Runners Don’t Hibernate!

Good morning everyone!  Today’s post is sponsored by Backcountry and I have an awesome discount code for you at the end of this post for the best gear to help you to keep enjoying winter.

I know that there have been some problems with Backcountry recently so I waited to post this until I saw them really repair the problems and go over the top in their apologies and fixing their mistakes.  I have loved the way they have admitted they were wrong and come back better than ever while learning from their mistakes.  I support that!

I remember hearing something when I was a teenager from a person that I really respected that I think about almost EVERY time I go out for a run.  That person said that a lot of our happiness and joy in life can come from nature and being outside.  When I first heard this I didn’t really understand it or think about it much because at that point in life, I hadn’t really spent much time in nature.  It wasn’t until my mid 20s that I really started spending more and more time outside with my running.  With each run I realized more and more that my soul needs the outdoors and how much of my happiness does come from nature.  I realized that I always came home happier each time I spent time in nature.  I saw that my confidence increased the more I was outside and I loved being able to see and experience things (like hidden waterfalls, different animals, the seasons changing, the crunchy snow, I could go on and on) that I would have missed out on if I wasn’t spending time outside.  

At 27 when I was going through major life changes with a new little baby and a divorce, those outdoor miles were so incredibly important to me that I would do anything to get them, including waking up at 4 a.m. many mornings.  That time outdoors in nature filled me up so that I could get through each day.  The majority of my healing during that time of life happened outdoors.  

Nature continues to be a big source of my happiness because there is just something so powerful about the outdoors.  


My coach had us up on the trails often last year and besides the strength that those hills brought us, there is a peace there that I don’t really know how to explain but I know how to feel it perfectly.  When I’m out on the trails with my friends for a hard run I feel adventurous and alive.   

I’m so grateful for what nature does for me each day and I hope that my kids find the same joy that I do outdoors.  I already see what being outdoors does for them when they are on their mountain bikes or when they are running or skiing.  It brings out a confidence in them and gives their adventurous souls freedom! 


The temperatures have dropped and winter is here but for me personally, being active outdoors throughout the winter is so important for my mental health.  As hard as it was to train for an ultra through a tough winter for Utah last year, those mornings running through inches of fresh snow were just what I needed.  

Runners don’t hibernate, right;)?


I think that the key to staying active outdoors throughout the winter is our gear.  If you have the right gear, it’s so much easier to get out the door and explore.  Backcountry wants everyone to enjoy their outdoor experiences and connect with nature so they offer the best gear for you to do what you love year round.  Backcountry carries the best outdoor brands like Patagonia, The North Face, Burton, Fjallraven, Frye, Sorel, Marmot, Basin and Range, Arc’teryx and so so many more.   I could spend hours on their website finding a million things I love.

Backcountry also has hundreds of gearheads that are former Olympians, athletes and guides available 24/7 to help you find just what you need!  You can(text/email/chat/phone) to help you find the perfect items for you and the adventures that you love. 


A few of my favorite winter running pieces from Backcountry!

Patagonia Houdini Jacket

Smartwool PhD Ultra Light Micro Socks

Patagonia Pack Out Tights

Marmot Midweight Meghan Hoodie

Brooks Ghost 11 Running Shoe

The North Face Cable Ear band

DSC01595 2

Use the code HUNGRYRUNNER15 for 15% off your first purchase at! Exclusions Apply!


What does nature do for YOU?

When did you first fall in love with being outside?

What is your favorite season for running?

What’s your run today and what kind of weather is it for you today?

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I think it’s weird that for a sponsored post on a running blog about how runners keep going no matter what conditions, Backcountry couldn’t be bothered to give a code for non-first time buyers?!? Surely most of us have used their site to make purchases before, and not only because you have done sponsored adverts for them in the past.


Hey Christie! Valid point and that is not something I thought about. Sending your question to them right now and I’ll get back to them as soon as I hear back! Hope you are having a beautiful day!


Hey Christie, me again! This is what Backcountry said:

Backcountry wants to introduce their brand to people who are unfamiliar with it, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate their long-time customers. They actually have a great Semi-Annual Sale going on right now that she can check out if she’s looking for a great deal!

I hope that helps and that you have a beautiful day!


I love your thoughts about being out in nature; I feel the same way, and when I’m having trouble getting motivated, I just remind myself that I want to be outside anyway, so why NOT run? Funny also reading the title of this post today–it was really cold here today and I did NOT want to get up and run. I put on my thermal running stuff and did it, and I’m so glad. Fresh air and exercise are the best way to start the day! A hawk did fly right in front of me and I definitely screamed. Really woke me up.

I’m so glad I had parents that valued being outdoors and having fun together; I don’t remember a time when I didn’t love being outside. It’s always been a part of my life, and I’m so thankful!


Kristin, way to get out and do it. There is no better way to start the day and a HAWK… hahah that would have woke me up too! So cool that your parents always had you outside, I hope to do the same for my kids. Have a beautiful day !


I remember one day last year I waited to go on my run because it was near 0 degrees with a crazy wind. My friend showed up at my door already done with her run and she said, “there is no bad weather, only bad gear”. So true. Thanks for the recommendations. I’m going to check out that Patagonia jacket now! ?


0 degrees and crazy wind… okay, you guys are amazing and her quote is right on! What a fun friend to run with. I hope you love that jacket too! Enjoy your day Jenn!


I’m still waiting to see the ortho to figure out if my foot is fractured or something else. One of my goals this year is to really have some solid running gear. What do you wear when it is raining? Do you wear the patagonia houdini jacket when it rains?


Hey Jennifer, I really am so bummed about your foot. I hope that your ortho is able to figure it out ASAP! Yes, I do wear that jacket when it rains (if running and not running) and it’s amazing. Enjoy your Thursday the best you can and praying your foot heals fast!


Appreciate you noting the issues with Backcountry in the lead-in to the post. Not sure the apology will help in the long-run with the outdoor community but a good first step.


Couldn’t agree more! Getting outside fills up my soul and really helps with the winter blues. I feel like its so worth it to invest in a few pieces that make it possible to be comfortable in the cold. I have an older version of the houdini jacket that is probably 15 years old and I’ve washed it a gazillion times and its still amazing. Worth it to me to spend a little more and know that it will last! Backcountry usually makes those high end pieces affordable.


That first picture of you standing in the mountains is stunning. You are so beautiful (inside and out)!
Sadly, my running journey this pregnancy has come to an end. It has become uncomfortable to the point of painful, even with my belly band. For now, I’ll do YouTube prenatal workouts and dream of getting back out there again in a few months.
I much prefer running outdoors versus on a treadmill. I live in Western, NY in one of the most overcast cities in the US, so getting outside for a bit of sun when it decide to shine is very important to me!


I feel like I have always liked the outdoors, but I fell in love with it the first time I took a trip to CO with friends and not a family vacation and we did really did some really strenuous hikes every day, and then sat around socializing and eating good food every night. It was heaven.


I grew up in a family that always went camping. That has really instilled a love of the outdoors and an appreciation of the time I get to spend with my family camping too! Running is a lot like skiing – you need to right gear to stay warm and enjoy it. Thanks for the discount code!


I don’t run often, but I would definitely agree the proper gear is key to being outside. I just recently got snow pants for Christmas, because I had not owned a pair in ages, so now at least if I do try skiing again, I will have some. They are also great when shoveling, though so far we have been lucky and haven’t had too much snow in Upstate New York yet. The worst snow seems to always come in February or March so I am sure we will get something crazy. Investing in the proper gear to keep me warm in winter or dry from the rain has helped me enjoy being outside more. Getting that outdoor time, whether it’s sunny or not is always refreshing too.


I appreciate you bringing up the initial issues with Backcountry! While they have made steps to apologize and reorganize their strategy, I’ll probably stay away and focus on smaller shops, plus I have nearly all the gear needed and am now would just need to repair or replace things when needed.
It’s kinda funny how growing up, my brothers and I were just attracted to doing everything outside. We were those kids that would play on the playground, bike around the neighborhood and play in the open field behind my house as opposed to playing indoors. Growing up we did a few things as a family outdoors, but mostly it was us seeking it out. I was the one who “made” our dad take us skiing first locally on a hill in St Louis and then out to Colorado where I fell in love with it! It’s what drove me out to move to Colorado after grad school! Since being out here, I’ve hiked 18 14er’s, many miles of backpacking trips and hikes! I’m also glad that I randomly decided to join the cross country team my freshman year of high school even though I had no idea what it really entailed. I really started running for fun towards the end of high school and into college and I’m grateful for the sport. While I was never fast, I loved the feeling of accomplishment when I was done and enjoying the scenery around me.


Fall is my favourite season for running. But really, any time I get to see a sunrise or sunset on my run I am pretty happy.

I love being in the mountains and so I hear with trail running. My happy place has always been the mountains. My partner jokes that he comes second after my love for the mountains.

I think I grew up loving the outodoors, my parents were skiers, and so we were always outside.

Have a great day Janae!


Just wondering why you CONTINUE to delete comments from your readers? Will not read this blog again. You are a coward.


And a liar. She actually emailed me and told me that My comment is the only one she deleted.


I know it’s an ad, but it’s also so well written. You have grown so much as a writer and as a person making space for others. When I went to yoga during a hard time, I learned that only when the body is moving can the mind be still. I still think about that message!


Lucy, your comment means a lot to me. Thank you for your sweet words and for sharing that message about your body and mind. It’s beautiful and I completely agree. I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Hi buddy,
Your work is really appreciated. I just read your post. Great work, you have done. Thanks for sharing.

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