Lots of Friday Favorites!!

13.1 miles with speedwork and then squats/glute work afterwards left me very sore and tired Thursday morning.  I’m glad I had a run date set up with Josse because it made getting up to run a whole lot easier.  7.25 miles @ 9:05 average.

Off to school for these two.  We are very lucky that Brooke and Knox are able to go to the same school because two elementary drop-offs in the morning on our days with Knox would be quite tricky.

IMG 2259

I was able to get in some stretching with Skye!

IMG 2266

I had a delicious plate of nachos for lunch followed by a cut up peaches and milk combo.

IMG 2283

We were able to have my niece over for a few hours in the afternoon.

IMG 2301

Brinner for dinner and then it was off to Knox’s soccer game.  He scored three goals and did a little dance after each one:)

IMG 2324

My sister and her family came to cheer him on and Skye was pretty excited to see them.

IMG 2329

8 easy today and 17 miles tomorrow… which is a crazy amount of miles to run but yet marathon training perspective has made me crazy and feel like it will be easy compared to the previous 20s, 19 and 18s.


I have some Friday Favorites to share (some affiliate links included)!

*Steph Bruce’s new blog.  Obsessed.  I have reread a few of her blog posts because they are so good.   “One bad mile can’t define your race, but fighting through to find one good mile can make it.”  YES..

IMG 2263

*I couldn’t resist.  I love goodr glasses so when the new style came out… I went for it.  I’m a big fan.

IMG 2313

*If you missed out on yesterday’s post… I am OBSESSED with my new fueling methods (water bottle that fits in my belt, UCAN and Nano).

*I started reading this book again to help me prepare for race day! I highly recommend it if you want to work on your brain muscles.

IMG 2153

*I have a few new favorite fall tops that I am loving right now… THIS ONE, THIS ONE and THIS ONE!

IMG 1979

*And also picked up some of my favorite earrings because I lost my last pair.

IMG 1534

*My Run Angel.  I reviewed it HERE and they just sent me a pink one too.  I seriously feel so much safer out on the roads when I wear it.  It’s worth it.  Be safe.

IMG 2168

*I want these shorts just because I love the company now.  I LOVE that they didn’t edit her… IT’S REAL and that just makes me want to hug them.

IMG 2208

*I finally watched the Boston Marathon documentary and Andrew and I both really loved it.  I still can’t believe that these are the shoes that they used to wear for the race.  I don’t want to run a mile in these shoes ha:

IMG 2152

*We tried out Crust Club and it was so so good.  They deliver your pie right to your house (the packaging keeps it cold) and you cook at home.  We had the bbq pork and mac and cheese pie and it was the definition of comfort food.

IMG 2222

*This video that Oiselle just put out.


I love hearing your accomplishments and if you want to be featured next Friday then send it in to [email protected]


Alicia!!!  “Last weekend I did my first warrior dash and I was a bit nervous for the obstacles since I’ve never done any of them and I focus on weight training, but it turned out that the obstacles felt like the easy part.  I am not much of a runner and started to train with the coach to 5K app leading up to the 5K obstacle race which I do believe helped.  Honestly I still walked a bunch of the warrior dash, but I pushed through to the end and finished under 50 minutes, which I thought was pretty good for a first time.  The race isn’t officially timed, but I wore my cheap sports watch to time myself and it survived all the mud!! In the last obstacle, the easiest thing to do was go for a swim in the mud, so I definitely ended as a muddy mess, but it was super fun.  I actually already signed up for next year!  I have so much respect for runners.  You are amazing!! I now have even more respect for trail runners, as there were parts of this run that felt more like hiking.”


2018 08 25 12 05 03


Diane wrote about her son Logan!!!  “Today we participated in the Pocatello Marathon.  We ran the Half Marathon.  This was Logan’s 9th half marathon.  He is 11 years old.  When we started running together, I told him I would be so happy and proud the day he says “Mom, I’m running ahead of you today, I want to go faster.”  Well, today was that day.  He and his friend left me before mile 1!  Logan finished with a huge PR!  He ran this half marathon in 2:07!  This race he said was hard and he struggled towards the end.  He told me he wished I was there to encourage him but he kept telling himself “The times humans give up, they only use 40% of their body’s potential.  Push past that 40% and give it your all.”  His cross country coach told his team that this week.  I am proud of him for pushing past that and accomplishing this half marathon!  He placed 3rd in his age group.  I finished 2 minutes behind him and still placed 2nd in my age group.”

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Have any fun plans for this weekend?

Any great books that you would recommend for the mental side of running/racing/training?

Have any favorite things from this week?

Ever done a warrior dash type race?  

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Oh I LOVE that Oiselle video! Also, I have those goodr glasses, and they are THE BEST.

I did a few mud races YEARS ago way before they were really popular, and they were actually pretty fun!

I have my first beach flag football game of the season tomorrow, but other than that, I’m going to rest, watch football, and get in some beach time this weekend because it’s been trying week. Hope that y’all have a great weekend, Janae!


Okay, that sounds like a blast. Enjoy your beach flag football… I want to do that someday! Thanks Natalie, you too!


I also have a t-shirt obsession, and I recently discovered Amazon wardrobe basics….their t-shirts are so cute. I got a double pack that came with a striped one and one with stars, and then another double pack of running t-shirts. The fit is great and they’re so soft! I love Madewell too, though. :)


You can never have too many t-shirts. I will have to try those out… thanks Mollie! I always need more haha! Have a fabulous weekend!


That gorgeous backdrop at the soccer fields :-)


Right?! That park is one of my absolute favorites. Have a wonderful day Kendra!


Favorite thing this week has been the fall weather!


Isn’t it the best!?!? I am so excited about it and I need to start my hot chocolate drinking now:) Have a great day Laura!


I’ve never done a mud run, but they look fun! I know an 83 year old lady that still does the mud run at Camp Pendleton! She says the best thing about that run are the handsome Marines and that she now always places 1st or 2nd in her age group! She’s awesome!
My hubby and I are heading to Colorado for the weekend ? I can’t wait to hit my favorite trail there for a good 9 miles! I love being able to get in some altitude runs in a training cycle. Then it’s the Denver Broncos game on Sunday afternoon! Time to pack!
Happy Friday!


Okay, I need to meet this lady… she sounds incredible! Have the best time in Colorado this weekend, sounds like the perfect trip! Thanks Wendy!


Oh my gosh. How on earth did I forget again?! I have a reminder in my phone now to send the accomplishments story to you because I apparently can’t remember haha. It was a really crazy week though, so I’ll ya that as an excuse.


That is a very good reason! Maybe I’ll text you for next week:) Have a great day Jenny!


It’s so funny how marathon training distorts your idea of what is a normal amount of miles to run. I definitely have said the same thing during training- like oh it’s only a 17 mile run, that’s not too bad!

I loved “How Bad Do You Want It!” Definitely want to read that again. I forget if you read “Let Your Mind Run” (Deena Kastor’s book) but I absolutely loved that one as well.


RIGHT!?! Two months ago I would have been so nervous about running 17 miles and now I’m like, oh it’s not a big deal haha. OH YES… her book is amazing! I hope your weekend is amazing Diana and thanks so much!


Are you KIDDING me with that view from the soccer field?!?!?! Gorgeous!!
Brooke’s jelly sandals are everything.
I love that ad….slow clap in progress for that company!


Seriously… that park is UNREAL. I hope your day is beautiful and your post made me happy… I hope someday that you get to love roller coasters:)


I read How Bad Do You Want It during my marathon training. “Mind over muscle” was helpful as well as the story of the post race emotional pain being worse than the physical pain during the race.

And Oiselle’s commercial gave me chills and a few tears were nearly shed when I watched their video!


YES YES YES… I’ll be repeating mind over muscle to myself often during the marathon. Oh I loved that part too from Allyssa! I’m so glad you loved it, it’s amazing. Have a wonderful day Molly!


I want to play soccer on that field too!! So pretty :) Back in April, my sis and I drove almost all the way to Salt Lake City from SoCal on a complete and total whim to buy dogs :) We didn’t get to see how pretty UT was until we drove back home the following morning. I think it was about a 20 hour round trip. And I thought we were legit going to run out of gas. That is the closest I’ve ever come to running out of gas and it was in the middle of the night!

My xc kids are running a race at the coast this weekend so we have an overnight trip in a beautiful place! I am super excited to get up early and walk/jog on the beach!


YOU SHOULD HAVE STOPPED AND I WOULD HAVE TAKEN YOU TO CAFE RIO!!! Next time you do a random road trip here (maybe you need some more dogs), I’m your woman! Enjoy your weekend… that sounds amazing. I hope your xc kids race really well!


I’m doing the Giant Race half marathon in San Francisco on Sunday! Feeling a little underprepared due to crazy lifestyle the last month! But, my mental game is strong and on point!
I’ve done two Warrior Dashes and a Tough Mudder! Loved them both! TM in the colorado mountains was tough but rewarding! Would totally do it again!


AHHH I am so so excited for you, that race is going to be amazing. Your mental strength (AND your training… even with life being crazy right now) is going to get you an amazing race on Sunday! Please let me know how it goes. Maybe I’ll have to try out the Tough Mudder in Colorado! Have a fabulous weekend!


2:08:08. Not as fast as I was going for but considering we seriously walked 9.5 miles around San Francisco in the two days before the race I’ll take it! That might not have been the best race strategy ?


I am wrapping up Deena’s book and have heard great things about How Bad Do You Want It. I need something else to get me through my upcoming races so thanks for the reminder on this book! I just ordered it. It’s amazing how motivational reading about running is- whether it’s your awesome blog or a great book! It helps so much. Thanks as always!!


YES YES YES.. read it and let me know what you think! Thank you Caroline for your sweet comment… it means a lot to me! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


I really love they didn’t edit her too!! So nice when real women and real bodies are featured!

Fun plans this weekend:
-Attempting to run 18 miles SOLO today (yikes) … Fortunately it’s cooler out so I can start later than normal which is nice!
-Celebrating birthdays of 3 friends tonight!
-Teaching a runners focused flow tomorrow in honor of the Chicago Marathon being less than a month away!!

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