Social media vs reality + a healthy amount of failures sprinkled in….

Social media post workout picture and….

real life post-workout picture.  I could have stayed like this on the cold cement for at least an hour.

IMG 0179

We did a monster workout.

3 mile tempo (6:21, 6:40, 6:15 ((more down than up)), 2 mile tempo (9:55, 7:02… for the first 1.15 miles of this interval it is straight uphill ((472 ft up)) and 1 mile downhill fast (5:57).  On that 2 mile tempo it is a hill that we have done many times before but we always stop at the top because we are so tired so it really was a challenge to keep going for another .85 miles without stopping!   Passing the stop sign that we normally stop at was painful.

The 3 mile tempo portion was done in the dark which I loved because it mixed things up and kept it so I couldn’t see any uphills ahead ha.

Such a high quality picture of running in the dark:

IMG 0144

Going into this workout I just kept thinking that it was too massive for me but during the warm-up I just repeated to myself over and over again—> I don’t care if I fail, I care if I don’t try!  Failing isn’t what bugs me, it’s not trying something that does.  And most of the time I’m pleasantly surprised with how things go with a healthy amount of failures sprinkled in there too.

PS half of a large Costco muffin before a workout worked really well… I love those muffins.

Screen Shot 2021 03 16 at 10 01 45 AM

I was SOOOO excited to try out the Brooks Hyperion Tempo yesterday but I have a big fear of wearing new shoes in the rain so they stayed home again.  The Hyperion Elite are so ridiculously light, fast and responsive and I can’t wait to train with the Tempos and then race in the Elite.  While I miss my old Hyperions being sold, the change to the Elite/Tempo gives my foot a bit more shoe and support (along with spring and being lightweight) than what I used to race in which I need.

IMG 0142

Back in time to get everyone going for school which really feels like the success of the morning.

IMG 0191

The house was sure quiet while the girls were at school and Beck snoozed.

IMG 0207

A big highlight of our day was trying out our new pasta maker!  Toby shared this recipe with me from here and it was a winner!

Screen Shot 2021 03 16 at 3 43 27 PM

IMG 0226

We had this Carbonara sauce to go with it and it was heavenly.  We might have to make this dish at least once a week from here on out.

IMG 0228

PS Skye loves to say the dinner prayer and they are about 3 minute long full on conversations with her eyes closed and her arms folded ha.

IMG 0230

And of course to end things with some random tangents!

*BYU cross-country won the NCAA championships!  A few months ago I was at the BYU indoor track with my sister running and the coach (below in the middle) walked by us and I nearly fainted I felt so star struck.  She then said to us, ‘Good job ladies’ and it made my year.  From everyone I know that has met/worked with her I have heard she is the most encouraging person that builds up everyone around her.

IMG 0131

*The best jelly beans to ever be created.

IMG 0130


If you want, share any of your big/small running failures/times you didn’t hit your goals (to normalize it for people feeling like they are the only ones)!

*2019 I went out thinking I had an OTQ in me that day at CIM and finished 13 minutes later than I was wanting!

How often do you run in the dark?

Do you wear your running watch on your right or left wrist?  Would it feel weird to you if you switched it to the other arm?

What is your run or workout today?!

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Love the idea of normalizing failures! That’s how we learn! I ran my first and only marathon injured. My time was so much slower than my goal and to top it off, I saw a physical therapist after and had to take months off of running while I focused on healing and strengthening. But the bright side is once I came back, I finally learned how good running healthy feels and have been stronger ever since!

I wear my watch on my left arm, it would be weird to switch lol!


Hey Mariah! Thank you for sharing this with us and it’s amazing how much these experiences teach us and how we come back stronger than ever from them. You. Are. Amazing.
Mine is on my left too and there is no way I could switch it.

Have the best day friend!


I want to thank you for sharing that Starburst jelly beans are out!! Those are hands down the best kind and I will fight someone who says otherwise ;)

Running goal fail time haha. In 2019 I signed up for my second marathon with the goal of going sub 4. Training was amazing until the last few weeks where I would randomly get knee pain and then I’d stop a run or workout. During my last long run workout, I was at a stop light during the cool down and when I started to cross the street when I got the signal, I could only limp. Rested a bunch and was able to do short runs during the taper. Went into the race feeling good and my knee was not having it. I finished about 8 minutes slower than my first marathon and missed the sub 4 goal by 20+ minutes. Definitely cried while running when I realized I wouldn’t meet my goal or PR and then I just made the goal to finish and I did!

Have great day Janae!


Hey Maureen! Go grab some Starburst jelly beans asap!! Thank you for sharing… it helps us to all want to try more once we realize everyone misses their goals at times! Way to keep going and FINISH… that is amazing. Do you have any knee problems anymore? I hope your Wednesday is a great one friend!


Hi! I don’t know how to classify myself in terms of a runner — I do one 8 mile run per week. I’ve been doing this for about 10-12 years now. (I’ve run about five half marathons over that time.) However, whenever I run more than once per week my body gets so incredibly tired. For example, I was feeling good last week and ran 10 miles instead of 8. I also pushed myself in terms of pace bc I was feeling great. I felt fantastic. And then the next day was beyond exhausted. Depleted. I was still feeling run down a week later and skipped my weekly run! All this to say… I don’t know how you function taking care of your kids while pushing your body! I love my runs so much but find myself “scared” to push too hard because I fear I will be dead tired and unable to function for my children haha! I hate that I hold myself back or don’t run for that reason. In the moment I love it but then know that I will be starving and miserable for the following days and it almost doesn’t seem worth it. I’m not sure how to balance it. Do you have any advice? Would love to hear your thoughts as I know you push yourself daily!!


HEY M! You are absolutely, 100%, fully a runner. If you run, you are a runner! That must feel extremely frustrated to feel so exhausted from your runs! I would absolutely go talk to a doctor about this and maybe have your iron levels and hormone levels checked out! I find that with running I really have to eat so much more and so much more often than normal too… and I really stay on top of my hydration too! I will say my mom has always called me Tigger since I was a little girl so maybe that helps a bit too. Have you talked to a doctor about this depletion or exhaustion? I hope you are having a beautiful day!


I love how positively you talk about failing. I wholeheartedly agree that if we are not failing, we are not trying. I have learned so much about this idea from the podcast “We Regret to Inform You” by Apostrophe. I bet you and Andrew would enjoy the episode about Fred VanVleet (NBA player) in particular. It is also great for older kids because the lesson is always the same: never, ever give up. I can’t recommend it enough!

Love your blog so much! I read it every day. ?


HEY JILL!! I am going to listen to that podcast episode today! THANK YOU for sharing… I cannot wait. Thank you for your sweet words, that really means so so much to me. Have the best day!


You are so sweet! I hope you enjoy the podcast. It reminded me of you in that you try so hard and never give up on anything that is important to you, no matter the obstacles. Inspiring!


Too cute about Skye and the mealtime prayer :) She must have a 3-y.o. way with words!
Running goals falling short? For sure. First marathon goal was 4:20; I finished the first half at 2:10, and it took 3:16 to finish the second half, with 10K of walking at the end. Several attempts at sub-4 were much closer to 4:30. My best “falling short” feeling was a 4:03, when I *finally* was closer to the top half of the hour than the bottom :) But all of those “failures” taught me something and were fuel for when I hit my goal at last!
I wear my watch on my left wrist and can’t even think about switching.
I’m not running today, but you and Andrew might like a workout I did on Monday: run 1 mile, row 2,000 meters, run 1 mile. Those first steps after the rower are a huge challenge!


Hey Corey! Hahah she absolutely does! Thank you so much for sharing with us how you have fallen short too… it helps us all to realize we all do it! And the best part is that you get back up and go for it again and you SMASHED YOUR GOAL because you kept trying. Okay, that workout sounds SO hard… we will have to try it. Thank you so much and I’m the exact same with my watch, it would feel so bizarre. Happy Wednesday!


I’m going to have to respectfully disagree about the best jellybeans ever, haha, have you had the sweettart jellybeans?


Okay, I am going to go to Target asap to grab some of the sweettart jellybeans to try them so we can continue this discussion. Thank you for handling this disagreement so well hahaha… I’ll get back to you quickly on this matter.

Have the best day Liza!


Awesome job on the workout! You are so right- we tend to be pleasantly surprised when we try challenging things. I am wondering how you like to utilize your watch for these workouts. Do you program the workouts in before starting, pause on recoveries, “lap” after each rep…? Everyone seems to do something a little different and I am just wondering what seems to best for you.


HEY K! Thank you so much! When I used to do solo workouts I would always program the workout in my watch but now that I do it with a group I am never quite sure how long the recoveries will be etc so I just lap after each rep! What do you find works best for you?
I hope you are having a beautiful morning friend!


I love those jellybeans too! But I do agree with Liza… Sweettart jellybeans are so good!
I too, love when “famous” runners (yes like you) share failure stories. It helps to know that everything isn’t always easy for them too and that they do have to work hard. My last running failure was my last race before everything shut down last March. It’s half marathon we love to do every year, I know the course, know where the aid stations are, know what parts are hard, etc. My training leading up to race day was good, solid. It wasn’t perfect, but good. But for whatever reason, race day just wasn’t my day. By mile 2 I felt off, everything felt heavy and hard, and then the mental battles… It was just not a good day. I looked back over what I did before to see if I could find a reason, but I don’t know… That’s the thing with running/racing, some days are just off.
I’m not sure if I will get in a run or workout today. I’m on a hiring panel for the school district today, interviewing people via zoom, from 7:30-5:00 ?. It will be a long day of sitting for sure! But with the time change, it is staying late longer, so hopefully I can get out for a few miles later.
Thank you for being positive about your running, through the good and bad, and keeping us all inspired.
Have a great day Janae.


I must go get those sweettart jelly beans today! Yes yes yes… all of us are failing haha which should make us all feel more excited to try scary things! I cannot wait for you to be at that half marathon again getting your redemption from last year:). You are amazing, thank you for sharing! I hope your miles later are great ones and that you can get some stretch/snack breaks in between interviews! Thank you for what you said, that means so much to me. Off to get those jelly beans. Happy Wednesday sweet friend!


I have had SO MANY running failures over the years. I do try to embrace them because I really believe that if you aren’t failing you aren’t dreaming big enough! One of the failures that hurt the most was walking off my first 50k course. We had made a big deal of the race, spent a bunch of money to travel out of state and get ready for my first 50k. I got sick with an infection and started antibiotics a few days before the race these specific antibiotics can increase your chance of rupturing your achilles tendons, but I didn’t know that until after I started taking them. I started the race feeling not great and let the negative voices in my head convince me that I couldn’t finish the race. I stoped at about mile 12 and walked back about 5 miles to our rental. I spent the rest of the day laying in bed feeling sorry for myself. That one hurt but that’s just life!

I love the idea of a pasta maker, I think the kiddos would love to do that. I am always so impressed that you make such fun home made meals when you have a baby!

I don’t think I could wear my watch on my right wrist, it would feel way too weird! My workout today is going to be a progression run on the treadmill, I am still adjusting to daylight savings and we got even more snow last night!

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy those baby snuggles =)


HELLO BETH!! Embrace them–> absolutely! I’d rather dream big than dream too small! That must have been so so hard Beth but you learned so much (and going into a race being sick leading up to it, that is so hard)! Haha I just realllly love good food so that is the motivation! I don’t think I could either… it went through my running gait off ha. Go rock that progression run and MORE SNOW?! Spring needs to show up. Thanks friend, I hope your day is wonderful too!


It’s funny how scared and nervous we get for long runs and workouts. i mean, the worst thing that could possibly happen is you’ll stop and say “I can’t do this today.” And the odds of even that happening are slim! Lately I’ve been getting that scared feeling before lifting weights, which is equally silly. I could just lift a lighter weight and NO ONE WOULD CARE! Our minds do weird things.
Run today was a five mile trail run with my husband, who’s off work this week for spring break.
Have a great day Janae!


AMEN, I absolutely agree with you. It’s just good to know that we aren’t alone in these feelings and overcoming them! Great job on your weightlifting, you are amazing. So glad you got a run on the trails with your husband, enjoy his spring break. Thanks Jenny, you too!


I only hit my running goals like 10% of the time haha. But progress is made along the way!! I started off just wanting a BQ (that WAS a goal I hit the first time) then wanted a NY qualifying time (didn’t hit it the first time!) and somehow I now have a reachable goal of a sub 3! I’ve kind of accepted that most of the time I’ll fail, but it’s the moving on part that’s important. If I set the goals too low, then I probably wouldn’t push myself as hard. Plus it’s fun when you train super hard, fail at racing a bunch of times and then get a HUGE PR because the fitness is there, you’re just not having good races. haha.
Your workout sounds HARD!!! And uphill tempo?? PHEW. I had a two mile tempo yesterday, then 8×400. I had a bad coughing fit on the 6th 400 and had to stop, but I rallied for the last two and other than that it went alright. I was kind of spent pretty early in that workout for some reason.
I want that pasta. YUM!!!!!!!
Oh and still no word on our move haha. The husband of a girl I knew from the local running store here just got stationed in SALT LAKE CITY (for a recruitment position). I was like, SIGN US UP!!! :)


I like that 10% of the time thing haha… I’m right there with you it feels like! I am so so so excited for your sub 3.. You have worked so hard and you are right, the big goals push us to do so much more than we would if we set too small of goals. What is your next race again? WAY TO GO ON YOUR WORKOUT yesterday… 8 x 400 after a tempo makes me sweat just thinking about it. Ummmmmm I would cry tears of joy if SLC happened. Keep me updated! Have a beautiful day!


Janae I’m sorry to get in an argument on your blog. But you are wrong. Jelly Bellys are actually the best. When I was a kid (I’m old ;) they were so expensive that you would buy like 12 beans in a bag. So when Costco started selling their big jars it was like heaven. Except now – I gave up sugar for lent, and I don’t work out enough to justify Costco jars of anything!


HAHAHA when I read the first sentence of your comment my heart dropped a little that a bigger argument was happening haha but I’m so glad it is about jelly beans;) Andrew 100% agrees with you on Jelly Bellys and 12 beans in a bag… what?! We have two of those tubs in our pantry right now ha. I think you need to celebrate the end of lent with all of the Jelly Bellys! Have a beautiful day friend!


I think my biggest running failures have all been when I ran when I knew I shouldn’t . . . I’m usually happy with a race performance no matter what, as long as I finish! But I’ve definitely run times when I KNOW I shouldn’t be, and that just doesn’t end well!

I used to run in the dark quite a bit and had all the reflective clothing. Now I don’t very often (funny how much routines can change), and I do enjoy more sunshine!

You pasta looks incredible!


You are not alone in doing that… I have also done that in plenty of races too! I’m the same as you, I feel like I am in the sunshine more now than I used to be and I love it. I hope you get some pasta soon! Thanks Kristin!


I have been wanting to bq for 3 years. This past Sunday I ran a live marathon!!!! I didn’t pr or bq but I felt great; it was super hot and humid! I’m going to try to run tomorrow and am already looking forward to training for Chicago! I run in the dark before school 5 days a week. I am crazy and went I’m doing speed or a race run with two watches, my Apple Watch on my left and garmin on my right.


A LIVE MARATHON… ahh I am so happy you have the chance to do that! Running one mile in heat and humidity kills me, you are amazing! I am thrilled you are going to run Chicago, I am planning on doing that in 2022! That is awesome you wear two watches.. I wonder if the data varies at all between the two. Have the best day!


The data definitely varies. My garmin is alway more mileage and faster! Ahh I wish you were doing Chicago this year. One year we’ll meet. You’ve been my “blogging friend” for over a decade lol


Such an artiste, HRG! The running in the dark pic!! I don’t think I’m alone here. Submit it + hang it in your home gym. I don’t know where to submit it, but submit it!


Hahah thanks Lee! Have a great day!


I have had a lot of running failures over the years. I have just learned to roll with it. Anymore I am just grateful to be able to still run as I don’t know how long I will be able to continue due to back issues. As long as I can at least still walk I will be happy!!

I do run in the dark. I actually prefer it especially for hilly runs, that way you don’t see the hills coming up so it takes a lot of the mental out of it.

I used to wear my running watch on my left hand but now I have a smart watch that I wear most of the time and am so OCD about steps I wear both when I run. I am crazy I know!!

I did yoga and weights today. I only run 3-4 times a week anymore but it seems to work for me!

I love candy too!! I have never tried starburst jelly beans, I will have to give them a whirl!!

I just love your blog and the variety you put in it! I have gleaned some very good ideas over the years from you!!


Shirley, I hope that your back allows you to continue to move the way you want to move for as long as possible. You have the BEST perspective! I agree with you, hills in the dark are much easier (maybe they grow once the sun comes out)! You are not crazy! Lisa above also wears both! Great workout today and let me know what you think of the jelly beans. Thank you friend, have the best day!


“You won’t know if you don’t try” – I heard that from my mom so many times and now I hear myself saying it to my kids! But it is so true. And they see me try and fail sometimes too and our attitudes and reactions towards those failures can be a great lesson to kids too. Even something as simple and silly as them asking me if I can crab-walk up the stairs knowing full-well that I can’t but I’ll give it a go :)

I got my workout it in this morning. Lifted weights doing a drop set routine – my upper body is feeling it!

My runs/walks usually start in the dark and I kinda like being up and moving before most people and seeing the sun come up.


My husband is the jelly bean monster in our house. He does not discriminate flavors. LOL. Everyone has been raving about the gummy Nerd clusters so I had to give them a try. Hard no. Have you tried them yet?

I am right handed and wear my watch on my right wrist. I think I get it from my mom. She does the same.


Homemade pasta?! That looks delicious!
I wear my Garmin on my left wrist, when I wear one at all. I sometimes clip it to my Spibelt so it’s still relatively accurate, but not as accessible for me to see/obsess over.
I LOVE black jellybeans, as does my dad. Have a great day, Janae and family!


OMG that pasta looks so delicious!
I love that you’re sharing your “failures”, you’re so right, it doesn’t matter if something doesn’t go to plan, it shouldn’t stop us from trying! (I often feel like skipping or adjusting a hard workout because I don’t think I’ll do well, but it doesn’t matter!! And you never know and might surprise yourself…).
My biggest fail was my first marathon – I really wanted to run sub 4h but finished 45min later than I had hoped and had such a tough day! It fuelled my desire though cause my next one was 2 years later and in 3:58!


Just want you to know that I am sitting here 4 weeks post-surgery on my ankle. I am barely able to put weight on my foot but SO ready to run!! Its great to be able to hear from you every day. I love the Run The World sweatshirts – I’d like one for myself! Do you remember where you got them?


ANNE!! I am so so sorry about having to have surgery on your ankle and I REALLLLLY hope that you are able to run soon. PLEASE keep me updated on it all. I got them at Cotton On Kids! I can’t find them online anymore but I saw them in the store about two weeks ago. I hope you can get them too! Have a great day friend.


The speaker is referring to a running exercise where they ran at a consistent pace (tempo) for a distance of three miles. They enjoyed running in the dark because it added some variety to their workout and prevented them from being able to see any hills they might be running uphill, which added an extra challenge to their exercise routine.


I have also done that in plenty of races too! I’m the same as you, I feel like I am in the sunshine more now than I used to be and I love it. I hope you get some pasta soon!

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