Skye’s 8 Month Update!

EIGHT MONTHS IS HERE!!  I’ve got a few updates for you about what is currently going on in Skye’s life (even though I share that stuff with you daily too).

*Her crinkle nose smile is still my favorite.

IMG 8416

*She’ll wear sunglasses for approximately 12 seconds before she will rip them off but she let’s me put bows and headbands in her hair without ever taking them off.

IMG 5885

*She thinks I’m pretty funny/cool when I dance but Knox and Brooke are already to the age where they are embarrassed by my dancing.

IMG 5720

*Skye is rocking her sleep these days.  We put her down around 7-8ish and then give her a bottle at 10:30 and then she will sleep until about 5 (sometimes 4 but I will take it and sometimes earlier than that), take another bottle and then sleep until about 7:00-7:30.  This is a book that really helped us out to get her on a better sleep schedule!  I played on a softball team with the author Christine too so I knew the book was bound to be good:)

IMG 6215

*If there is a surface in front of Skye that she can pound and pretend is her personal drum set… she will.

IMG 8611

*Just kickin’ back with Knox.

IMG 8640

*Brooke, Knox, Skye—>  all one syllable names which makes it easy to call out to them in a hurry.  Andrew and I are always trying to think of more one syllable names that we love for the future, if you have any let us know.

IMG 5821

*Skye is VERY interested in food these days and reaches for it at all times if it is near her.

IMG 5727

*She makes everyone think that they are her absolute favorite by giving them the biggest, cheesiest grin when they walk in the room.

*She loves avocados, sweet potatoes, ANY and all fruits, butternut squash and anything that we are eating that is mashed up:)  Some days we cannot feed her fast enough… she is working on her patience in between spoonfuls of food because there are days she grunts and gets frustrated because she can’t eat fast enough!

IMG 7770

*She has definitely started loving toys these days and likes to have something with her most of the time.

IMG 6216

*She loves putting her foot outside of the stroller.  I’m not sure why but it is kind of her thing.  Maybe it just goes along with her kicked back personality.

IMG 6847

*Crawling hasn’t happened yet but she has been very creative in rolling over to whatever toy/thing that she wants to get to.  She will roll across a room and sometimes at just the perfect angles to get herself from point A to point B in order to get to whatever the thing is that she wants to put into her mouth.  I love seeing how curious this little girl is and I feel like each day she is more excited to get into things.

IMG 7135

*I already want to have another one.  I know, I know… after 40 weeks of me complaining to you about being sick and exhausted, I want to do it again.  It’s just like the marathon;)  BUT we are going to be waiting for a while until Andrew is working and we are on better insurance and I’ve got some races I want to do (GRANDMA’S next June) too.

IMG 7490

*Beretta is the star of the show whenever they are in the same room.  I feel like Skye is going to be an animal lover just like Knox and Brooke.

IMG 8448

*It’s always amazing to me how something so simple as measuring cups/spoons can make these little ones so happy and entertained.

IMG 7367

*The amount of excitement that Skye has when she first sees her bottle is out of control… she starts shaking when it is within her reach.  It is comparable to when I see a donut.  She is also a big fan of holding the bottle herself these days.  Ms. Independent.

IMG 7385

*Running is starting to feel better and better again.  I think I have determined that I’m just not going to train hard from here on out in the future when I am breastfeeding.  I will always run and workout but when I’m breastfeeding, running hard/training fast is just very different and it doesn’t really click until about a month after it ends so why put that pressure on myself?  Running is always there for you when you and your body are ready for it.

*Mom talk here… I just think it is so helpful/needed/necessary to have a little time each day as a mom to be by myself.  Even if it means me sacrificing sleep in the morning to go out and be on my own for a run, it’s so worth it to me.  I feel like I am able to be more patient/happy/focused if I can just do something each day for myself.  I am able to handle tantrums/spit up/crying/any other lowlights of parenting much better when I get a minute by myself.  My sister and I are trying a new thing too (she has 5 kids) where we try to get out together once a week without kids.  Our husbands are super supportive of us doing this and it has been so good for us.  When Brooke was a baby I didn’t have the opportunity to do this so I’m realizing this time around how lucky I am to just have an hour or two or three once a week (outside of running when they are asleep in the mornings) to restart and I come home so excited to see them all and focus on them again.

IMG 7017

*Turns out that Skye has quite the rhythm.  When Regina Spektor comes on she bounces to the beat!

IMG 7402

*I hope she is okay with being kissed 4,539 times a day.

IMG 7499

*Skye is currently very expressive with her eyebrows.  She raises them quite often.  Also, the binky is a big favorite of hers still.

IMG 7553

*When I have run out of hands for Brooke and Knox to hold, they just grab onto Skye’s foot instead.

IMG 7543

*Once upon a time she was okay with the grass for about 45 seconds.  Ever since then she shows off her crazy core strength when we try to set her down on the grass by keeping her legs up in the air to avoid it.

IMG 7548

*She can also sit up by herself now!  She topples over every now and then so we only have her do this when we are right next to her but she is pretty proud of herself with this latest accomplishment.

IMG 7503

*You can feel a few little teeth starting to come in on her gums.  I can’t imagine how painful that must be… babies are tough.

*Also, she is still saying Da-da all day long and sometimes she says it while looking at me with a big smile on her face… does she already know how to tease me?

IMG 8443

*Gwen Jorgensen put out an AWESOME video with pelvic floor talk and what has helped her comeback!  Towards the end she shares things that you can do too and I’ve been doing them now because I want to keep running healthy.


For those of you with multiple kids, what was the age difference between your kids?

Do you have an age that is kind of your favorite with kids?

What are some of the latest things that your kids are loving/doing lately?

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My daughters’ names are Brooke and Paige – I love the one-syllable names too!!


Oh I love the name Paige too!!! I hope you are having an amazing evening with your girls!


Hey! She’s a cutie! What stroller do you use?


Hey Sage (I love your name)!! We have the Mutsy and we absolutely love it!


How many oz/day does she drink now? Just curious!

I have 2 girls and they are 3 years and 7 months apart. I wanted them closer but life doesn’t work out the way we want it to sometimes.

My favorite age so far is 4. My daughter turned 4 in May. I’m NOT a baby person! If I could pop out 4 year olds I would totally have more kids!


Her bottles are usually 6 ounces and she takes about 5-6 a day… so usually around 30 ounces a day! Hahaha yes… wouldn’t that be fun to be able to choose what years each of us would be okay skipping on with kiddos because I know we all have different preferences. I was the same way… I thought I would have another one right after Brooke but I’m so grateful for how things ended up working out and this 5.5 year age gap is pretty great. You sound like an amazing mama Jenn! Enjoy your evening!


I love how you’re thinking of baby names! I have a daughter and my husband and I have a boy name (that we picked out 8 years ago) but we don’t have a girl name. We always brainstorm names although we won’t get pregnant soon lol.
I would love to see your family grow at it’s perfect time ?


HAHAH I’m ridiculous… I need to slow down haha! Oh I love that you have a name you picked out 8 years ago if you do have a little boy in the future. Thank you! Have a beautiful day!


Sloan is a cool one syllable girl name.

my little ones are luke and grace but those sound old fashioned alongside your trio!


Oh I LOVE Sloan… thank you:) I love your names too… I’m a big fan of one syllable:) Have an amazing day Steph!


Where did you get her adorable headband in the first picture?

We have two girls that are 25 months apart, so 2.5 year and 6.5 months right now. Both are at really fun ages!


I got it at a baby shower… I’m going to have to ask my friend where she got it. 25 months apart… you are BUSY:) How fun for them to have each other their whole lives so close in age! Have a wonderful day Sarah!


Skye is adorable!! I actually went back and reread her earlier updates, as my little one is almost 6 weeks. It helps a lot to read that others went through the same newborn stuff and it will get easier! Just like Skye at this age, my little one absolutely naps better when it’s loud, haha. My girls are 3 years old and 6 weeks, and I can say I really enjoy the older they get and the more we can do together. I find the newborn stage so, so hard but I think it’s finally getting a little easier. I might have to check out that book. I’m all about books on baby sleep. Keep enjoying those crinkly nose smiles :)


Six weeks… oh that is so exciting Laura, congrats! It really is so fun to have them get older and do more things with us, I’m loving it too. Thank you and please keep me updated with how you and your little girls are doing!


Jane would be good since it is close to Janae!!

My girls are 3 years apart, infertility and pregnancy losses caused that gap but I love that age range. They have always played with each other and even have a good friend together!!
Age 7 is my favorite ( my youngest’ s current age but maybe it is because we are in tween hormone stage with the oldest!)

Do you know about the infant see program?

You can get a free infant eye exam and Skye is at the perfect age. See if there is an eye doctor participating near you. My husband has an eye condition that had it been caught earlier, his vision likely would not be so poor in one eye. Both my girls had infant see exams and we found out my youngest likely would need glasses. They suggested we see someone in early elementary school. I was very suspicious of how they could predict that but we actually saw the top pediatric eye doctor in our area this time and he agreed. She is almost to the point where she needs correction and he is having us come back in a year. It’s free and could make a big difference!!


I think 3 years apart is perfect! They are so lucky to have each other and you:) Oh I’m not looking forward to all of the hormones (and Karma for me) that we have up ahead. haha. I had NO idea about this program, thank you so much for sharing. Thank you. I’m so glad you were able to use it with your daughters and good luck with your youngest! Have a wonderful day!


Kid1 2.5 yrs Kid2 11.75 yrs Kid3

I love the toddler years and watching their creativity and world awareness bloom. The things they think of and say kill me!


Yes… their creativity and amazement by the smallest things is so much fun. I totally agree with you:) Have a wonderful day with your three kiddos!


My kids are 3 and 4 years apart, now they are 18, 15, and 11 (girl, boy, girl). Boy do I miss them being little. They are all pretty much self sufficient now though and that has its own perks. I’ve always said I’ve loved each stage as it comes as each age has its blessings and challenges.


Oh Amy! How fun! They are growing up! Keep enjoying each age, we are so lucky to have them! Have a wonderful day:)


So sweet! My fourth {and final} just turned five months old! He has stopped sleeping through the night (we did an international trip for a month and he got all messed up) but it’s killing me, and he won’t take a bottle!!! I’ve never had a kid do this! I have Porter-8, Shirley-5.5, Pearl 3.5 and Mack 5months. We do family names so syllables didn’t come into play for us. Did you see a pelvic floor specialist? I would love to see one but not sure how to even go about finding one?


And the newborn phase is my favorite! Give me a newborn to sleep on my chest forever and ever!! Three is a hard year for me, they’re just little monsters ?. And five and up is pretty magical.


Four kids! I love it Kendra! Bummer about the lack of sleep, I hope that changes asap… it’s not like you are able to nap during the day with everything else you have going on. I love your kid’s names… they are perfect! SO I actually didn’t see a pelvic floor specialist. My PT/chiro helped me with some things but he isn’t a specialist. In the end of the clip that I shared she had some tips on how to find them. I hope you are having a great day and I agree about this five and up thing:)


One syllable names are my favorite! My daughter’s name is Bree and I am pregnant with a baby boy and we are naming him Chase! They will be almost 3 years apart!


In the picture where she’s wearing the yellow/green bib she looks SO MUCH like your older nephew!!!


She’s just adorable!

We don’t have any one syllable names on my side, but Les’ family has a few. Although his first name is actually Leslie, his middle name is Bryce (which I really like!) They also have Lance, Claire, and Reese.


My boys are 2 years and 4 months apart. It’s great but you can’t always plan the age group so don’t worry about that. Different gaps have pros and cons to them.
I love the 4-5 year old age.


Ok, so I loooove baby names! Here are some suggestions for your next little one that I think would go great with sibs Brooke, Knox and Skye:

GIRL: Lane, Vale (repeats nature imagery of Brooke and Skye, and also ends in an ‘e’!), Blake/Blair (might not want to repeat B initial), Jade

BOY: Cade, Finn, Hayes (also nature-y…hazy days!)

UNISEX: Reese, Quinn, Tate


Kara and Max are one syllable names :O)


Ooh and I forgot to add that with Vale, you’d have girls representing water (Brooke), sky, and mountains! :) Savannah Guthrie has a little Vale and I love it.


My sons name is Finn, and his birthday is the same day as yours! I think it’s a sign ;)


We are all about the one syllable names/nicknames for our kids – Meg (turned 7 on 8/5), Jack (turns 5 on 8/24), Elle (turns 3 on 8/13), and Paul (8.5 months)!

As for training when breastfeeding – it seriously is no joke. Whenever I see someone on social media being proud of themselves/boasting for how much they’re kicking butt training postpartum and SAying there’s no excuses for a woman not being able to PR or something, I want to scream. 9 times out of 10 they aren’t breastfeeding! It is possible to work hard when breastfeeding, but it is extra tough on our bodies, there’s no way around it! Not to mention the amount of food and water that is needed to fuel milk making AND training. Truly insane!


My kids are 2.5 yrs apart. The baby is 15 months. Every age is awesome, but I remember 18 months being really fun with my daughter. Of course that’s when we just had her so life was…simpler!! We will see about keeping up with 2 toddlers. Skye and Knox look a lot alike. All 3 of your kids are just adorable. You guys are doing a great job.


What brand of paci is it that Skye seems to like?


She is so beautiful! My little guy is 9 months and says “mama” but no “dada”. We still don’t sleep well but all in time! It’s so cute how much they love food once they can finally eat it.


I have 3 girls, each about 2.5-3 years apart. I think I get baby fever shortly after weaning which explains the timing haha. My girls so have 3 syllable first names and plethora nicknames. Skye is so cute and such a perfect mix of the two of you!


Bryce! ?


Love the name Kit! Also Kate and Blake and jack!

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