Silentish Saturday!

Skye heard me leaving for my run and had some FOMO so I took her along with me.

Peaceful morning on the trail with a lot of ‘Da-da-da-da’ coming from Skye.

IMG 6921

6.25 miles @ 9:06 average pace.

IMG 6911

She enjoyed some post-run endorphins also.

IMG 6944

Knox’s blanket… just crossing all of my fingers that it doesn’t rip anymore than it already has.

IMG 6948

Turns out that we have a cherry tree that I didn’t know about.

IMG 6955

We made it to the pool for a few hours.

IMG 6964

IMG 6994

Signs of a good day—> pruney hands.

IMG 6998

Had some melted Twix in my bag so we cut them up and turned them into cookies.

IMG 7002

This recipe (plus twix pieces) is my favorite.  PS I like to use my spatula to shape them more circular right when they come out of the oven.

IMG 7003

They approved.

IMG 7005

Studying those feet of hers.

IMG 7018

IMG 7026

IMG 7039

Sure gonna miss this girl.

IMG 7007

12 miles with a workout mixed in there coming my way today!


Tell me 3 things that you are doing today!  I love hearing about your Saturdays!

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Enjoy that cherry tree!!!! We have a garden, but so far nothing has been harvested yet! :)

Theee things…..

1. Warm Vinyasa yoga at 10:00! I’ve had a rest week from running from my coach before marathon training officially starts ?, so I’ve done a lot of yoga this week. And some strength which I’m SO SORE from. Strength never fails to bring on the sore!

2. Getting the oil changed in my car. Not exciting. Ha ha

3. Meeting friends later for dinner at a new restaurant!!!! THAT will be fun!

Tomorrow my yoga teacher is leading a hike into the woods on a trail where there are waterfalls, etc & we’ll do yoga at a spot in the forest, too. Pretty cool! I’m excited for it!!!!

Have a great weekend—keep on enjoying SUMMER!!!!!! ☺️


That is a really great idea to take the week off before marathon training officially starts! Will you remind me of what marathon you are doing again? ENJOY your fun night at a new restaurant! Can I join you guys tomorrow? That sounds amazing!


The pool is a life saver with kids in that heat! My little guy can spend hours floating around and it is kind of relaxing for the parents too, well… most of the time haha We have a BBQ fundraiser at my Crossfit gym later today because one of the girls qualified for the Crossfit Games in August. It is quite a big deal and we’re helping her getting there! Love this crossfit community spirit!


Mel, that is amazing about the girl at your Crossfit gym. Keep me updated with how she does! Enjoy the bbq and I hope your weekend is amazing!


Brooke has some good expressions in those photos!
3 things:
1- switching some cross training for running today. I want to run while we are in Nashville in a few days and with the cold I have I feel like I need another rest day. Missed a few runs already this week, but yesterday’s run was still at my normal pace so I am not too worried about missing today’s. Constantly feeling like you have to sneeze is annoying!
2-haircut, hopefully!
3-chick fil a………..I don’t have a chance to get it very often, so I get REALLY excited about it, ha!

Have a great day!


Loribeth, you are being SO smart about taking the day off from running today. Oh Chick fil A is the absolute BEST… eat some of their sauce for me. That stuff is addicting. Thanks, you too!


Ooo… My parents had a cherry tree when we were growing up! Loved picking them and all the yummy desserts my mom would make with them!
We’re in San Diego for a little family getaway, so today is Sea World day!! Even though our boys are 17 and 14, we still love Sea World ?
I slept in this morning, so I didn’t get my run in, darn! So I may double the mileage for tomorrow ?
Have a great weekend!


Oh enjoy your trip in San Diego, that sounds amazing! Thanks Wendy and enjoy every second, yay for sleeping in!


Those cookies look amazing!
Today: On the road to Honey Creek Resort in Iowa for a little family vacation with my side of the family. So today will probably include swimming, tubing, and s’mores! Maybe some kayaking and biking too.


Okay, I am so excited for your family trip… this sounds perfect! Can I bring me and my family:) ENJOY ALI!


Long run
Got hair color and Brazilian blow out
Being lazy and reading on the couch this afternoon


Sounds like the perfect day Dawn!


Today we are day 2 of a 3 day Swim meet. My daughter swam this morning now hanging at the hotel before it’s time from team dinner, chicken parm. Then back to the hotel, kids play in the field and parents have “a parking lot party”.


I was able to get 3 miles early morning, the last mile in a down pour. It has not stopped raining and the kids have been going back and forth between Legos and a movie. Oh and asking for snacks every 5 min. ??‍♀️

It is amazing you are able to do 6 miles with the jogging stroller. I used to do 3 miles but it always bothered my back.


Oh those cherries look amazing!

Three things from my day:
1. I went to the gym to take Les Mills Sprint, which–no matter how long I have been doing it–turns me into a human Niagara Falls and I think I am going to die on that spin bike.
2. I went from my gym in the NW suburbs to a gym where I often sub by the NE corner of the city to sub a Les Mills Body Flow class.
3. I surprised my husband at work with lunch. If he has to work an 8 hour shift at his side-hustle today and I don’t have to work my part-time retail job, I can make his day a little less miserable with a freshly pressed Italian meats panini, right?



I couldn’t put a plate of cookies our in front of my kids, they’d gobble them all up. How do you handle dessert for the kids? Limit how much they eat or let them determine it.

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