How I Get Through the Speed and Dealing with Change–> Not Sure How I Feel About This.

I have Skye’s 8 month update up if you want to check it out—>  HERE!

Hey, I would love to feature the amazing things you, your kids or fur babies are doing or you running with them or their cute faces (if you are okay with that obviously:) or anything you would like to send!  If you have fun stories/things about your life, kids/pets that I can share, send them in to hungryrunnergirl @ !  I will put these on the HRG baby page.


The highlights from two days condensed into one post:

Another speed workout bank deposit into my St. George Marathon account was made on Tuesday.

I was a little nervous about how this workout would go even though it was shorter than my workout from a few weeks ago.  A few weeks ago I did 4 x 2 miles + 1.1 miles really fast at a race and this week I had 3 x 2 miles at threshold to do.  The workout on Tuesday was faster than the previous one but because I was doing it on my own and not in a race (and the race had some downhill in the first 2 intervals) made it sound harder to me but I got it done!

I run early because it works best for our family’s schedule but I also run early because I like to start before I’m awake enough to know what is happening ha;)  It’s much harder for me to start a hard workout after I’ve been awake for a while and had the time to think about the sweat/pain/fatigue/quads burning I’m about to enter.

IMG 9110

First two miles = I felt awful like normal (maybe I need to do a 2 mile warm-up for the marathon;) but then I switched shoes, took a nanohydr8 (I talk about my obsession with this and have a discount for you in this post) and got going.  The goal was a 6:36 pace and on average I was at a 6:31 so I’ll call it a success.

There were times throughout the workout where it sounded more fun to just sit down and relax or slow down and when that happened I repeated to myself a few things:

*”St. George, St. George, St. George.”  <— Races are my #1 motivation.  The feeling of doing the work I need to do well at this race > the feeling of slowing down or stopping.

*”8 years, 8 years, 8 years”  <— It has been 8 years since my last marathon PR and I have wanted it bad ever since then so the reminder of how much I want this helped.

*”I’m comfortable” <— I always love tricking my brain.

During intervals I also really love to stare at a point up ahead and focus on holding my pace until I get to that point and then once I get there, I find a new point.  It turns the speed work into a game for me.

This workout felt easier than my 8 x 1k intervals last week (done at the same pace) and I think a big reason for that was because it was SIXTY FIVE DEGREES for my run on Tuesday.  Temperature makes such a huge difference for me!

IMG 9161

My cool-down was a bit faster than normal because I felt good and I really needed to get home to get Brooke to her horse-riding lessons on time.

PS my overall time/pace does not include the two minute (and after the 2nd set it was a 2.5 minute) walking recovery that my coach had me do after each 2 mile interval.

IMG 9114

Brain fail… I completely forgot that Brooke didn’t have horse lessons this week and so after waking up Brooke and Skye early and rushing to get down to the stables, I realized it was cancelled.

So we got donuts instead and played Spirit.

IMG 9135

I did some planking and Skye rolled on over (rolling > crawling in Skye’s mind) to join me in her version of planks and I like her version of planks better than mine.

IMG 9149

Work/chores/Skye’s nap/a shower and then off to the pool to enjoy the last few days of summer with the girls and my nieces.

IMG 9166

And then at night my sister didn’t tell me that I had something stuck in my teeth.  We picked up dipped cones (from Sweet Cream Bar) and drove up to go visit with our dear friend!

IMG 9183

We got to meet her new baby and catch up on life!

IMG 9185

Wednesday morning started bright and early to meet with a friend for 6.25 miles @ 8:00 pace.  This friend and I met 8 years ago!  We met at my PR marathon as I fan girled over her for running a 2:56 for her FIRST marathon.  We have stayed in touch via social media ever since then and she was in town, so we got to go run together.  She is such a talented runner and amazing mom so I had a million questions for her.

IMG 9188

Berretta is doing a really good job finding the most uncomfortable places in our house to rest.  SHE HAS TWO DOG BEDS!!!

IMG 9195

Andrew’s amazing cousin took some new family pictures for us up in the mountains!  Our kids got hot FAST so we were quick but I can’t wait to get the pics back!

IMG 9222

IMG 9226

Dinner was SO good.  Cauliflower gnocchi from TJ’s, pesto from TJ’s, asparagus, chicken, spinach and parmesan cheese.  This will be a repeat dinner.

IMG 9263

Change is hard for me.  Hence why you have probably noticed over the years of my blogging that I love routine and I love doing the same things over and over and over again (sorry for the repetition you have to endure over here).   Brooke starts first grade which means she will be gone for almost 8 hours each week day.  I remember feeling nervous about the change of her going to Kindergarten (half-day) and it all working out so well so I just need to remember that BUT. FIRST. GRADE!?!  She is excited and we are getting her all ready (How To Get Your Teacher Ready is a fun book for this stuff).  Remember when she was Skye’s age?

IMG 9104


Just another reminder about Skye’s 8 month update!


How do you feel about change?  Is it easy for you or does it just depend on the type of change?

Parents/students/teachers reading—>  Are you ready for summer break to finish up or not so ready for school to start up again?

What did you have for dinner last night?

What type of run do you have today?

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Change is hard, even little changes make your routine feel so different.
Last night was homemade pizza!
No run today, rest day after a long run yesterday:)


YES… I totally agree, even the little stuff is hard for me. I should have come over for your homemade pizza! Enjoy the rest day and way to go on your long run yesterday (and I’m sure it was in crazy heat too!)!


Lastnights supper was a big bag of Mike’s cheesy and caramel corn from Sam’s. It was just that kind of night.
I am ready and not ready for summer break to be over. As much as I love it to start, do all the summer things, enjoy extra time with kids….my work suffers and all the fun in exhausting in a great kind of way…… so I am just as ready for school to start to get some routine back in our lives. And to get my running schedule back !!!


That sounds like a perfect dinner to me… I need to try that kind. I love all popcorn. Yes, the routine will be nice again and YAY to getting back to your running schedule and feeling like you can get in some more work. Have a wonderful day Michele!


Ha….mine was popcorn with random sauces and spices that I concocted and some protein ice cream! Perfectly perfect!


Haha….glad I wasn’t the only one !!!! Gotta love those concoctions.


I like to pretend that I like change but really I don’t.
Tomorrow my daughter starts 7th grade and somehow I spent 99% of the summer in denial of that. Not sure how that worked in my head but she was going to just be in her 2nd year of middle school.
Last night was Thai Beef Kabobs with rice and salad (that she made!) from a meal kit that our grocery store does (kinda like a blue apron only no commitment).


SEVENTH GRADE!!! AHHHHH crazy! She is lucky to have you as her mama and I hope that this year of school is amazing for her. Okay, I should have come over for dinner last night… that sounds amazing! Have a great Thursday Kristen!


You are nailing all of your workouts, Janae! I am SO excited for your marathon! I’m thinking that there is a HUGE PR in your future!! :)

For me, I think it depends on the change, but I actually have grown to appreciate it. I think after so many recent changes in my life in the past couple of years, I’ve learned to embrace it more than ever and to realize that some changes truly are for the best.

Dinner last night was SO good: BBQ chicken salad from California Pizza Kitchen. It’s one of the best salads EVER!! (And side note: I am SO SO SO excited because I’m going to Texas tonight for my niece’s birthday (how is she already 2??!), and I can’t wait to snuggle both of my nieces all weekend!)


Thank you so much Natalie! Teach me to better embrace the changes! Okay, I LOVE that salad. Now I need one. ENJOY YOUR TRIP TO TEXAS!!


I am not a fan of change. I eventually adjust but hate when things change.

I can’t believe summer is almost over. So not ready.

Last night we had chicken sausage and spinach ravioli- new recipe and a total win =)

Today’s run was a slow humid frustrating couple miles with my pup. =/


I’m not ready for it to end either… I swear this summer went by faster than any other summer ever! Okay, that dinner sounds so so good. Way to get in your run in the humid… I don’t know how you do it. Humidity is SO hard. Have a wonderful day Amy!


I am not ready for school to start. I think the school district is ripping off our summer. We never started school until late August and now we start in a week?! That being said, I am ready for the fighting to stop at our house :)

Long run today. One more week! Ahhh!!


I totally agree… each year summer gets shorter and shorter. ONE WEEK ONE WEEK ONE WEEK ONE WEEK. I am so beyond excited for you Jenny!


Sarah is the best! I loved running with her in college, she is speedy! You’re so lucky you got to run with her!


AHHHH No way… I love this! You are speedy then too! Do you live in Utah County?


Yes , I live in Provo. I’m working on getting speedy again, haha!


I’ll drive down to Provo and let’s go run!!!


That would be amazing!! I probably couldn’t for a little bit, I’ve been out for about a month due to some health issues but I would love to sometime maybe after your marathon when I’m running more again. I’ve been following your blog since you started and I’ve always wanted a chance to run with you because you’re just so awesome!!


Change is tough, but can be exciting and very needed at times to re-energize! I have some major changes coming up at work, and I am feeling a little anxious about them, but trying to go with the flow!
I’m excited to get back to school and see my kiddos and teacher-friends. I will miss having an open schedule and going out to lunch with amigas (the BEST), but routine is good for me, too!
Our dinner was pretty crazy-simple, chicken, cottage cheese with tomatoes, and watermelon!

Have a thrilling Thursday!


Jenny, that is so true about changes being re-energizing! Good luck with all of your work changes up ahead… keep me updated with how they go. Thanks for being such a great teacher, your students and co-workers are lucky to have you. Oh and simple dinners are my favorite. Thank you, you too!


I don’t readily welcome change but I have to admit change is so good and esp for growth. It’s just that I need that little nudge sometimes or I’ll stick to what I know. I am not ready for my kids to go back to school. Again the whole change thing. Haha! I get a little anxiety every school year until we ease back in. Kids are the best for coping with change though, aren’t they. They force us into new territory. Have a great day, Janae!


It really is so good for us and I need that nudge (push) into change because I don’t make that choice myself haha! Kiddos really are great examples of handling change well. Thank you so much Marie and I hope your day is great too!


It depends on the change for me. I am a bit of a routine person but only at home and if that gets messed with then my day is a bit off. At work though you can throw anything at me and I will go with it.
My daughter is also staring all day first grade this year. She is so excited to start, but I am wondering how she is going to handle the all day thing. My son will be in third grade and the way they have the buildings/which grades go where set up this is his last year in the lower elementary building.


That is interesting about how you handle change at home vs at work–> very cool. AHHH your daughter is too. Keep me updated with how she does all day at school, I’m nervous about Brooke handling it too! Have a wonderful day Rachel!


You are knocking it out on the speedwork!!
Type of change has a lot to do with how well I adapt. It takes me a bit to get used to each new school year for the kids, but I try!

I’m SO not ready to give up summer. I know my kids need some structure and back to learning new things, but summer is so low-key. Packing lunches…AAARRGH!

Last night 2 of my kids (10 & 15) made burgers for dinner! I asked them to get it started while I took the dog for a ‘quick walk’ that accidentally turned into a half hour talk with a neighbor (oops!) but they had it all going when I walked back inside :D

Looking forward to seeing your gorgeous family pics with that amazing scenery!


Thank you Corey! Okay, I totally forgot that I am going to be starting to pack lunches (THANK YOU FOR THE REMINDER… I need to go get a lunch box)! Oh I love that your kids got dinner going for you and that you could talk to your neighbor. Have a wonderful day!


I guess change is inevitable so I learn to roll with the punches – obviously some changes are better than others but it can be unnerving. But if things don’t change, we don’t grow so in a way I am a fan of change. I hope Brooke has a great day on her first day of first grade!

No long run this week – but we did a fantastic hike to a place called Wedgemount Lake (near Whistler BC), think glaciers and turquoise water and it was stunning . Taper time! I have a race in 9 days.

Dinner last random, poutine fries, chicken, brown rice and black beans. And blueberries!

Have a super day! Happy training :)


That is such a great way to look at it… thank you Kristine, I needed that. Andrew’s dream trip is to go to Whistler! Sounds like an amazing hike. NINE DAYS WAHOO!!!


Hey Janae! You are doing so awesome with your workouts. It’s fun to watch your progress. You are going to kill it at St. George!!

As far as change I’m better about talking the talk then walking the walk! I’ll say change is good but then I tend to struggle with the changes! Lol.

My work out today was the AMT machine at gym. It’s like an elliptical but mirrors a running motion. It helps when you are rehabbing an injury that prevents actual running but still great cardio.

Last night we had a Taco Braid. We put the taco stuff in a pizza crust and then braid the sides up and bake it. Pretty yummy. Hope you have an amazing day! Enjoy :)


Thank you so much! I want to try out an AMT machine, that sounds awesome. Are you coming back from an injury or do you just like the machine? Okay, I need to try a Taco Braid asap. That sounds so good. Enjoy your day Gerri Ann!


Hello again :). Yes, coming back from an injury in my high hamstring – I guess it’s near what they call the “sit bone?” I’m in PT which is going well and they have me doing that for cardio and strength training- which is kind of a chore for me. I get so much encouragement and inspiration from your blog! I also have a horse loving daughter (much older than Brooke, though!).


Oh girl, you are amazing! Let me know how you are doing and I hope that the PT continues to go really well. You’ve got this! Oh yay for horses!


Amazing workouts!

Baaahaaa! Was your revenge to your sis to post a picture of her with her eyes closed? :) Very cute picture – stuck food, closed lids, and all!

If the change is inevitable and out of my control, then it is much easier for me. I will still be a bit anxious because the thought of the unknown scares me. I also love routine. But once the change hits, I think I am very good at adapting immediately.
When the change is something I’m considering and within my control it is MUCH harder. Because I fear that I will choose the wrong thing and make things unpleasant whereas maybe not changing “x” is the right choice. And I agonize over the options set before me. So 99% of the time, I keep things the same. IF I were unhappy, I would change things up. But if I’m happy then I figure, why rock the boat?

First grade is out of your control – ha! Brooke AND your family will do great! So exciting. It is so fun to see Brooke and her new activities and adventures.

Beautiful pictures up in the mountains.


HAHAH it sure was! I am with you… the way you described the change in your control vs out of your control is exactly how I feel. We are a lot alike. And you are right, this one is out of my control! Thanks Amanda for the pep talk:) Have a wonderful day!


Hey, Jenae! I love seeing your workouts. I’m wondering how you keep track of your recoveries if you don’t track them on your watch? I’ve done that before where I pause my watch for the recoveries, but then I just guess on how much time I’ve rested.


Hey Katie!!! Usually I have it programmed into my watch so the recoveries are in there but I didn’t have time before I left… so I just grab my phone out really fast and turn on the timer. I figure it takes me about 15 seconds to get out my phone and turn on the timer so I just started when the timer said 1:45… It’s not perfect but I figure it is close enough! I hope you have a wonderful day Katie!


I wish I were as consistent as you are with workouts these days. I get out for a run most days, but no speed work lately. As a single mom, I just fit in what I can, when I can, which is sometimes a 10 mile run, but often, just 4-5 miles before work.

For the most part, I love change. I get bored easily I guess!

I have one kid starting Middle School (6th grade), and one starting High School (9th)! So we are excited around here for school to start. Although I would love for it to stay summer weather and daylight all year long.

We had stir fry and homemade steamed Bao last night for dinner.



You. Are. Doing. Amazing.

The fact that as a single mom you are ever getting out to run with all that you are doing with work and your children–> that is amazing. I hope you know how well you are doing, being a single mom is so hard. Your kids are so lucky to have you! Keep me updated with how you are doing and middle school and high school… wahooo!


You are killing your workouts, Janae! I know that you will rock St. George!! My run today was a 5 mile recovery after my 17 miles yesterday–the humidity has been KILLER here in the northeast, so even though I don’t want to let summer go, I am excited for some more fall-like weather.

I am a teacher and I start school two weeks from today (totally didn’t even realize that it was that close until just now-ahh!) I love summer and how relaxing it is, but I am always excited to start back and get into my routine again. I do miss seeing my students and think about them a lot over the summer! Have a great Thursday!


Thank you so much Emily, I’ve never been this excited for a race. Okay, 17 miles IN HUMIDITY. Wow. You are ridiculously strong! What race are you training for? You sound like an amazing teacher, thank you for what you do! Yay for routines:) I hope your day is amazing and ps 17 miles in humidity is equivalent to 27 miles where I live with zero humidity.


Your race will be spectacular, I already know it. :) I’m training for the Manchester City Marathon in NH, in November. I ran it last year as well. I am no where near as speedy as you, but I am secretly hoping that I can run a sub-4. My time last year was 4:05, so I am hoping that all of my runs this summer in the humidity, in combination with more speed and hill work will get me there. :) Thanks for your comment. It totally made my day!


Oh this is awesome Emily! YOU WILL GET THAT SUB-4 and I am cheering you on BIG time over here. Please keep me updated on how your training continues to go over the next few months. Humidity training will get you there (I can’t even imagine training in all of that)! Thank you for your comment and your reply!



I love seeing running pics for you when you get to run with friends. You always have the most joyful smile on your face!!!

This morning I ran. Since Peachtree at the start of last month, I laid low for the rest of July and then went for a couple of small runs last week while on vacation (humid as heck in south FL, but–flat, along the beach, and pretty views, etc…) to “get back to it.” So this morning I went on a run. Short, but hilly. And I wore my launches and what is now my new favorite running tank–> an “essential tank” from lululemon that I got on a super crazy STEAL for $19 at the outlet near Boca that we went to. Though it was a short run, it was one of those runs where EVERYTHING JUST CLICKED and somehow I felt so amazing, so free, so joyful, so CAPABLE instead of looking at my Garmin at my pace and chastising myself for how slow I am, for how my running these days pales in comparison to how it was long before both injury and arthritis when I regularly ran halfs and was able to easily run long distances with such freedom in my body. I don’t know, I just felt good.

And feeling SO GOOD on my run helped me feel SO GOOD when I taught Body Flow this morning (even though I hadn’t been on my mat in almost 2 weeks because of vacation and even though I hadn’t even practiced my playlist…).

WOW that Brooke is already on to first grade! I bet you guys totally bought out all of the cool back to school stuff at Target! ;)

Hope you have a GREAT day, Janae!


YES THANKS TO YOU!!! And the combo with the chicken and the pesto–> You give me the best food ideas, thank you! Way to get out on a run today and conquer those hills! $19–> I need to find that tank! I am so happy that it felt so good. I think you were smart to take it easier in July after your race because your body is so happy now. This makes me so happy:) Hahah you guessed right… we did! Thanks, you too Stephanie!


You know, the lululemon outlet is a strange (and magical) place. They opened one about 40 min drive from my apartment last summer, and I have been to THAT one a few times now. Every now and then I will find something that’s in the ‘we made too much’ portion of the website for a few bucks less. And every now and then there will be some item that is not on clearance price but a special sort of ‘deal of the day’ price, like that Essential tank. The racerback just fits right for my frame and where my shoulder blades are, and the relaxed, flowy fit feels so good whether I am in a running or walking interval (and it’s so lightweight that I don’t worry about it in this Atlanta humidity). I don’t know, I really love it. With the rest of my saved and leftover birthday money I also got a pair of the “Fast & Free” bottoms–the capri length (which really hit me almost like a 7/8 pants unless I strategically scrunch them up a bit because I am short like a sasquatch)–and they are currently on the lulu ‘we made too much’ website for $10 more than what the outlet price was!!!!! *AND* my fitness instructor discount worked at the outlet, so I got them for a ridiculously good deal…all with birthday money, so it was totally guilt free!

You know, I hope your run tomorrow is FANTASTIC. And I am so excited to see all of the pictures you will post for Brooke with her new school gear!

Speaking of recipes, since I know that you love sweets–but maybe sometimes want to clean up the ingredients, and you’re often looking for easy recipes you can cook at home for ‘cooking school’ with the kids, AND because I know you’re really busy running around a lot, I have a recipe for you. Tom and I make these grain-free chocolate chip cookies pretty often inside our CROCKPOT. The glory of that is that the recipe really only makes whatever fits inside the bottom of the crockpot. When we cut the yield up into pieces that are approximately two or three bites, we make maybe about 20 or so cookies–enough to enjoy for a couple of days but not enough to feel like our inner fatties have totally let loose. I think your family will love them:


I love your attitude to your hard runs and your running goals! So inspirational :) Now that I’ve finally done a marathon I like to remind myself that I’m strong enough for anything when I have a tough workout on my plan :)

My little boy is Brookes’ age but in the UK they start full time the year year they’ll be turning five (i.e. The youngest children in his class are only just turning five now, after a year of full-time school!) Ill be sad when he goes back in a few weeks as it’s been so lovely having a lot of time off together. I do have a mountain of work waiting for me though!

Dinner last night was veggies and noodles, one of our family faves! No run for me tonight as I did some speed work last night and my knee is a bit sore today. I’ll go out tomorrow if it’s feeling better but I’m trying to be very sensible about it ?


i’ve totally done that – took the LO and rushed somewhere only to realize oh wait it was canceled and i knew that. smh!~

i generally embrace change –

as a parent, so ready for school to start. still trying to work thru some summer projects, but i’d say it was good b/c there wasn’t so much of a summer slide. hope it continues – !

dinner – i started working on this recipe – i had all the ingredients except for eggs (which hubs and LO had finished that day). so we put it aside and ate cheese and crackers for dinner! total dinner fail.

today was an easy ~6. have had an injury to the toe (subungual hematoma) and the nail was removed. but i’m back to running as of yesterday – and trying to get back my legs and my fitness…!


My son started Kindergarten this week and it’s full day! I wish it was half day because he’s exhausted and it’s hard on him. They don’t have a nap time there either. This feels like an end to the early childhood era for him. I still have a 3 year old but once they start school they grow up faster! There are pros and cons about growing up. And I want them to stay sweet and little, I love hearing from parents with older kids the fun they have with them too so I’m not dreading it.


I have decided to use a mantra (modified) for my intervals: LAS VEGAS! LAS VEGAS! I haven’t run a half marathon since 2016 because of injuries so this will be my first in a long time. Also, I am going to have to move to Utah. The restaurants!


I’m a teacher and totally loving my summer routine so I’m a little sad that school starts again next week, but there’s still plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks and I’ll soon be back in my term time routine.
Hope Brooke enjoys first grade.


That is such a good way to focus during your longer intervals. Congrats on getting it done! Running in 65F sounds like a dream right now, can’t wait for fall.

Brooke looks so adorable in her riding lesson outfit, I wouldn’t blame you for dressing her up in it even if she doesn’t have lessons!


We don’t have Half-Day Kindergarten here…..(I think everywhere should!) So you are lucky! It about killed me to send my babies off for 7 hrs a day in Kinder (and they didn’t love it either!). At least she gets to be a year older….but I hear ya….It is a HARD change. At least it was for us. I don’t like change either!


All day school can be hard! But my sons school was all day starting in Kinder, so we got used to it fast! It will take an adjustment period and then you will all get used to it!
I ran today.. well jogged… I don’t really run very fast. But I have a question… what is your best advice for someone training for their first marathon? I am newer to running AND running the rock n roll 1/2 marathon in AZ in January… I’m sure I’m crazy, but it’s on my bucket list and I’m almost 33 and not getting any younger or have all the time in the world to keep putting it off! ? (sorry, run on sentence there!) I’m sure I should start woth like a 5k or 10k but I guess I’m going big! ?


I AM SO SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! You are going to rock this half and I can’t wait to hear all about it. My biggest advice… go for completion not a time! Take one day at a time with your training! Don’t look too far ahead in your training because it is scary to see those big runs up there… focus where you are now and your body will adapt and get stronger and you will hit those longer distances. Practice fueling and hydration during your long runs to figure out what works best for you (huma gels are my favorite). You’ve got this, don’t doubt yourself. If you need a pep talk ever, I’m your woman!


I NEED to try this cauliflower gnocchi. TJs always has the best stuff! I think change is good for us, but definitely hard! It is so much easier to just stick to the routine. Dinner has been all the zucchini noodles! No run today, but hopefully tomorrow!


Hi Janae,
You said you like getting your workout done early to have “you” time. What time do you get up? Did you get up super early when you had a newborn too?


My baby is starting high school next week?! How is she 14 already? She’s going to the high school that the hubs and I teach at, and we are all pretty excited! My youngest is in his last year at elementary school. It’s crazy to think that I’ll be lucky to have babies at home for maybe 7 more years. Wow.

Last night was taco salads with the fam. The gnocchi looks delish!

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