A New Favorite at Our House + I’ve Always Loved This + 12 Days!

Happy Monday!  I hope your weekend was fabulous and you are all rested up to take on another week of training/working/life!  My marathon is just 12 days away and I am so beyond excited.  I wish the race was this weekend instead of next weekend!  I’ll be running 8 miles today, 6 tomorrow, I have a bit of speed on Wednesday, Thursday is a rest day and on Saturday my long run will be somewhere between 9-12 miles!

Today I am sharing something that we’ve added to our house that we absolutely love!  This post is sponsored by Mixtiles — a new app that makes it super easy and affordable to get photos from your phone onto your walls! I have a discount code at the end of the post for you.

On average I take around 100 pictures a day!  Even before I started to blog I was snapping pictures constantly and scrapbooking them.  The reason I started taking pictures of my food and daily post-run selfies was because of this blog… the amount of pictures I have on my phone of desserts and running shoes is probably a world record.

The majority of photos that I take each day are definitely of our family though.  I think that our kids are going to really love having so many pictures from these years of their life so they can look back on many fun experiences together.


Now we have an easy way to take our favorite photos from my phone and get them up on our walls so we can enjoy them every day!

I absolutely love how easy it is to use Mixtiles.  All you have to do is download the Mixtiles app and then go through your photo library and select which pictures you would like to turn into tiles and that’s it.


Within 5 days of ordering Mixtiles they are delivered right to your door.  They also offer free shipping.

We were all super excited to see how they turned out!  Well, Skye was ready for nap time but I am pretty sure she was excited deep down too.


The kids loved looking at each tile and talking about the memory from the picture (some of their memories were pretty accurate and some of them were way off, ha).

Remember how little they were when Andrew and I got married?


The photo quality of each Mixtile is absolutely amazing.  I honestly wasn’t expecting them to be nearly as good as they are.  They are clear, the color is excellent and each tile is so light even though they are so sturdy and look like they are much heavier.


One of the only photos I have with me in heels—>  Running shoes, sneakers and flip flops for life:)

DSC06745 2

When you create your set there are different framing and layout options for you to choose from!  Can we just go back to Hawaii right this second… this picture below is making me want to book a flight!

IMG 3444

We loved the CLEAN option with these white frames.  They are perfect for our house and our style.


To hang up the Mixtiles  all you have to do is peel the sticky cover off the adhesive on the back of your Mixtile and then stick them directly onto the wall.


They go on SO easily (and quickly… not going to lie, I don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to hanging pictures so these are perfect) and each Mixtile stays put.


It took us just a few minutes to hang up our entire Mixtile set.  The kids even helped with a few.  Another thing I love about Mixtiles is that you can unstick and re-stick them very easily!  The Mixtiles do not do any damage to your wall so if you want to rearrange them or put them in a different place in your home, it is so easy to do that.  Your walls are safe with Mixtiles so you can put your hammer and nails away:)


Once you use Mixtiles you’ll never go back… They make hanging your pictures so easy and affordable.  The finished product is absolutely gorgeous on any surface—>  Textured walls, brick, wood and even glass.   By the way, we’re not alone in loving Mixtiles—> They have over 6,000 5-star reviews on the app store.

So many great memories!  I can’t wait to keep adding to our Mixtiles collage over the years on the wall.

Below pics:  Camping, first day of school, family pictures, Skye thinking she is a big deal in her high chair, our anniversary, Skye’s first hike, Brooke and Knox just a few days after they first met (instant bffs), Skye happy to go swimming, twinning girls, Brooke and Knox looking adorable, 4th of July (my second favorite holiday), our family reunion to Kentucky, our engagement pics, Hawaii, Knox and Andrew out on a date, a sweet picture with my dad, Brooke’s race and the kids at our wedding!



**Order yours by downloading the Mixtiles app in the app store or visiting Mixtiles.com!  Use my code RUNNER20 at checkout to take 20% off your first order PLUS free shipping! <— You can’t get this offer anywhere else so take advantage:) Valid for a limited time only!  This post is sponsored by Mixtiles.


On average, how many photos do you take a day?

What things/people do you take the most pictures of normally?

Do you take pictures of your food?  Do you take pictures of your running?  Do you share your photos online very often?

Do you enjoy home decorating?  

If you could choose to be at the start line of ANY race on the planet this weekend (let’s say every race was happening this weekend), which one would you choose?  

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Those are so cool! I may have to try them out!
I take just a few photos each day, unless we are somewhere new then I take a lot! usually, my photos have weird artwork, me, or penguins in them! I put photos on instagram, and sometimes it’s running photos, but I don’t run with my phone so the pics are always sweaty me after a run, ha!

THIS WEEKEND IS MY RACE! It is my favorite and I seriously can’t wait! As of right now it could be raining, but I am good with whatever weather this weekend brings as long as I can run my race!

Have a wonderful day!


THIS WEEKEND–> I am so so excited for you Loribeth! Rain is better than the crazy heat you have trained through right?! You are going to do amazing. Sweaty post-run pictures are the best:) Rest up this week Loribeth!


I LOVE this! I have almost nothing on my walls, so I might need to check out Mixtiles. Yours look great! I have a lot of pictures with and of my nieces, and I like to take as many as possible when I’m with my family members or making memories with my friends. Thanks for sharing this, Janae!

If I could be on the start line of any race this weekend, it would be the Dallas Marathon (but I’d run the half) so that I could see all of my friends and old running buddies who still live back in Dallas. Plus, I love running through the area where the course is, and I miss it every once in a while.


YES… those pics would look so good on your walls. I need to hear about the weekend! I want to come do that race too, I bet it’s a mazing. Have a great day Natalie!


Some days I take a lot of pictures and some days I don’t take any. Most of them are of my kids but I do take running and food pictures and I obviously post them :).

These looks like theycame out a lot nicer than I’d expect too! And my dad would love that you don’t have to nail a hole in the wall for them.


I LOVED your post about getting ready each day…. whenever I do, I always get so much more done. PS I love that you and Brooke have the same shirt… I wish it fit me!! Have a great day Jenny!


I love this!! I was thinking of creating a gallery wall in our living room, but I like how easy this looks. Plus I think it would be cheaper rather than buying a bunch of photo frames. Definitely considering.


YES… so easy and so much cheaper. I want to see an after picture! Thanks Alicia and I hope you have a great day!


You may have already answered this but is there a template or is it pretty easy to eye ball them being straight?
They look awesome and I love a photo wall!


Thanks Christina! We just used a small leveler to get them straight! And then to get the same spacing in between each picture we used the width of the same leveler to place the top and side ones and then just used our eye for the rest. It’s great because if you are a little off it is so easy to untick them and re-stick them. Have a great day!


Genius! Thanks! Have a great day too!


I take soo many photos – sometimes of food – but mostly of outdoors, running, mountains and sunsets.. the best ones go on my instagram account!

Any race – hmm, Western States 100 but also Hardrock 100. I picked 2 because I couldn’t decide!

Love the idea of mixtiles. Your photos look great! Will have to check them out. Have a super Monday! :)


Wow, those turned out so cute. I’m going to look into this – I’ve been wanting to do something similar with our travel pics in our entryway. And I love that they stick/unstick. Thanks for sharing this!

And I’d have to say the Big Sur Marathon!


Ah, this is genius! I’ve been looking for an easy way to do some home decorating! Def. will have to try this out. Love the way yours turned out. Great job!!


Love the pictures and how easy it is to hang them and take them down. I despise having to hang pictures with a nail and hammer and it always ends up crooked. LOL. I do like home decorating and I love decorating for fall and the holidays!! Hope you guys have a great week!!!


Those tiles are so cool!!! I think I found one of my christmas gifts for Tom–a chronicle of many of our selfies from 2014, when we started dating, to now!!!

As for decorating–I love the IDEA of decorating, but when it comes time to actually decorate I sort of suck at it. I am an aspirational Joanna Gaines (except with maybe a bit less shiplap…) and zero skill whatsoever.

Oh if you want easy-peasy meal prep, do this: drizzle a tbsp or so of olive oil in the bottom of a crock pot. Thinly slice half an onion and put it on top of the olive oil. On top of that, put a massive pork tenderloin (like a 4-5 pounder…big and boneless…) OR a big Boston butt roast. On top of that, generously sprinkle some good sea salt, and then give 4-5 squirts of liquid smoke and then about 4-5 dashes of your favorite hot sauce. Cook in the crock pot on low for about 7-8 hours (longer if you have some sort of pork roast that’s bone-in…). Take the meat out of the crock pot and shred in a bowl, pausing every so often to pour some of the meat’s juices into your bowl of shredded pork.

It may seem simple, but the slow cooking of the pork helps soften the “hot” in the hot sauce and leave just enough of the actual flavor behind…along with the SUBTLE smokey flavor from the liquid smoke. The shredded pork will sit well in the fridge for a week or two (and it will freeze well…), and it’s versatile. Mix a portion of shredded pork with your favorite BBQ sauce and place on top of a salad bowl with baby arugula, diced cucumber, crumbled feta or goat’s cheese, and Tessemae’s avocado ranch for an amazing big-ass salad. OR, mix with your favorite pico de gallo and roll up in sprouted/multigrain/low carb/corn/whatever-your-poison tortillas with cheese, lettuce, diced tomatoes, and more for shredded pork tacos. Or mix with sauteed onions and shredded cheese and plop it in the middle of a baked sweet potato.

It’s amazing. And I am really all about anything and everything that involves dumping ingredients in a crock pot and letting it all cook on low while I am at work!


Hope you all had a great day out there!


I’m always snapping pictures with my phone. It has been a recent shift from a million pictures of my dog to now a million pictures of my baby :)

How do you get pictures of yourself running??

I love finding new home decor! I always have good luck at TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods.

I would LOVE to re-live my NYC marathon day!


I gotta admit I normally quickly browse over product posts but this one really made me stop and read. I love the idea of any easy way to get pics up in our house and for grandparents too! I am pretty sure I have printed like 3 photos since my son was born lol! Thanks for sharing! Gonna download this app now!


Oh I am so glad you love them… enjoy!!


Hey HRG!

Just wanted to let you know that we just ordered 7 tiles and used your discount for some great savings! Thanks for the code!

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