rock and stared out at the waves crashing on the shore. It brings me so much peace, and I could honestly sit out by the water for hours and be content. :)

Besides running, I’m very passionate about encouraging and inspiring others to be confident and to know that they are valued and loved and that they are enough. I hope that I do this in the way I treat people and through my writing (writing is also a huge passion of mine). I’m especially passionate about encouraging young women, and I pray that God gives me opportunities to do so in big ways.


Those mountains are gorgeous!!! Fresh air is good for all of us. Good for you for exposing your kids to nature.


I am actually looking for a new jacket, and just found one I want to buy… but I can’t find a place to put the discount code! I’m shopping on mobile if that makes a difference. Any advice? Thank you!! :-)


Wahoo!! Glad you found the perfect jacket. It definitely works on your phone! On the page where you enter your address and right above where you enter your credit card it says Promo Code? <— click on that to enter it!


Oh THERE IT IS!! Lol I really need a day off. ;-) Thank you! Jacket is ordered!


Wow! Rock climbing is certainly a fun day out :) Glad you had a good time.


We are with you on the hiking/ outdoors things. Besides running we love camping and hiking! I think any quality time with family and friends makes a oof GOAT worthy experience.


I love the outdoors, it’s the reason I moved out to Colorado! I love that there are activities to do both in the summer and winter! We just had a baby 4.5 months ago, so our outdoor activities have been more limited than years past… But we have taken her on several short hikes and even went camping (in a cabin, but the bathrooms and running water were in another building) when she was 2.5 months! It’s been so fun sharing our passions with her and can’t wait to introduce more activities to her. My husband and I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, camping, golfing, and backpacking. Like Andrew, I enjoy running more than my husband, but he does run and has done 3 half marathons with me! He loves to go mountain biking and I get scared and ride the breaks and take sharp turns really slow, so we typically don’t bike together haha

Running has given me so much confidence in myself. I signed up for the cross country team my freshman year of high school, without really knowing what it was. I went from not being able to run 2 miles to finishing a 5k without stopping, which gave me such an adrenaline rush! Fast forward to today (really last year) when I crossed the finish line to the Marine Corps Marathon… I felt so much pride in myself! It really shows that hard work pays off and that we can do hard things!


Those photos are gorgeous! Will have to visit Utah some day :).

Besides running, I love to write and to bake. Right now I am doing a free 7 day writing challenge where you are challenged to write at least 1000 words a day. The idea is to develop a consistent habit of writing.

I have tried indoor rock climbing but not outdoor climbing yet – might sign up for climbing lessons!

I think running has made me realize that I am capable of anything that I truly put my mind to and willing to work for. It has made me stronger and more confident not only in my abilities to run but to handle life in general. Today was a really crappy day for me and I met a girl friend after work for 45 minutes – the weather has been gorgeous here and those 45 minutes definitely made me feel better:) I am glad you are enjoying other activities outside running. Hope you had a fantastic day!


Love that you’re working with backcountry now! all this stuff is so cute. love that rainjacket it looks amazing on you. If backcountry is reading this.. .you should give a discount that isn’t just for new customers! thanks ;)

I went hiking over the weekend on the first cold day of the fall for us, just myself and my dog! haven’t been hiking solo in a really long time and it was so nice and quiet.


Enjoyed this post Janae! I know the pictures don’t do Utah justice. It’s because of you (and @munchercruncher) that I am adding Utah to a road trip out west in 2019 ~ I just want to hike your canyons and see it in person!! It wasn’t until I started running in 2010 that I began to appreciate nature and the outdoors. It makes me feel close to God and just gives me a peace and affirmation I need in life.


Great post! I love that you manage to get out and explore the outdoors like this – not just through running but also through trying out different activities with the kids! I think when Winter comes around, it can be harder to get motivated in terms of fitness because it’s so cold. But I still think it’s important to exercise and keep working towards your fitness goals – whether that’s inside or outside.


yes GOAT moments have mostly been my long runs but in Aug we went hiking in the Whites and it was so beautiful, probably one of the most beautiful things i have experienced :)

running has let me see more of the world in its natural state which is rewarding in and of itself. it has made me see that i can do hard things. it’s made me more mentally present and i’ve improved fitness too –

besides running, just passionate about being outside. it’s been about board sports in the mountains or on the water. but that’s expanded to all the outdoor things one can do in life!

the kiddo’s passion has been ice hockey but she is slowly moving away from that. she still really likes running hiking and skiing (both downhill and XC skiing). not sure what the next years will bring! we’ll see. so far she likes what we do, and she is also into rock climbing! she made the local team (the team that develops kids talent for the local competition team). so perhaps that is the next thing…!

thank you for sharing those beautiful hiking photos with fall foliage! totally love it!!!


Are those the adidas flashback shoes you have on? They are so cute!!

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