Silentish Saturday!!

Gloves were necessary… too bad I couldn’t find matching ones.


IMG 3787

8 miles @ 8:48 pace.  PS I should have worn capris like Josse, it was 44 degrees when we started.

IMG 3796

Brooke warmed me up when I got home.

IMG 3801

Stopped at Old Navy to get this girl some warmer clothes…

IMG 3807

Chicken tacos at home for lunch and then Brooke was done with school.

IMG 3829

Remember how we’ve looked for a couch for months (we found one but then canceled our order… it’s a long story) but finally found a different one we love even more.  I’ll show it to you when it is delivered.

IMG 3841

We need a massage chair.

IMG 3837

Stopped at Ikea too to grab a mirror.  Brooke went to their kid’s club and we grabbed our free (with the family pass it’s free) hot chocolate (my second cup of the day:).

IMG 3846


IMG 3850

Lots of things to pack for nutrition—>  Goal today = hit all of the paces I need to and NO STOPPING the entire time (Andrew will hand me my water).  We are staying up at Andrew’s parents’ house to get away from the smoke for today’s run.

IMG 3804

Last long workout, here I come.  I hope your weekend running is great!

IMG 3849

PS Andrew found this playlist on Spotify and there are some really good running songs on there.

IMG 3847


Tell me 3 things that you are doing today (this question is a Saturday tradition)!!

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OoOoOoOoOoOoO @ a new playlist for me to listen to! Thanks, Andrew!

Good luck with the run today! Focus, focus, focus on that finish time you’ve wanted since uhhhh at very least, the beginning of this blog.:)

THREE THINGS: Enjoy Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa pastries (check — like, just finished them).
One errand today — Getting my passport (we’re going to a friend’s wedding in Zimbabwe [at least, I hope we still are…it’s been weird there lately] in December.


Enjoy it… it’s a good one. Thank you so much Tiffany! It’s about time to get this goal right?! I need those pastries… I’ve never seen them! ZIMBABWE–> that is amazing! I’ll join you in the self-care. Thanks Tiffany!


Leaving for a 10 mile run now (my longest in over a year!) now, then picking up donuts and celebrating my son’s 8th birthday at a trampoline park with 9 of his friends. Hope your run went well!


GO KIRSTIN GO!! I hope it was amazing. Enjoy the donuts and the bday party. Thank you Kristin!


I am supposed to be running a 5K right now but I am on my sofa. Bad anxiety and little sleep last night kept me at home and doing work. I feel kind of wimpy for missing this run, but I also feel a strange sense of relief at giving myself this time to get work done (and in the last 2 hours I have gotten a good amount of work done, so I haven’t wasted my time scrolling…). So I should be wearing a running outfit right now and sweating like a Human Niagara Falls. I am in my pajamas and a messy pony tail on the sofa grading papers…and right now listening to the Marathon playlist Andrew found! Later today I am teaching my Saturday Body Flow class, and then all afternoon and evening I have work. ANd I have to talk with my boss–the nicest woman ever who believes in the inherent good in people about a few conversations I had with a coworker (who she really likes) in which I felt somewhat gaslighted. I’m really nervous about that. I hate confrontations and I worry so much about raising issues in which it will seem like I am just a drama queen causing problems. But I just really felt uncomfortable and like this person was using his words to try to switch a situation around and make me question my sanity, solidity, and authority in what I had to say. And that’s a very unfair situation to be put in.

My day is not so interesting. But these days are part of life.

I hope your run has been a good one and that you had NO STOPS!!! And I hope you have good food and good naps all day long! :)


Stephanie, I am so sorry about the anxiety and poor night of sleep. Your body NEEDS this break (and so does your mind)… you are doing the right thing and make sure to relax big time today before Body Flow. Good luck with all of that! Thank you Stephanie, it went really well!


Does your coach say anything about when you do long runs with friends and stop for drinks and bathroom breaks? I always wonder if that skews the data and training since thats not really how it would be during a race.


Great question… she hasn’t yet. SO on any of my workout long runs (with tempo/speed) in there I have not stopped at all… I have a few times during w/u or c/d to go to the bathroom or grab a drink. But during my long runs where I am just going at an easy pace I don’t think it is messing up my training much… and when you need the restroom you need it ha:) Those runs are more just for the distance and time on my feet. BUT I do think that if I was stopping during the workout runs then it would absolutely skew my data. Luckily, today I didn’t stop at all (even during w/u and c/d) and finally figured out my nutrition to avoid bathroom stops:) Sorry that is a long answer haha. Have a wonderful weekend Alex!


3 things: Cheering on my son & his team at his high school cross country meet! Nap. Making black bean chili for dinner.


I hope your son has an amazing meet! I think I will join you for the nap! Oh that sounds delicious.. enjoy Michelle!


My three things jean shopping, Costco run for toilet paper and paper towels (nothing else). and hopefully date night of some sort. I have had a sore tummy for past 24 hours so we’ll see if I feel up to date night.


Oh let me know where you find your jeans… I’m always on the hunt for good ones:) I hope Costco has good samples for you and enjoy your date (I hope you feel better asap)!


I’m not sure I’d make it through winter without hot chocolate.

We have a date tonight :) and didn’t make it to the cabin yesterday so we may go today. We also have a birthday party.


Me neither… it helps us to survive. ENJOY YOUR DATE TONIGHT!!!


I can’t believe you guys are still dealing with so much smoke! :( I’m sorry!
First things first… feeding the football team their Saturday breakfast burritos while they watch game film from last night’s game. It was a tough game, but they came out with a win!! Yippee
Then it’s an easy 5 miles for me before taking our oldest for his senior pictures! Wowzers, I can’t believe this is happening!
Last long/tough workout for you… You are going to nail it!
Have a great Saturday :)


This fire is crazy, we have no idea when it will be out! I want one of your breakfast burritos so bad:) I am so happy they won! SENIOR PICTURES… ahhhhh!! Thank you Wendy, YOU TOO!


We have a rains storm – so I am hiding indoors with hot coffee and tracking many of my running friends who are racing in the Whistler Alpine today (think rain/ snow) distances from 25k, 55km and 110km.

Sorry to hear about all the smoke! It has been a rough summer for BC too but I think the rain is finally helping!

We also may go to Costco later which I am excited about haha

Have a great day!


Oh that sounds perfect! I hope your friends have amazing races. We need some of your rain. Enjoy Costcos and have lots of samples! Thanks Kristine!


3 things: penguins, pet sitting, apple orchard!

Good luck with the run!
One week until my race, ah!!


I wish we could join you with the penguins, our kids would love that. Thank you and you are going to do amazing next weekend, you know that course so well. You’ve got this!


I was cheering for you today during my long run! I hope you crushed it!! 3 things today: 19 miles, clean all the bathrooms, and a Thomas Rhett concert tonight!! Have a great Saturday, Janae!


19 MILES—> GO EMILY GO!!! I hope you felt strong and loved it. Enjoy the concert and good luck cleaning those bathrooms. Recover well.


Did you find couch hunting exhausting? I’m overwhelmed by the prospect but am in dire need as our couch stuffing is now very visible. :/


YES… and literally we have been looking for months (off and on)… We just spend so much time on the couch haha so we needed to find something we loved the look and comfort. Good luck… I hope your search goes quickly! Have a great weekend!


Hope your run went well! My last long run today was 16 miles and it felt awesome! I haven’t been able to do the last two long runs because of family stuff so it was good to go long again today. Other activities: brunch and getting some fall flowers. :)


1. Ran the warm up 5K before tomorrow’s half marathon- my second half this month!
2. All. The. Laundry! I’ve been out of town at training alllllll week ?
3. Packet pick up for tomorrow’s run. Hoping for a lucky bib number to help motivate me a little!
Have a great weekend!


16 miles done this morning, Top Golf with my best friend for my birthday , and now on to a party to celebrate birthdays, new jobs, and college graduations with several friends. Perfect Saturday!


Ran 11 miles on the Lake front in Chicago.
Walked and shopped on Michigan Avenue.
Heading to a wedding tonight.
(I’ll sleep well tonight!)


Watch my kids soccer games this morning, got fitted for a dress for an event next weekend and ran my 9 miler. That spaghetti looks good!

You’re girls are just way too cute. And I can’t wait to hear about your sofa we so need a new one.


It is 26 degrees for my run yesterday. Winter is coming!


Any chance you have a discount code for the yummie cookies? Thinking of sending some as gifts!

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