That Was Weird, Something New I’m Trying & Friday Favorites!

The weirdest thing happened yesterday morning:

I woke up at 6:45 a.m. after sleeping for NINE HOURS.

I didn’t run and I always run Thursday mornings (my plan called for no running).

I took a shower and washed my hair before 7 am.

I didn’t even recognize myself.

Because I was home (and loud:) and not out running I think Skye woke up earlier than she was wanting so we all received a few side-eyes from her.

While it felt nice to sleep in and stay warm inside, I definitely missed my running routine because I’m one of those people that LOVES routine (Andrew has a deep dislike for routines ha;).

Luckily she cheered up a bit later on.

LRG DSC06960

We were with Knox for a little bit before school and he told me that his legs looked longer now that he is 6.  I’m going to have to agree with him on this one.

LRG DSC06952

We took in donuts to Knox’s class for his birthday.

IMG 4473

We stopped at the running store to pick up some of the huma+ for my race (my nutrition is officially packed and in my suitcase now) and we ran into my good friend Jess there.  She is doing the Spartan BEAST this weekend at Lake Tahoe and she was stocking up on the nutrition she will need for that event.  I have a lot of respect for these types of races… Her race is 12-14 miles long and it has 30-35 obstacles along the way.   I get tired running 12-14 miles without any obstacles besides an occasional curb I need to jump up on.

IMG 4486

While we were there I was talking to one of the employees.  He is a St. George Marathon pro and he was telling me about trying out putting my huma (2-3 of them) in the flask below with water, shaking it up and taking them that way.  He said it is easier for him this way to get in the calories.  I am going to try it on Saturday to see if it is any easier this way for me (I wouldn’t hate not getting gel on my fingers while running).

IMG 4487

Knox had a soccer game and we went to cheer him on.

IMG 4498

He scored three goals and after his first goal he said, “I’m as fast as a cheetah!”  I’m going to channel his cheetahness next weekend.

IMG 4505

PJs the second we walked into the house.  Tortell0ni and pesto from Costco + spinach + chicken = easy dinner.

IMG 4510

Can you believe this?  4:52!! I am so sorry if you or anyone that you know didn’t make it in for 2019!

IMG 4491


Time for just a few Friday favorites!

*Last week before my 2 x 6 miles @ marathon pace I had a dream that my coach said I had to do one of the 6 mile intervals army crawling the entire way.  She wanted me to do this so that on race day I would realize how much easier running is and be thankful I wasn’t army crawling the marathon.  I woke up so relieved that it was just a dream.  So this is a favorite for me that we don’t have to army crawl for our training.

*Costco boxes of hand warmers.  One of the things that keeps me running outside year round.   I have a pair of mittens and then with these hand warmers I’m excited that I’ll be able to feel my fingers during the hundreds of miles outside this winter.

IMG 3965

*This Runversation with Gabe Grunewald:

*And a new episode from Gwen Jorgensen about her easy days… just 14something miles on her easy day?!

*Between many of your comments about running the day before a marathon and this article from runners connect… I am happy with my decision to run for a little bit the day before my marathon.  Thanks for your help once again:)

*”Fatigue was the feeling of progress.”  (source)… I LOVE THINKING THIS WAY during the run.

*These Brooks leggings.

IMG 4263

*I love this pumpkin bread mix from TJ’s.  I get it every year and I always add in some chocolate chips too.  Perfection.

IMG 4494

*Janetha posted this and it made me laugh… Solitaire was my favorite (along with Minesweeper and Hearts) and I always chose the robot deck of cards.

IMG 3973


Have any fun plans this weekend?

Who has a long run this weekend?  How far?  Who is in taper mode and what is your long run in the taper?

-I’ll be doing somewhere between 9-12 miles easy depending on how my body feels!

Does your hair dry curly, straight or somewhere in between?

-Somewhere in between lately and then I straighten it.

What did you have for dinner last night?

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I love the Gwen videos!
During my first marathon half of my gel landed on my neck. My hair kept sticking to that spot. 18 miles of pulling at my hair.
As far as this weekend, I have a half marathon that running as a progression run for training. Need to get that pace plan together still.
Enjoy the taper!


ON YOUR NECK… oh that is bad Molly! I’m annoyed during a race if I get a little on my hand. You are hardcore to survive that. GOOD LUCK this weekend and I love using races as training runs. Have an amazing weekend!


Back to our college Homecoming. The old stomping grounds where Chris and I met. :)

Last night’s dinner was buffalo chicken wrap.


That is going to be so much fun Erica! I love it. Thank you for reminding me how good buffalo chicken is, I’ll get some soon. Have a great day time.


The Boston thing is wild!! I also can’t believe they are making everyone run 5 minutes faster to qualify in 2020. Glad I got in this upcoming year!!

Weekend plans: Hopefully getting in 8-10 miles with no pain so I can run the marathon next weekend!! I went for my first run in 5 days yesterday (did an easy 6) … No horrible pain which is good but just tight/kind of a pulling sensation around my knee. Gonna keep up with the hip strengthening stuff/rolling/get another massage next week and keep all my fingers and toes crossed.


I am so excited you will be there in 2019 wahoo! Crossing all of my fingers that your run this weekend is pain-free! Keep me updated with it all… I keep thinking about you!


I NEED that pumpkin bread (minus the chocolate chips)!!!!

Tomorrow after my flag football game, I’m going to watch the annual dog surfing competition! I went last year, and it is SO much fun! I’ll have to send you a couple pics and videos! Then I have some special plans on Sunday after church. ;)

Hope that y’all have a wonderful weekend, Janae!!


Andrew agrees… chocolate does not belong in pumpkin bread:) That sounds like SO MUCH FUN! Enjoy your Sunday!



My hair is straight but dries oh-so-poofy, thanks, humidity!
And last night we had tuna and hard boiled egg sandwiches, melted with cheese on our panini press… good! And a couple of pieces of Halloween candy…we decorated for Halloween last night and watched Scream 3!


Loribeth, you are going to have an incredible race and I am so so so extremely excited for you. When you get a chance afterwards let me know how it goes… I’m cheering for you! That panini sounds so good and I’m glad that the Halloween celebrating has begun for you guys:)


Long Run tomorrow morning! 8 miles w/ 6 at HMP or faster! Only 44 days until RNR LV! I’ve been having issues with my toes this week, so I’ve taken some days off for them to recover and I order Balega socks. I’m really looking forward to running Saturday :D

My hair dries straight as an arrow. I actually cannot curl my hair because it doesn’t hold, even with 7 cans of hair spray. I tried for my wedding and the curls went away after 30 minutes :(


You’ve got this! Oh such a fun race… you are going to love it! Keep me updated with the toe problem! I hope you love those socks, they are my favorite. I hope you have a fabulous weekend with happy toes.


The Boston thing seems like such a bummer. At what point will they just opt to change their qualifying times rather than do it this weird way? It seems overly complicated to me.

8 miles for me this weekend as my last taper long run! Then probably lots of cleaning and tidying since our house is a disaster haha. My hair dries curly – I used to straighten it for years, and then I finally decided to stop fighting it and encourage the curl, and it’s made life so much easier!

Thanks for sharing the Gwen videos now and then – I started following her after you posted one awhile back and I’ve loved following along with her training while I’ve been marathon training!


So they did drop down the qualifying times by 5 minutes but yeah, I wonder when it will ever be down enough that people that qualify aren’t turned away. I don’t know if there is a right way to do it all haha! Our house is too… but in taper mode I thought we don’t have to clean;) Enjoy your 8 miles and have a wonderful weekend Noelle!


Absolutely stellar that you got a good night of sleep!

I’m not shocked about the Boston qualifying times, but it is disheartening for many.

I’m hosting a family birthday party on Sunday evening for sister- and brothers-in-law, nephew (25) and daughter (20!!!)

Considering a long-ish run since I have a half marathon in early December.

I “wrinkle” my hair up with gel and let it air dry, so it’s not totally straight; otherwise, it would be.

I went a little wild on the tortilla chips before dinner, so I considered them my “veggie” and had leftover flank steak. Good thing I had a big salad for lunch ;)


Enjoy the family birthday party, that is my absolute favorite when we have those:) That sounds like the perfect dinner to me. Enjoy your long run and let me know what half you are doing, I’m excited for you!


Nice idea about the hand warmers from Costco! I’ll have to try this out this winter. Wisconsin winters get COLD! I’m also a Costco groupie so I’m up for buying just about anything from Costco.


YES YES YES… the fact you run through the Wisconsin winters–> wow. When I’m cold this winter during a run I’ll think about you and I’ll toughen up. Enjoy your next Costco trip and buy them!


Not exercising first thing in the morning is tough! I feel like I never wake up on rest days! Dinner last night was a huge salad with chicken, homemade spicy mayo, sweet potatoes and pears. Yummy!


That is exactly how I felt… so tired even though I slept more and did less haha? Okay, that salad sounds perfect. I’ll come over next time you make it. Have a great weekend Mel!


I had heard that you should really be under your BQ time by 5 minutes… guess it’s true! I qualified in LA this last March by about 13 minutes! But, with life stuff, I’m not going… that will just keep me motivated to keep qualifying ;)
This weekend is homecoming for our sons’ high school! Football game tonight (one playing, one in the band) and the dance tomorrow! Lots of fun :)
I have a long run, 12 miles, on Sunday! Then it’s the Long Beach half marathon on the 7th… yay!
Last night’s dinner was steak tacos :) We all love tacos! We had tacos twice this week, which makes me happy :)

Happy Friday!


Yes… that will keep the motivation high, I love it! I’m so excited for you to do the Long Beach half.. I’ve heard so many great things about that race. I could eat tacos every day for a year. They are the best. Enjoy the weekend and homecoming game!


I saw that about Boston and I’m really discouraged. I’m wanting to qualify and I thought my 3:40 goal was barely doable but now to have to do it 5 min faster is a bummer. I hate to be negative on myself but It killed my mojo for training . It’s just really gotten more popular over the years I guess and they have to limit the entries?


DON’T LET IT DISCOURAGE YOU!!! I’ve failed at getting my goal for sub 3 for MORE THAN EIGHT YEARS NOW. But I love the process of training for it, dreaming big and I’ll keep going for it until I do! You can do it Mary!! I think there are just more and more people qualifying for it so they are letting the same # run it but there are just more people trying to get in each year. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Mary and let that mojo come back for your training:)


After every kid my hair got a little bit curlier but it’s not really great curls so I don’t ever wear it that way. Growing up I always wanted naturally curly hair but I think I’ve given up on it haha.

I got the ok to start run/walking so I’ll be giving that a try in the next couple of days or so.


Really!? That is so interesting!

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! Let me know how it goes. Have a great weekend!


Last long long run tomorrow — 17 miles. And IT WON’T BE RAINING … unlike the last 5 days. I’m so excited!
Dinner last night was chicken tortilla soup — and it was perfection with some avocado and fresh tomatoes on top.


Go Sondra GO!! 17 miles wahoo and no rain, it is going to be perfect. That is my favorite fall meal, I can’t wait to make it! Have a wonderful day!


Ahh I love when you tell us that you visited your running store! While the running store I work for is part of a national company, I have a very deep, primary love of independent running stores. To me, they truly are the illustration of how “commerce” and “community” can overlap. They make me so happy.
Tom made our dinner last night. Since I was travelling back from MD, I had zero desire to cook. His “cooking” is often assembling food that’s somewhat already prepared, but you know–since I do a lot of the main weekly meal prep and most of the grocery shopping for us, when we have a night where we’re both home and neither of us is doing any work for any of our jobs (Thursday night has become that night for us) and he decides he will cook, I am more than happy to have whatever he wants to make. He bought blue cheese burger patties, buns, and curly fries. I wasn’t so into the curly fries, so I did a super lame salad of baby arugula and Tessemae’s avocado ranch on the side. And you know…it was an excellent dinner. Partly because I didn’t have to cook it myself, but REALLY excellent because I got to eat it with my husband. At home. In my pajamas.
About hair–I have weird hair. It’s mostly thick, but it’s got some patches of thin hair mixed in. And it’s that annoying degree of ‘wavy’ that isn’t like soft calm waves but isn’t also rigorously wavy enough to be mistaken for curly. It’s the kind of wavy where if I put my hair in a pony tail it needs to STAY in a pony tail until I wash it again, or else when I let the hair loose there’s a really weird bumpy wave protruding from the base of my skull. All summer long, though, I towel dry and put in one product and as my hair dries–and the waves sort of have their field day–it doesn’t become a frizz ball. And my hair is prone to frizziness that turns “oh, pretty and wavy” into “girlfriend you are one hot mess and you look frumpy from HEAD to toe…”


Yes, I agree… it’s so important to show support to our local running stores. Tom’s cooking is a lot like mine! I bet your wavy hair is just right and that’s awesome you can just let it towel dry it with some product. Have a wonderful weekend Stephanie!


Oh my gosh to that army crawling dream!!!!! When things get tough during my half marathon on Sunday, I’ll think about how at least I’m not army crawling! ha ha

For dinner last night I had salmon over rice and a big cupcake. ha ha At the bakery, I chose the cupcake that had the biggest stack of frosting on top and said, “I want THAT one!”

I’m not sure about the Huma trick, just because I’m not a fan of carrying a bottle. Ive gotten pretty good at slurping down Humas straight from the packet. ha ha ha Let us know how it goes for you though!


HAHA YES!! Good luck Jen and I’m expecting to hear how it goes, I’m so excited for you. Go celebrate your training. That sounds like the perfect dinner/dessert. I’m with you, the more frosting the better. So many tough decisions! I might just use it for the beginning and toss it, I don’t know:) Have a great day Jen!


I have my half marathon tomorrow morning! I hope I did tapering right, I really took off quite a bit this week. I took off the past 2 days and it feels odd!! But I know the work went in before my tapering weeks. My mom and my daughter are walking the 5 k race. I am more worried about my daughter, she thinks 3 miles is “no biggy” and my walks every single day at a very good pace. We will see how it goes! She might prove me wrong.


CARRIE!! GOOD LUCK!!! Please let me know how it goes. I think you tapered perfect.. the more rest the better! Let me know how your daughter does too. Enjoy!


Skye is so cute!! Thank you for sharing her adorableness with us! :)
Long run this weekend is 9 miles – I am honestly loving Kara Goucher’s plan that I am using for my half. I recommend it for anyone looking for a new plan.
My hair dries somewhere in between – and the older I get, the more wavy it gets. My mom told me if I ever get pregnant, my hair texture will change even more. Bodies are weird things.
Dinner was homemade mac and cheese (leftovers from a food day at work) and a big salad. I was trying to counter balance the mac and cheese with veggies lol!


Thanks Rhiannon! I’ve wondered about her plan, I’m so glad you are loving it. So glad that she is doing that! Bodies are very weird. That sounds like such a good dinner. Enjoy your weekend!


I’ve used those Hammer flasks with gels. It makes it easy to take a little at a time + you get some water at the same time. The only problem is you are stuck with one flavor for the entire run/race (I like to change it up.)

As far as I know we have exactly zero plans for this weekend!

My hair dries wavy and I just leave it that way.

Dinner last night was Pizza Soup ( with cornbread.


I just looked at your soup recipe and my family would love that… we need to make it. Thank you Kathy! That is very true about the flasks… maybe I’ll do two different ones? Enjoy your relaxing weekend! Thanks Kathy.


I have a random question for you. I think the boy and I have decided we are going to come to Utah next summer and run the Utah Valley Marathon (bucket list item for me!) which I know you have done before BUT he wants me to do the full since it’s mostly downhill. I have never done a full before, halfs are my jam so I’m a bit nervous. Would you recommend this full as a first?? Any tips/pointers are greatly appreciated :) Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!


OH YAY!!!! That is so exciting! This marathon is stunning and I would fully recommend it. So there are some good hills throughout the course too but it is net downhill! You have plenty of time to train for it and they put on an incredible race. I say go for it:) I’ll come cheer you on!


Thank you so much for the encouragement and information!! I’m so excited! I’ll probably check in when it gets closer and ask for some places to check out :)


I have straight hair that is a little bit wavy in the back if I let it air dry. I wish my hair had more volume though.


Fatigue was the feeling of progress – boy I wish this was as true when trying to sleep with a 4 month old baby! Ha best of luck in the marathon. I love reading your progress, especially with nutrition. My long run thus weekend is 2 Miles… starting post partum training!


Oh my gosh! PLEASE let us know how that huma strategy goes! That would be SUCH a game changer for me! I deal with a lot of…phlegm (SO SORRY, I KNOW IT’S GROSS) when I run and taking huma definitely does not help the situation. I would loooove to take it with water like that!

I’m running 15 miles tomorrow at 7,500 ft in elevation! I’m running New York and live in Denver, and while it’s at elevation I don’t think it’s hilly enough so I’m heading up into the mountains where my parents live. I’m REALLY nervous for it, but I know that it’ll be painful and will ultimately make me more prepared for race day!

I know this is a crazy thing to say, but I’m actually ok with Boston changing their qualifying times. To be honest, I’m most upset by runners’ reactions to the news. I’m really disappointed in all the commenters on Facebook who are urging the BAA to take charity bibs away and to make it a more prestigious race. The charity runners raises millions upon millions of dollars for the city of Boston and that money actually, quite literally, can and does save lives. If you’re unhappy with the new times, there’s a simple solution: Work harder. Run faster. Truthfully, this change will probably prevent me from qualifying at New York now, but if I don’t, I’ll get back out there and chase down a BQ at a spring race. We should all welcome the challenge of faster standards. It makes us all stronger and better. And if you’re a runner who doesn’t like a challenge, you’re not gonna like Boston either ;)


I didn’t get to comment yesterday, so happy birthday Knox!! His legs are definitely longer :) My little boy is nearly six and he tells me that he’s grown three times since he was five ?I am looking forward to a very quiet weekend after a busy week! I am also finally in my half marathon taper, yay! I’m just supposed to do a 5km park run but to be honest I might take the weekend off as I did my last long one on Wednesday and life has been tiring this week! I feel as though I’d rather get some energy back in my legs. My hair is very curly but if I did nothing to it it would dry in a big fluff ball!! Hope your last long one goes we’ll!!


My hair dries differently on one side of my head than the other. One side is a nice wave and the other side looks awful. I don’t blow dry my hair often, maybe once a month. Depending on what I am doing, I might use the straightener.
I am currently in taper mode!!!!! I have a 25 k on October 13. I have one more semi-long run to do and then it is nice and easy runs until the race.


Happy belated birthday to Knox!!
My hair… it depends. If I put it I to a ponytail or bun to dry then I get cute curls and waves. If I just leave it down? It dries BIG.


My boys have a junior high game/pizza night at the church, so we get to hang with my daughter. She wants to go get acai bowls and shopping at Target :)

I actually reset all of my records today on my watch since I am coming back from an injury! So no long run for me. I am participating in a local race for mothers against drunk driving along with my xc team.

My hair is curly in the back and straight up front. Ha. I go back and forth between straightening it and curling it.

Dinner last night was pumpkin spice cheerios with cashew milk. Ha. I had to pace my runners on a bike at 6-7:30pm so dinner was a little wonky.


What a great idea to pre-mix your gu and water!!
This weekend my long run is 10 miles. My coach put some interval stuff right in the middle! Not sure how that will go.

I am heading in to pick up my Iwatch 4! I can’t believe it. I’ve never had any type of gps watch before and my husband surprised me with this for early Christmas. My big worry is if I’ll understand how to work it!

Last night was some fish burgers (from costco and without buns) and some cauliflower tots. Have you tried them? They are just like tater tots and I make a chipotle ranch dip for them. YUM.


Ran this morning because it is autumn and beautiful – the leaves the weather = perfect. Not sure about a weekend run!

I am not totally surprised by the Boston times – it was going to happen sooner or later – sucks for those on the bubble. though. Haven’t run a road marathon in awhile…I guess if I am going to run a road marathon now I know how fast I will ahve to run it haha.

My hair is dead straight. Dinner, I actually think I forgot to have dinner last night haha.

Happy tapering! Hope you have a great day :)


Just wanted to comment that I also LOVE the Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread mix! It’s the best!

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